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Spring Cleaning Not Just for Looks


									                                                                                                        May 1999

                     Spring Cleaning Not Just for Looks 

                     According to our local Fire Chief, the poten­        Flammable material lodged alongside your
                     tial for fire in Port Ludlow is literally right      house and outbuildings, under foundation s,
                     under our noses and right in our backyards.          decks and eaves should be removed .

                     With winter behind us and the arrival of             Electrical lines not under ground should be
                     spring, it' s time to think about outdoor spring     kept clear of trees and shrubs. If the power
                     cleaning activities. Last winter the unusual         company is informed of any hazards, they will
INSIDE THIS          winds and rain produced an abundance of fall­        usually remove them.
                     down from the trees. Not only is the fall-down       Keep firewood piled away from buildings, but
                     debris unsightly, but it is fuel for a fire. Each    do not store downhill from the house. Heat
Village         3    spring, the strategy for cleaning yards of win­      from burning, piled wood can be intense.
Activities           ter fall-down should involve two basic goals:
                                                                          House and outbui Iding roofs are criti cal in
Bay Club        5    • 	 Make the yard look nice.                         surviving a fire and deserve special consi­
                     • 	 Make the yard safer from fire                    deration. Remove all storm debris from
Marina          9        danger.                                          your roofs.
Arts and        10   We have all watched our television
                                                                                     Wood shingles and shakes are nice to
Entertainment        scree ns with horror as views of fires   Plans/or survival
                                                                                     look at and seem to fit into the
                     in the Spokane area are showing          must be made long
                                                                                     Northwest look, but having them is
Performing      13   wall s of fire burning everything in     be/ore the smoke
                                                                                     like piling firewood on your home!
Arts Calendar        its path with no regard for wildlife,    above the tree line
                                                                                     Cleaning of storm Iitter and treating
                     homes or people in the way. Do you       is visible.
Golf News       17                                                                   them is essential in reducing the fire
                     watch these disasters thinking those
                                                                                     danger to your home.
Heron Inn       20   terrible things happen only in drier climates?
                     Should the surrounding evergreens give us a            Gutters filled with leaves and debris will
Classified      22   complacent feeling that we are safe from such          make a fire right at home. Clean your gutters
                     a fast-moving disaster?                                and eaves of alJ storm debris.
Harbormaster    23
                     Homeowners can take an active role in pro­           Spring cleaning is not just for looks. Your life
                     tecting their property. In fact, anyone who has      and property depend on cleaning winter fall­
                     taken precautionary actions before the small         down debris for fire safety, too . For more in­
                     spark offire is wind-fed into a multi-acre           formation regarding any fire prevention issues
                     wi Idfire, has effectively reduced the risk of       for your home, contact Port Ludlow Fire &
                     losing home and property. Plans for survival         Rescue at 437-2899.
                     must be made long before the smoke above
                     the tree line is visible. Following are some               /fyou believe we are safe ji-om/ire in (J llr
                                                                                 community because of the rain and high
                     suggestions from Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue:
                                                                              humidity, consider Port Saint Lucie, Florida.
                     Make an exterior inspection of your home and
                                                                               On April 16th. f99 9 forty eight homes were
                     look for overhanging tree limbs. Remove this           destroyed by fire. Port Saini Lucie is on the west
                     fuel from your roof.                                         coast of Florida near the Everglades.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                   Page 2

                                                                     handling crowds for a five-year period and is intended to
Seattle's Pier 50 Expansion Planned
                                                                     be a facility with a reasonable cost and appropriate size for
News published in other publications that can aff the lives ofPort   this area while we study long-term options."
Ludlow citizens are reprinted by the Vii/age Voice as a service to
our readers. The following article recently appeared in "Inland
Crossings, " a monthly publication ofthe Washington State Feny
system. Reprinted with permission.                                   UGN Pays Tribute to
With plans under way to expand passenger-only ferry ser­             Dedicated Volunteer
vice to new destinations at Kingston and Southworth, an
expansion project is needed at Seattle's Pier 50 to handle           On March 29th, one of the truly dedicated community
the new ferries and crowds.                                          volunteers passed away. John Seaberg served for the past
                                                                     eight years as the United Good Neighbor Port Ludlow
Terminal designers recently unveiled plans for improve­
                                                                     Community Leader. Under John with the able assistance of
ments to the Pier 50 passenger-only facility, located just
                                                                     his wife Ruth, the yearly UGN campaign met or exceeded
south of the auto ferry terminal at Colman Dock. The new
                                                                     the goal established for the Port Ludlow campaign. Both
facility will feature an additional "L float" to allow bow
                                                                     John and Ruth put in many hours maintaining mailing
loading and unloading, a new ticket and waiting area, and
                                                                     lists, preparing letters, soliciting other volunteers, and a
a covered walkway to keep passengers protected from
                                                                     number of other things that underscored their contribution
poor weather, says Colman Dock project manager Tim
                                                                     toward making Port Ludlow a great place to Jive.
                                                                     UGN is the United Way organization in Jefferson County
Pier 50 will be the home base for the new fleet of pass en­
                                                                     and serves over 20 health and social service agencies in
ger-only ferries. The Chinook is already in service be­
                                                                     the county. UGN helps fund over 30 programs in those
tween Seattle and Bremerton, and a sister ship, the Snoho­
mish, is now being built in Anacortes. State officials are
expected to authorize funding for four or five similar fer­          Campaign results in Port Ludlow are tracked by a ther­
ries. As they come into service, the older passenger fer­            mometer placed at the intersection of Oak Bay and Para­
ries-Skagit, Tyee and Kalama-will be phased out or re­               dise Bay roads.
assigned.                                                            In the words of the UGN board, "It is with heartfelt thanks
The construction schedule calls for the new ticket and               that we pay tribute to John for all that he did for his
waiting area to be completed by late 1999 or early 2000.             neighbors in Jefferson County. He was an example to all
Construction of the new floats will take a little longer. The        UGN volunteers and he will truly be missed."
improvements should come as good news for passengers
who use Pier 50 now to travel to Bremerton and Vashon.               LMCjLOA Go Country
Gone will be the portable toilets, cramped waiting area and
                                                                     The monthly potluck for LMCILOA members will be
limited ticket-selling windows.
                                                                     Saturday, May 15th, 6:00 p.m. at the Beach Club. Dinner
In their place will be a roomier, heated and air-conditioned         will feature "Country Cookin' ." Sign up at the Beach Club
building with real restrooms, offices for ferry employees            to bring an appetizer, salad, main dish or dessert and pay
and enough ticket windows-three tollbooths and two                                            $3 .00 per person which includes
prepaid gates-to quickly move people through.                                                  wine.
This new facility is intended to accommodate ferry passen­                                     Bring your own bottle and table
gers for about a five-year period, says King. Long-range                                       service. The Potluck Ladies will
plans call for a completely new passenger-only facility                                        present a musical surprise by sing­
near Colman Dock, most likely at Pier 48, to meet needs                                        ing a new composition by George
over the next 20 years.                                                                        Dyer.
"This temporary facility is a significant upgrade over what                                    Call Peggy Smith at 437-2464 for
we have today," comments King. "It will be capable of                                          more information.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                      Page 3

           Village Activities Calendar 

                                                            5:00-7:00 p.m., Bay Club Members Cocktail Party
All events are at the Bay Club and are open to both South
Bay and North Bay members unless otherwise indicated,       Sat., May 15th
or obviously special interest groups.                       8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Fire Dept. 3 Strength Test,
                                                               Parking Lot
May, 1999
                                                            5:00-7 :30 p.m., Fire Dept. 3 Tests
Sat., May lst                                               6:00 p.m., LMC/LOA Potluck, Beach Club
9:00 a.m.-l :00 p.m., Exquisite lunque Sale                 8:00 p.m., Arts Council "Stars of International Opera"
Mon., May 3rd                                               Tues., May 18th
3:00-5:00 pm., Computer Club Spreadsheet Class              11 :00 a.m. , Assoc. of Naval Aviation Lunch Meeting,
6:00-9:00 p.m., Explorer's Club Potluck                         Beach Club
Tues., May 4th                                              Wed., May 19th
10:00 a.m .-12 noon, Blue Bills                             9:00 a.m., Timberton Loop Trail Hike
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Investment Club                            9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, Potted Ladies
4:00-8:00 p.m., South Bay Estates Potluck
7:00-9:00 p.m., Arts Council Meeting                        Thurs., May 20th
                                                            9:30-11 :30 a.m., SBCA Advisory Board
Wed., May 5th                                               1:00-3:00 p.m., Computer Club Genealogy SIG
9:00 a.m.-12 noon, Potted Ladies                            3: 15 p.m. , Bowlers meet in Parking Lot
11 :00 a.m.-2 :00 p.m., First Wednesday Lunch,              6:30-9:00 p.m., U.S . Coast Guard Auxiliary
    Beach Club
3:00-5:00 p.m., Teal Lake Village Board Meeting             Fri., May 21st
                                                            8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Fire Dept. 3 Testing
Thurs., May 6th                                             10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon, Trash Bash
1:00-4:00 p.m., Playing with Clay                           6:00 p.m. , Free Spirits Mexican Fiesta
1:00-5:00 p.m., Emergency Planning
   Peer Support Group Workshop, Beach Club                  Sat., May 22nd
6:30-9:00 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary                  10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m ., Highland Greens Garage Sale

Fri., May 7th                                               Mon., May 24th
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Farmers Market, Village                6:30-9 :00 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
   Commercial Center                                        Tues, May 25th
9:30 a.m.-2: 15 p.m., Playing with Clay                     7:00-9:00 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
1:00-5:00 p.m., Emergency Planning
                                                            Wed., May 26th
  Peer Support Group Workshop, Beach Club
                                                            9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, Potted Ladies
Mon., May 10th
                                                            Thurs., May 27th
9:00-11 :00 a.m., Bayview Village Board Meeting
                                                            6:30-9:00 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
1:00-2:00 p.m., Woodworkers
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Computer Club Spreadsheet Class            Fri., May 28th
6:30-9:00 p.m. , Computer Club General Meeting              8:00 a.m., Hiking Club Hike
Tues., May 11th
9:00 a.m.-12 :00 noon, CLOA                                  ANA Lunch Meeting at Beach Club
4:00-6:30 p.m., Free Spirits Annual Meeting
7:00-9:00 p.m ., Book Club                                   The May luncheon meeting of the Olympic Squadron
                                                             of the Association of Naval Aviation (ANA ) will be
Wed., May 12th
9:00 a.m., Parking Lot-Garden Club Tour                      held Tuesday, May 18th, 11 :00 a.m. at the Beach
9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, Potted Ladies                          Club. The meeting will honor the United States Marine
Thurs., May 13th                                             Corps with the guest speaker an active duty Marine
3:00-5:00 p.m., Computer Club Board Meeting                  Corps officer.
6:30-9:00 p.m ., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
                                                             If you would like information on ANA membership,
Fri., May 14th
                                                             please contact Ken Sanford at 437-2968.
8:00 a.m., Hiking Club Hike
The Port Ludlow Voice 	                                                                                             Page 4

