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					                          'W"ESTERN                          A USTR.ALIA.
                                             [ Published by Authority. J

     This Gazette is pll,blished /o?' Police i1~t01"rnation only, ctnd the Po lice th"'Ott,ghout th~ Oolony
             an in.'1t1~ncfed to nwkl' flumvlelve!< f/wl"rntghiy (tcq'nainied 'With the contents.
                                                              GEO. PHILLIPS, Comhnissione)' of Police.

No. 36.J                           WEDNESDAY,                SEPTEMBER 7.                                     [ 1898.

Circular       Orders and Miscellaneous                       moustache, blue eyes, long vis,tge. fail' and palt:
                 Information.                                 comvlexioll, dressed in dark clothes and soft brown
                                                              hat.-A1/9892. 1st Septem ber. 1898.
  C.O. *%.-The H onollrable t he Minister has been
pleased to a.ppl'ove the following promotion ill the
Police Force :--                                                  Southern 01'088.-0n the 31st ult., from the owner's
                                                              dwelllllg. - a. gentleman's gold hunting stem-winding
        (SecfiQn 8 of" '1'he Police Act. 1892.")              English level' watch, gold hands, and a lady's silver
  Prom t he 23rd of July , -                                  sUl<dllinker! Albert, with 2 tassels attached; a gold
                                                              diamond -shaped sc<t.rf pin, set with 1 sapphire and 2
    To be Second Class Constable:                             imitation pearls; a gold -plated brooch with glass in
        D . Buckley. No. 400.                                 (;{"utre contain ing a plait of brown hair (has "In
                                                              Memory of" rou nd edge); and a round gold brooch,
                       GEO. PHILLIPS.                         front rai s(:Jd in round lumps like shot ; the property
                            Commissionel' of Poli ce.         of Willianl TUl'ller.- Al/9897. 2nd September. 1898.
  6th September. 1898.
                                                                 MOltllt Magnet.-Between the 26th and 28th ult.,
                                                              from the person of Dan. Sutherland,-a gentleman'S
     Stealing in Dwellings, from the                          14ct. gold h unting stem-winding vValtham watch,
                                                              No. 7:383591, ornamented case, gold hands, an d a
                Person, etc.                                  10ct. gold curb chai n.- A19901, 2nd September,
   Bouldu.- Ou the 27th \.lIt., from the person of            1898.
Da.niel NoIan. at the Exchange H otel,- a. gentleman's
silver hunting', key-winding, Roth erham watch, No.              P erth.-On the 2nd inst., from the owner's
19966.-A1 19862. 31st August. 1898.                           dwelling, 25 Edward Street,-a gentleman's silver
                                                              opell-faced key-winding English lever watch, sunk
   BUl1hllry. - Ou the 28th ult., f rotH the person of        secollds, glass missing, small dent on back case, very
Jost'pL Flynn, at Fergl1son,-a gentleman'S new                old and he,Lvy watch; and a lady's silt'er half-
silver hunting-, stem-windi ng \Val tha.m watch, No,          hunting stem- winding lever watch, no seconds hand,
690:3642, and silver c1ll"1I I.:ha;n. Su~picioll attach es    /!lass missing; and a double long-link: silver chain,
to John Jealons. De::wription: a~e 50 years, height           bar missing, piece of twisted wire in centre; the
~ft. 7in., gre.y hair. side whiskers ilnd moustu.che,         property of Thomas Beecroft.-- Al ,·9905, 2nd Sep-
small grey eyt's.- Al i9865, :31st August, 1898.              tember, 1898.
    KanOIIlIHL - On the 24th or 25th ult., from t he
person of Cbal'les H.· Ju.ckmanll,--a gentleman's               Kalgo(IJ·lie.- On the 30th ult. or 1st inst., from the
:sill'er stelll - wivdin.~ Elt,{in watch ,\Hd I bct. gold     owner's tcnt, - ·a lady'S silver open-facer! stem-winding
ch,~in (weighing 4toz.), wit h oval-shaped gold locket,       Genev~ watch, No. ;;57;39; the property of Mrs.
which has a hright hear t on one side and ., Mizpah "         Sophia Cameroll.- A1/ 9914. 5th September. 1898.
engraved on the otber. -· Al/ 987i, 1st Septem ber,
1898.                                                            Pinjarrah.-Between the 6th ult. a nd 2nd iust.,
                                                              from the owner's box at ·V\raigerup Railway Station,-
      Albany.-Ou the 2~th ult., from t he person of Mrs.      1 white silk dress t rimm ed with wh ite lace and
\VaJkl'r,-a large gold signet-ring, stamped 15ct.. ,          chiffon; 1 blue satin ball tlres8; I waxwork orange
with heart Oil front. Suspicion attaches to Uegie             bloi-lsom 3,nd 1 spray; I suit of men's
'IVilson. Description: slight build, a.bout 26           flannelette pyjamas; 1 white silk shirt; 1 pail' wh ite
.... ears. height 5ft 8ill., dark brown hair, sandy           kid gloves; 1 gold brooch, design of pick, shovel,
hammer, drilL bucket. and dish with speck in it; )                    P erth.-Ou t.he 31st ult" from the Clarendon
(fold brooch. two hearts with dagger acr08S. pa.rt of              R ote l,-a pall' of polished bullock h orns, light-blue
hilt missing (both brooches , without pins); tlw                   with dark tips. slig htly curved upward s, about 3ft.
property of J ohn l\Iaiden.-A19924, 5th S<:ptember.                from tip to tip. mounted on a wooden bracket. which
                                                                   is covered with plush and bou nd round edges with
1898                                                               red leather ; the property of George 'Voodcock.-
                                                                   Al 9869, 1st September, 1898.
   l'erfh. - On the 5t b inst., from the person of J oh n
Gibson. hy violence. at the Bnnbury Hailway Bridge.                  Fremantle.-O n the 30th 01' ;H st !lIt" from the
--a ge ntieman 's silver watch.        '£his robbery was           South Wharf, during tran si t from barque Forfar-
committed by three men. The wateh W,tS rpcovered                   shire to Railway Goods Shed,-- a case of whisky,
hy Dets. F,' G. Eggleston and B. S. Lesse.v at P.                  marked '1'1?!; t he property of the Railway Depart-
SeeiiO'son's Pawn Office, where it ha.d bet'll pawned              ment.-A1/9904, 2nd September. 1898.
hy <I.. ~ltall desl;ribed as: m_edium build, a,ge about 30
year s. heiO'ht 5ft. Hin.. medium to thin ,'isage. sma ll
                                                                      ViclO1'ia P a1k-During the ni ght of the 2nd inst.,
da,rk mou~tac:be, dressed in dark clothes. wbite shirt.
                                                                   from t he owner's cart. on the G uildford Road. 3
and dark felt hat.-A19925, 6th Septemher, 1898.
                                                                   miles West of Guildford.-1 new axe, 6~lbs, weight.
                                                                   bandle trimmed with glass; 1 bag. containing 1
      Vide Police Gazette. 1898, page 264. Al 952:3.
                                                                   pall' of dungaree trousers. 1 pair h1'own tweed
  Coolga,·die.-Simpson 1Vhitelaw's bicycle has been                trouser-so tailor-made, worn a little at the bottoms, size
found, nnt stolen.                                                 4; 2 blue striped shir ts, 1 pair watt'r-tight boots.
                                                                   size 7. iron Leel plates, nearly all t.h E' nails knocked
   Perth, --On the 24th ult.,-a. gentleman's uew                   out of the.sole of the left boot, a.nd 1 black boxer hat,
RaVicL bic:.rcle, No. 20544, Rapid t ire, ('olTu gated             size 6~; the prop~rty of J ames Stewart.- Al /9910.
front wheeL Dun lop tire back wheel, droopeJ handle                3rd September. 1898., lual), bent, ver." short L amplough saddle.
spl it on eaeh side, odd rat-trap pedals, f rame black,              K algool'lie.- On the 30th ult., from the owner's
wheels 'yell ow. old and worn; the property of _ obert             shop,-a brown leather Glad stone bag, 20in, long,
F. Dudgeon. Suspicion attacbes to Sydney White                     with white metal fasten ings j the prol)erty of Richard
alias Jas. L ee. now in custoily.- A 1/98f:i4., 31st               H ardwi ck.-Al/9911, 5th September, 1898.
A1Igust. 1898.
                                                                      Pe1·fh.-During August, fr om the owner's dwel-
   Perth.- On the 2nd or 3rd inst,. fronl 276 W ill ia.m           ling, 33 Milligan Street,-a very old (' ribb ~Lge board,
Street , - -6 electro- plated table forks and 6 d(>ssprt           size 16in, by 12in by 5in., made of English oak, in-
forks. lll'll'k"'d" WP " (in diamond) 6 elect}'l)-plated           laid with brass. containing a secrd drawer, which
ta,ble s;'oons and 2 gravy spoons. marked" EP" (in                 encloses bezique markers, cribbag-e pegs. and ivory
oval), A (in circle), &. (in <:irele), D (in ein·le), and          whist counters in a small ivory box; the property of
1 ('ar"t'1' and fork. white bone handles. ··l\losley."             J oseph Hillman.--Al /"918. 5th September, 1898.
maker: the property of Mrs. H alleen. -- AI 9909,
3rd S':"ptemiJe!', 18f18.                                             Perth.-Between t he 3rd and 5t h inst., from the
                                                                   owner's premises. at the corner of Stirling and
   C(Johardip.-On the 2nd inst .. 6'Olll Be,lf'Onsficld            James Streets.~ 1 short handled shovel. " J ,J. " cu t
Cham l)e rs. Sy lvester Street,-a gentleman's bic~'de.             in handle; 1 4 -pronged hoe, and I hod (new box, old
l'ubl)(>r l,edals. small saddle, straight bandle ba.r.             handle); the property of J. G. J ohnson ......... A19~21.
"Alt:'xander Foote, Greenock," painted 01.1 back bar;              5th September. 1898.
the property of H. Malloeh .-Al /99 29, 6th Septem-                                         --
her. 1898.                                                            YOl'h:.-On the 3rd inst., from tue Imperial H otel
                                                                   stable,---a gentleman's huntin g sadd le, llickel stir-
    F'remantle. -On the 30th ult., from the owne r's               rups. split leath er girths. lined wit.h yt'llow m aterial,
dwelling. Bay Street,-a pair of men's black lecbther               one of tIll" sq uare sta ples mi ssin g, the su rcingle straps
l,lce-up shoes, size 8. square toes, broad beels, pegged           on t he fla ps are placed very high; the property of
s,)l('s; the property of I saac Huntel'.-A l 9855,                 Chas. A. Inkpen.-Al /9923, 5th September, 1898.
:~ bt A H;..{'..Ist, 1898.
                                                                    ============~.- -~--~

   Nodhnm.-Between the 27th and 29th ult.. from                                        Apprehensiolls.
the Railway Yard,-l Disston's h ollow-backed 28iu,
                                                                               Vide Police Gu.zette, 1898, page 272,
h,tnd- sa,w, " 'iV.M." cut in handle; 1 l Oin. square
wooden stock," W .~I. " cu t in stock; 1 2tin, and 2                  GEORGE H. NETHERcoTT, brought up at Kal-
2in. fi rmer ch isels. 4 American screw bits. sizps                 gool'lif' on the 23rd inst. CO lllmitted for trial. Ad-
- i n .• -
H        t'bin., -loi n. and }in"6 eentre dots on each              mitted to bail.
bit ; 1 spoke-shl:tve, 1 sc rew wrench, and 2 1in .
mor tice chisels; the property of " Tilliam 1\Iurphy.-                          Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 288.
 Al /9860. 31st August, 1898.                                         HENRY Guppy. HENRY WESTON , and FRANK
                                                                    WESTON, brou ght up at Guildford on t he 2nd inst.
   Nol'lhal/ll..-Between the 27th a.nd 29th ult., from              H enry and Frank Weston di scharged. Guppy com-
 the Railway Yard,-l screw wren ch, stamped "'V." on                mitted for trial; admitted to bail.
 end; the property of John Miller.- Al /9861, 31st
 August, 1898                                                                  Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 287.
                                                                      JA1\lES CROGAN, brought up at Roeblmrne on 18th
    F,·emantle.- On the 30th or 31st in st ., from No. 1            ult.   Discharged. Further charged by P.C, Jas,
 bedroom, Oddfellows' Hotel.--a large brown Glad-                   McNamara; unlawful possession. £3 fill e and costs
 s~o~e bag, n~ ~traps, niekel fastenings. in good con-              or 1 month h.1.
 dIt.IOn, conta~l1lng 1 dark serge sac suit, size 5, tailor
 made; 4 whIte shirts. size 15Mn., buttons behind                          Vide Police Gazette, 1898, pnge 288, W. 'V-..',
 and 1 red flannelette shirt trimmed with lace j th~                  J ORN MELLOR, a.t Donnybrook. on the 1st inst.,
 property of T. W         G. Blackburn.- Al /9867, 1st              by P.C. B. Slattery. Remanded to P erth . Brought
 September, 189B.                                                   up at Perth on the 5th inst, Committed for trial.
 Police Gazette
Western Australia

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 Police Gazette
Western Australia

  Missing Page
                                    Miscellaneous.                                                                      Property Lost.
   GEORGE J AMES HAZA EL, at Albany, on the 30th                                                 Perth.-On the 1st inst.,- a. cheque on W.A. Bank,
oIt., OD the application of his wife, was placed on                                           P el,th, for £7198. lld. drawn by ~~, Morgan ill favour
the Prohihited List for 12 months.                                                            of B. Moore, or bearer. D ated August, 1898, the
                                                                                              propprt.Y of B. Moore.-P.L. 3.l'i . On the 16th ult.,
    CHARLES VALERIUS, charged a,l, Pilljarrah ou the                                          - a gent's black mackintosh sleeves and hood,
 1st iust. by J oseph Hill ; sly grog sellin g. £30 fine                                      the property of G. T. Simpson.- P.L. V'f. On the
and costs, and imprisonment until the rising of the                                           27th ult .. -a gent's black silk umbrella, white walrus
Court. Further charged with being in possession of                                            tusk handle, G.L.D." engraved on the ivory, the

,1, quantity of spi rit s for the purpose of sale. Liquor                                     property of G. L. DUlllsday.- P.L. l..d'i'.
COll fiscated.
                                                                                                 Gemldton.-On the 27th inst., a lady's brown fur
   EDWARD          Licensee of the Beaufort Arms
                        OGBORNE,                                                              tippet, the property of Mrs. Enl'ight.- P .L. 3'Jlt!.
Hotel charged at Perth, on the 26th nIt. by P.Cs.
C. Banfield and W. Guest; SUllda~r trailing. 4Os.
                                                                                                Fremantle. - On the 2nd inst .• -a lady's 18ct. gold
fine and costs.
                                                                                              A.lbert, made of three strands fastened with t hree
   WilL H. ARMITAGE,                     Licensee of the Cosmopolitan                         golfl clasps and 3 tassels, the property of Mrs. H.
Hotel, charged at P ertb on the 30t h n1t. by                                           L. Rowe. - P.L. V-l. On the 2nd inst.,-a carriage
C. Banfield and W. Guest; Suuda..v trading. £25                                               rug, black on one side. yellow and dots on the
fine and costs.                                                                               other, tIle pl'Opelty of Tilos. G oodwin. ~ ·P.L. V~I.

  THOMAS DAVIS, Licensee of the Star Hotel, Mt.                                                  PiIlJa1'i'uh. - On the 30th ult.,-a gentleman's silver
Jackson, charged at Southern Cross on the 5th inst.                                           keyless open-faced stop watch, centre seconds and
with neglecting to provide proper sleep ing accommo-                                          silver curb chain. the proper ty of D. Hogden.-
dation. License forfeited.                                                                    P .L· 3.Ii\,!·

                                          PRISONERS                                      DIRCHA RGED.

