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									Weathering the Storm in Your Relationship
By Carla Tara – The Intimacy Expert

Today was another rainy spring day in Maui. Usually, I feel sad when it storms, but today it
occured to me what a gift that it really is. There is the clear fact that we need the rain for the
earth and the plants to grow vigorously, and to clean the streets…

Rain makes us feel fresh and washed clean of any bad emotions that have
built up, too.

Just the sound of rain is calming as it falls on leaves and even pavement. I clearly remember how
wonderful it feels in Manhattan, when for a day the thunder of the storm and the rain on the
pavement would quiet out the numbing sound of endless traffic.

However, if it continues to storm and rain for too long, I start longing for the sun, almost
desparately – a longing that would never come to me so strongly with the sun always out.
The same concept applies to relationships.
We need to feel the highs and the lows to make things interesting.

When a relationship constantly runs along with no effort, we start to lose our appreciation of it –
and that can lead to problems where one or both partners become indifferent and don’t care.

So, it may sound crazy, but we need to treasure the hard times of love as much as the easy times.
The important thing to remember when you are in the low state is that you will enjoy the high
again. It is just the cycle of life, ebb and flow, the change of the season, but played out in our
emotional life together.

How do you move through the low times in your relationship?

Are you aware of the wave-like quality of relationships and flow with it with faith that the tide
will turn again for the better?

Or do you get flooded with the conflict, and fear that your relationship is ruined forever, and this
is just the beginning of the end?

                         Carla Tara is an internationally-acclaimed intimacy and relationship
                         coach, who masterfully integrates a variety of tantric approaches with
                         body-oriented psychotherapy. She is known for the strength and
                         creativity of her work as a relationship and sex coach to both individuals
                         and couples, helping them rediscover the passion of their relationships,
                         and deepen intimate connections.

                         You can find out more on her website at

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