Coast Guard Auxiliary                                             Coast Guard Auxiliary Conducts
The main activity so far in 1999 for the Port Ludlow Coast        Courtesy Marine Examinations
Guard Auxiliary flotilla has been conducting safe boating
                                                                  Boaters who visit or are permanently moored at the Port
classes and handing out boating information at the Seattle
                                                                  Ludlow Marina will have a number of opportunities to
Boat Show and Viking Days in Poulsbo.
                                                                  have a Courtesy Marine Examination (CME) conducted by
We have completed three classes so far this year with a           the Port Ludlow Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
total of 45 participants. On Saturday, May 22nd and May
                                                                  Volunteer examiners from the auxiliary will staff an Infor­
29th we have a scheduled a basic boating class to be held
                                                                  mation Booth and be available for exams from 10:00 a.m.
at the WSU/Cooperative Extension Center in Hadlock and
                                                                  until 2:00 p.m. on the following days:
on Thursday, May 6th we will start our Coastal Naviga­
                                                                                    Sunday, April 11th
tion class at the Bay Club.
                                                                                    Saturday, May 1st
For more information on any of our boating classes, call                            Saturday, May 29th
Patricia Ryan at 437-0214 .                                                         Saturday, June 12th
                                                                                    Saturday, July 3rd
                                                                                    Thursday, August 5th
                                                                                    Saturday, September 18th
                                                                                    Saturday, October 9th

                                                                  The CME provides boaters with a valuable opportunity for
calling Mary Panucci at 437-4115 for an appointment or by         the exchange of boating safety information. Included is a
being on the dock on one of our scheduled examination             courtesy check of safety equipment carried or installed in
days (See accompanying article.)                                  your boat and certain aspects of the general condition of
We will also be setting up booths and courtesy examina­           your boat. Upon passing the CME, you will receive a 1999
tion stations at the marina in Port Townsend, Port Hadlock,       decal for your boat!
Pleasant Harbor (Brinnon) and Poulsbo.                            If you'd like further information, contact Mary Panucci at
Our special classes for members only have gone very well          437-4115.
this year also. Thirteen members took the Administration
course and sixteen took the Patrol course. Sixteen more are       LMC's Free Garden Pick-up
in the process of taking the Search and Recovery course.
                                                                  The LMC's free annual Spring Garden Debris Pick-up for
The Navigation course for members will start in the fall.
                                                                  north side residents is scheduled for Monday, May 3rd.
These member courses are free, including all the books and
                                                                  As in prior years, please follow these simple rules:
materials. Such a deal. If you would like to get in on it, call
Sharon Reseck at 437-0351 and we'll pipe you aboard.              • 	 Leaves, grass cuttings, weeds or any other small pieces
                                                                      must be in plastic bags with tops fastened securely.
                                                                  •	   Small branches, 8 feet and shorter, should be bundled
LOAjLMC Election Results                                               and securely tied together so they may be handled by
                                                                       one person.
Congratulations to the new officers of the Lot Owners
                                                                  • 	 No man-made materials, junk or garbage will be
Association: James Laker, Lois Comella and Dick                       picked up.
Swindler. The new Trustees for the Ludlow Maintenance
                                                                  • 	 Bundles and bags must be placed on the shoulder of
Commission are James Laker and Bob Auten.                             the road, next to the pavement.
The staff of the Port Ludlow Voice extends best wishes to         • 	 All debris must be in place, ready for pick-up by 8:00
those volunteers who will represent all residents of Port             a.m. on Monday, May 3rd.
Ludlow's north side. Have a great year!                           This service is not to be used for clearing of vacant lots.

                                                                  If you have questions, call George Wigginton, 437-2919.
   The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                                                  Page 5

                                        Bay Club Update 

  Bonnie Schoenemann, Editor                                                                For information on Bay Club activilies, call Art Clemenl at 427-2208.

    '{his section tries 10 encompass all Bay Club activities ofinterest to our members. 
   Free Spirits Plans Mexican
                  Ifyou would like your organizations news to be included, 

     please submit to the editor no later than the 12th ofthe preceding month. E'mail 
     Fiesta for May
          ;fax ./37· 2078: phone ./37·2583 

                                                                                            A late celebration of Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican Fiesta
                                                                                            is planned by Free Spirits for Friday, May 21st at the Bay
  Volunteers Needed
                                                                                            Club. This will feature a fish fry with a south-of-the-border
  Yes, the Bay Club staff is looking for volunteers to help at
                                                                                            flavor. Check your mail for a flyer with more up-to-date
  the Bay Club. If you would like to get out of the house for
                                                                                            details, and remember to buy your tickets and make your
  a few hours a day, socialize with your neighbors, stimulate
                                                                                            table reservations early at the Bay Club, As always with
  those brain cells or learn more about how your Club oper­
                                                                                            Free Spirits events, non-members may buy tickets after all
  ates, then you're the ones we ' re looking for. This is a great
                                                                                            members have had an opportunity to purchase theirs,
  opportunity for someone who has recently moved into the
  South Bay to get to know our community. Your willing­
  ness to "contribute" to the efficiency of the day-to-day                                  Free Spirits to Elect a New Board
  operation will be appreciated by both the staff and your
                                                                                            Free Spirits will hold its annual General Meeting on Tues­
  fellow Bay Club members. A training program will be pro­
                                                                                            day, May 11th at 4:00 p,m . in the Bay Club. This will be a
  vided. For further information, please contact Loretta
                                                                                            great opportunity for all members to express their feelings
  Close at the Bay Club, 437-2208.
                                                                                            about how the events have been handled and suggest what
                                                                                            they might like to see in the future, And it is also the time
  Bowling Club                                                                              to elect a new Board. Let outgoing president Ila Gluhm
                                                                                            know of your nominees, preferably before the meeting.
  Bowling in May will be on Thursday, May 20th. For
                                                                                            After the business has been transacted, there will be a
  those who carpool, we meet as usual at the Bay Club at
                                                                                            social "hour," with entertainment by the "Dorothy &
  3:15   ~
                                                                                            Ernie Duo."
'-' p.m, Otherwise, meet at the lanes in Port Townsend at 4:00
  p,m, This may be the last time we can use the alley in Port
  Townsend, as the property was sold to Rite-Aid, and con­                                  Trash Bash
  struction will start in the summer. Therefore the May
                                                                                            It's that time again . Friday, May 21st the famous Port
  bowling session will be the last one for this season,
                                                                                            Ludlow Litter Lifters will meet at the Bay Club at 10:30 a.
  If anyone is interested in continuing this wonderful way of                               m. Sign up, get your orange vest and assignment, then go
  getting together for fun and dining, we could continue in                                 off to the highways and byways to clean up.
  Silverdale next falL Please let us know if this could be an
                                                                                            We return around noon for a gourmet hot dog lunch on the
  agreeable arrangement. Since the Lorcks are going to be
                                                                                            house, This time we are going to concentrate on Paradise
  away during May, please contact Viv or Ken Cheney for
                                                                                            Bay Road around the Village Store and park,
  information on the coming event. Their telephone number
                                                                                            Volunteers are needed. We perform this
  is 437-0685.
                                                                                            service quarterly, For you new folks in
                              ABCs for Port Ludlow                                          our area, this is a wonderful way to meet
                          Apathy is the worst enemy 
                                       and socialize with your new neighbors
                        Beauty is Port Ludlow' s byword 

                                                                                            and get some exercise at the same time.
                          Caring is the greatest asset 

                        Doing proves that we do care ... 
                                  Come on, join us-you'll like it! Any questions? Call Sam
                                                  M. B. Furman                              or Katie Bryant at 437-5033 .
 The Pon Ludlow Voice                                                                                             Page 6

Please be Sure to Welcome                                       Explorers Club Potluck
our New Residents:                                              May will be the final meeting and potluck of the season for
                                                                the Explorers Club and will be held on Monday, May 3rd,
Mike and Linda Hudson and Jerry and Peggy Thuotte,
                                                                6:00 p.m. at the Bay Club. Guest speaker will be Shannon
Teal Lake Village
                                                                Smith of the Port Gamble Historical Society speaking on
Kris and Jerry Oglesby, Ludlow Point Village
                                                                the history of Port Ludlow.
Larry and Margo Elton and Mike and Carole Porter,
Woodridge Village                                               A fee of $1.00 per person will be collected when you sign
Dave and Barbara Hartley, Bayview Village                       up at either the Bay or Beach Club . Plan to bring your own
                                                                place setting and beverage for cocktails. For further infor­
Tom and Marge Carter, Timberton Village
                                                                mation, call Bernie Robinson at 437-0703.

Book Club
                                                                First Wednesday Luncheon
Yvonne Stowe and Lois Daley will lead the discussion of         This month's First Wednesday Luncheon will be Wednes­
"Ragtime" at the Tuesday, May 11th meeting. The novel,          day, May 5th, 11 :00 a.m. at the Beach Club. Lunch will
E. L. Doctorow's epic celebration of America at the turn        be served at 11 :30 a.m. There's no charge for the lunch and
of the last century, was the i nspi ration for the Broadway     no reservations are necessary. All Port Ludlow residents
musical by the same name.                                       and guests including gentlemen are welcome. There will be
The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Bay Club. North      a brief meeting at noon.
and South Bay residents are all welcome. Call Lois Daley        Now is your chance to discover ways to keep those aching
at 437-0748 for more information.                               joints and body parts moving and be able to enjoy Ollr glo­
                                                                rious area. No, there's no "oil" for the joints, no "quick
An Old-Fashioned English                                        fix, " BUT there ARE WAYS TO FEEL BETTER AND
                                                                DO MORE!! Come and find out how to handle our natural
Afternoon Tea
                                                                aging process and get more out of life .
Ladies and gentlemen are invited to a "garden" setting in       Our guests will include Jeanne Dirksen, physical therapist;
the Bay Club for an English Afternoon Tea to be held on         Ingrid Musson, Feldenkrais Method and Colleen Swantner,
Thursday, July 1st at 3:00 p.m.                                 Gentle Yoga. They'll all be here to "Show & TelL"
Learn the difference                                            Sneak Preview for June
between Victorian
                                                                The last luncheon until September will be Wednesday,
Tea, High Tea and
                                                                June 2nd. Come for a "Multi-Salad Luncheon" and find
Afternoon Tea. This
                                                                out how your neighbors and friends have spent the winter
cultural experience
                                                                months, and what their plans are for the summer! Meet
will be presented by
                                                                next seasons chairladies and let them know what you
Rosemary Glusick, born and raised in the East Riding of
                                                                would like to have in future programs.
Yorkshire, England. She will. bring her own china settings
and prepare savories and sweets to serve.