(lllllti   on.    ''',. ' ' '
                   Of   late
                  Re.:. So.
                                          Same.                              Otrenee.                             S~lltence.            Where
                                                                                                                                                            Jlale of Diechar!{e.

- - - I- -- -
                                    From Frf'mantlp Prison, during the week ending Satu,rday, 3rd Septembel', 1898.
Female             F 72         \ Molyneux, Lizzie .          Drunk                                      i s. 6d. and costs or       Perth

                                 Fieldus, Uhas.
                                 " "Tells, James
                                                              Obscene language
                                                                                                            7 ua.ys h.l.
                                                                                                        2 months h.1.
                                                                                                        .£2 lOs. or 21 days h.1.
                                                                                                                                                        1   , 29th August.
Do.                284,1         Burns, John                  Resisting arrest                          14 days h.1.                 Perth
Do.                3464          Durrant, Peter               Furious dl'i"ing                          .£1 and costs or 14          Fremantle
                                                                                                            dn,ys h.1.                                  j
Do.                3227          Geromanson , A.              Disorderly                                6 months h.1.                Kalgoorlie
Do.                3229          Reid, Cbas.                    Do.                                     6 months h.1.                  Do.              I
Do.                3482          Andel'SOn, El'nest           Obscene language                          305. and costs 01' 7         Perth
                                                                                                            dn,ys h.1.                                      f30th do.
Female             F24    [ Pirie, Ellen, alias
                              Davenport, Mary
                                                              Drlmk                                     10s. n,nd COiltS or 7
                                                                                                            days h.1.
Flee.              151-1-   Bedforth,J. P.                      Do.                                     21 days h.1.                   Do.                      31st do.
Do.                   78    Sheehan, James                    Unlawfully on premises                    1 morith h.1.                Perth          I
Do.                322fi    Mcl\Iaholl, Michael               Disorderly                                6 months h.1.                Kalgoorlie             ~   1st Sept.

Do.                3446     King. J ohn                       Obscene la n guage                        .£2 or 1 month h.1.          Kanowna
Do.                2924-    Smith, Jno., alias                Larcenl' ; absconding                     6 months h.l.; 4             Fremantle
                              Adams                                                                         months h.1. (cum.)
Do.                3475     Kelly, Wm.                        Escaping from custody                     14, days h.1-                Northam                r3rd do.
Do.                3001     Willmot, Chas.                    Obscene language                           14, da . h.l.
                                                                                                                .,s                    Do.
Do.                2716     "Talker, Denis                    Rogue ana vagabond .                      6 months h.1.            I   Perth              J
                                        From Wyndham Gaol, du,riw) the four 'months Mdillg 22nd J·uly, 18.98.
Ab. nat.                         Chilinyening                 Unla.wful possession                      18 months h.l.               'Yyndham                   231'd April.
Do.                              Hinmear                           Do.                                  18 months h.1.                 Do.                      27th do.
Do.                              Wi£lgery,          alias     Unlawfully on premises                    2 lll,)nths h.1.               Do.                      25th May.
Free.                            Scott, W. D.                 Obscenity                                  7 days h.1.                   Do.                      18th July.
                                          From Newcastle G(wl, dlU'iftg the week ending 2lilh August, 1898.
                                 Howal'd, Billy              I Rogue and vagabond                     I 3 months h.1.               I NOl'tham I                26th August.

                                       From Bunbury Gaol,            (l~l,ring   the two weeks ending 8"d September, 18.98.
Free.                            Evans, J ohn                 Debt                                      To pay'£i 12s. 6d. or        Bunbury                    3rd August.
                                                                                                           42 days h.!.
Do.                              Lind, George, alias          Disorderly; rogue and vaga-               .£2 fine or 1 month h.1.;     Do.
                                   Dutchy                       bond                                       2 months h.1.                            }25th do.
Do.                              Dixon, George                Drunk                                     5s. fine or 3 days            Do.
Do.                              McNamara, John.              Disorderly                                .£101' 7 days                 Do.                       29th do.
Do.                              Skelton, Thomas.               Do.                                     14 days h.1.                  Do.                       30th do.
lIall-ealte                      Watling, Alberl              Idle and disorderly                       1 month h.1.                  Do.                       2nd Sept.
                                             From Albany Guol, during the week ending 27th August, 1898.
Free.                               Cox, Henry         "'1    Unlawful occupation of Crown 1 .£20 fine or 3 months IAlban y                   "'j               220d August.
Exp. .            10031         I   Nolan, Edward      ...
                                                              Idle and disorderly...
                                                                                         ... 3 months h.1.      ".    Do.   ...                             27th do.
                                           Front YOl·k Gaol, during the week ending 31'd September, 1898.
Free ...
Exp ... .
                 I 40··5·5 I R endereon, Wm. ... I Idle and .disorderly
                                         Frank     Drunk      .....                                   I 7 da.ys h.1.
                                                                                                        7 £la.vs h.1.
                                                                                                                                              ...   I       29th august.
                                                                                                                                                            2nd Sept.

                                      ESCAPED                                                  PRISONERS.
                                                    eo,,·            Dllle or escape.
G!I~('tt<·               Nlltllt.                                                              D!strlcttrGm.                             De~aript'on   "lid   rU1rUtr~~.
  NO.                               I Re.,:. NO,: ditioll.

             Ha'·l'i~.Pr:lnk                        Free         15th August., 1895 ..     F r emantle         V ide PQlice   GO~B!tc,   1895, page 160
             ~ror"o.n,    Dnxid
             McDounld, Jas.
                                                I    do
                                                                 12th Sept., 1895
                                                                 12th Sept., 1895 .
                                                                                                                               do. ,
                                                                                                                                         do.    do. It)9
                                                                                                                                         do. do. 169
             Butke, '''m.
             Evnns. RobL
             McArthnJ', F.
             Slack, John
              Brosllall, Timothy
                                                                 1st JrulIl:\ry, 1&.16
                                                                 3rd March, ltl96
                                                                 lith April, 18%
                                                                 13th Juuc, IS%
                                                                 20th   AU~\I!1t.   1896
                                                                                           Victori:l Plnins
                                                                                                                               do ..
                                                                                                                                         1896 do. 13
                                                                                                                                                 do. 53
                                                                                                                                                 do. 130
                                                                                                                                                 do. 190
   506       Hopkins, J ... hn                      (la.         VU, Sept .. 1896          Newcastle              Do.          do.,       \10.   do. 2r1i
   55i       •Tellkins, 'VOl.                       do .         9th Sept., 1896           Newcastle              Do.          do.,       do.    do. 20i
   5lJ11     \Vntsou, Thomas                        do.          17th Sept .. 1896         Coolg-ardie            Do.          do .•      (10.   do.   212
   561       Elcomhe. Tllos.           l03U         T.L.         23rd Nov., 1896           Fremantle              Do.          do.,      do.     do.   286
             Wlitson, Charles
             Moh'ne\\le, "Matthew       GU,
                                                    T.L.      25th Dec. 11""
                                                             t'''h J.m,. 1896              Perth
                                                                                                                               do .•      11""
   575       Reid, Johu, ft/illS       1<>13'       do.          21st AUI,'1.\st, 1S97     FreUlllutle            Do.          do.,       do.    do.   395
                 Price, Chfls.
  576        O'Brieu. N-icholas        1{»70      do.            30th Oct.. 1897           Frem:lDtlc            Do.          do.,       do.     do.   395
             McPhersou, Doualrl.
                                                ab. nat.
                                                             I   24th Dec .• 1897
                                                                 31st 1Jec .• 1897
                                                                 25th nlar., t898
                                                                                                                                                 do.     ,
  583        MotTall Underwood
             Pt!llow, F'rederck                 I                                          Bridgetowll
                                                                                           Mt. M.J,gllet
                                                                                                                                         do.     do.   114

  58,        CosgTO\·e. 'Villinm
                                                                 17th Ilby. 1898
                                                                 4th July, 1898            K1l.lgoorlie          Do.          do.,


                                          R.\· AU'hority: A. CURTIS, Ading- Government Printer, Perth.
                    lJolttt                                                                                         ,
                                  -vTEJSTEJRN                       A USTR.A LIA.
                                                        . Published by Authority. J

           l'hi1i (j(J.,zettei:; pu,blished f(n' Police i1~to1··ntation only, allcl the lJolice thruu,yhuut tile UuiollY
                       ft1'e iUflt'r'ucied to '"(nake them,<;elve.'l th()1'oughly acquainted 'With the content.'J.

                                                                       GEO. PHILLIPS, Oommissioner                 IIr   1)01'-,,1'.

     No. 3i.]                                 WED;\Et;DAY,            ~EPTEM13ER              14.                               [1898.

