Poem Analysis LIBRARY Report by yv0Yk7n


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                                            Poetry Analysis
                              (To be turned in with Poetry Analysis Class Notes)

 1. The poem’s title;                                                      2. Date Published
 3. The poet’s name:                                                       4. Birth       Death

 5.What did the poem’s title suggest before you read it? What did you think it would be about?

 6. Is the poem about an object? Or a person (talking about self or someone else)? Or an event?

 7. What can you say about the kind of person the poet is or what the central figure in the poem is
    like? (Character traits?)

 8. When and where does the poem approximately take place?

 9. Why do you think the poet is writing about this subject, person, etc.?

10. A poem’s source of power is the words and the sounds they make in the poem. What is
  noteworthy about the words the poet uses? (Give examples and why they are powerful):

11. Write a brief summary of what is going on in the poem or the main events in chronological

12.What tone or attitude does the poet take toward the poem’s subject:

13. What type of poetry is this written in? ? Lyric? Or Narrative? Dramatic? Or Didactic? Closed
Form? Open Form? Prose? Explain how you know:

14. What did you get from the poem? What important idea? Or what did it make you think of?

15. Finally, what do you think about the poem? Did you like it? Why? Or why not? Give reasons for
what you say.

    What symbols does the poem have? (if any) What do you think each symbol means?

      Does the poem have any irony, and if so, explain what it is:

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