Seatings are limited to 40; tickets are on sale at the Bay              Highland Greens Condominiums
Club for $12.00. Sign up early as we need to know who is                           Street-Long Garage Sale 

interested in attending this delightful and pleasant pastime.                       Saturday, May 22nd 

For more information, call Ann Radwick at 437-0318.
                                                                                from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                        Page 7

Activitv                                             Millh               Tues.         Weds.       Thurs.       Fri.          Sat.

Aquarobics Exercise Program                          8-9 a.m .           9-10 a.m.     8-9 a.m.    9-10 a.m.    8-9 a.m.       9-10 a.m.
No impact water exercises. No instructor. No fee.

Aquawalk Exercise Program                            9-10 a.m.           8-9 a.m.      9-10 a.m.   8-9 a.m.     9-10 a.m.        10- 11
Walk your way to fitness . No instructor. No fee.                                                                                a.m .

Aerobics Instructed Program
Bend, stretch, exercise your way to fitness.


                                                       9:30- I I
                                                                          1            8:30-9:30
                                                                                                                               49:30-1 I
Advanced tap dancing. Instructed. Fee.                   a.m .                                        a.m.                        a.m.

Steppin' Out                                          11-12: 15                                     11-12:15    9:30­
Tap dancing. Instructed. Fee.                           a.m .                                            a.m.   10:30 a.m.

Beginning Bridge                   ~                   1-4 p.m.
Learn while playing.                1~4-.~J
Fly Tyers: Feathers, thread and imagination come
together in creations that tempt the fishies .
                                                                         9-12 a.m.
Therapeutic Exercise: Energize, wake up your                                                                    9:45­
spine. Instructed. Fee.                                                                                         10:45 a.m.

Strength Training                                                         8-9 a.m.                  8-9 a.m.                    8-9 a.m.
Work your way to fitness. Instructed. Fee.

Yoga                                                                     9:30- 10:45

Excellent non aerobic exercise. Instructed. Fee.                            a.m.

Ludlow Liners: All level of dancers welcome. Great    3:00-4 :3 0
fun. Good exercise.                                     p.m.

Quilters By the Bay                                                                     1-3 p.m.
Beginners through expert.

Arts and Crafts                                                                                    10 a.m.-12
Meet to share techniques and ideas.                                                                p.m.

Tappercize Dance exercise without the                12:30-1:30
pressure of performing.                                 p.m.

Overtricks                                                                                                       1-4 p.m.
Chicago-style bridge in the afternoon.

Computer Club
Topics vary. Bring your questions and problems.      I~
                                                     = ...       f j,.
                                                                                                                                11 a.m.­

Potted Ladies                                                                          9 a.m.-12
The art of embossing.                                                                  p.m.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                Page 8

Remembering Mothers, May 9th                                      LMC Garage Sale
As we remember mothers, both here and now departed, the Village   The 16th annual LMC Member Garage Sale will be Satur­
     Voice slafJlhoughllhefollowing an appropriate tribute.
                                                                  day, May 29th, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Beach Club.
                                                                  Space reservations are open to all LMC members on a
                  Why Mother's Cry 

       "Why are you crying?" he asked his mom. 
                  "first-come" basis. The cost per table will be approxi­
         "Because I'm a Mother," she told him. 
                  mately $8.00 for a six-foot table, $10.00 for an eight-foot
             "I don't understand," he said. 
                     table, etc. The charge will be adjusted to cover expenses.
    His mom hugged him and said, "You never will!" 
              Requests for more than one table will be handled on a
                                                                  space-available basis.
    Later the little boy asked his Father why Mother 

                                                                  Unfortunately there always are some no-show sellers.
               seems to cry for no reason. 

             "All mothers cry for no reason," 
                   Therefore, a $5.00 deposit per table must be paid to the
              was all his Father could say. 
                     Beach Club hostess at sign-up time. This deposit will be
                                                                  applied toward the table rental fee. After Saturday, May
       The little boy grew up and became a man; 
                 1st deposits will not be refunded.
            still wondering why Mothers cry. 

                                                                  When arranging your for-sale items, be sure they do not
            So he finally put in a call to God 

                                                                  protrude into the aisles in front of your table(s) or interfere
     and when God got on the phone the man said, 

         "God, why do Mothers cry so easily?" 
                   with traffic flow in the aisles. You are obligated to keep
                                                                  your table space open until the sale closes at 2:00 p.m. If
               God said, "You see, my son, 
                      you box up or prepare items that don't sell and that you do
      when I made Mothers they had to be special. 
               not want, they will be picked up by Thrift Shop in Port
          I made their shoulders strong enough 
                  Townsend. This shop provides material at no cost to the
             to carry the weight of the world, 
                  public via requests by service organizations and local po­
            yet gentle enough to give comfort. 
     I gave them inner strength to endure childbirth 

            and the rejection that many times 
                   Committee members are George Wigginton at 437-2919,
                comes from their children." 
                     John Foust at 437-2511 and John Jovag at 437-2909. Con­
                                                                  tact anyone of them for further information.
                "I gave them a hardiness 

             that allows them to keep going 

             when everyone else gives up, 

                                                                  Exquisite Junque Sale
        and to take care of their families through 
              Yes, folks, it's time to clean out your closets again. Join
       sickness and fatigue without complaining." 

                                                                  your neighbors in swapping their junque for yours! You
                                                                  can sell household items, sports paraphernalia, clothing,
    "I gave them the sensitivity to love their children 

                                                                  jewelry, antiques, etc. If an item is too big to fit on or under
                under all circumstances, 

    even when their child has hurt them very badly. 
             the table, just take a picture of it and display the photo.
               This same sensitivity helps 
                      You may even see something on someone else's table that
        them to make a child's boo-boo feel better 
              you sold last year and wish you hadn't.
           and helps them share a teenager's 
                    What an opportunity!
                  anxieties and fears." 

                                                                  Just sign up at the Bay Club. Tables are $7.00 each and
                                                                  space location is on a first-come, first-choice basis. This
                "I gave them a tear to shed. 

                It's theirs exclusively to use 
                  not-to-be-missed opportunity will be at the Bay Club,
                    whenever~sneeded.                             Saturday, May 1st from 9:00 a.m. to I :00 p.m.
                   It's their only weakness. 

                    It's a tear for mankind." 

                                              Author Unknown
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                             Page 9


When Mole declared in "The Wind and the Willows" that           Thanks to all the residents on B-dock who had to put up
nothing is half so good as "messing about in boats," he         with weeks of no electricity until the job was finished.
wasn't talking about Port Ludlow, but he might have been.
The last two weeks have been a beehive of activity at the       For Sale By Owner May 1st
marina as Port Ludlow residents begin the process of            The fourth "For Sale By Owner" happens On Saturday
messing about in their boats, prior to the new season. Resi­    and Sunday, May 1st and
dents are coming and going with dock carts full of boat         2nd at the Marina. Past
supplies in an effort to prepare their boats for another        shows have featured 30 to
season.                                                         35 boats both in the water
                                    The Yacht Club has          and on trailers. Each show
                                    completed its first         has seen the sale of 5 to 8
                                    cruise of the season, the   boats. This year the Sea
                                    sailors have four race      Scouts are honchoing a
                                    days now behind them        Boater's Flea Market as
                                    and the Marina staff is     part of the boat show. If

                                    fixing, cleaning and        you have no-longer-useable boating gear that you would
                                    painting around the         like to sell, give Dennis Madsen, the adult in charge, a call
                                    docks and the Marina        at 437-5156.
                                    store. The rest rooms       If you have a boat that you would like to put in the FSBO
and showers have been freshly painted and new sinks and         show, call the Marina to register.
faucets installed . A new hot water heater recently replaced
the original heater after it came to an untimely end . The      Marina Visitors
docks are being pressure washed and the dock boxes are
                                                                The Marina gets all kinds of visitors including the presi­
being cleaned. When the sun begins to shine we will re­
                                                                dent of the International Marina Institute, Paul Dobson, on
paint the ramps and the Marina store.
                                                                a tour through the Puget Sound. Paul visited Port Ludlow ,
In the barbecue area, the flower beds are being prepared        Semi-Ah-Moo and other marinas in the area to assess sup­
for the arrival later this month of plants from the nursery.    port for IMi classes in the Seattle area. Port Ludlow Ma­

With the springtime clean up comes some shiny new faces         rina is a member of the IMI and Marina Manager Dean
                                                                Kelley is a candidate for the IMI Certified Marina Manager
on the Marina staff. Jordan Kirish recently replaced Tanya
                                                                program. Dockmaster Kori Ward just returned from a trip
Cole in the Marina store. Tanya moved to Colorado with
her family and Jordan recently moved back to the area           to Annapolis where she attended a week long IMI class on

from Tennessee. Outside, Tim Denison has been hired to          the Fundamentals of Marina Management.

keep the grounds and the facilities looking good and Steve
Aim will be working weekends until school is out when he        Opening Day
will become a full time summer dock attendant.                  Saturday, May 8th will be Opening Day in Port Ludlow.
                                                                Even if you are not in the Yacht Club, drop by to watch the
Hansen Electric has completed a six-week job replacing all
                                                                ceremonies. There will be flags raising, cannons firin g and
the electrics on B-dock. A winter storm created a giant
                                                                boats a'christening. Last year' s Opening Day featured an
light show one night and fried the entire dock. In the end,
                                                                ideal weather day and we expect this year will follow suit.
the 480-volt feeder line, transformers, distribution boxes
and pedestals had to be replaced . The pedestals were re­       Whether you have a boat, or just like boats, come down
placed with power heads mounted in new dock boxes.              to the Marina often. It's one of the best places in the
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                   Page 10

Barbara Wagner-Jauregg, Editor
 This seclionfeatures news on Port Ludlow art and entertainment       Cincinnati Opera, Kentucky Opera and the operas in Dub­
events as well as a performing arts calendar for Jefferson, Clallam   lin, Cologne and Nantes, France. Recently he received
and Kitsap Counties. Submit news and calendar items to the editor
  at or call 437-9726 by the 10th ofthe         critical praise for the role of Jason in a revival of George
                         preceding month.                             Antheils' "Transatlantic" with Minnesota Opera. The pro­
                                                                      duction attracted critics and opera fans from around the

Critically Acclaimed Stars                                            world.