          Stealing in Dwellings, from the                                 Per/h.-Between the ht and 4th inst.., from the
                                                                        owuer's handbag on s.s. " Arcllilia," betweell Ade1<tide
                     Person, etc.                                       and,\',- 2 gentlemen's gol.l s(;arf p illS, hoth of
            nt/e Police Guzette, 189,s. page .ii, A r 71:!ti.           same pattf'l'lI, round shalJed he<ltl, set with 1 redstone,
       Pedh.~-Geol'g~  B,tkcl" s watch has bt:l'Jl recu\'cred           heavy fia.t chased setting', 1 lady's 1arw· flat guld
     by Det. F. G. Eggleston.                                           IxtnJ ring, :sd with ] amelhyst and 2 iJearls (1 pearl
                                                                        missing). ill ft"t claw-1Setting; the property of Mrs.
             Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 2!.la, A1/Ht-I9i.          Edith Stall brollk.-Al 9941, lith Septeml-.e,·. 1898.
       S'oltfhern CI'Of~,<;. - - Williatn Turner's watch,chain,
     !:le,lrf pin. a,nd ronnd gold brooch have hC't'n returned              {)(,I'(II. On the 6th iust., from 1\11'. Lovckin's
     to the OWller.                                                     residelll.:e, Cnlil1 Street.- 'L lad.\Y's 1Siht:,!, hunting
                                                                        Genc\'<l ""'Ltch. "l\lAY " I'll;..\'l'a\'t:d on iU1Side of hack
               Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page ~o.J.. Al !I.ill.        case, a siin;1' ehain, 1 sO\'f'rei:.p! aod ] half sovel'eigll;
       ]{tlIIOII'/1<t.- Johll Rentuul's IJrop~l't..v ha~ been
                                                    re-                 tIlt' propt'!'ty of May Hearntloll. SW:'lJicjoll <tttOlc'hes
     (:ovcred by P.C. G. S. Bayl), in the possession of                 to Sydney Bri~gs, latt"!.r employed a1S groom by 1\11'.
     J ames McDou~all and DaNid HalTiss. Vide Ap-                       Lovekin. Dest:riptiou: l\ledillll1 build. '-lgt' about 18
     iJrehensions.                                                      ye'-ll's, height .sft. lill. 1)1' 8in., fail' complexion",
                                                                        smooth face, w€."i.Hing lWl'ller-.lIld.salt 1wee-d sui1,
       f{a{goorlie.-~On the 6th inst., from the owner's                 1Soft felt ha,t, and a, white ca nvas bdt I)iu. or 7in.
     dwelling,-a small oval-shaped gold sca.rf pin, set                 wide. - A] /9956, 7th 8eptenli)el', ] 898.
     with a small diamond; t he property of Peter ruttell.
      -AI 9984. 9th September, 1898.                                       Pe/·(Il. - Ahout the end of July la:st, from 15~1
                                                                        Ja.mes Stn.·et, - <1 small Challl,)is leather ha!{ contaill-
        Gentlcltoll.- Ol1 the 2nd inst., from the owner's               ing 1 l8et. g()ld plain ha.nd ring. 1 g-old ri ng.
     dwell ing, Marine rrerrace,-a. ca.rdhoard hox contain-             enamelled red a,nd white in front, 1 gold stud, sqwl.n'
     ing 8 18d. gold swivels and a quantity of gold jump                and compass pattern,:2 gold Ilngget scarf pins: (I)
     rings, I 15ct. g~)ld swivel, a quantity of gold chai n             rou~h, (l) shal1€'d like a fox's head, ] silver snal·,:t'
     bars, 20 gold pill stems, 4dwts. 16grs. of fine gold,              ring, and I sma'} l tin containing a metal crescent
     between 2 and 3 dozen Derby gold brooch pi ns, a.nd                ornament set with imita.tion pearls; the property of
                                                                        Willi"m J. Weil'. - Al 9960, 7th September. 1898.
 "   1 broken gold CUI'!) brooch; the property of F. W.
     Gihson.-Al /9935. 6th Septemhel'. 1898 .
                                                                           B eacompe7d.- During the night of the 5th inst.,
        BllIlbl//'y. -On the 3rd inst., from G-ordon's                  from the owner's \lwdling, Hampton Sh-eet,- a
     Ho~l,-a lady' .. ISd. plain gold dress ring, set with              gentlema.n's silver hunting key-winding \VaIt.ham
     5 d!a:ll~onds ,Lud rubies; the propert.v of L. Joseph.             wa.tch, gold hands, aJmost new, glass broken; the
     SusplclOn a.ttache1S to a man described as mpdium                  property of Thomas Robert L ibl;is.         Suspicion
     build, age 26 years , height 5ft. 6in., fail' complexion,          attaches t.o a man nallled Plant. Des(;l'iptioll:
     small fail' mou1Stache, dressed in a. llirt.y f,l.wn suit.         medium build, height Mt.. 7ill., ,tge 24 years, chLl'k
     -- A 1/9939. 6th R"ptember, 1898.                                  hail' and com plexion, dtLl'k·bl'own eyes, thick lips,
                                                                        dressed in ~ rej' suit and white straw hat with bind
        NOl'th FrelluUltlc.-· On the 5th inst .. hom the                b,ud. - Al /9963, 8th September, 1898.
      owner's tent, at Rocky RtJ,-a gold sca.rf piu, in
      shap~ of a I"H'r{hly mad~ ~ross; the pl'opcrt.v of J ohu            Perth.-On the 7th inst., from ] 37 'VeIling-tOll
      Marhn Sc:h uck. SuspICIOn atta.ches to Ma.rgaret                  Stl'eet,-a gold scarf pin, sq uarc shape, set with a
      Thompsuu, now in custody.-A l /9940,6th Septem.                   chip diamond; the property of Erne~t 'Varriugton.
      be, . 1898.                                                       -A l /9971, 8th September. 1898.
   CQolgaJ'clie.-Oll the 5th inst., .fnlln the llWI]{:r's                         Bllnb/ll'y.-Durillg the nig-ht 01' th" 1st iust., from
tent Lindsav Street, West,-a plam gold horse· shoe                             the Agricultural Hall,-· l bl.\·'t.. hhv'k silk skirt, 1
pin '(pin loosc) and a. nugg('t of t:;ilvI-'1' weighing' 3                     black serge skirt. 1 blue crcpoll hlollse, 1 hlue print
dwts.; the property of Alfred Bailey.- Al /9969, 8tll                          blou;:;e, and 1 pair of lady's dancing shOf's; the
Soptember, 1898.                                                               property of Miss Heppingstol1\;'. AI '!1!181 , Bth Sep-
                                                                               tember, 1898.
   PeJ'th.-On the 7th iust .. from 137 ,"Velliugtoll
Stl'eet,-a fl'Cntler.1an's silver hunting key.-winding                            P;1·th.-On the 8th inst., fl'\un the l·ear of 110
Rotherha.m tlwa.tch, No. 4199, ;, ·'V 1\1" scmkhed in-                         Ba.rrack Stl'cet,-a buggy se,Lt, whieh has a. patent
side hack case; the property of \Va.ltpl' MacLollcy.                           screw ill it; the property of C. F. Newman & SOil.
- AI/9970. 8th September, 1898.                                                A1 /9983.8th September, 1898.
   Subiaco.- During the night of the 9th inst., from                                    Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page   2!l.~, ~\l 1 9n2;~.
Brown and Burns' hakehouse, RmOl1l0 ROiLd,- a
gentleman's g'old opctl-faced key-\\'indillg English                              YOl'h·. - Charles A. Inkpen':i; saddle ha,s been
lever watch, No. ('8265, case llwl·h worn. cracked,                      recovered b.\' CorpI. P. English, and traced to the discoloUlwl, and a twisted link hrass eh.tin :md                          possession of Charles M. Ade."". Pl'(l:-lecuti(Jll clcclincfl.
watch ke\'; the property of PatJ'i~k l,tLwlol'. Sus-
picion attaches to John 2\iorris. De-sl.'riptioll: tllight                       Frclllautie.--Ou the 8th inst., from 1he person of
huild, age 34 ,fears, height 6ft.. dark hair, small                            \Villia.m John Shnrman, at the entralH:t'! to the Olel
da.rk moustache, sallow complexion, frequents Great                            English Fa,vre,-a pair of sma,lI 1'l'ass mounted
'Vestern Hotel. Pt:rth. - A 1 10007, 10th St?ptcm her,                         opera glasses, about .sin. long when ext{'nded, much
1898.                                                                          WOi'll, have a dent on left side of la.rge pnd. ~ Al /9979.
                                                                               ~th September, 1 8~8.
    [i'/·emallflt'.- B .·tween the 5th awl 10th inst., from
the Sydney Dining Rooms, H enry Stl'e~t,-a" gt?ntle-                             Frenulldle.-Oll the 6t.h inst., from th<: Weslcyan
man's silvt·l' hunting' key-windin;..:- 'Yaltham watc·h.                       Church grounds,- 1 nickel-plated bic,\'ch.' lamp, "The
O'old hands, sunk seconds, "Timothy La wless. Dal·.                            Ma.gnate," new, has a. buckle mark ()ll top; ] old
lirnurla." engraved on inside of hack case, "T.L."                             and rusty nickel spanner, and 1 tin oil C<\,ll; the
engraved on the outside of tht.' fruut case, spring 01'                        property of Charles MitcheH. - A I 9077, !hh Septem-
catch of front (;a.~e missing; a,l1,l a. double metal                          ber. 1898.
{.'bllin, small round links, with ordina..r." watch ke.v
attach~d; the property of Tiuwthy J,awles!'i.
A 1/1001 1. 12th 8eptember. I R~8.                                                BO/lldt'r.-Ou the 6th iust .. fmlll the owner's shop,
                                                                               Hamilton Stl'eet,- a bhi('k TaSlllalli,tll opo . . sum skin
   P,'rth. - Dlll'ing the night of th~'" 6th iust.. from                       rug, with red lining, Mt. x 6ft.; and a g-I't.'." opC'SSUUl
401 N~wcastle Street.-a gentleman's bii!.\cle,                                 skill rug, with hrown linill;!, size fjft. x 7ft. hill.: the
pa.inted hlewk, 84in. gear, hent iutndles, Brooks'                             pl'0p~·rf.\' of A. \V. Rorltla. AJ 9987. 9th Septemher,
mcing sa.ddle, chain stay dented inwards. two patches                          18~8.
011 front tin'. weight 32Ibs.; the I,ropert.v of H.i('hard
Holmes &. Co. - At 9957, 7th 8el,tt'mber, 1898.                                   li'j·emrwtle. - On the 8th inst., from the Victori,t
                                                                               Hall, a gentleman'S brown sleeveless, waterproof
  Perth. - -On the 5th inst., from the Limeriek                                coat anu ('ape, with steel chain for tab; the property
Restaurant. --<t fox skin rug. dark hrnWll ('olonr, lined                      of Herbel't Joseph TLomas. - A19997, 10th Septem-
witll Jark I))'c,wn cloth, feather-:,;tih·hing round the                       ber, 1898.
ed~e, size 36in. x 30in., quite new; the propc·rf,; of
Mrs. Mary Thomas. Al '9937, 6th Septemher, 1898.                                   Ptemcwtle.-During the night of the 10th iust.,
                                                                               from l\.Jrs. liateson's house, Mandurah Road,- l old
     Perth. - Between t.he 19th lilt. a.nd 5th iost., from                     pa,ir of black cloth dress-trousers and vest, size 5, t he
a C,Lse, while in transit bet.w(>l'n )ff'lbollJ'ne anel Perth,                 top hutton-hole of vest has been broken antll'epaired,
- i piec('::! of black stri ped mu~lin, 41t ya.rd~                       sma ll hole in right It?g' of trousers below the knee;
IOIl~, 1 piece (,1' material 59 yards long, 1 11l'es~                    1 old blue serge sac coa,t. much worn. button of right
piece of poplin. skirt emh r oidcre~l. 'i yards 1(lllg; the                    s leeve frayed, letters amI papers in cmlt pocket; 1
 jll'l'pel'ty of till" Bon Mal'('h~: CII .. Ltd. Al '9938. 6th                 white shirt, sizc 15tin., square cuffs, bultons behind.
September. 18!18                                                               ctnd 1 linen collar, size l .stin. ; the property of George
                                                                               Boston. Suspicion attaches to a man des('ri hed as
   /{f"{/COIli:ji.,Id.    DlIl'ill~{ th e night of the .5th iust.,             sli~ht huild, age about 26 ye:us, height .sft. 9in. or
hUHl      a buil,1iug' in Russell Street. Fn>lU.wtle-,- a. small               lOin., fair (·omplexion. small brown straggly mous-
1;;\llr;t...; bag- ('nllt:linin~ 2 ~to\lt>ma,:oll's ha,ll1llleJ·~. one         tat.'he, lame in onc le~. dressed in da.rk snit and
\\'t'ig-hilll,(" :~Ihs .. tht' other lll,s. (two small pieCeS                  hbck hard hat. Al 1001:2. 12th Septeutll('r, 1898.
l,n,kl'lI oft· tl", t·,lgt'S or OIH' ballllllPl'L handl(>s; ]
1<lllla.ha\'.-k. half wul'n; 2 stnll~'n l iH; ' 11'S trowels (one                 IJf'({COlf8{ield. On th!.:' 10th inst., from tht.: owner's
has heell n'('Plltl,\' u:-lea in 1al'). I sl,irit-Jevel. ;'Lhout               dwelling, lIa.mpton Roc.ul. 1 of men';s lit.' \\, lal'e-
:Ut. Hin. long-,ancll pail'of pllllldl hlll-'S; the l)l'opertv                 Hp t;111 hoots, :,;izl' S. plain soles. hand s('wn. pointed
of T,Plli.; CoIl'hrook. AI9rQ"+. 7th SPIJtl'llll,~ 1',1898.                    toes, with toe-I.'~Lps. iron sprig-s in heels. En).{lish
                                                                               mak<J; the jll'op('rty of WiiJiam Smith. A I 10013.
   Path. -On the 6th inst., from the Drill Hall,-a                             12th September. 1898.
W'ntleman's dark browll tweed waterproof cloa.k with
cape, no f'l leews, light pla,id lining, branded" Foy &                           F'l'emanlle. - During the night, of the St,h inst.,
Gibs(!l\" un tn,h at Lack of colhtr, almost new, left                          fl'Oll1 the Victoria Rall,-a pail' of gentlemen's black
pocket tom ,Lt. sea.m, also a. blue and hla('k silk and                        glossy kid-boots, sizc 9. rounel toes :1ncl toe-ca,ps.
cotton 1ll1xtur(' scarf, and a pair of brown woollen                           sea,1Il at the baek. neal'h' now, sewn soles, no nails or
ghwes; the property of J ohn O'MahollY. Suspicion                              sprigs in soles, black hooks and eyelets; the property
n.f~acho~ to a. .".onng man descrilJed as medium build,                        of John J. Do)'I€'. Suspicion attadJC:' to a man
h1'lght :I)ft. SlIl., heavy llloustache. generally                       described as thin build, age about 30 ,veal's. height
"'"ars light trousers and dark coat, frequents the                             about .sEt. 6in., dark hajr and lllollstaebe, dark com-
C"smol,olitan Hotel. Al/9959, 7th September, 1898.                             plexion.- AI / I0027, 13th Septemher, 1898.
    l'remUllfll>.-Duriug' the night of the 3rd inl)t.,                                                 J AMES McDoUGALL alia8 CON. CRONIN. and DAVIO
from J . Fuller's tent, Canvas T own, a large leather                                               HARRIS   alia8 AULD, at Kanowna, on the 6th inst., uy
riding saddle. largt' knee pads, slots cut in the saddle                                            P. Cs. A. Rallkin, Geo. S. Bayly. and I ... O'Brien";
Baps fo r stirrup tea,ther:;, leather ~irth , white su rcing]0.                                     breaking and entering. and larceny. Cumm itted for
fl at stil'l'up irons; tll(' property of 'Valter Cook.                                              trial.  Property rctovered.       FuJ't,hcr chawed by
Suspi('ioll att:l(·ll(>~ 1(1 Henry Ryan. Description:                                      Geo. S. Bayl.\' and T. H ealey; unla.w·ful pos-
MediuUl bnilrl. agl' 20 years, height ahout 5ft.                                              session. 6 months 11.1. each. Further c:haracd b\'
4in .. d,trk s]wLlI dark moustache, wears dirty                                              P.C. Geo. S. Barley; larceny. 6 month~ hI c<teh
mole t]'OIi~l> ]' S. (h rk l'o at, and dark soft felt hat,                                          (cu mula.tive). PI'OI:)erty reco"
slove n I." nppeannll'l'. Al 100 29, 13th Septemhel'.
1898.                                                                                                   VVILLIA!It PE'l'ERSEN. at Kanowna. on the 2nd inst. ,
                                                                                                    bv P.C s. L. O'Eri en ,tnd A ..Rank-ill; larccuv. 2
                                                                                                    months h .1. Prol)ert y rec:over(>d. LarcC'1l v, 6 months
                                Apprehensions.                                                      h .1. (cll illnhltivf'); iilegal1y usill~ a h"n:(', 6 mo uth s
                                                                                                    h.T. (cum ulatiye) .
                    I'id,' P,,/i,'/! Uu:efte, 1898, page 2n.i.
   AI.. EX .. a h    nat. Ilnlllght up at Coolgardil'.                           Oll   the             'VJ LLIAM ROBINSON alial' " HRJ CK Y," at BUIlIIUI'Y,
8th inst.          CnmmiUI."l for trial.                                                            on the 8tll inst .. hy Sergt. F. G. MitC'hell ; idle and dis-
                                                                                                    ordt'r1 ~'. I lllonth h .l.
                     I'id,· I'n/ice r;a:ette, l SBS, page 295.
   HUGH            R~E\'!<:        l\lcCoLL        has    llet'll     discharged.                      RORERT       SINCLAtR       or   ST.    CJ...O\JH. ,diaK    HAJ~'l'.
;\-ollt' l,rol'l''l"i en{('n'd.                                                                     FRANK alias O·R~;IJ.T..Y, at Kal::oorlil', the lOth   0 11
                                                                                                    iust .. by P .Cs. 'V. Ca\r;UlagL and M. O'Flalwl't.\';
            ,'id(' Poli('( (;,,:dli', 1898, page 271, W.              tI~'I>"'
                                                                                                    unlawfully 011 prel1lisl.'s. 1 month Id.
   C H ARLJo;S EDwARD O'GRADt",                          at Onslo\\'. on the
25th nlt .. hy P.C. r. H . Pilmer.                                                                    l\IICHAEL BRENNAN. at Frt'malltle. " u the 31'J in st..
                                                                                                    bv ,"V. P.C. A. Rll bertson : illle :J..Iljl d isonlerlv. ()
                     Vide Polite Gazette, 1891:1, pap:e :lm.i.                                      nlont hs h.1.                                          .
  :MlCTIAEL           BuItK.JoJ, EOWARD BURNf'!. JAl'trES l\IrL Llm,
an d "Yr.!. R.F.HAN. brought                  Hp    at, K,dg-oorlic. on t he                          A l , m m -r MARSHAJ..L, n,t Fn'llI;tnt.!(', <fll I he 6th iu:;t ..
9th ins1. Di scharged.                                                                              by P.C. J. Co ny; neglec:ting t(l lH(LilJta.ill llis two
                                                                                                    chil d ren. 1 month h.1.
       r'i,l'1   p r/liCI:!   Gu~ette,   1898, pages   28~.   29.),   w. ",,"/.
                                                                                                      MARGARE'J' THo;o,rps0N. at Fremantl". <Ill t,he (itb
  SYDNE¥             \VHITE        aLios
                                    at ILLlgoorlie,
                                            JAl\lES LEE,
on the 4th iust.. J P. Cs. R. Andel'sol\ alld '1' . J .
                   J\'                                                                              inst., hy C(,rl,L P. Dolwrty; larceny. 1 lllonth h.1.
'VheJaIl. Rl"lllanded to Fremantlp.
                                                                                                      JAMES P. BEDt'OR'l'H, at Fremanlll'. ,,11 the ~th
                                                                                                    iust. by Corpl. T. ('union; idlC' awl Ili1;ol'!lerly. 3
                    r 'jlle /'ulice Gazette, 11-.. 08, 2t-:7.                                 months h.l.
   EHEN.Jo:Z~~R 1Ih'l'CHELL. bl'tlught up                       at Alhany,             Oll
t he 8th in~t. Remanded to Victoria.                           in (>llstod.,,-                         FR.A~'K     STOBY, (It ' Vagin. on tll<' lJlh inst., h y
                                                                                                    P.C. F. Buttle.     ('11 w<lrmlli;    hl'l.:<"IlY.   l~l'llhllhlt'd.
   J AMES DALY,    at Kanowu,t. OIl the 20th ulL, by
P.C. J . J. Frazel'; larceny. n months h.1. Pro pert)'                                                 J OHN L E 'l' HRfD,lE ana 'l~HOi\fAS Nrc'oL ,diu ..; CARE\,.
reco\'('rf'l1. Unbwfld l'~s"E's:-;iun (2 cIHt rges). 3                                              at Bunlnn·.v, Oil the 10th in..,t."       "J
                                                                                                                                            ·P.C. I). l J' Co lln nr
months h.!. nu each chaq.{c (cumulative) .                                                          rogues aud v;-lg'ai)nUlls. () wl'I'ks ILl. I'a.d\.

                                                                                                      1\lAR'l'HA G F.: E~ON,;1t Pf'rih,      Oll th~· ;jlh insi . !),.
    R?BF.RT ]\IRKPA'l'RJCK Mum. at, K a lgoorlil', 0 11 the
5th lllSt., hy P.C s. J. H. Comrie and H. N. Bendcll ;
                                                                                                    P.C. A. H.         Ti!lot::i\lll:   idL· rtlltl di",}rd('rly.   S
                                                                                                    moutbf; h.1.
la l'(:I::llY from dwelling. 1 month h .!. Pl'op"rtv 1'e-
(:O \'ered. Disdlargiug firearms in a publiC' p'tacc,
20s. fine or 14 da.",::! h.L                                                                           ALEXAN'DF.:R LYALL uliaH AL FREIJ J\!lJ,NE. at
                                                                                                    Perth, on the 6th i;.]:::.t., hy R.P.C.s lJ . Z"I,lill (11)(1
                                                                                                    F. Bra.y; unlttwflll I)Osspssion. Dis~'haq{ed under
    ED!I1UND PE'fTIT'f, exp., Ltte No. 10459, at Perth,
on the aOth nIt .. by Dets. S. Condon ,Lud R. Connell.
                                                                                                    the FirRt OifelHler:; Ad. Ohscell it.v, :W:-:. ,II' 14 d'L)'S
~)ll sean.:h W;tl'nwt; unlawful possession. 6 months
                                                                                                       Alt'l'HUR     DOUGL.\.S      <wd       ALFRED       MOORE,           at
   HENRY JULIAN.    at Geraldton, Oil t he 1st inst.. Iw                                            Kanowna, on the 10th inst., by P.C.s J . A. CtLldow
W.P.C. J. Jolmsoll. stowing away on s.s. "Albany.;'                                                 a nd F. S heridan; unlawfully on premises. () months
£.5 fine, or 2 months h.1.'      "                                                                  h.1. each.

