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									Top Options To Lease Commercial Realestate

North Sydney, NSW, Australia, 14-JUNE-2012 - Fivex Commercial Property
and Danielle Burg are pleased to announce a full service commercial
realestate lease agency for every size business from small to mid-size.
Finding high-end space at competitive prices is vital for businesses that
need to have an appropriate location.

A property lease is a long term commitment to make use of a specific
piece of commercial property. It doesn't require that the firm own the
space, with related large capital outlay before the business can begin
the process of establishing the commercial activities in the location.
These properties are in prime locations and are move-in ready.

The importance of location for a business is well known. These North
Sydney, Sydney Central Business District, Woolloomooloo properties,
Double Harbor office space and Melbourne lease space are sure to boost
the image of the goods or services offered by the firm.

The flexibility of the properties available is a significant feature in
the space offered by the lease commercial realestate firm, Fivex. It is a
family-owned firm that has been helping leasers to find appropriate space
for many years. A number of properties in various sizes allows for a
flexible lease plan. A flourishing business will often need additional
commercial space, while not wanting the hassle of physically changing the
physical address.

Learn more about Fivex commercial properties and the benefits of one of
their premier rental space addresses by accessing the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have more questions about the information in this press release should
contact Danielle Burg at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Danielle Burg

Company Name: Fivex Commercial Property

Address: Level 5, 275 Alfred Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia

Contact Telephone Number 61 2 89201233



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