Appear in Port Ludlow                                                 Cynthia and Mark will sing arias and duets from well­
                                                                      known operas including "Madame Butterfly," "La Bo­
                                                                      heme," "Elixir of Love," "The Merry Widow" and others.
                                                                      They also will sing selections from a number of Broadway
                                                                      shows including "Brigadoon" and "Carousel" and include
                                                                      a number of romantic songs for the lovers in the audience.
                                                                      During the performance, Cynthia and Mark will set the
                                                                      stage for a number of the pieces and add a personal touch
                                                                      by sharing many interesting experiences relating to their

                                                                      Cynthia is a frequently chosen stage partner of Luciano
                                                                      Pavarotti in his World Tour Concerts and also recently
                                                                      sang Elettra in "Idomeno" with Placido Domingo. A mem­
                                                                      ber of the Three Sopranos who have performed around the
                                                                      world, she and her fellow sopranos have appeared on PBS
It is with great deal of pleasure that the Arts Council pre­          to the delight of public television audiences.
sents Stars of International Opera with Cynthia Lawrence
                                                                      Cynthia's 1998-1999 season opened with ecstatic reviews
and Mark Calkins on Saturday, May 15th, 8:00 p.m. at
                                                                      of her portrayal of Lavinia in a new production of Levy's
the Bay Club. Cynthia, a Colorado native, first garnered
                                                                      "Morning Becomes Electra" at Chicago Lyric Opera. In
international acclaim during the summer of 1990 when
                                                                      the coming year, she looks forward to performances of
she won the International Mozart Competition in Vienna.
                                                                      "Lady Macbeth" in Denver, "Von Heut auf der Morgan"
Since then she has made important debuts in the world's
                                                                      conducted by Daniel Barenboim in Berlin and "Madame
leading opera houses-the Metropolitan Opera, New
                                                                      Butterfly" at the Met.
York City Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera, Covent Garden,
Paris Opera and the Theatro San Carlo in Naples. Cynthia              The beauty and flexibility of Mark's voice as well as his
is the daughter of Bayview Village's Judy McCay and                   fine acting skills have led to his engagements in the U.S.

will be visiting Port Ludlow with her husband Mark and                and Europe. A versatile performer, he has also toured with
two children.                                                         the "Phantom of the Opera" and keeps up a bu sy interna­
                                                                      tional concert schedule. Future engagements include Sac­
Mark has won acclaim as an interpreter of leading tenor
                                                                      ramento Opera and Hartford Opera.
roles in the operas of Rossini and Mozart. His engage­
ments include Chicago Lyric Opera, Michigan Opera,                    Cynthia and Mark met at the University of Colorado
                                                                      where they were both working on Master's degrees in Vo­
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                              Page [ [

cal Performance. They married in 1984 and now live in           "I have worked with Mansfield in the past when my hus­
Minnesota with their two children, Rowane, age three, and       band, Dean, and I co-directed her in the part of Ethel in
Shannon, age one. When asked if she rehearsed at home,          "On Golden Pond" performed by the Poulsbo Players at
Cynthia said "the children usually cry or scream when I go      the Bay Club in the spring of 1994. Dean also directed one
for an extremely high note. I usually practice somewhere        of Mansfield's murder mysteries, "The Demise of Victoria
else because otherwise it's 'Don't do that, please play with    Westerly" at Judith's Tea Room in Poulsbo . That play was
me,'" she explained.                                            the first in a series she wrote and subsequently produced
                                                                at the Admiral Theatre," Kelley explained.
If you'd like to find photos, reviews, her performance
schedule and sound clips, visit on          " I would like to extend a personal invitation to the resi­
the internet. Stars of International Opera is the final per­    dents of Port Ludlow to join Dean and me for the Sunday
formance in the Arts Council 1998-1999 Mainstage con­           matinee buffet performance on May 16th," says Kelley.
cert series and is sure to be a sel1out. Tickets are $12.50     "Although the play is basically a drama it includes
and are available at the Bay Club. Seats cannot be re­          singing, dancing and music from the Big Band era. The
served, but doors will be open at 7:00 p.m. for seat selec­     buffet is delicious, and the performance will be equally
tion. Refreshments will be available at a Wine Bar in the       as good. It promises to provide an afternoon of good
Great Room prior to the 8:00 p.m. curtain.                      entertainment."

                                                                The Sunday Buffet begins at 12:30 p.m. with the perform­

Make It Port Ludlow Day 
                                       ance beginning at 2:00 p.m. Tickets for the buffet and
                                                                show or for the show only can be reserved by calling the
at the Admiral 

                                                                Admiral Theatre at 360-373-6743. For more information,
During the winter of 1943 the worst snowstorm of the cen­       call Kerry Kelley at 437-0809 .
tury hit wartime Washington state. Bremerton was particu­
larly hard hit which forced the closing of the shipyard and     Seattle Symphony at Fort Worden
brought the city to a standstill. Most of the shipyard work­    Centrum kicks off its 1999 Summer Season at 3 :00 p.m. ,
ers were stranded as all forms of transportation came to a      Saturday, May 22nd with a performance by the Seattle
halt. Barely a soul was able to move anywhere in the city.      Symphony conducted by Adam Stem. The performance
This is fact.                                                   will be at McCurdy Pavilion in Fort Worden. The concert
Kitsap County playwright Gwen Mansfield began with the          will feature the music of Mozart, Haydn and " Violin Con­
snowstorm and created a heart-warming story called              certo in E Minor, Opus 64" by Mendelssohn performed by
"Grace Diner." The play opens in a downtown Bremerton           special guest artist Shunsuke Sato who now is fourteen
diner as the storm begins on January 19th, 1943. Forced to      years old.
wait out the storm are military and civilian travelers, regu­   This extraordinary violinist won the 1995 Philadelphia
lar customers, and the employees of Grace Diner who end         Orchestra Young Artists Competition. His astonishing
up spending three long days together.                           performance led the Philadelphia Orchestra to immedi­
As the story unfolds we discover that the snowstorm has         ately re-engage him for the following season; and in 1997
an impact, one way or another, on everyone of their lives.      he became the youngest artist to be taken under the aus­
As we learn more about this diverse collection of people        pices of the Young Concert Artists organization. This is
we just might learn more about ourselves. As one charac­        Sato's debut performance with the Seattle Symphony.
ter in the play says, "Once you've eaten at Grace Diner,        Born in Tokyo, he began studying the violin at the age of
your life will never be the same."                              two at the Suzuki Talent Institute. Sato currently is in the
                                                                pre-college division of the Julliard School.
Local resident Kerry Lyn Kelley is directing "Grace
Diner" which opens Thursday, May 13th and runs                  Conductor Stern holds posts with the two leading orches­
through Sunday, May 16th at the Admiral Theatre in              tras of Seattle: Associate Conductor of the Seattle Sym­
Bremerton .                                                     phony and Music Director of Northwest Chamber Orches­
                                                                tra. His conducting repertoire ranges from pre-Baroque to
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                          Page 12

the present. During the 1997-1998 season, he conducted        Marc Teicholz, a classical guitarist, will display his
his first Masterpiece Series concert with the Seattle Sym­    superior technique and musicality.
phony. In January 1998, with virtually no advance notice,
                                                              Wednesday, April 12th, 7 :30 p.m., the 20-member
he appeared as pianist in Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"       "Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats" are one of the most
with the Symphony.                                            renowned Chinese acrobatic companies in the world!
Advance ticket purchases for this performance, sure to be a   These actors, athletes and artists will hold the audience
sell out, are available from Centrum at 360-385-3 102.        spellbound with their daring and graceful feats. Their
                                                              elaborate, traditional costumes accompanied by their an­
                                                              cient and contemporary theatrical techniques make this a
Membership Drive for Bremerton
                                                              show to remember.
Community Concerts
                                                              In order to enjoy these five performances, you must pur­
The Bremerton Community Concert organization is pres­         chase an annual Bremerton Community Concert member­
ently conducting its membership drive for the 1999-2000       ship prior to the first performance. No individual tickets
season. "Five fantastic, varied musical shows will be pre­    will be available at the door. However your Bremerton
sented between September and April ," said Peggy Scha­        membership will allow you to enjoy other community con­
fran, spokesperson for the membership drive. "And," she       cert performances in Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Oak
continues, "because the concerts are held in the large,       Harbor, Olympia and other communities with reciprocity .
acoustically sound Bremerton High School auditorium, the
                                                              Since only a limited number of memberships are sold
organization can fund the high fees of exceptional talent."
                                                              based on seating capacity, you are urged to purchase your
The five concerts are:
                                                              membership early. If you are renewing an adult member­
Monday, September 20th, 7:30 p.m., Paragon Ragtime            ship, the cost is $45 until Friday, May 7th, then it goes to
Orchestra featuring the long-lost collection of orchestra     $50, the same as new memberships. You can pick up
scores from the Victor Talking Machine Company. These         membership forms at both the Bay and Beach Clubs or call
scores became the inspiration for this orchestra who will     Peggy Schafran at 437-9935 for further information .
perform waltzes, marches, operatic parodies and novelty
numbers . Blues and popular songs of the era will be fea­
tured in authentic period orchestrations.                     Bainbridge Orchestra presents
Friday, October 22nd, 7:30 p.m., "A Tribute to a Cen­
                                                              Young Musicians
tury" is an international celebration of music and dance.     Nine talented young people will be featured as soloists
Forty-five singers, dancers and instrumentalists from Af­     with the Bainbridge Orchestra at the " Young Musicians '
rica, Asia, Europe, North and South America will take the     Concert" to be held Saturday, May 1st, 7:30 p.m. at The
audience on ajourney through the great music of the last      Playhouse. Students auditioned to play and rehearse with
100 years. Includes everything from a string quartet to the   the orchestra at a juried competition in February.
thrilling percussive sounds of African chant.                 For further information and tickets call 206-842-8569.
Wednesday, January 5th, 7:30 p.m., two-piano team of
"Kathryn Lewis & Martin Perry," one of America's finest
                                                              Musical uAnnie" comes to
duos since 1989. Winners of international competitions
with their glittering and sophisticated arrangements of
                                                              Bainbridge Playhouse
theater music from Gershwin to Sondheim.
                                                              "Annie," a delightful musical based on the comic " Little
The Sunday, February 13th, 3 :00 p.m., "Festival of           Orphan Annie" opens at The Playhouse in Bainbridge on
Four" presents a distinguished group of soloists who share    Friday, May 14th. The story of a young girl deserted in a
their own musical heritage. Award-winning recording art­      hard knock orphanage run by the less than kindly Miss
ist Richard Patterson joins one of America's leading flute    Hannigan, Annie wins our hearts when she escapes to a
soloists, Viviana Guzman , while the Spanish flamenco tra­    better life. The play will run until May 30th on Fridays
dition is felt through the virtuosity of Guillermo Rios.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                             Page 13

and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 3:00 p.m .
                                                                Performing Arts Calendar
For tickets and information, call 206-842-8569.
                                                                Thurs., Fri. & Sat., May 1st, 6th, 7th & 8th 

                                                                "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," 

Concerto Concert Winners Perform                                Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Bremerton Community 

                                                                Theatre, 8:00 p.m., 360-373-5152. 