  ' \TILLlAM McKfNNON a.t Geraldton on the 2nd                                                        CHARLES FLE]\lJ\flNG, a.t Bonlrlcr, on I·h\.., 5th iust..
inst., hy P.C. F. Podest,{; ,tssault. 6 ~Teeks h.1.                                                 bv P.C.s G. A, Fl'aser a.nd G. SwitZlll'; 1l11lawful
                                                                                                    ga.ming. £ 7 fine or 3 months h.1.
  ALEXANDt;R EAsoN, ctt NOl"tham, on t he 1st inst.,
by E. Camphell, P . Ql1ain, a nd J. Stewart:                                                    L AURF.NCE BURKE, at Boulder, on lht' 5th inst.,
thrc,~tenillg- la,ngnage.                  14 clays h.!.                                 .          by P.C.s G. A . Fraser ,wd G. Swib. ul' ; IInIa.wful
                                                                                                    gaming. £.5 ba,il estreatea.
  CHAltLES JONJo;f;. a,t Coitesloe, on the 29th uIt., by E. B e A. M. Hair; wounding' with
intent           Cu mm itt"tl for trial.
                                                                                                                     Conditional Release
   C HARLES ) h LII Uf8H,   a.t Northamllton, Oil t h e 6th                                         issued to;-
nit., hy COl'pL M. O'Halllll'an; larceny. 4 weeks h .l.                                                Rt'g. No.    ] 0401. LARh) BLONDf. 011 till' HIli          iu:-.t.
Pl'{lpel'ly 1'1'(·OVt'l'cJ.                                                                         BI /.56:l3.
                      Warrants Issued.                                        l'u lllplex ion, an auctioneer; drcs:-;ed ill dark ('oat, li g ht
                                                                              tweed trousers. and blaek ha nl hat; warrant of
             Vide Police Gazette, 1898, pagf' 245, W.   ~.}:.                 l',)mmit ment to Freman tle Gaol for I month iu
   GEORGE HOGG, not to be arretSted.               'Varraut can·              default of payment of £6 4s. 6d ., a mount of fine
celleu on tile 8th iusta.ut.                                                  and costs for being in pos:sessiou of a quantity of
                                                                              unwholeso me bacon for the purpose of sale. Dated
  ALICE GHEY, stout build, age a,uout 27 yea,l's,                             Perth, 10th September, 1898. - W. "}1I7.
heio'ht 5ft. 5in., hair, grey eyes, full and round
vis:ge, fresh complexion, a prostitute; disobeying a.                             HENlt.Y MASON , lllf'dium huilcl. a ge auout 2u,
summons to a,ppeal' at Kalgoorlie Police COI;ll',t. . on                      height, about Sft. 2in ., brown hn,il', hazel eyes, ronnd
the 6th inst. to answer to tt. cha,r ge of soltCltmg'                         vi sage, fair complexion, a laholll'er, ll<Ltiv(' of Western
prostitution. Dated Kalgoorlie. 6th Sept(-'mber,                              Austr :1li'L; brceny of a lett er, the property of D . .1.
1898.- 'rV. 1{/.}.                                                            T. H erbert. Dated Albany, 9th St·ptf>llIher . 1 8~8.-­
                                                                              rV.    7Ti~>j~'
   JOHN               medium build. age ahout 19
veal'S, height about Mt. Sin., very fair hair, cle<ln                            "\VILL IAM CRAIG RAM SAY, age 80 to 35, height
shaved. hg-ht blue eyes, pug nose, round vis:ll?'e, fail'                     a bout Mt. ] Uin .. f<tit' hair, round- shouldf'red. s peaks
complexion, several pimples on face: dressed 111 grey                         with Scotch a ccen t, Weitrs gold-rimmed $pedRdes,
serge suit. da rk brown f~lt bat. and a p air of st1:o ng                     blue s uit; eontempt of Court. "\Varl'l.1ut of commit-
kip balmoral booh, a hOller mak ~r, natIve of ColI IUg-                       m ent to Frema ntle poli ce, issued hy t he Registrar
wood, Victoria; unlawful possessIOll of I gold Wittcb,                        Supreme Court in B ankruptcy. Dated 13th Sep-
I gold brooch. 1 g-old scarf pin , and I silver scarf                         te mber. 1898.- \V. 7V , 1f
pin. Da.ted Southern Cross. 8th Scph?m bel'. 1898.-
,V. 7u'l.
   JO SE PH CREPER, mid(Uing stout build. age a bn llt
                                                                                                    Escaped Prisoners.
3.5 years, height 5ft. 9in. or lOin .. very du,rk bro wn                                        Vide Police Gazet te,   1 8g~,   page ;JOJ.
lutir, sho rt side whiskers a.nd heavy da,rli: brown                             Nos. 586 1wd 58·7. - DAVIS HAl~ ltJ S oli(lx AULD, sliill
moustach (:', hrown or hazel eyes, long nose, IUllg                           build, 20 years, 5ft. llin., very fa,ir ha ir, d eall sheLved
visage, dark complexion inclinNl to be florid; dressed                        or smi.tll l~gbt m ousta che, blue eyes, lo ng vi sage,
in da.rk clothes, square-cut coat, and soft brown felt                        co mpl exion, very sharp features, prominent cheek
hat with cream-coloured puggarce, 'w alks erect. ,tP-                         bones; and JA M E S McDoUGAL L alif/.~ CORNJ.:LIUS
pea,ntDce of a sha rper, late book-keeper i'n Railwa.v                        CRON1N. strong square huild. 22 yea l's, bft. bin.,
D epa rt ment , Southern Cross; being inde hted to                            hro"\\,11   ll,t ir. fair m oustache. g rey         l'.'"I'S,   thid, \lose,
H enry Abehn itu in the sum of £.5 17s. 6d. To be                             oval visage. fair complexiu n. knock-kneed j escaped
arrested at <lny seaport of th(' Colony, but not else-                        from CooIg1lrdie lock up during t he night of the
whe re. Dated Southern C ro s~, 7th Septemhf'r . 1898.                        12th inst.. whilst u nder committal fur trial from
--W o 1'/-11°.                                                                K anowna., Oll a charge of house-breaking". Al 100:34.
   CHARI,~;S UUSEN.         stout build. age 40 years. height
5ft. 8~in .. hrown Imir, sand\" hf'ard, whiskers. and
1ll0ustadlC. blue e., es, round visage, fresh com plexion,
it Ia.bourt'l'. native of Sweden. may lJe a(,\"olllpall i ~d
                                                                                          Burglary, Housebreaking, etc.
by hi s wife, <.l.ll elderly woman; bei ng imle hted to                           P atJ,. - StoJen, during t he nigh t of t.he 9th in st ..
Eveline H enderson in the su m of £7 ] :-;. T ll be                           from the owner' s premises, Murra.y Street, entrance
arrest.ed at ,tny seapo rt of t he Colon)', uut not else-                     being effected by brea.king" a wind ow piw e and un·
wh ere . Datefl Guildford. 9th Septem ber , l S}lS.-                          LIstening tbe catch,- a bout 3 dor.en bottles of per -
'V. VI$".                                                                     fum es in assorted boxes, cont-aiDing from I to :1
                                                                              s lIlall siJuare bottle s, laLeHed " B,og-er & Gallet,"
   TH Ol'llA S DAVIS, stout build , age a bout :::6 yea rs,                   ., V €.' ra Vi olet"; the prop e rty of Messrs. Felton,
hcig ht < tbout .5ft. Sin., very J:nk brown hair. almost                      (Jrimwat1e, &, Co.-- A1I9996, 10th September , 1898.
black, dark m Ollst uche, d ark eyes, pug n~ISf'. round
"isagc, Yery dark (;om plex iull, high prominent f~lre­
head , has tilt' appea.ra,nce of a fightiug mall; dressed
in light trousers, dark coat. and lig-ht soft felt Imt.                                            Horses, Cattle, etc.
a.n cngi ue JriYer ; beillg indehted to Messrs. Thros-                                 Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 72. AJ 7:~2L
sell. SOli. & 8tew<1rt in the sum of £3:3 O:s. 9t1. 'f o be                       [Jafh. J o hn Coffey's (·a.ttle Il<tvt, heen                     found
,wrested at ,~n." sea.port of the ColollY. but not else-                      ::<ft·;lyin ~.
wlll're. Datt',l Southe rn ( ' 9th Septemher, 1898.
- \v .   ' p"..,'.
                                                                                  P NI/" H ill. Ahout the eUll of Jul" htst - a ll irnn-
                                                                              g rey ~ela ing (sadd le or pilck horse) . 6 years 01t1.
    HA RRY ~IEn:R.. stout huild. agf' 3:2 ye:tr:s. heig-ht                    ] .5 hi gh, short ears. hrallded 1-' 0 11 lI enr
5ft. lOin .. fltir hair. lla.rkisb whiskers a nd lIl(lush.lehe.               s houldI'!"; t he property (If Jnwes Nallg-hton. SII1';-
d:'lrk cyt-'l'>. Rtraig ht, and ra t lll'l" sha q ! nos{'. full rf'Cl         pi eiou att<lchf':; to J oh11 Co il ins. tattle druvl'r for
fal'e, good-looking, fair ("ollll'lexioll, a min e ma na.ger j                TulloeL &. Co., of Cue, who passed thro ugh H orse-
dressed ill f,LWll coloured suit and soft g rey hat, [>I'ob.                  sh oe at t he time, and wh o was in possession of a. horse
ab~'y accompanied by a young womau and child ;                                similar to the ODe described n.bove. D escription:
b elllgind ebted to Gustave Jencke in th e sum of                             sgunl'e build, height 5ft.. Sill. or 9ill .. hair. full
£46 16s. 411. To be arrested at all)' se-a.po rt of t he                      bc:tl'd inclined to be sandy. fl orid complexion .--
Colony, hut 1101, elsewhere. Dated Kal goorli~, 7th                           Ai 9932. 6th September. 1898.
Septcmht'l', 1898. \V. '~\6.
                                                                                  ~Illflcl("j"i!lg. - On or about 30th Jul,)' last, from
   CHARLES J"OIWAN,         medium bu ild , ag..., .tLout 40                  l\ItIlIll<tring ,"Veil' camp,- a ua rk bay POIlY. 14lHLuds
yt'otI'S, Iwight :ift. 9in . or l Oin., d<.trk hn,i r turnin g                high, branded like / FE/ off should er. a. fast walker;
gTI'y, dark ll1 ouf;tll.che. and clos(' cut whi skcfI'i and                   t Ilt' property of W . G. H {>wett.- AI /9934. 6th
hl,;trd , turning grey, dark eyes, round visftge. sallow                      Septt·mber. 1898.

                            Miscellaneous.                                           J. S. OGILVIE, rnediulll build. age 35 to 40 years,
                                                                                  height ,lb()llt Mt. 7in. , fail' and llloust<Ll·he, blue
  FRED. ()Alt l.l 8LE , eharged at BuubuJ'.". OH thp 6th                          eyes, aquiline nose, rather long visage, fail' ("Olll-
iust.. b, P.C. D. O'('OnlIOr; suppl),iut; liquor to a                             pIexion, sho rt sighted, an insura.nce agent, employed
child u~der the rtrr p of 14 years. £5 fiue and costs.                            by London , Liverpool. a.nd Glohe Insurance Com-
                                                                                  pany, native of England; left his lodgings at 40]
     H~;~a:y         .Jo:,o::-;. I'Xp., la,te No. 9781. at Bllobllry,             Newcastll:' Stn','!. Perth, Oil the moruing vf the 6th
(Ill fiJI'    ith i n ~L 011 Ihe ,tpplicatioll of Emily JOll(,S.                  inst., wlwtl lh:> was dressed in a bla('J,; diagonal
\\';I!'i   p1a.(·,·,l (Ill f,he Prohihited l,i st for 12 mnntbs.                  COfLt. lig-ht, tW('I-'tl trousers and     black hard hut.
                                                                                  Inquir.\' hy W. F. F ord, 42 Ne-wcastle StrN't. Iu-
                                   -_._ -- -- - -_.-                              forma,ti(lll to titE' Criminal Tn\'e- st i~atillll Branch,
                                                                                  Pprt,\t.    Hl !Jfi2R.
                          Missing Fl"iends.
              Vil/" I',)fict! Gazett.·, U:i!l~, page 166. HI 1 ·~~171i. •
     ALExANntm LY AI.L is iJentical with AHn-cl )Iiine,
,Lt present under sentence (If 14 days 11.1 .. ill Fre-                              Coo{g(ll"tlie.    On the 5th and 7th      inst .. ,tt the
Illflntle Pri:-;nn. rIll' ohscctH' la.uguage.                                     Court HOllse, hefore H . S. Kin g, J .P .. Acting
                                                                                  COr011('1', on the b oclv of Ma.urice ]{,yan. who was
    MICHAEL "MrNonuE. age :35 yea,rs. heig-ht ;)ft. 7in.                          killed hy <J. fall of earth near the Lf~dy Loch Mine
or Sin .• hlul' eve::;. fair cOlllplexion, la,boufer nr miner,                    on the' 4,th ill:st.    Vercli(·t - '· Accideiltal Ilf'ath."
lla.t ive of Dt'i'<llley, Galw<LY, Ireland. In«uiry by                            - Bl   ' .s(i2~.
Jalll es lIIiuogut' (brotbf·]'). l','o. Mr. \Y . Kerr. D,LY
Dawn. Inform ation to tlw Crimina.l IIIYt'stig-alion                                K tlllfll/"lIl1. On the 6th inst., at the COlll"t HoutSe.
Branch. Pt~rth. - B1 5619.                                                        before H. J. Gray, J.P. , Acting Coroner, on the-
                                                                                  remain s of an unknown man found in the bu sh OH
  EJ)wAltD KI':ENAN. stout build, a.bout 39 years,
Iwight 6ft .. dark hair, fair ~nousta.e1.If'. hll\e f.'~Vt>s.
                                                                                  the Ballagundi Roacl. ahollt             2t
                                                                                                                           miles Soutll of
                                                                                  Ka.nowll<t. Verdid -       Fonnd d('ad."-B156~3.