The Turtle Bluff Orchestra presents its Spring Rhody con­
                                                                Fri. & Sat., May 1st, 7th & 8th 

cert on Saturday, May 22nd, 7:30 p.m. at the Chimacum           " Vikings," comedy-drama about three generations of Scan­ 

High School auditorium. Music director Dominic Johnson          dinavian craftsmen, Poulsbo Players, Jewel Box Theatre at 

wi 11 conduct performances by the winners of the annual         Liberty Shores, 8:00 p.m., 360-779-6946. 

concerto concert: Hillary Nordwell playing "Allegro" from       Fri. & Sat., May 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th & 15th 

Beethoven's "Piano Concerto No.2 in B-flat Major,"              "Into the Woods," musical comedy, Central Stage Theatre 

                                                                (CSTOCK), Silverdale Community Center, 8:00 p.m. , 360­
Theadora Carson playing "Allegro" from Mozart's " Piano
                                                                692-9940 . 

Concerto No.1 in A Major," cellist Caroline Stutzman
                                                                Fri. & Sat., May 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd
playing "Variations on a Rococo Theme" by Tchaikovsky
                                                                "Greater Tuna," a comedy, Performing Arts Guild of
and Ryan Weed performing in Tcherepnin's " Sonatina for         Kitsap County, Bay Street Playhouse, Port Orchard,
Timpani and Orchestra, Opus 58." The program also in­           8:00 p.m ., 360-876-6610.
cludes Elgar' s " Introduction and Allegro" featuring violin­   Sat., May 1st 

ists Kristen Smith and Connie Rosenquist, violist Felicia       Popcorn Pops in the Admiral, mid-day rehearsal is a free 

                                                                special event for kids of all ages , Bremerton Symphony 

McFall and cellist Alison Roth.
                                                                Concert Chorale with Kim Crosby, Ted Chri stopher & 

Now completing its fifth season, the Turtle Bluff Orches­       Harold Mortimer and the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra, 

tra's unique program provides developing young musi­            Admiral Theatre, II :30 a.m .-12:30 p.m., 360-373-1722. 

cians the opportunity to play at concert levels alongside       Sat., May 1st 

                                                                West Sound Pops at the Admiral , Bremerton Symphony 

seasoned performers. In addition, an orchestra scholarship
                                                                Concert Chorale with Kim Crosby, Ted Christopher & 

fund provides financial assistance toward music education       Harold Mortimer and the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra, 

for selected music students. In their most recent poll, Ac­     Admiral Theatre, 8:00 p.m ., 360-373-1722 . 

cent Magazine readers voted Turtle Bluff their favorite or­     Sat., May 1st
chestra for the second straight year.                           Young Musicians ' Concert with nine soloists, Bainbridge
                                                                Orchestra, The Playhouse at Bainbridge Performing Arts,
Tickets are $8.00 and are available at Turtle Bluff,            7:30 p .m., 206-842-8569.
360-385-3626, Quimper Sound in Port Townsend or
                                                                Sat., May 1st, 8th, 15th 

at the door.                                                    "Deathtrap," a thriller by Ira Levin, Roving Players, India­

                                                                nola Club House, dinner at 6 :00 p .m., performance at 7 :30 

                                                                p.m., 360-638-1858. 

Music from Broadway at the Admiral                              Sun., May 2nd 

                                                                Wild Rose Chorale, benefits The Ravenscroft Youth Music 

"West Sound Pops" will be Saturday, May 1st, 8:00 p.m.          Fund, Ravenscroft Inn, Port Townsend, 4 :00 p.m., 360­
in the Admiral Theatre in downtown Bremerton. Enjoy a           385-2784. 

stunning evening of musical hits from the hearts of Broad­      Sun., May 2nd 

way to the hearts of America featuring Kim Crosby who           "Die Fledermaus" Seattle Opera Preview, Kitsap Regional 

recently starred on Broadway as Sarah Brown in the re­          Library, Bremerton, 3 :00 p.m ., 360-405-9100. 

vival of "Guys and Dolls." She will be joined by baritone       Sun., May 2nd & 9th 

Ted Christopher, tenor Harold Mortimer and the Bremer­          "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," 

                                                                Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Bremerton Community 

ton Symphony Concert Choral in an evening of solos , du­
                                                                Theatre, 2:30 p.m., 360-373-515 2. 

ets and choruses from the pens of Lerner and Loewe. En­
                                                                Sun., May 2nd, 9th & 16th 

joy musical selections from "My Fair Lady," "Gigi ,"            " Into the Woods," musical comedy, Central Stage Theatre 

"Paint Your Wagon," "Brigadoon" and "Camelot." For              (CSTOCK), Silverdale Community Center, 6:00 p.m., 

further information, call 360-373-1722.                         360-692-9940. 

The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                        Page 14

Mon. & Tues., May 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th,         Sun., May 16th
24th, 25th & 31st                                           "Greater Tuna," a comedy, Performing Arts Guild of
Coffee Concerts at Turtle Bluff II, Marrowstone Island,     Kitsap County, Bay Street Playhouse, Port Orchard,
9:30 a.m., 360-385-3526.                                    2:30 p.m., 360-876-6610.

Fri., May 7th                                               Sun., May 16th, 23rd & 30th
"The Wiz of the West," Missoula Children's Theatre,         "Annie," The Playhouse at Bainbridge Performing Arts,
Evergreen Children's Theatre at the Admiral Theatre,        3:00 p.m., 206-842-8569.
7:00 p.m., 360-479-4919                                     Thurs., Fri., Sat., May 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th &
Fri., May 7th                                               29th
Port Angeles Symphony Chamber Orchestra with Peggy          "Twelfth Night," Olympic College Theatre, 8:00 p.m.,
Bardarson, violin, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port An­   Bremerton, 360-475-718\.
geles, 7:30 p.m., 360-457-5579.                             Sat., May 22nd
Fri., May 7th & 14th                                        Seattle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adam Stern,
 "Deathtrap," a thriller by Ira Levin, Roving Players,      with Shunsuke Sato, guest violinist, winner of the 1995
Indianola Club House, 7:30 p.m., 360-638-1858.              Philadelphia Orchestra Young Artists Competition,
                                                            McCurdy Pavilion, Fort Worden, 3:00 p.m., 360-385-3102.
Sat., May 8th
HA ! Comedy Improv !, Playhouse at Bainbridge               Sat., May 22nd
Performing Arts, 7:30 p.m., 206-842-8569.                   Turtle Bluff Orchestra, Concerto Night with winners of the
                                                            2nd annual concerto competition plus guest artists Kristin
Sat., May 8th                                               Smith & Connie Rosenquist on violin, Felicia McFall on
Port Angeles Symphony Chamber Orchestra with Peggy          viola and Alison Roth on cello, Chimacum High School
Bardarson, violin, Presbyterian Church, Sequim,             Auditorium, 7:30 p.m., 360-385-3626.
7:30 p.m., 360-457-5579.
                                                            Sat., May 22nd
Thurs., Fri. & Sat., May 13th, 14th & 15th                  "Russian Fire," Bremerton Symphony Orchestra with
"Grace Diner," directed by Kerry Lyn Kelley, a World        Larry Graham, pianist, Bremerton High School Performing
War II play with 40s music and costumes, Admiral            Arts Center, 8:00 p.m., 360-373-1722.
Theatre, dinner 6:30 p.m., performance 8:00 p.m.,           Sun., May 30th
360-373-6743.                                               "Twelfth Night," Olympic College Theatre, 2:00 p.m.,
Fri. & Sat., May 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th        Bremerton, 360-475-7181.
"Annie," a musical based on the comic "Little Orphan        Sun., May 30th
Annie," The Playhouse at Bainbridge Performing Arts,        Back to Bach Sunday Seminar, Roth Mason on Bach,
7:30 p.m., 206-842-8569.                                    benefits Turtle Bluff Orchestra Scholarship Fund, Turtle
Sat., May 15th                                              Bluff II, Marrowstone Island, 2:30 p.m., 360-385-3626.
Stars of International Opera with Cynthia Lawrence and      Sun., May 30th
Mark Calkins, a Port Ludlow Arts Council Mainstage          "The Sound of Music," Seattle Mountaineer Players, out­
Production, Bay Club, doors open for wine bar and seat      door amphitheater via scenic trail to Mountaineer Forest
selection 7:00 p.m., concert 8:00 p.m., 360-437-2208.       Theatre, Bremerton, 206-542-5993.
Sat., May 15th
Seattle Choral Company, a cappella works, Rolling Bay
Presbyterian Church, Bainbridge Island, 7:30 p.m.,          Watson's Heartfelt Thank You
206-363-1100.                                               Jim and Diane Watson wish to thank so very many of you
Sat., May 15th                                              for your prayers and meditations on behalf of their grand­
Seattle Youth Symphony, with Carter Brey, principal
                                                            son, Nigel Gough, who is just six months old. Nigel's fight
cellist of the New York Philharmonic, Port Angeles High
School Auditorium, 7:00 p.m., 360-457-5579.                 against acute lymphocytic leukemia continues to be a posi­
                                                            tive battle. He has responded well to chemotherapy and
Sun., May 16th
"Grace Diner," directed by Kerry Lyn Kelley, a World        will undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant in early May. His
War 11 play with 40s music and costumes, Admiral            mother, Karen, will be the donor. Jim and Diane will con­
Theatre, brunch buffet 12:30 p.m., performance 2:00 p.m.,   tinue to live with them in San Francisco until he can return
                                                            home. Your continued thoughts and prayers for his recov­
                                                            ery are not only welcomed, but necessary. You can follow
                                                            Nigel's progress on:
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                          Page 15