long anJ straight nose, oval vlsdge, fan' l·oml,h-x[o n.
a hLhourer, nat ivc of Irchnd; hLSt. heaxcl of <Lt Norse-
nmtl in Ocf(lher, 189.5. Inquiry by AlballY i,()liC'c fe                             Bridye!oll'II. - On tit", .5th iust., ,Lt the C01lrt "House,
the t'st.atc of his deveascd brother, John Kf'I'IUlll.
Information to the Crillliual In vestigation Hl"<Lnch.
                                                                                  before     "r. "\. G. i,y;:\t('l"S, J.P., Acting Coroner. Oll
                                                                                  the bl)a\" o f l\I'Ln· Ann Jenkius, who di ed hom th('
Pcrth.- Bl .\620.                                                                 effects o'f t"hlurod~·nf'. VI'1'I1ict " Death In" :tn over-
                                                                                  dose of t:..:hIo,·odYl;e."- Rl 156~6.              .
  FREDRICH Ey, medium build, age 24 year:<:.iwight
Mt. 9in., filiI' hair, ginger mOllstache. gore.,' t'ye:s.o v;:t1                     KaIlOWllfI.     On the Bth inst .. at. the CQurt H ouse,
visage, fair I'omplexion, mark on wrist, a hla('ksltlith,                         before P. 1'1'0), . R.M., Acting Coroner, on the body
native of Hahndorf. South Australia.: la:<:t h(-',lrd of                          of 1\fatsln\'i.: Olana. who was shot 1l\-1\Iukai Se\'okichi
hv letter from Kalgoorlie in Ji'ebruary lasl. \\'h~'n he                          on the 3 1st nlt. Verlli('t "Wilful 1l1ll1'ciel' hy'1\lllkai
e~pressed his inh:ntioll of going to KimlJerll'Y·                                 Seyokichi."- HI .56:31.
Inquiry by 1'heodore E.\' . \Villiam Stred. Pt:>rth.
Informal ion tn th ... Cr iminal Investigation Branch.
                                                                                    KaIlOIl"II(1. -On tile 8th inst .. at the ()OUl·t HOllse.
Perlh.-Bl 562.;.
                                                                                  hefore P. Trn~·. H..:JJ., Ading Coroner. on the body
   GEOROE JAMF.$ MCGUIR~-::. medium l,uild. ag'€> :;3
                                                                                  of Mukai !')l'loki("hi. who shot hlluself Oil t h e 31st
Yeal1S, height 6ft. 2in .. blad. hair slightly l'Uri('tl in                       nIt. Verdict' '. F'elo de :;6."- B1 5632.
front 1ll,L\' wear ;t, full short bea.rcl. brok011 l\»KC; It,[t
Frem'antle, !-;u}lposed. for Ka.nowr.a on th e 2:2nd July
last. Has a. l)I·o t her. John l\fcGuire, t'IllJlluyed <Lt                                                 Pl"operty Lost.
Peterson's Timber yard, Smith's Mill :-;. CooI;,\·arJic.                             Perfh. - Un the 7th "iust., a lady's black haudhetg'.
Inquiry by N S.W. Pnlice on behalf of his wiff',                                  fastens with a clasp, containing lady' s bl'ownish-l"t..d
whom he has d eSl'l't0d. If found M(·Guin' sbould                                 le,tther purse t.:nntaining some eopper cOl.ns aud 3
he informed that <1, warrant has been is:-;ucd, and                               thn">\.)-penIlY bits, Cl 2-bar gold broodl wlth horsl'-
llnll'RS he arra.ngetS for her support it will he put in                          shoe at ("eM·h (-'nd and 3 bril1iants in mic1dlt..>. etc. ;
fon·e. Information to tbt· Criminal In n>:o;ti!..\·a.tiol1                        the Pl'OIIt'l"t~- of }'lrs. Ea,rle. - P.L. :.I~ll,t·
"Brall(:h, Pt'rth. Al 8620.
                                                                                       Fi"(;:liWllfle. 011 the 1st inst. .. a. gentlenHtll's sil\'~l'
      ARTHU1{         EZAltD.   mediml1 build. i.l:.!l' a.l'<)lIt ·!-.5            hUlltiug kt·.\-wiuding levl-'l' wateh, ceutre second:i;.
yt'al'S, heig-ht :thout 5ft. (-lin .. <hu'k hair a;l(l llltlllst,lche,             glass missiug". ('ap covering works does Ilot fit w~Jl.
l'(lllll{l viKa~i.'. aark complexion. has a.n imp,,(lilllellt                      .. J.E." engraved outside fnmt ("ase, and golll e!UUIl.
ill his Slll'e(·h. lHl..ti\'(-' of Yorkshire, England. :t ('I)ll-                  links likt> slllall ba.lls jojncd together, has been
1nll·tor. i',brtlll'r (If Brill Ezarcl ctnd tieYlllollr; ,lr,':-;twd               Ill'oken near s'wi\'e-l end and .ioincd WIth on€' steel
in hrowll Knit, ]'1al"l.;: h,Lnl hat. ,Llld hlac},; I\-akrproof                    link; the pr'lpl'rty of Georg"e Peaeock.- P.L. ·Vi·
,·oaJ· left l:hlllbul'Y Oil ] 9th Julr ]a~t fl,l' Pedh.
ItHjl;iry by }~,l)1Jl';'! Seymoltl', p~Lrtll{'r, J}unIHlrv.
Tnft,rma,tjotl to the Cl'imin ..d Investig:"Ltioll Brallch,                           Alban!l. -- Oil or ahout the 30th ult., ;~ pawu ticke1,
 PI'rth - Al ' 5;")iH.                                                             No. 3309, fill" a. sac coat pledged on the 18th nIt. at
                                                                                   J. L oel's. Ru sscH St.reet. M el hourue; the prop~rty of
       WII.LIAM EUWARO CA.RSON. 2~ ."e(ll·~. Ill'i.ght
                                                                                   J,Lmes D'Litoll. - P.L. :V,l'·
  .51't. () iu .. I,l1.lish-gTey e'y('s, fair s1lu burut (·omp1pxlOll.
  S~',Ll" on hl'a(l Ili';!)' forehead, n,Ltiv(> of South A llS-
                                                                                       K 'wl'uaLpi.---On or about 10th ult., <L grey cow
                                                                                   (";blllel, bntllrll'd 0 off chee k, A N oft' t hi gh; t,\JI'
  h,diu; [OI·HWri." employed at S,tW mills. Dt'llllla.rk
   I{.iw'l", IW,Lr Alhilll\,. Aniveo in Perth fl'om Alhallv                        ]ll'Opert,y of J. C. \Yatts. - P.L. ·\iP~I.
   Oil 2t:ith Dvcemot'I:, 1897.           Inquiry hy Besstt' (;'l),.-IOI ; ,
                                                                                       The und.::nllC'ntioned a.rticle has been fOllnd : -
   sister. i7 Caning-ton Street, Adela.ide. Inful"lll;Ltioll
   to the Crimina1 hlVesti~'Ltion Bntw·h. p(' dh.                                      Perth. .M iss Boyd's ring (v1'de Police Uaze!""-
  Bl/5595.                                                                          I H!J8, p:lf!t' ~7;~).-P.J~. ~IJ~!'J°·

                                      PRISON1;;Ric'                                           Dl:=:;CHARGED.


Fcw:tle                     P orter, J~me                  Idlcnnd (li~()l'(lel'ly                             (i months h.1.                                 ,F remantle

                  F 07
Free             ~;H9       HilL Samuel                    Unlawful possessioll                                fi lrlOnt,hs h.l.                              Pf'rth
Do.              267·)      DOllohue, Ed.                  Lareeuy.                                            2 lII'lIlths h.l.                                 Do.
Do.              :1318      lllcNalllfn:t, 'VUl ..            Do.                                                lIlonths h.1.
                                                                                                                l:                                            Pl'cmantle                  I
00.              ;3aflfj    Pro"s!?)', V{lll.              Obs,:('ne lan g uage                                :W",. and costs m' 7
                                                                                                                  days h.l.
Do.              :}4ifl     Smith. Rd.                     Ol)S(;('llt'
                                                                           11lng-u:I!.!('      n'oisting       208. and l'o .. tl:' Ol' 7
                                                                                                                  da,vs h.l.; ~U>:i. flnd
                                                                                                                                                                 Do.                   r.')th So;.>pt.
                                                                                                                 <:O$ts (,)' -; ,bys h.l.                                              ,
                                                                                                                     (UI III1. )                                                       I
Do.              :WH        Seott, .J oseph                Oeht                                                £l'i is. or l~ dil~'S.                         Jal'l',!h'la).·
Do.              a4...,!1   Hutdlillson, John              Ohst.:(,:u:     lang"na~e                           2(IS. a:ld cost.;; 01' 7                       P('l,th
                                                                                                                  da,\"s h.L                                                          )
Female           .F't-;oS   Robert:i, Bllen                   Dc                                               IlJJonth h.l.                                 "",ulh("'II   t·r.,"~    ,1
Free             al--J.9    Rohel'ts ..Johu                   no.                                              1 month h l.                                      Do.                  I :.(jth do.
Do.              I H5;)     \\rilliams, Frank              Drunk                                               14 b.t                                  ~'n'maJ\t,l\'
Felllai(;:       F 8H       Cla,rko.:!, Sara,h Jane        Obsc{'n(' lang-uagt·                                t1lhys h.l.                                        Do.                  I
Fre.             ~i13       I\"clson, Fredk, Hy.           L;ll'Cell Y                                         :l years h.l.                                  ('oolg-ftl'i li(·        I
Do.              :14·93     Cn. .ss\\-ell, Rich:\l'd       ObiOccne language                                   tO~. and co,:h;                  0"   7        P(>l,th                     ~   7th d( •.
                                                                                                                  d:ty~ id.                                                               I
Do.              :)071      Reilly, Wm.                    Breaking ;Illd entering                              lH months h.l.                                Cocoigardie
                            Ma.homet Sonny
                            Kill'Oy, Thomas
                            Domb()ski, Rudolph
                                                           UnlawI'll I possession
                                                                                                               ;) Illvnths h.l.
                                                                                                               ] month h.l.
                                                                                                               £101' 7 IiIlYs h,1.
Do.              1344       Nicholson, Geo,                Drunk                                               JOs. or 7 (hy::; h.1.                             D().
Do.              34(:;7     D awson, Ernest                Idle a:ld disorderly                                1 month Id.                                     Kalgoorlie              ; 9th do.
Exp.            10310       FaJlon, Prank                  Tn conigible rogue                                  12 months li.1.
Free             10:19      Get:l, 'r OllllllY             Unlawful possession                                 2 month,. Id.
                                                                                                                                                              .P('l't,h                ,
                            \Veatherspooll, .rno.
                            Abraham, H y., alios
                                                           Unlawful possession ( t charges)
                                                                                                               JOs. or 7 days h.1.
                                                                                                               3 1ll')nLhs hJ. ;                     ,         Fl'elll;lutle
                                                                                                                                                               Perth                   I
                               WiUiams, Juo.                                                                       months h.1. (e mn. )
                            Preellll'lll, E. S.
                            BrOlll'lI, Alf.
                                                           Neglecting- an order of Com-t
                                                           L': l'c p ny; ahsconding
                                                                                                               1 month h I.
                                                                                                               ,; months h.1. .                          ,      00.
                                                                                                                                                                                       I  ~   10th do.
                                                                                                                   lll(",uths h.1. (CUIll.)                  l'rcumnth·    . 'ri~"u
00.              a~70       H enness)" Patk.               Larce ny                                            ~; llH.nUis h.1.                               Xiagilra
Do.              :3:345     :McKay, Wm.                    fdlc and di<::orderly: (lisorclt'rly                I;    m:mth;:: h.1. : 1                        E Sp(:l'anc,>
                                                             eOll(luct ; assault                                   lU Oll t h     h.1. : :1
                                                                                                                   months h.1. (cum.)
Do.              ;j4\fj     Ri(·hmond. Chas.               Lal'Cf'ny                                            2 mouth:; ILl.                                PPI·th                  )
                                    Fr()/lI Kallo/Ill/a L Ot'/,-llj), d"rillylhp IiIOl/th. emlillY SI . .{/I~//I,",I, 18.9H.
~"l'('e                     Rohcrtsoll. Andrew         Drunk                                7 cla.,"s illlI"             l\allowna                                                            fit h A UI:,'1.lst.
Do.                         l:'atience, Daniel         Larceny                              1 month h.L                     Do.                                                               17th do.
Do.                         Pl"\~StOll, Charles        Drunk                                £1 fine 01" 7 da vs             Do.                                                               18th do.
Do.                         Power, Michael             Obscene langu ~~ge                   £Zfiu(!or \-1,da".rsh.l.        Uo.                                                               27th do.
Do.                         Thorkilndsen,I)]le), Drunk                                      £1 fine 01; 7 da.ys 11,1.       00.                                                               23rd do.
Do.                         i:llIrn s, 'VIll. Johu.      Do.                                5s. fine or:2 ~ houl's.         Du.                                                               28th Llo.
Do.                         Bm.d,)", Wm.                 D,).                               £2 fiue ;tnd l .~ days          Do.                                                               23rd do.
                                     From Gel'oldlolt Gaol, dU/il'fj the lIIonlh clI(lil~y .11;,1 AIIYllsf. 18.98.
                            Darbyshil'e. J.
                            H;:u'dy, J,
                                                  Idle :lnd disorderl.y
                                                                                      21 days hJ,               \'"r,\o;"",,'on                                                               3rd August.
                                                                                      1 month h.l.               (3('raldton                                                                  6th   do.
Do.                         Hodges, J.            Unlawfully on prellLisl's           6 months h.!.                   Do.                                                                     9th   do.
Do.                         Salt, ·W .            Illeg;ll bran(ling                  6 month;;: h.l.            Donga.l"a.                                                                   13th do.
Do.                         Clarke, J.            Disorderly                          1 month h.1.                                                                                            13th do.
Do.                         McCa£fert.v. E.          Do.                              J month h.l.                   00.                                                                      13th do.
Do.                         ItrOl'gan, J.         Laneny .                            tj months h.l.             Gerahlton                                                                    15th do.
Exp,             9390       Bone, Henry, alias 'I'hl'('atellillg bnguage              1 month h.J.               ('Ut'"                                                                       16th (1,l.
                               Hartley Bourn, J,
Do.              7891       West, G.              Idle and disorderly                 1 lllonth h.1.             GeraldtOll                                                                   23rd      do.
Free                        Richardsoll, P.          Do.                              6 months h.1.                  Do.                                                                      :!.3th    do.
Female                      Anderson, E.             Do.                              7 (by;; h.1.                   nl).                                                                     25th      (In.

                                                AlbulIY Gaol, dlll'illfj Ihe week €lIrlillfl                  .)t'cl 8l::pllJlllher.              '
Free                                                   I Dl'lInk                                               10s. filwor (tlays h.l.                        A lllllny                       201 h A IIg'Hst·

                                       P"om Newc(lfdle Gaol, durill{/ lite wel'k ellrlinrl fJJ'(1 ;:)"jlhmbef. 11198.
                 9446       Feeney, William .. ,       I Disorderly...                        ...    ...       H flit,Ys h.1.                                N,wth:'lltl                      ~9th August.
                            Ha.rland, Fl'ederick         Idle and (lisorderly;               disorderly        :2 months Id.                j        H           Do.                          3rd Sept.
                                                                                                                  lb,.ys h.1.
                                     Froo~ Yod,- Gaol, (b(,l'i'~fj the week enl7i,ty 10th Se/lfew/JI'J', 18,98.
1<'rec .... \               Shef'lutn, Thomas          I
                                                 Unlawful possession (2 chargeR) It. dll~'S h.!. on eaeh        ¥I)l'k
                                                                                                                     ch:l1"~" (U Il1J1 .)
                                 I;"'om Blmbul'y G ltol. dnn'lIl) lite                      /ltf',,/r   enrling lulll  81'p/("llbu. 18.99.
                            MeAnley, Willia.m          I
                                                Oi sOl'(l f'rly                                                20s. fine or 7 days      Bunhul'Y                                              (,th Sl'llt.

                                          ESCAP                                    l-<~ 1)            PHISONERS.

     ,,,FI'P              /<.,,'n~       I~ ~>( ••'\0.
                                                                         I\-.!,.   "r "   "."l'~      P I ~Trk! frllrn.                        [loser, I'!'"'' "n,1        ,'0"011<1";' ••

.,    .., !



                Harris,   F I,UI k
                ! {ON!lW, Da\'ld

               I :;~~~~W~I.J:l~·
                EV:U11I. R01,t.
                l'orcAl1111u', }'.
                Sll\ck, John
                BrOlmfl,lI, TilUotLy
                Hopkiu8. Joh"
                Jcnkim:, "'w.
                                                                    15111 ,\ ng"II<11, [f:;!)5
                                                                    12th Sept .. 1~f15
                                                                    l:Hh !Se"t.. \.'<fI;,
                                                                    1st JuuII"r.r. 1&J6
                                                                    ;;rd Mnl'clL, 18!";
                                                                    Jith Alwil, I~"';
                                                                    Uth    .lUII(-,
                                                                    20th AI1~lIst. l~t:
                                                                    9th SCl'i.. H~M;
                                                                    9th SCl)t., IH!.t:
                                                                                                     '',."""',,,, I I'id"no.
                                                                                                     <;" ",,1(11011 .
                                                                                                     Vidoril~ Plnins ,
                                                                                                     A lIo(illY
                                                                                                                                     r,fJ.clte. 1895, l':'~e 11,0
                                                                                                                                      <lo .•
                                                                                                                                      do ..
                                                                                                                                      (10 .•
                                                                                                                                                do .
                                                                                                                                                do .
                                                                                                                                                         ,10. Jt)!'
                                                                                                                                                         flu. ltl!,
                                                                                                                                                         (1(, .
                                                                                                                                                         ,1 .. ,
                                                                                                                                                         d ... 1::11
                                                                                                                                                         '\0 . :!.f17

     .'iOIl     Watsou, Tll()m:'"                          do.      17th Sel,t., I~f,                C,·"l~~rdj('         Do.         rio.,     do.      rlo. ~i:!.
     ;iit       Elcolllhe, Th(.".          lOOi4          T.T..     ~r<' No,'., IE*Jti               Fn' lllalll lc       Do .        do.,      do.      do. 28H
      :;6~\     Wlltllon, Ch~rles                         jo'nre    :!.4th .JUIlC, 18!I,             P~rth                Do.         do ..     lS9i     do. l~
                Mob·Deu:.:, Matthew
                lleid, John, ",'j,,~       ,'''-,,
                                            ''''          T.L.
                                                                    25th De<', I~~
                                                                    21st A\l>!"n~t.l"'"<l'
                                                                                                                                      flo ..
                                                                                                                                                         .Ie>. :!.:.!l
                                                                                                                                                         .10. :{~Ic;
                    Price, Cb!l8.
     Sir.       O'Brieu, Nichol:os         10470           do.    Wth lJct., 18!1j                   ...·r.'.lIullt lc    Do.         do.,      do. do. ;I:I.~
     .\77       :MiD(lhau.                               nb. nnt. :!·Uh D('f'., 1897                 f'rcmalltlc          Do.         do ..     do. do. ::!1.~

     ""         MePheTSoll, Donnld                        Free      :Hst. Vec , 18!l7                }'rtllllllnth:       Do.         (10.,     189:3 rIo .             •
                Morr.1u Ullderw(l("l.1
                                                                    :!.5th l'JI.u·., 18l.1~
                                                                    17th May. IS~IR
                                                                                                     Mt. MaJ,:nct
                                                                                                                                      do.,      do. rlo. 11.
                                                                                                                                                do. do.
     t..'l'i    Cosgt:<we. Wilh,.",                        <loo     4th July. l~fN                   K·.II.,'Ool'iic      1>0.
                                                                                                                                      do.,      do. do. :to!.')    '"

                                                By       .\uthol·it.v: .\             ('l1ltTr~,    Acting novernllwnt Printer, Perth.
            ~FJolttt                                                                                           ,
                            \liTEJSTEJRN                            A USTR.ALIA.
                                                      [ Published by Authority. J

     'J'hi ... (Jrtzette is published fen' Police irl:f"01'malion only, and the Police throughout th~ Colony
                   M'e i"l1.-:f1'11f'ful. to make them.c.:el1Jes thm'oughly acq'n(~inted with the content.~.

                                                                     GEO. PHILLIPS, ComJrnissioner of Poli, •.

l\o. 38.J                                WEDXESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21.                                                      [ ltl9t'.

    Stealing in Dwellings, from the                                      Perih.- During the night of the 19th inst., from
                                                                      the Occidental Hotel,-a black cloth dress vest. black
               Person, etc.                                           silk lining'; a gentleman's silver hun ting key-winding
     Vide Police Gazette, 1898. page 300, Al flOOll.                  English lever watch, small size, very old and worn,
  Fl'emantle.~The       number     llf   Timothv Lawless'             hinge of glass frame broken; and a heavy 18ct. gold
watch is 3155471.                                 .                   curb chain, with drop chain a.nd gold Masonic
                                                                      trinket attached; the property of C. F. Pulley.
       I'ids Polic!;: Ga:ette, ]898, page :299, Al/9960.
                                                                      Al;101l3. 20th September. 1898.
  Perth.- \Villiam J. 'Veir's pl'olJt'rty has               i)e~n        Perth. - On the 14th inst.. fro m a room situatcL1 ~f
found, not stolen.                                                    the real' of D. & W. l\IIurra\"'s wa.rehouse. RUl'
                                                                      Stl'eet, - a gentleman's si lver 'open faced stem winding
       Vide Police Gazelle, 1898, page 179. Al/SH3,                   lever watch, "H.H.H." over ., L.K.P." scratched
                                                                      on inside of case, steel h"tnds. sunk seconds, (1, ven old
    Freuwnile.-Fredel'iek 1Vbeeler's gold hunting                     watch, and a white lll€'tal chain, with alternate'long
st<-.m.winding 'Valtha.m watch. No. 2371427 has been                  and short links; the property of Hugh Hunter
re('Overed by Det. R. COlluell. and traced to the                     Hallcock.-Al , 10087. 17th September, 1898.
posse!:>sion of Jam es Corbett. (l'ide Apprehensions).
The other wateh which was stolen is a lOct. gold
hunting ke~·.winding ",Valtham watch, No. 2470736.                      Perth. - On the 17th inst., from the owner's
                                                                      dwelling. 5 Fledling Street, East Pertb.- 2 gold
  Lalvlers.-Oll the Srd inst., from the owner's                       brooches, each set with 1 diamond; 1 gold brooch
dw€'lliog,-a sih'er 'Va1tham watch, gold curb chain,                  with the word "Kitld,r" on it, 1 gold brooch with
and gold heart.shaped locket. set with 3 cuamonds;                    the word .• Emma" on it, 1 gold buckle ring set
the property of Thomas Callaghan.- Al j lOO.58, IMh                   with 2 rubi es. and a gilded 5s. piece made into a
September. 1898.                                                      oruoch ; the propert.r of _. Chiles.-Al/ l0092. 18th
                                                                      September, 1898.
   KU110lnw.-On the night of the 10th inst., from
the owner's tent. South Lead.-l go1c111ugget brooch,                     Albany.-On the 2ml inst.-a, gentleman's siher
1 gold and opal brooch, with small gold chain                         hunting stem winding Rotherbam lever watch, No.
attached, 1 gold buckle ring, "Addis" engra\'cd                       l.57044. and LSd. gold single chain, long and short
on ~h~ in~ide. 1. lady's pearl ring, 1 flat nugget pin.               links, with large size 9et. golrl locket; the propert,\'
I , llllltatlOn dlamond scarf pin; the property of                    of George Johnstoll. Suspic.:ion CLttaches to a man
WaIter Penney.-Al 10069, 15th September. 1898.                        named Murrav. Descrip1ion: Stout build. ag-e about
                                                                      35 years, 5ft. Sill. or 9in .. da.rk IIro"u
   1{ailO/l"W.-On the 12th inst., from the person of                  and mOtlstac.:he, dark e'ye~, square yl!:>, dimplt' 011
~dward L~nnou,-a gentleman's silver hunting Eng-                      chill. - AI 10099, 19th September. 1898.
11sh level' watch, No. ]4708, by Erhardt, JJonuon.-
Al /10070, 15th September, 1898.                                         AlbcmJj.-On the 2nd inst., from the owner's
                                                                      dwelling-, Shore Street 'Vest,- a lady '!:> l 8d. gola
  Kanowna. - On the 14th inst., from the owner's                      dress l"lllg, set with three sma.ll pearls (lmissing ).
dwelling, Isa~ella Street,- a get. 1-to1d Albel't, 1 long             and an O\'al-shaped gold brooch, fancy edge, Jllaiu
and 2· slUall hnks alternately; 1 silver soyereicrn case,             centre; the property of nIl'S. Snook.        Suspi(·ioll
"A.C.E." engl'<Lved on outside; 1 20-fran~ piece,                     attaches to a man nam ed Lowclen. Destl'iption: Slim
and 1 ~~ld-mounted heart.shaped opal; the property                    build, height 5ft. gin., dark hair, slight <.hrk
of 'Vllham Cohen. - A1 /10084 17th September                          moustache, dark e\'('s, dressed in dark dothe .    ..;.-
1898.                              .                     .
                                                                      Al 10100. 1~th Sepiemhcr. 1808.

    FI'emantle.-Between the 12th and 17th inst., from                     North FI·emanile. - On the 16th iust., from the
the Star Hotel,- a gentleman' s I Sct. gold double                     owner's horse, at Canvas Town, an ordinary leather
chain, long flat b a]' links, with fine wire twisted on                rid ing saddle. makers' name. """Vilson Bros. & Hill."
t. nd s. and an 18ct. gold sqwtl'e shaped locket,                      supposed OIl fl aps . rivet on ]'ight hand side of
" C. D." engmvcd on oue side, and "Bendigo Sports,                     pummel, with a cl'os~ on the head of it; the prClp·
1889," on other; the property of Charles Creighton.-                   erty of W illiam Piuuer.-A 1.10095, 19th September,
AI /IOlOS, 20th Septemher, 1 89~.                                      1898.

        Vide Police Gazette, 1898, p age 294, A1/9864.                   Fnmantle.--Oll the 17th inst., from the owner's
   Perth.-Robert F. Dudgeon's bicycle has been                         dwelling, Lord Street,-a lady 's bit\{' zephyr dress-
recovered by the Kalgoorlic police a.nd tra.ced to the                 ing gown; the property of Frances C. vVegan.-
possession of Sydney 'Vhite alias James Lee (t'ide                     A1 /10096, 19th Septembel', 189S.
a ppl'ebensions).
                                                                          F1·emantle. - On tllP 17th inst., in Lord Stl'cet,-
   Coolgardie. ~ On  the 12th iust.. outside the Rail.                 two brown paper parcels ( I ) containing a new blllP,          ~
wa.y Station,- ·a gentleman's bicycle. painted black,                  cloth sac suit. tailor made, by "Ba.tger, Fremantle";
nickel-plating burnt off the handle ba.r where it has                  (2) containing luLlf d ozen pair of socks, 3
been repaired. small saddle. rubber pec1ttls. one pedal                different coloured ties, and a. light brown Terai hat.
erank rusty, a.nd browuleather bag attached, contain.                  size 6f. all new; the property of H arry J amE's Shaw.
ill~ insurance papers; the property of Patrick Coffee.                 - AI/10097. 19th September. I S9S.
- AI/ lO076, 16th September, I S98.
                                                                          FI·emantle.-Between the 17th ult. and 19th inst.,
  Coolgardie. - Between the 9th and 11 th inst., froUl                 from the Federal Coffee Palace,- an old brown
the Government H ospit.ul.--five £·5 Union Bank                        leather portmantea.u, about 2ft. 6in. x 18in., no lock,
notes, in cluding Nos. 35 714. 27196. 236004, and                      fastened by straps, conta.ining 1 black cloth sac suit ,
Y29568; the property of Frederick B~hr.-AI / I0077,                    size 6, tailor made, black bone butt.ons on coat and
16th September, 1898.                                                  vest, side pockets in t rousers; 1 black cloth cap,
                        --                                             2 cotton check shirts, size 16; small tnrueJ-down
  B u,nbll?'y.- On the 9th inst .. from t he Collie Quarry,            collars, 5 or 6 linen shirt fronts, 1 pair gent's black
-a, gentltmall's new Champion bicycle, strai ght                       leather lace·up boots, size 8, rou nd toes, small toe·
handle bars, composition grips. peda,ls loose, screw                   caps, sewn soles; the property of l.'homas Dean. -·
on left bar bearing broken; the proper ty of F.                        Al / IOI07, 20th September, I S98.
Cathero.-AI / I0080, 16th September, 1898.
                                                                          Perth.-On the 10th inst., from Mahogany Creek
       Vide Polir.e Gazette, 1898, page 300, A 1110027.                Ra.ilway platform,-a woman's t.r uss, padded all
  Frema.n tle.- Juhn J. Dode's boots have been re·                     round dark brown chamois leather, and 2
covered by COl·pI. T . ConIon .                                        circular pads, one a.bout 6ill., and the other about
                                                                       2tin. in diameter. enclosed in a soap box. size about
   Perth.- On the 231'(1 ult., from the l!remilSes lately              15in. x 5in . x .Sin., and addressed "Mnc Byfield,
()ccupied by Mrs. Ban·od. in H ay Street,- an old.                     Mahogany Creek"; the propert.v of Frost & Ship-
fashioned barrel musical-box. about 24in. x ~'in .. in a               ham. - AI /10112, 20th September, I S9S.
walnut coloured case, p la.ys 12 tunes. second or third
t.ooth from each end is broken, .allled at £5; the
property of Isidore Henr.v SololllUll.- AlI10050,                                         Apprehensions,
14th September, 189S.                                                         Vide Police Gazette, 1896, page 262, ,"V. Vu2 •
                                                                          FREDERICK POWER, at Fremantle, on the 13th
   PeT/h. - On the 15th inst., from 57 Mu seum                         inst., by CorpI. T. Oonlon; brought up at Perth Oil
Stl'eet,- a. nickel alarm clock. medium siz.e, American                the 14th inst. Discharged f or wc."\.nt of prosecution.
Hmke, alarm on top, has a straight s(;ratcb on the
back, and a white handled hollow ground razor                                      Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 30l.
"1000" on blade; t.he property of Edw<ll'd H ymall.                      FRANK STOBY, brought up at 'V'agin on the 13th
- A 1/10073, 15th September, 1898.                                     inst. Discharged.

    Perfh. - On the 15th inst., f rom 36 Queen Street,                             Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 301.
- a black waterproof coat and cape. yclvet collar,                       SYDNEY 'VHITE alia8        JAMES LEE, brought up at,
chain tab, has a hole in front about lin. wide, the                    Fremantle on the 15th         inst. Committed for trial
})ropel:ty of Samuel Rose: and a light brown tweed                     (~charges).      Brought     up ,~t Perth on the 13th
saC smt, slop made, flaps on pockets, the property of                  inst .. charge..! hy Det.      S. Condon; larceny.    4
Edward Cella. Suspicion attaches t~l <L Ulan . d€,-                    months h.1.
s\'l'ibed as about ,sft. Sin. or 9in. high. about 24 veal'S
of age. dark complexion, dean sha\'ed. wearj'ng a                                  Vide Police Ga:ette, 1898, page 30l.
navy blue diagonal suit, who alTi,,~d a.t F'remantle                     ALEX .•   brought up at Coolgardie 00 the 15th
O~l the 12th inst. by the S.S. "Paroo." IH\.viog worked                in st. ; hreaking and entering (no bill filed).    A
Ins pass<\.ge; believed to have gone to Cool~<"\'l'die.­               ch arge of being unlawfully on premises sub~ti tu ted
 AI /10074, 16tb September, l S9S.                                     3 mont,hs h.1. Drunkenness. 3 weeks h .1. (cumu.
                                                                       latlve) .
     PeI'Ot. - On the 17th inst., from 37i St. Geol'ge's
'l'el'l'ace,-a sac coat. blue t'Need ·w it h rl.!dclis h tints                     Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 272.
h~ilol' made, old ~l.lld worn. and a Jal'k hlue seJ"!;e su.~              SAID BAZ, brought up at COI)lga.rdi e.          Committed
('oat .and vest, tallor made. nearly n(::w, ;; by special              fo r tria.l.
flP I?Ollltment, George Fetcher," under lion and
 lILllco ~'n! on t,t~ of coat; and:t leather I,ocket book                     Vide Police Gazctte, 1897, page 113, "\V.   3~~1.
('ontawlllg rC'celyts for land at Espel'ance; t he prop-                 THOi\IAS HI NDMARSEl has been al'l'ested by the
I..'rty of Ernest Keunard.- A l 10086 17th Septemher                   KaIgool'lie Police. Brought up at the Willianis and
 IS98.                                  "                              ordered to pay £ 10 6s. ,sd. 01' 2 months h.l.

             Vide Police   Ga~elte,   1898, page 29·>.                    ARTRUR CLEAL, at Northam, on the 17th inst., hv
  MICHAEL MORRIS, hrought up at Wagiu on the                            P.C. \V. Clal'ke, on warrant; disobeying Magisteri:1.1
16th inst. Discharged.                                                  order. Remanded to York.