Garden Club                                                    Herb Garden Tour
The Port Ludlow Garden Club plans to carpool to Whitney        This tour visits three gardens
Gardens and other selected nurseries on Wednesday, May         in the Seattle/South Seattle
12th. Due to the necessity of luncheon reservations, pre­      area: the University of Wash­
payment will be required. Call Bonnie Ahlstedt at 437­
                                                               ington Medicinal Herb Gar­
9113 for cost and details. After lunch we will travel to
                                                               den, Fairlight Gardens and
Gracey Nursery on Gamble Bay and Savage Plants and
                                                               Display (where a catered
Landscape also on Highway 104.
                                                               lunch will be served) and the
Be at the Bay Club parking lot at 9:00 a.m. for maps and       Fairie Herb Gardens. The cost
car pool assignments.                                          including bus transportation from Edmonds (walk on ferry

Garden Tips                                                    fare is extra) and lunch is $79.50. The date is Friday, May
                                                               21st. For more information and reservations, call Ann
May is one of the busiest months for local gardeners.
                                                               Radwick at 437-0318.
Plant, fertilize and prune are the key words for May. Scat­
ter high-nitrogen fertilizer among bloomed-out spring
flowering shrubs to support the summer's leaf, branch and      Computer Club
bud growth. Fertilize long-flowering plants like annuals,      The Computer Club' s general meeting is Monday,
begonias, fuchsias, geraniums and container plants. Con­       May 10th, 6:30 p.m. at the Bay Club. We'll be looking at
tinue to feed at monthly intervals throughout the summer.      Y2K from the U.S. Coast Guard point of view, thanks to
Plant perennials, annuals, herbs and warm season crops .       John and Sharon Reseck. We'll also learn how to check
Prune lilacs and rhodies to shape.                             our computers and get some suggestions about what to do
                                                               to meet the Y2K challenge. These are important topics that
Port Ludlow Paddlers                                           you won't want to miss.
The paddlers gathered at the launch ramp in front of the
                                                               Saturday Workshops
Ajax Cafe on the afternoon of March 16th for their annual
                                                               Workshop attendees approved the decision to have Basic
Chimacum Creek estuary sojourn.
                                                               User workshops every other Saturday. Workshops for
The weather was beautiful, a very unusual phenomenon           Basic Users in May are May 1st, May 15th and May
this year. The sixteen of us enjoyed the Amazon-like           29th. Advanced users are encouraged to attend and help
atmosphere of the estuary even though we had to stop           answer questions.
about a quarter of a mi Ie short of where we usually end our
paddle.                                                        Classes

Several trees were down across the creek and we couldn't       Spreadsheet Class began
get past them, but the area was as spectacular as always.      Monday, April 26th and
We even saw an eagle drying out his wings high up in a         continues through
tree. What a sight! We extended our paddle and continued       Monday, June 14th,
up the coast to Kala Point to look for more birds and just     with no classes held on
enjoy the sunshine.                                            May 24th or May 31st. Text for this class is Woody Leo­
                                                               nard Teaches Office 97, available at the first class meet­
We timed our return to the beach so we had half an hour to
                                                               ing. Contact Bob Force at 437-0419 for more information.
load the kayaks on top of the cars before the Ajax Cafe
opened. When the cafe opened we all went in for dinner.        Some classes to look for in the future are Word 97, Web
                                                               Page Design, Snag-It and other classes of this nature.
A good time was had by all, but we missed you . If you
                                                               These classes are still in the planning stage, so watch for
would like to be part of the fun, call Doris Monti at 437­
                                                               more information as it becomes available. Cost will be
0715 or John Reseck at 437-0351 to find out how.
                                                               minimal for PLCC members.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                          Page 16

The Learning Exchange at WSU
Pre-registration is open for May classes at the WSU Learn­
i ng Center. These classes are $10 and are he Id at the Cen­
ter at Shold Business Park, 210 W. Patison, Port Hadlock.

Wednesdays, May 12th and 19th, I :00-3:00 p.m.
"Structural Pests - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" 

Wednesday, May 12th, 7:00-9:00 p.m. 

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Everyday Life 

Saturdays, May 22nd and May 29th, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Boating Safely

Inside Jefferson County Series continues with lectures and
field trips. Enrollees may attend any or all of these classes
for $10.
                                                                  Mad Hatters Tea Party a big success. This is sure to
Tuesdays, May 11th and May 18th, I :00-3:00 p.m.                 become an annual event judging from the fun time all of
The Forest Service - An Agency in Transition                    the participants had. There were more than one hundred
                                                                  women in attendance. The lone male, pictured below,
"How We Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?"                                  seemed to also enjoy the festivities.
Three different but complementary approaches to 

perpetuating agriculture for the future . 

Collinwood Farms, Thursday, May 6th, I :00-3:00 p.m., 

field trip. 

Abundant Life, Tuesday, May 25th, I :00-3:00 p.m.

Swan Farms, Wednesday, May 26th, lecture 10 :00 a.m. 

to 12:00 noon & field trip at I :30 p.m . 

For more information, call 379-5610. 

                                                                Ozzie Basora, sporting his political hat. We are not sure
                                                                what party he represented but we are certain he enjoyed
                                                                            himself at the Mad Hatters Tea.

   Cast of "Mousetrap" taking a break from rehearsal.
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                           Page 17

                         Tide Timlber Trail 

18 Hole WGA                                                     Dependent upon the number of players each Tuesday,
                                                                more than one flight may be utilized. We are also trying
During the 1995 season, it was a safe bet that it would rain
                                                                out an additional payout format: Those players feeling
during the IS-hole WGA Tuesday play day. Thus far,
                                                                confident in their game contribute to a "Pay for Play" pot
1999's season has been perfect, weather-wise: dry with
                                                                before each game, winners divvy up the loot.
delightful sun breaks. The course is still soggy in places,
so mud-resistant attire is still necessary; but rain gear so    We will continue to post the sign-up sheet on the Pro Shop
far has been tucked away in the dark recesses of golf bags.     bulletin board; any sign-ups and cancellations need to be
                                                                done by 5:00 p.m. Sunday. The pairings and tee times will
A review of the season's winners: Barbara Adams, Grace
                                                                be posted by noon Monday.
Allen, Pat Berg, Flora May Bradley, Joan Bruce, Margo
Campbell, Shirley Cirtaut, Val Durling, Bonnie Kemp,
Diane Kobz, Diana Nilsen, Dottie St. Onge, Carol Sham­                   Complimentary Lady's Golf Clinic 

hart, Sally Stiles, Bonnie Van Allsburg, B. 1. Wills and                Fridays, May 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th 

Susan Wright.                                                                       9:00 to 10:00 a.m. 

                                                                                   Sign up in Pro Shop 

May's events begin with an S:30 a.m. shotgun, Tuesday,
May 4th. Members will be paired and playa Chapman.                               (WGA Members Only) 

Thursday, May 6th, the WGA will host the monthly IS-
                         hole Couple' s event. The shotgun
                         goes off at 3 :00 p.m. Following       Golf Gala Benefits Centrum
                         the 9-hole tournament, there'll be     Golfers who would like to play for the
                         a potluck at the Beach Club. The       benefit of Centrum, the non-profit center
                         sign-up sheets will be posted in the   for the arts and creative education at Fort
                         pro shop on the bulletin board.        Worden in Port Townsend, will have that
                         Non-golfer spouses may accom­          chance on Saturday, May 8th at Chevy
                         pany their golfer counterpart to the   Chase Golf Course. The tournament begins with a shotgun
                         potluck, just be sure to make the      start at 12:30 p.m., with the option of playing eighteen or
                         notation on the sign-up sheet.         nine holes of golf. There'll be prizes, games and a festive
Beginning Tuesday, May 11th, we will have our annual            pit-barbecue awards dinner.
Three-Day Best Ball Tournament. Planned play days for           For registration information, phone Centrum at 3S5-31 02 .
that tournament are the Tuesday, May 11th, Thursday,
May 13th and Tuesday, May 18th. Teams and tee times
will be assigned by the tournament chairwomen. Thus far         Annual Mr. & Mrs.
this season, most of the weekly events have focused on          Tournament Date Set
specific golf skills. The final event in May will be played     Please mark your calendars for our annual Mr. & Mrs.
on Timber Trail and will put winning emphasis on putting        Golf Tournament and sign up early. We will have entry
skills: low puts win.                                           forms available in the golf shop, along
Worth special mention: Two new members to the IS-hole           with a schedule of events by the end of
WGA, Bonnie Kemp and Sharon King, both also Nifty­              May. The dates for this event are
Niner members, scored natural birdies their first Tuesday       Tuesday and Wednesday, June 29th
with the IS-Hole ladies. What a wonderful incentive to          and 30th.
play with the IS-Hole WGA.
 The Port Ludlow Voice 	                                                                                          Page 18

                                                               check for tokens, tokens, who has the tokens? The desk is
Men's Golf Association
                                                               running out. Shame on you, using them as ball markers.
by Jerry Conover, Tournament Chairman                          There are better ball markers around.