         Vide Police Guuttc, t89S, page 302, -Wo     ',,"1.~~.            ANNIE BRYANT, at Perth. on the 2nd inst., hy P .C.
  JOHN McEwAN, a.t P erth. on the 16th inst" hy                         H.Manll, on search warrant; hrceny. 2 months h.l.
Dct. S. Condon.
                                                                           SAMlI1Y MA DOME'!', at Perth. ou the 8th inst .. hv
   ELIZAIlETH ANDERSON, at Geraldton, on the 12th                       P.C. J. E. R ich ardson; htrccllY, 6 mouths h.1'.,
inst., bv P.Cs. S. A. Fox and E. O'Halior<Ln; idle                      property recovered; uulawful possession, 1 month
and disorderl,\'. 14 days Id.                                           h.!. (cu mulative).

  WILLIAl'Ir GRISDALE. at Northam. on the 13th                             MARY JAN E HA'l ES, at Perth, on the 10th illSt..
inst. U\, P,C. \V. Clal'ke; di80rderlv. 20s. fine or )4                 bv P.C. C. Banfield; idle and disorderly. 4 months
days' h.-I.. resisting police. 14 days "Id. «(:Ulnulativ€').            h:1.

  JOHN BARRY, .l.t l\1t. Malcolm, on the 14th iust .. by                  PATRICK GORMA:S, at Perth. on the ]1th inst .. hv
P.C. \V. Feely; idle and disorderly. i da.ys h.1.                       P.Cs. A. Parker and G. Bunton; idle and disorderl.,:.
                                                                        £3 fine.
  JOSEPH MOSES. at Boulder, on the 15th inst., hy
P.C. L. H. Thompson. on warrant; disobeying                                J AilIES GALLAGHER, at Perth. Oil the 13th iust.. Iw
SUllllllons (illegal ha,wking). 10s. fine.                              P.C. M. Normoyle: unhwful possession. 6 montlls
   ALEXANDER GORDON, t:xp .. late No, 974i . at Fre-
mantle, on the 10th inst., hy P,C. J. l\1:f'Cormack;                      FRANK DAW E, a.t Sul,i:Lco, ('n the 13th iust .. 11\-
];Lrceny. 3 months h.1.     .                                           P.C. J . Armstrol1g; bestiality. Committed for tria.i.

   JOHN CAREY a.nd P ETER CAIN alia;; PATRfCK                             PATRICK D ONOVAN, ,Lt Perth, on the 6th ini$t., hy
CA-REY, at Fremantle, on the 10th inst., bv n et. J.                    Dets. R. Counell. S. COlldull, and P.C. H. Manll';
McCartney a,nd P.C. E. ·Winter; unlawft;l posses-                       robbery with violence. Commi tted for t ri al.
sion. Reuuwded.
                                                                          J AMES CORBET'!'. at Perth. on the 14th inst., 1)\,
   CHARLES ",VREFORD, at Coolgardie, on the 13th                        Det. R. Connell; unbwful poi$session. 4 months h.t
inst., by Det. P. D. Kavtl.nagh, on warraut; larceny
of ore. Relmtuded.

  NABIEUX (Indian), at. Coolgardie, on the 13th
inst., by P.C. R. Lo\'e; illegal hawking. £5 fine
and costs.                                                                                Miscellaneous.
                                                                          MORON! SAUNDERS. at Niag-a,ra, on the 3rd inst.,
  HUGH MCCOLL, at Coolgardie, on the 10th inst.,                        on the applicatIOn of P.C. D. Duggan, was placed on
by P.C. R. Love; idl€> and disonlerly. :}months h.1.                    the Prohibited List for 6 months.

  CHARLES SMIDT. a.t Claremont. on the lOth inst.,                         COARLES HOLLIS, (·harged at Bunbul'Y on tht;!
by P.Cs. E. Huxtabl€> aud A. 1\1. H air; bein g in                      16th inst. by P. C. "'\¥. Newhold; hawkiDg liquor for
possession    of housebreaking implements,      ]2                      t he purpose of sale. £30 fine and costs, and 7 d<L)'s
months ILl.; unlawful possession, 3 months h.!.                         h.1. (3 monthsh.l. in defa ul t.)  Liquor confiscated.
(cumulative) ,
                                                                           CORISTOPHER STAN1SH, ch'L rged at Coolgardie on
  GEORGE S'I'RANGER, at Geraldton, on the 15th inst.,                   t he 9th inst. by Thomas Mmich; insulting language.
hy Sergeant W. Lavery. on warrant; lunaey. Com-                         1 month h.1.
mitted to Fremantle Lunati c Asylum.

   ROBERT DUlUMELOW, at P erth, on the 14th inst.,                        BERHAM (Afghan). charged at Coolgardie on the
by Det. F. G. Eggleston; unlawful possession. 40s.                      12th inst. by P.C. ",\V. J. Malone; illegal bawking.
fine and costs or 2 months h.1.                                         £5 fine and costs.

  WILLIAM JORNSTON, at Highgate Hill, on the 15th                         NORMAN COCKS, charged a.t Perth on the 12th
inst., by P.Cs. ·W. G. Gregorv a nd A. Warnecke:                        inst. by P.Cs. T. Hickey and J. Armstl'ong; sup-
unlawful possession. 6 months h.1.                                      plying Ijquor to aboriginal natives. £20 fine and
  HENRY FRY and RATE CLARK, a.t Highgate Hill,
on the 15th inst., by P.Cs. W. G. Gregory, A.
\Val'llecke, a.nd A. Malone; idle and disorderly.
2 months h,1. each.
                                                                                   Certificate of Remission.
  WILLIAM TA'1'TAM, at Perth, on the 16th inst., by                       ROBERT FrrzGERALD, l'eg. No. 10482, has been
~.C. E. Edwal'des; assanlt. on a ehild (2 cha~ges).                     granted a remission of the unexpired portion of his
h months h.1. on each charge (cumu lative).                             sentence, and left the Colony for Victoria, per s.s.
                                                                        "Marloo," on the 13th iust. - B1/5635. Virl,
    JOHN McEwAN, at Perth, on the 15th inst., by                        Prisoners Discharged.
Det. S. Condon; lar(·eny. 6 months h.l. Property

  FRANK HOPKINS, at Fremantle, on the l fith inst.,                              Conditional Release Holder,
by P.Cs. Thos. Kel~o and John Heal)" on warrant;                          J nfMY ROTTAlIfA, C.R. reg. No_ 10380, reports
assaulting a female.                                                    his arrival in the SW;.l,n Distl'id on the 14th inst.

                          W ana" ts Issued.                                    FRAN ClS Si'>fITR alios SJ'UD. tllll1 or nwdiunl
                                                                           build, a~'e itbout 2S years, height a.hOllt .sft. Sin., fair
    l:'.JBCRT ANDERSON, medium build. a~e 44 years.
                                                                           ha,ir an'(l moustache, sorE' e.ves. t hin visa~e, fair
lw;' ,·ht .5ft. ~)in .. brown hair. moustache inclined to                  i.·omplexi"ll. poek-marked; dressed ill light tweed
11\' :~I!lJy, long yiSRg-C, fi0riJ complexj(\lI, 3" heavy                  COitt. hlu(' 8erge trousers. striped sh irt. patched in
drinker; deserting- his children. D,~ted GUlldford,                        front. and soft brown felt hat, a labourer, na.t ive of
Ljth t:;l'ptemhel'. 1898.-·\V. 1p""l·                                      N.S.\V.; larceny of a tent. blanket. <l.nd rug; the
                                                                           propert.'· of rrhomas ",Vood.      Dated Perth, 15th
                                                                           Septemhel', 1898. - W. \-.~./.
    SNOWY WnLIAl\lSON, medium              build, agc 21
vt'an., hei~bt 5ft. 8in. 01' 9in .. white bail'. clean faced.
hlut' t'\-es,~round visage, fresh complex ion. <1, labourer.                  B. RULl: "lios PHTLIP l\ICGRATH alias ANDERSON,
JOHN 'S::mTH alias TflOMAS RAl\ISEY. stout build,                     stolltish huild. a,ge 32 or 33 years. height Mt. lOin.
25 \'t',tI'S, height Mt. Sin. or 9iu" da.rk haj r, heavy                   or Hin., iiQ"ht brown h<1,i1', saudy mousta<:he, round
bl'o;\'11 moustache, dark e"es. round visa,ge. fl'l:'sh                    full visage." reddish complexion,' dressed in a well
complexion; unlawful posseRsio~ of 1 .Chesterfield                         worn hrownish tweed suit; supposed to be about
l'o:tt. 1 dress ('oat, 1 shoveL 1 pan' khaki trousers. 2                   Pf'rth in (·()mpan." with Cl man named Butler; ob-
sets miners' (lollieij, and 2 crucibles.                   Da.tcd          taining goods and money to the amollnt of £8 10s.
KIllOWll<l. i.5th Sept,'mbel'. 1898. - "V. 1;;>\/. l,t,,:!"-.              from " T alter Thompsoll. ::tt Boulder. on the 3rd inst..
                                                                           by falst:' preteutes. D,tted Kalgoorlie, 17th Sep-
                                                                           temher. 1~!)S.-"V. 71J~'/'
  MARK RING. mediuDl build. age 40 years, height
6ft .. hrown hair. fair moustache, rather prominent
nose. long' thin. visage, fair complexion, a labourer,                        THO:lIAS l\IcDoNALD, age about 26 years, height
native of AmeriIJiL; W,Lnant of (:omlllitment to Fre-                      Mt. 9in .• fail' hair. heavy fa,ir moustache, and about
m[Lntle g-aol for 1 month h.1. Dated Perth. 8th                            3 week::; gl'owth of whiskers, blue e.ves, round visage.
August. 189S.-'V. 7   ./~9.                                                fair complex ion. rather good-lop king-. a butcher;
                                                                           latel." dry blowing at Gabinintha, near Sta.r of East.
                                                                           Nannine; embezzling the sum of £3 8s. gel, the
   ALEXANDJ::R D. MUIRHEAD. medium to thin build,                          llLOney of Thomas Hill. Datecl Nanniue, 14th Sep-
l1'reabout 35 veal's. height6ft .. dark hail' and moustache,               tember. IS98. - \V. 7  ";',/.
d~rk c.:omplexion , fairly full visage, smart athletic
appearance. generally wears a hard felt or stra~ l~at ;
embezzling the sum of £2; the money of ,\Vllham                               A. B. liAMIL1'ON. medium build, age about 35
Sandover &. Co. Dated Perth, L5th September,                               years. height 5ft. 9in., dark hair, dark whiskers.
189S.- W. li'"i°·                                                          beard and moustache, dark eyes, Jewish nose and
                                                                           appearance, dark complexion, wears glasses, a medical
                                                                           specialist; dressed in grey suit !'Illd light hat with
   ,\Y. J. STONEHA"lI, no description given; larcenvas                     black band; being indebted to Osgood & Co. in the
bailee of the sum of £500; the money of FI:ank                             sum of .£21 6s. Sd. To be arrested at any seaport of
Stewa.rt Barnard. Offender is believed to have gone                        the Colony, but not elsewhere. Dated Kalgoorlie.
to British Columbia. Dated Perth, 12th September,                          1 nh September. I S9S,-w. llf~i.
I S9S.-\V·V,,1.

                                                                             D. M. l\icIN'l'YR.E. stout build, agc 35 years. height
   Three men, name::; unknown: (I) medium build,                           5ft, 9in.. red moustache, smart appearance, com-
age 2-1 or 25 ;vears, height about .Sft. 2in. or 3in .• dark               mission agent; larceny as bailee of a "Red Bird"
hair, clean shaved. small piercing eyes. round visage,                     bicycle, No. 42925, the property of Jolm Ja.mes
sallow complexion: 'wearing brown sac suit and soft                        lVInrtagh. Dated Mount l\Ial'garet, 14th September.
dark bat; (2) medium build, age about 28 years,
height about Mt. lOin. or 11in. , fair hair, small fail'
                                                                           1S98.-  "T. V'-l.
mousta,che. rather long visage, fair complexion, weH
dressed in dark tweed sac suit with white stripe
running througb it; (3) stIff and 'wiry build, age
30 years. height 5ft. 6in. Qr 7in., f,Lir hair, large fair
moustache, long visage, sallow complexion, big                                    Burglal'Y, Housebreaking, etc,
mouth, Iri sh cLppearancf', wearing a faded brown
                                                                                   Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 29li, Al /9917.
suit; lan.:eny of £400; the property of James Mackey
Irvine. Dated Perth, 13th Septemher, 1898.-                                  13eaconsfield.-Three suits of clothing, one coat and
",Y.   7 , ..     t
                11. 13"                                                    one pair of trousers, the property of William ArtllUl'
                                                                           Molcl: been recovered by D et. J, McUartney and
                                                                           P.C. E. ",Vinter. and traced to the possession of John
  rl'HO)lAS RODGI!:RS. !:!tout build, age 40 years, height                 Care: and Peter Cain alias Patrick Carey. (Vide
5ft. iin. or Sin .. black curlv hair, black monstache,                     apprehensions. )
da.rk eyes, short nose, rouucl yisage, blad\: complexion,
cook. \\T arrant of commitment to Fremantle gaol                              Kalyoodie.--Stolen on the 11th inst., from the
for 14 .Jay::; in defa.ult of payment of £10 10s.                          owner's ::;tore, Hannan's Street, entrance being effected
Datea KanownlL, 27th August, lS9S.- VV. 7-l.    ·l                         by forcing a door, - ,Ln iron safe containing £53 in
                                                                           notes. gvlcl, ancl silver, ,t,nel 2 cheques: (I), No. 621,
                                                                           for £3 ].5s. on the National Bank of Australasia.
   THO)IAS ROBEwrsoN, medium build. age about:30                           Kalgoorlie, dram.l by Richard Holmes & Co. in
year1"i, height 5ft. Sin .. dark hair and moustache,                       favour of 1'. Napier. dated JOth September, 189S;
brown hail', long "isa~e, sallow complexion. spea.ks                       (2) for .£] 5s. on the B<tnk of New South ,Vales.
with prOn'JllllCed Scotch accent; dn:> ssed in dark suit                   drawn by - MoheI' in faNour of A. K.ohler, dated
and hrown soft felt ha.t; larcenv as hailee of the                         10th Septemher; the property of Andrew Kohler.
sum of .£2 38.; the money of' Willi<~m Taggert.                            The safe ha.s been recovered in the bllsh, broken opell.
Datell Cue. 12t.h Septemher. 1898. - '\V . ',/l.                           - Al jl 0068. 15th September, 1898.