The season's first month of play for the men's golfasso­
ciation has been pretty much touch and go, more go than
                                                               Attention Golfers
anything else. Even here in the "banana" belt we get a
                                                               The Nine Holers play each Thursday through October.
little precipitation. A couple of our scheduled events have
                                                               Anyone interested is invited to join.
been rained out. Winning has been well spread around,
including Dick Swindler who took first place in our April      For information on the Nine Hole Golf League, call Bob
7th event, "The Wuss. " Playing off the red tees got to a      Reasoner at 437-0200 or Evelyn Fett at 437-0678
lot of us, but, not Dick. We didn't see an ugly set in the
crowd. Had they been tough our scores would have
rocketed.                                                      Marina Advisory Committee
April 14th we played the first event in which we earned        By: Dean Kelley, Marina Manager

"Ludlow Cup" points. In each of these events, players re­      I have heard a number of expressed concerns with regard
ceive a point for playing plus the top fifteen finishers re­   to ongoing maintenance and operations issues at the Port
ceive additional points. Tony Manzanares will be re­           Ludlow Marina. I would like to take this opportunity to
cording the performance points for the sixteen designated      respond to any concerned customers.
Points Tournaments. You might take a minute to look at         Recently, Greg McCarry and Tom Griffin met with several
the magnificent trophy displayed in the pro shop. The          residents and Port Ludlow Yacht Club (PL YC) members to
Ludlow Cup will be mounted on a hardwood base. The             discuss Marina issues. They decided that it is appropriate
sailing ship depicted is the same as that on the Port Lud­     for form a Marina Advisory Committee (MAC) to facilitate
low logo. Competing for the Cup are two teams each             information and issues between the owner and customers.
comprising twelve players. Every year the names of the         The MAC will have 5 customer members including 2
Captain and twelve winners will be inscribed upon the          PLYC members, one live-aboard member, and 2 Marina
trophy.                                                        customers from the general population. Kori Ward, Tom
April 21 st we played another Points Tournament, one           Griffin and I will also represent ORM. Greg McCarry will
called "Blind Hole." Following that event there was a          participate in the first few meetings to kick off the process.
general meeting for the purpose of issuing the revised         A number of issues will be on our plate including the
winter rules . Ray Carlson outlined those rules and the        following :
handicap procedure which is endorsed by PNGA and is a
                                                               • 	 Contract for a professional survey of the conditions
setoff we must observe when playing other tees as well as
                                                                   and facilities by Bellingham Marine.
other golf courses.
                                                               • 	 Identify and prioritize maintenance issues.
Readers of the Port Townsend Leader will notice the
                                                               •	   Review and make recommendations for contract
weekly results of our Men 's Golf Association activities            lease provisions.
in their golf column, thanks to Darrell Grything, our          • 	 Possible "additional insured" requirements.
Association Secretary.

Events for May                                                 Other planned projects include:
                                                               •    Repair to the outside of E dock where wa­
Wednesday, May 12th we will be playing a home and
                                                                    ter, flexing and age have corroded the con­
home, with the great Canterwood Golf Club. Qualifica­
tions will be held Wednesday, May Sth-a points, indi­
vidual low net event.                                          •    Similar maintenance at the end of A dock.

The desk staff has requested that we first check in with       •    Upgrade the flotation to portion of docks which are
them rather than just tee it up. You may also want to               low in the water.
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                   Page 19

Not Just Another Party                                         Dining Out
by John Reseck                                                 Benson's Restaurant
                                                               by Judy & Ken Slahl
St. Patrick's Day is one of the better excuses to have a
party that makes itself available to us all year. Not being    A wonderful new restaurant has just opened in Poulsbo.
someone that misses an opportunity a number of Port Lud­       The chef, Steve Benson is a graduate of the Cui inary Insti­
lites, led by Noreen Millbauer, put on something green and     tute of America. His wife Kelly created the decor and all of
met in the Wreck Room at the Harbormaster Restaurant on        the oil paintings that are shown in the restaurant. Jeff Ben­
that fateful night.                                            son is the host and manager.

The corned beef and cabbage some of us had for dinner          The luncheon menu includes wonderful seafood chowder
was one of the high points of the evening. Others had fish     with crabmeat, shrimp and clams; a Mexican chicken suup
and chips or some other selection from the standard menu.      with avocado, rice, tomato and ci lantro. Other selections
                                                               include angel hair pasta with shrimp and scallops; chicken,
The green beer set the mood for St. Patrick's Day for those
                                                               ham and fennel potpie; fish tacos; blackened salmon and
that could bring themselves to drink it. I must admit that
                                                               seasonal greens. Prices range from $6.95 to $12.95.
green beer isn't the most appetizing thing in the world
even though it tastes the same as regular beer.                The dinner menu features filet of salmon based with hazel­
                                                               nut butter; rosemary marinated lamb shish kabobs, grilled
Don Millbauer was a drummer with a Pipe band in the Tri
                                                               pork chop with apple thyme sauce, penne pasta with duck
Cities. Two of his friends from the group joined us so we
                                                               and fennel sausage, crusted hal ibut or sole with parmesan,
had two pipers and a drummer to entertain us during the
                                                               asiago cheese and lemon butter sauce and New York steak
                                                               with currant and pepper sauce. Prices range from $10.95
                                                               to $21.95.
                                                               There are many desserts including a creme brulee that is
                                                               made with maple syrup and is most unusual.
                                                               We have enjoyed the restaurant several times along with
                                                               other guests and everyone has agreed that the food is
                                                               excellent and the ambiance delightful.
                                                               Benson's Restaurant is at 18820 Front Street in Poulsbo. It
                                                               is open Wednesday through Sunday for lunch from 11 :00
                                                               a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and for dinner from 5:00 p.m .. until
                                                               9:00 p.m. Phone 360-697-3449.
       Don Mil/bauer ofPort Ludlow (center on drums)
       and his friends Jim Devon (left) of Edmonds and
           Ken Fox (right) from Bainbridge Island
                                                               Real Estate Update*
A great time was had by all and the ladies didn't have to 
    Port Ludlow activity since January I, 1999:
cook or clean up after the party. 
                            Residences:        73 active,           7 contingent,
If you are planning a party and it's not too big (30 or so 
                      6 pending,           10 sold
people), call the Wreck Room and tell them you are com­
       Condos:            19 active,           I contingent,
ing, order off the regular menu and have a great time. 
                          2 pending,           5 sold
                                                               Lots:               103 active,         1 contingent,
Interest Rates                                                                     3 pending,          7 sold
                                                               Do-it-yourself decks are a popular remodel and provide a
IS Year Fixed         6.000%        1.00 points
                                                               substantially higher return at resale. They extend the living
30 Year Fixed         6.500%        1.00 points                space to the outdoors.
5 Year ARM            6.250%        1.00 points
                                                               * This in/ormation deemed reliable bill nol guaranteed.
7 Year ARM            6.375%        1.00 points
  The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                                                 Page 20

                                       What's Happening at One Heron Road ... 

               Saturday, May 1                                       Sunday. May 2 
                                   Sunday, May 9
       Lunch is now being served!                         Ludlow Bay Sunday Supper 
                                   Mother's Day
         Wednesday through Saturday                                  5:30pm - 9:30pm 
                                  Brunch Buffet
                 12 :OOpm - Close                                   Main Dining Room 
                                 10:00am - 3:OOpm

    Lunch prices range from $3.00 - S8.00.                           $19.00 per person 
                          Adults S 17.95, Seniors SIS. 95

                  Menu includes:                                  (cax and Brawi')' no, included)                   Children Under II $7.95

     Artichoke smoked salmon dip, baked brie,                          Menu includes:                                    Dinner Buffet 

     Rueben, turkey melt, white albacore tuna,                                                                         5:30pm - 8:30pm 

                                                            Minestrone soup, chicken mozzarella 

        pastas & pizzas, burgers (classic and                  salad, seared New York steak, 
                    Adults $23.95, Seniors S19.95 

         non-traditional), sou ps and salads,
                                                             panko crusted salmon, peach pie, 

                                                                                                                    Children Under 11 $9.95
       chocolate peanut butter pie, mud pie.                 home made ice creams and sorbets 

                                                                                                                     (Ia.t and Brawi')' no' included)

                Sunday, May 16                                     Monday, May 17 

      Ludlow Bay Sunday Supper                                         That's ItaJia! 

                                                                                                               Heron Beach Inn
                5:30pm - 9:30pm                                   Italian Theme Dinner 

                Main Dining Room
                                                                     5:30pm - 8:30pm 
                $19.00 per person
              (cax and Brawi,)' no' included)
                                                                     $ 19.00 per person 
                Menu to include:
                                                               (uJ.t and 9[(lCUi9' not included)
      Potato leek VichY SSOise, lentil bean saJad, 

          chicken parmesan, herb crusted 
                         Menu to include:
                                                                                                             One Heron Road· Port Ludlow
                 seared salmon !llet, 
                 Calamari, Italian salads , mushroom risotto,
                  berry cheese cake, 
                                                       chicken parmesan, seafood fettuccini Alfredo,
         home made ice creams and sorbets 
            tiramisu, mascarpone cheesecake, fresh berries

 Report Speeding Gravel Trucks                                                        To ensure that the
                                                                                       driver causing the
 A concern about the speed of gravel trucks traveling                                  problem is prop­
 through our community was raised at the recent County
                                                                                      erly identified,
 Commissioners meeting held in Port Ludlow, April 6th.
                                                                                       Johnston asks
 Ken Johnston, superintendent of Mats Mats Quarry,
                                                                                      that you try and
  shares this concern and in a letter to residents pledges to
                                                                                      provide the date and time of the incident, the location, li­
. help ensure our roadways are safe.
                                                                                      cense number or name on the truck, or a good description
 Johnston says, "I encourage you to please call my office                             of the vehicle. He can be reached at 437-2211.
 any time you witness a gravel truck driving erratically or
                                                                                      Mats Mats Quarry is owned by Lone Star Northwest and
 dangerously." He says if the truck was coming from or
                                                                                      has been criticized in the past by Port Ludlow residents for
 going to Mats Mats Quarry, he will speak to the driver
                                                                                      their apparent lack of concern for the rights of the residents
 about the safety of the community and, if necessary,                                 of the surrounding community.
 refuse to sell them additional material.
The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                            Page 21

Emergency Planning Workshops                                    miles. Hike leaders and assistants can provide specific
                                                                infonnation for each hike. Carry extra water and food and
Stan Thalberg, Ph.D. and Red Cross disaster volunteer,          wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Refer to the "Hiker
will conduct Peer Support Group Workshops for Port Lud­         General Infonnation" sheet for more details.
low Emergency Planners on Thursday and Friday, May
                                                                Friday, May 28th is the deadline for full-payment oflodg­
6th and 7th, 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the Beach Club.
                                                                ing and banquet reservations for the club's annual getaway
Thalberg gave an interesting presentation at the Emergency      to Leavenworth. This 3-day trip involves a menu of easy,
Planners general meeting on April 2nd at the Beach Club.        moderate and difficult trails from which hikers can select.
He described the four stages of response to disasters. First,   Always a popular outing, a wait list is being kept for those
the period of heroic response, then a honeymoon phase,          hoping for possible cancellations. Contact Doris Monti for
third, a period of disillusion and finally a time of recon­     more information.
struction of the community. He pointed out that not only
                                                                The Port Ludlow Hiking Club has adopted the Gray Wolf
victims of disaster, but emergency professionals and volun­
                                                                Trail and will sponsor a Trail Maintenance Work Party on
teers are subject to these various stages that may affect
                                                                Saturday, May 22nd. Hike club members will work along
their efficiency in an emergency.
                                                                with students from Chimacum schools to clean up the trail
A licensed psychologist and retired University of Washing­      after our wet and windy winter. Bring lunch, lots of water
ton psychology professor, Thalberg volunteers his time          and work gloves. Hopefully there'll be a cook-out around
with the Red Cross in natural disasters throughout the          3:00 p.m. after the work is done. For further information,
world and United States, as well as serving as a volunteer      contact either Bernie Robinson or Doris Monti.
firefighter and EMT for the Port Ludlow Fire Department.
                                                                Bernie Robinson at 437-0703 and Doris Monti at 437-0716
For more information on the group workshops, please call        can supply complete schedules and general infonnation on
437-7745. The next general meeting of the Emergency             the Hiking club and address your questions on the work
Planners will be Friday, June 4th.                              party and Leavenworth getaway.

                                                                Monthly Timberton Loop Hike
Hiking Club Announces                                           The Hiking Club's monthly hike along the Timberton Loop
New Schedule                                                    Trail is set for Wednesday, May 19th at 9:00 a.m. Meet at
                                                                the parking area on Timberton Road. For further informa­
The Port Ludlow Hiking Club has established a schedule
                                                                tion, call Doris Monti at 437-0716.
for outings in May through October. Hikes ranging from
easy through difficult are planned, as well as a trail main­
tenance work party and annual getaway to Leavenworth.           Farmers Market Opens May 7th
Two easy hikes are planned for May. The first on Friday,
                                                                Mark your calendars! Opening day for the Port Ludlow
May 14th, at the Spruce Railroad features an 8-mile scenic
                                                                Farmers Market is Friday, May 7th from 9:00 a.m. to
hike along the north shore of Lake Crescent. For specific
                                                                2:00 p.m.
hike information, call the hike leaders Dick and Phyllis
Matheny at 437-5020 or assistant leader Tricia Grace at         Once again the Farmers Market will be located at the
437-9175.                                                       Village Commercial Center and held every Friday through
                                                                fall. The market will feature food products and plants from
The second May hike is Friday, May 28th, and features
                                                                Northwest producers and growers, along with arts and
an easy 5- to 6-mile beach and forest trail hike at Fort
                                                                crafts from area artisans.
Worden Beach. Debbie Ayers at 437-9656 is hike leader
with assistance by Eileen Gilligan at 437-7686.                 This promises to be a fun experience for our community,
                                                                and a good chance to visit with friends and neighbors while
For both hikes, meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Bridge Deck near
                                                                supporting our area vendors.
the Port Ludlow Resort on Marine Drive and Oak Bay
Road . Distances shown are approximate total round-trip         Look forward to seeing you there!
 The Port Ludlow Voice                                                                                                               Page 22

                                                                          Scenic Cruises and Voyages
        Ads are seven cents per word with a $3 minimum. 

                                                                          One of the pleasures of living and entertaining in Port Ludlow is to
     Fax your ad to 437-2085 or drop off at 103 Cascade Lane. 

                                                                          enjoy the beauty from the water. Cruise all the shoreline, the San
            Call 437-0268 if you have any questions. 

                                                                          Juan Islands, or other destinations aboard "Caroline 's Camelot ', a
           We want to help you sell those good garage items 
             stable and comfortable 44 ft. Tollycraft motoryacht. Fully equipped
                and help you locate needed services. 
                    to provide a two-hour scenic cruise or a several day voyage. Contact
                                                                          Captain Phil Otness, USCG 100 T Master: 360-437-0105 ,
  While we do not solicit commercial ads we do allow them if they 

                                                                          email: or
          appear to be providing a service to our readers. 

                                                                          see my web page wwwportludlowconnections.comlpcocharters.html

If you have a Business, Service or Product and would like to learn       Investment Counseling
more about a very affordable approach to Internet Exposure, by a         If you ' ve recently retired and need to roll over a retirement account,
locally owned and operated Port Ludlow service, with far reaching        received an inheritance, need help managing a trust or just disap­
capabilities including local and Puget Sound marketing                   pointed in your investment results -we ' re right here in Port Lud­
                                                                         low and we may be able to help .
                                                                         Heritage Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor. We spe­
                                                                         cialize in assisting clients in establishing their investment goals, de­
                                                                         termining their risk tolerance and constructing and managing an in­
Port Ludlow ArtistlPhotographer does beautiful,                          vestment portfolio consistent with those goals.
highly detailed acrylic paintings of your dog or cat
from your color photo. These "Petraits" are 8x I 0                       We will create a portfolio to meet your specific needs, whether that
matted to I I x 14, and include glass and oak frame.                     means income, growth or a combination of both. We will then man­
 $49.00 plus tax. Satisfaction guaranteed - if you're not                age that portfolio for you on an ongoing basis to help you meet your
pleased I'll return your money. You've nothing to lose, and              goals. There's no charge for a consultation, so if you ' d like to
only a treasured gift to gain. Kent Stansbury - home stu­                talk - please call Mike Devine at 437-9697 to arrange a meeting.
dio 437-2902 or at his gallery in Port Townsend at 385­
3770.                                                                    Errands and Stuff

Fee Only Financial Advisory Services 
                                   Do you ever wish you had someone who would:
                                                                         Feed your pet or water plants while you were out of town. -Do your
Local certified Financial Planner offers Financial Planning Services 
   shopping. -Serve at your party. -Pick up your dry cleaning. -Do
on a fee-onl y basis. Specializing in Estate Planning, Retirement 
      your typing or filing. -Pick up prescriptions. -Stand in line for you
Planning and Tax Efficient Portfolio Management. 
                       at the DMV. -Organize your mess, or whatever else you don ' t have
Northwest Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor. 
                time for or don't care to do? We can take care of it.
There is no charge for the initial consultation. Contact Ron Arends, 

CFP at 437-0387 for additional details or free brochure. 
               Give us a call at 360-30 I -0993 .

Port Ludlow's New Therapeutic Exercise Class
                                                                              Visit Port Ludlow on the Internet. Share the Port Ludlow 

Kimberly Dye, once professional ballet dancer with the Pennsylvania            community and local area with your friends, neighbors, 

Ballet, and now dance/movement therapist, brings a world of exper­
                                                                                                   and relatives. 

tise to her new Yoga-like class she developed to strengthen the body
center, promote flexibility and ease of movement, and increase over­         
all energy.                                                                           WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT
Friday mornings 9:45-10:45 a.m.
                                                                         Health Service-Foot Care with Foot Reflexology 

$8.00 single, $60.00 for 10
                                                                         A professional evaluation of your feet including toenail trimming, 

Open to North and South Bay members 
                                    skin care and Foot Reflexology in the comfort of your residence. 

Or Try 
                                                                 Registered Nurse for 32 years. 

                                                                         Professional, knowledgeable and caring. 

Individualized Private Session $50 

(will come to your home) 
                                               References available. For information call: 

Customized Audio Tapes For Your Exercise 
                               Judy Narimatsu RN, LMP 206-842-8574 

and/or Personal Needs
Some sample topics for tapes are "Moving Beyond Pain,"                   Found Cat
"Relaxation for Better Sleep," "Moving Into Your Body,"
"Free Yourself from Compulsive Eating"                                   Large white female cat with distinctive markings and collar found on
                                                                         Montgomery Lane.
For more information call Kimberly at 379-6795.
                                                                         Call 437-2868
  The Port Ludlow Voice 	                                                                                          Page 23

               The Harbonnaster Restaurant 

 Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Easter Brunch. We served nearly 300 people and
 received many compliments. Our Chef Jesse Osmer is in the process of completing an equally
 tantalizing and bountiful buffet for Mother's Day on May 9th. As you know Easter Brunch filled up
 quickly and so will Mother's Day, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

 We would also like to thank ORM Inc., the Bay Club, and Swains of Port Townsend for their generous contributions to our
 Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a tremendous success! We had over 125 children attend, we hid over 1200 eggs, and all
 were gone in less than 60 seconds! We also gave away over 125 prizes to the lucky children with prize tickets in their eggs.
 This Community Event becomes more popular and larger every year. We sincerely appreciate the support we receive in
 order to host this event for the children at Easter.

Mother's 	Day at Port Ludlow Resort                                                                    Hours of Operation
                                                                                                   Harbormaster Restaurant
The Harbormaster Restaurant will                                                                      For reservations call
present its annual Mother's Day Brunch
on Sunday, May 9, 1999. The hours of
                                                    Wine                                                           7:00 a.m.
service are 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and
Brunch will be served in the Restaurant
andintheLounge.Thebuffetoffe~                                                                    Lunch
                                                                                                                    2:00 p.m.
a wonderful variety of delectable
entrees, side dishes, and desserts.                                                                                5:30p.m .
                                                    By now some of you have had an               Dinner
                                                                                                                   9:00 p.m.
We will be giving away a special gift for
                                                    opportunity to see and try our Port
all of the "Moms" who attend the
                                                    Ludlow Resort Private Label Chardon­                           10:00 a.m.
brunch. Make your reservations early                                                             Sunday
                                                    nay, Merlot, and Cab-Merlot wines. We                           2:00 p.m.
and treat Mom to a glass of Champagne                                                            Brunch
                                                    will continue to offer the wines in the
and a wonderful meal.
                                                    Wreckroom Lounge and the Harbor­             Wreckroom Lounge
Prices for the buffet:                              master Restaurant. If you would like
                                                                                                 Sunday to         11:30a.m.
         Adults             $18.95                  to purchase a bottle for your collec­                          10:00 p.m.
         Seniors            $15.95                  tion you may do so from the
                                                    Marina Store.                                Friday & 	       11:30a.m.
         Children           $11.95
                                                                                                 Saturday         Midnight

May Lunch & Dinner Specials                                                                           The Wreckroom 


Mondays & Tuesdays for Lunch the                    running these specials: On Tuesdays
Harbormaster Restaurant will be run­                Scallops Thermador for $13.95 and             • Happy Hour every
                                                                                                    Monday through Friday
ning the following Specials: On Mondays             on Wednesdays Roast Duck with an
                                                                                                    tram 5 p .m. to 7 p.m .
we will offer Shrimp Fettuccini for                 orange ginger glaze for $15.95. Both
$7.50 and on Tuesdays a BBQ Beef                    specials are served with rice, vegeta­        • Lunch & Dinner service in
sandwich on a French roll served with               bles, salad, and rolls. Starting in May         the Lounge starting at

french fries, for $5.75. In the evenings            we will have live entertainment in              11:30 a.m.

on Tuesdays & Wednesdays the Restau­                the Lounge Friday and Saturday at
                                                                                                  • Free appetizers on Monday
rant and Wreckroom Lounge will be                   9:00 p.m. until 1 :00 a.m.                      nights during Happy Hour.
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