                   Property Lost.                                                                             Horses, Cattle, etc.
    P~l'fh. ~-Oll the 12th inst.,-tbe iron ca.p of a lorry                                             Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 289, Al/982·k
whet:'l. the I'Toperty of E. \Vansbro.-P.L. +~V· On                                       Guildf01'CI.-Isaac ''Vood's dark bay colt has bel"n
the lOth inst.,-a brown paper parcel containing a                                      recovered.
pair of I.:hi ld's lace-up bla(;k leather boots, with
(;llJ>l't'r toes, size 2, the property of Sopbie Stroud.-
P. L. \\'. On the ] 7th,-a gold ba.r brooeh, with                                        BeveI'ley. - Sold at Beverley Oll t he 8th inst. by
har a,t"t·,wh end, and set with a gold mouuted topaz,                                  order of Homce Smith, J.P.,- a black mare ("wit h
thE' pwpel'ty of J. B. Spence.-P.L. Vi·                                                foal at foot), aged, height about 14~ hands, white
                                                                                       patch 011 forehead, a few scars on both ribs, branded
  BII1I1111I"!/.-On tlw 9th just.,-an old black Wi:tter-                               W E Oll near shoulder.
proof coat, reel lining. torn on back and collar. the
prfll'E"rty of A. Hislop. - P,JJ. \P,;'·
                                                                                          Vasse.-Sold at Vasse Oll the 14th inst. bv order
    .1ll1i1l1l/.-On the 1st inst.,-an opal pin set                             of L. M, Hungerford, R.lVl.,-l bay cart horse, 16
III ~old ~lyal hand. fancy work all round, with patent                                 hands lin., aged, wbite face, white hind feet, branded
da~l" the property of i,Villiam \Voocl.-P.L. 'V-g .  tl
                                                                                       R cl'os~ed on near shoulder j I chestnut mare pony,
                                                                                       14 hands, about 4 years aIel, branded something like
                                                                                       Y6 011 Ilel:tr shoulder; and I brown yearling colt, l3
                 Missing Friends.                                                      hands lin., with white star on forehead, very quiet.
      Vide Police Gazette, 1898, page 303, B1/5620.
  EnwARD KEENAN has been found at Northam.                                                Cue.·-Stolen on the 27th ul t.,-a dark bay horse.
                                                                                       rig, black points, 16 hands, age 6 years, branded
    J .DIE8 DELANEL medium build, age 35 years.                                         t near shoulder, large splint on one fore leg j the
ht:'ight .5ft. 5in. or 6in., fair complexion, much suu-                                p,'operty of the Mines Department.-AI/ I0078, 16th
burut. light brown hail', brown e.'i"es, a railway                                     Septem bel'. 1898.
porter. Inquiry by New South ",Va.les Poliee on be-
h:df of hi s wife, whom he has deserted at Gntnville,
Pi.Ll"l'amatta., N.S. W.     Information to the Criminal                                 Pe?·th. - 8tolen on the 16th inst., from Dr. Kenny's
Jnve~tigation Branch, Pel"th.·~A 117510.                                               paddock, Cotiesloe,-a heifer calf, red and white cu;·ly
                                                                                       hair, more white than red, 12 months old, heart-
   \VrLLIA.\1 HENRY LAITY (no des('l'iption given ), a,                                shapetl mark on forehead, short horns, no brands;
conli.ll man1lfacturer, or mal' work at Railwa\'                                       the property of Ec1wanl Arthur Bagot.- AI/ I0088.
bri(lgt' huililing,    Inquiry        bi
                                  Sarah l.aity (wife),                                 17th September. 1898.
Fitzrqy Post Office, Melbourne. Information to the Investigation Branch. Perth.- Bl .5498.
                                                                                           SlIbiaco.-Stolen on or about the 11th inst., from
  \VILLI A)!   BARNEs alios'< Barnes of New York."                                      the G(wernment Reserve, Subiaco,-a bay pony
or .. Bhwk Barnes," powerful build, ag-f' about 42                                      mare, clipped, 4 .veal's old, 13 ~ hands high, hog mane,
Yf'ars. height ne,Lrly 6ft" black hair. inclined to curl                                unbranded j ancl a da.rk bay pony mare, 4 years old.
in frnnt. da.rk mom,tache. dark brown eves, black                                       2 white hind feet, br ancled JE (conjoined) on near
e\ehl'ows, ~traight and well shaped nose. br()a.d                                       ribs; the property of J, Dodson,-Alj              . ]9th
shouldel'eil. slightly stooped, small (hanU," notice-                                   September, 1898.
<Lhle) cut 1nl one eyebrow, tattoo marks representing
grave. woman, and cross on arms, a peader or miner,
formerly a ~eamau, was prospecting at PHbarl'a in                                          ]i01Ult Malcolm.--Stolen or strayed on 0 1' about
1888 or 1889 in compa.ny with Bob McGregor and                                          the 20th ult.,~a dark brown cow camel calf.
l\Iasnu. In(luiry by Ellen Barnes (wife), Perth. In-                                    branded I1\P (conjoined) off neck, off shoulder, and
form ation to the Crimina.l Investigation Branch,                                       off thigh, 13 months old, has got the mange, the
P,~ rth.-B I 5630.                                                                      property of the Police Depal'tment.-P,L, Vt;S,

         Hetul'll of PriRonel's tried at Quarter He:-;:-:ions. ('oolgardie, cummellcing t:leptember l.Jth.                                               Ik!I~,

                          Saw\:.                          U!Tf'U("".                                                               Verdict.             !Iow   (I i~]losetl   of.

                N<:)thl;:l"cott, Geo. H.   £lubezzlcmeut                           B ouh]e('                   p. 294-        Not Guilty            Disclhll"geu.
                B:lilcy. Heury
                (.;:(in, JO<lcph
                                           F:d!;e pretence"
                                           J.. urcell~·                           I B,·oad
                                                                                                               p. 217
                                                                                                               p.   :?-t:~   I Guilty
                                                                                                                                                    G lllouths 1:.1.
                                                                                                                                                      Probation Act.
                      Do.                    Du,                                                               I!. 2-13         Do.                 3 llloullll:l h,1.
                 H arth!y, Jame><          Attempt.:!!\ r"J,J...,I".\' from the                                I!. 287          Do.                 G mOIlI!ls h.!.

                 Sai,l. Ba?;
                 H),,,", Patrick
                 W:dsh. J obu
                                           AS$llllJt ,,1111 rot,l>(',·.,
                                              Do,            duo
                                                                                       D o.
                                                                                                               1'. :l7e:
                                                                                                                              No t Guilty
                                                                                                                                              ...   I
                                                                                                                                                    2 yell''.'" h.!.

                                                PRISONERS                                               DIi';CHARGED.

Con.llti 0..       "". NO.,
                    Or late
                   Rc).:. :010.
                                                Name.                                     onence.                                                                Where
                                                                                                                                                                                I   1)",1\,   (If Di,charj;le.

-- - -         I             - ------                                                                                                                        --I
                                    From Fn:mantlf! Prison, clu,ring the week ending Satu,rday, 17th Septembel', 1898.
I!;xp.              96i7           Byrne, P atk.                       l dle and disorderly                                   1 month h.l.                   Perth
Free                3248           Lindq uest, E. J no.                Larceny.                                               () months h.I.                 Fremantle
Do.                 3500           Francisco, Alex.                    Obscene language                                       20s. and 2s. or 7 days         Perth                  \ 12th Sept.
Do.                 2486           Stewart, Geo.                       Unlawfully using a horse                               12 month s imp.                Fremantle
                                   McKellar, Peter
                                   Sweeny, John
                                                                       Unla.wfu.l possession
                                                                       Liu'ceny .
                                                                                                                              :2 months h.1.
                                                                                                                              a months h.1.
Do.                 3369           Campbell, J ohn                       Do.                                                  3 months h.1.                    Do.
 Do.                3425           Pooie,1Vlll. Fredk.                 False pretences                                        18 months h.1.                 Esperance              ,13th do.
r'e m:l.le          F 9:3          Happy Sarah                         Disorderly                                             i days h.1.                    Perth
'1'. r
     ....          10482           Fitzgerald, Robert                  Forgery (two charges)                                  6 months h.1. ;      6
                                                                                                                                 months h. l. (cum.)
                                                                                                                                                             Fremf\.ntle            I
                                   Law, Fredk.                         Unlawful possession                                    3 months h. l.
Free                                                                                                                                                            Do.
Do.                 2762           H olloway, Wm.                      Larceny.                                               ;~ months h.1.                 Perth                  ; 14th do.
Female              F94            Cooper, Elizabeth                   Drunk                                                  7 days h.I.                    Fremantle
Free                3024           Howe. Geo.                          [dIe and disorderly                                    3 months h.l.                  Perth                  ; 15th do.
Do.                   110          Draper, Henry                       Unlawfully using" a horse                               12 months                     Fremantle              I
Exp.                8993           Stubbs. J ohn                       L ,~rceny .                                            6 months h.1.                     Do.
                                   Scarrh, 'Yill.
                                   Eason, A.lex.
                                                                       Obsceno language
                                                                       Thl'eatening languf\.ge
                                                                                                                              ;~ months h.1.
                                                                                                                               14 days
Do.                 1223           Nelson, Peter                       Disordel"ly                                            .'is. and 28. or 7 days
                                                                                                                                                             P erth                 I
Do.                 3010           Lindsay alius Lid-                  Breach of Railwl"\,y Regulations                       ;)s. Id. and 2s. 0" 7             Do.                 f 16th         do.
                                     sey, Geo.                                                                                    days h.l                                          I
Do.                 3471           Renfrey, Benjamin                   Unlawful possession                                    £2 10s. or 1 month h.1.        Fremantle
Do.                 3472           Watts, Wm.                            Do.                                                  .£2 10s. or 1 month h.1.         Do.
Do.                327 1           Brockhill. Chris.                   Disorderly (two charges)                               3 months h.L          3        Niagara .
Debtor              3506           Jones, A. E.                        Debt
                                                                                                                                 months h.1. (cdm.)
                                                                                                                              £2 7s. 4d. or 7 days           Perth              J
Free                3421           Roberts. Frank                      Obscene language                                       2 months h.1.
                                   Wong Ah Hong
                                   J ones, Thomas
                                                                                                                              6 months h.1.
                                                                                                                              1 month h.1.
00.                3014            Duffy, James                        Assault                                                2 months h.1.                  Fremantle              f
                                                                                                                                                                                    , 17th         do.
Exp.           101:17              Ainsworth, Job                      Attempted    robbery                       with        6 months h.1.                  Perth                  I
                                                                         violence                                                                                               J
                                            FrO/It Albany Gaol. d'u,)'ing th e wee/" ending 10th September, 18Y8.
                                   Ryan, Patrick                       A.ssault                                             I 20s. or 14 days h.1. . ..      Albany                     5th Sept.
                                   Symon,JohnBonner                    I dle and disorderly                                   7 days imp. ...         ..       Do.                      10th do.
                                                From, York Gaol, dltring the week encling 17th September, 1898.
Free                              ! J ohnson, Thomas.              j Rogue and vagabond                                  .:, I 6 months h.l.                 York                       15th Sept.

                                            FrO/n B nnbUlr!J Gaol, dm'i,tg Ihe week ending 17th Septembe l", 1898.
                                   Kelly, H enry
                                   Lyons, J ames                  I
                                                                       Drun k
                                                                                                                         ... I 5s. or :3 days
                                                                                                                         ... 3s. or
                                                                                                                                      3 days          ... I Bmlbury..
                                                                                                                                                      .. ,   Do.
                                                                                                                                                                                        11th Sept.
                                                                                                                                                                                        13th do .
                                     Fl'oj)~     Coolgm'die L ock-ttp, d1~1'ing /cmI' 'Weeks ending 12th September, 1898.
                                   Dale, J onah
                                   Elliott, Charles
                                                                                                                            I 40s. or 14 days h.1. I Coolgardie
                                                                                                                              2 months h.l.                  ~,t. Malcolm
                                                                                                                                                                                        12th August.
                                                                                                                                                                                        lOth Sept.

                            I{~gi "(er of ~;xpiree, and Cond i tional Pa rdon Holders who have left (,he ~0 1 01l'y,

    N IUDII and COD,lill"n.
                                                                  I    Name "r V,·~~el.             ]) c ~tin,,!if)lI.                                             bleroarkl.

WilIio.m SIORn, e,,"p.                 326-1-           16·9·98    s.s. "Paroo"               !llelbouMle                     .. Stag," 185S    Age 69 yellrs, hei",ht 5ft. ~in.,
                                                                                                                                                                              irou     hnir       ;:'"f"e~
                                                                                                                                                 amI bellord, dark browu eyes , full V1ange,
                                                                                                                                                 middliug" stout build, burn 011 left hund
                                                                  j_                                                                             HmI urm, PQckmnrkc<l.
                                                                                   --~-             ____- L____                            ~      ___

                                                          ESCAPED                                             PRISONERS.

             (I". . tte
               )010.                 SMue.                        . C.,,·
                                                          Hell:. No. dit\OIl,   I                         I m,trict from.                        De8eriptioD ..nd remark ••
                ,..,        Ha.rrie, Frank                              F~ee      lSth August, 1895 ...       Fremalltle     Vide Pn/ic• Gautt~, 1895,   page   160

                            MOl'W\ll, Do.vid
                           McDonald, Ju.
                           Burkc, Will . .
                           EVIlDe, RoM ...
                           McArthuT. F.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                                  12th Sept., 1895 ...
                                                                                  12th Sept., 1895 ...
                                                                                  let January, 1896 .
                                                                                  Srd Marc)}, 1896
                                                                                  17th April, 1896
                                                                                                           Perth ..
                                                                                                                                D •.
                                                                                                                                D •.
                                                                                                                               D •.
                                                                                                                               D •.
                                                                                                                               D •.
                                                                                                                                          do.,   do.      do.    94-
               552         Slack, John                                  d •.      13th June, 1896          Coo!gardje          D •.

                                                                                                                                          do.,   do.      do.   130
                           Brosnan, Timothy
                           Hop~n8, John                             I   d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                                I 20th AlI!."Ust, 1896     Geraldtoll            D •.    do.,     do.    do. 190
                                                                                 9th Sept., 1896           Newcnstle             D •.    do.,     do.    do. W1
               5;'          JeukiDs, Wm . .

                                                           '~H I
                                                                        d •.     9th Sept., 1896           Newcastle             D •.    do.,     do.    do. 207
               5iO          Watson, Tbomas                              d •.     17th Sept., 1896          Coolgardie            D •.    do.,     do.    do,    212
                            Blcombe, Thos.
                            Wat80D, Charles
                            Molynelu, Matthew
                                                                                 23rd N01"., 1896
                                                                                 24th Jlwe, 1897          IFremantle
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                 D •.
              '"          I Heid, John, Illicl$
                               Price, Chas.
                                                            61 ..
                                                           "'484 I
                                                                        d •.
                                                                                 25th Dec., 1896
                                                                                 21st August, 1897
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                J 30tb Oct., 1897
                            O'SrieD, Nicholas
                            McPher80n, Donald
                                                                    I do.
                                                                    ab. oat       24th Dec., 1897
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                         do ..
                                                                                                                                                  d •.
                                                                                                                                                  d •.
                                                                                                                                                         do. 395
                                                                                                                                                         do. 3%
               583          MonaD Underwood .
                                                            ...      Free
                                                                        d •.
                                                                                 31st Dec., 1897
                                                                                 25th l'lIar., 1898
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                         do.,     '89'
                                                                                                                                                  d •.
                                                                                                                                                         d •.
                                                                                                                                                         do. 114

                            PeUow, Frederck
                            Cosgrove, Willia.m.
                            Hams, D:l.\"id, ali«~     I
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                        d •.
                                                                                 17th May,1898
                                                                                 4th July, 189S
                                                                                II2th S'l't., ,.,.
                                                                                                           Mt. Magnet
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                 D •.
                                                                                                                                                  d •.
                                                                                                                                                  d ••
                                                                                                                                                  d •.
                                                                                                                                                         do. 187
                                                                                                                                                         do. 2'2.5
                                                                                                                                                         do. 30'~
              587           McDouga.U, Jas., «Iills                     d •.      12th Sept., 1898         Coolg:i.l'die         D •.    do.,     d •.   do. 302
                               Cronjn, Cornelius


                                                             By Authority: A. CUR'l'IS, Acting Government Printer, Perth .


                     tJolttt                                                                                                          ;
                                      \l\TEST ERN                                   AUSTRALIA.
                                                               ( Published by Authority. J


              filiI'< (.:flzdte us jJublished      jo,'   P olice iuformll,tion only, !Uld the P ulice lh"uttylwul IhrJ Uf)[UIlY
                           f'(PiIlSinlA'! ted to m,a k p fhprJtSfllvp .... Iho1'O'/J,glily   acquainted with the conientiL
                                                                                     GEO. PfIILLTP8, C011/lmissioner of Police.

        No. 30.J                                   WEDNESDAY,                       SEPTEMBER                28.                               [1898.

        Circular           Orders and Miscellaneous                                      Perfh. - Oll the :20th inst., from t.he ShLillcs of tht,
                                                                                     :Mure-bison Meat Co.', Newcastle Street., 1 ~entle­
          C.O. ~:~ . - Notifiecl, for general illfol'lll a.tioll, that               Illrtn's sih'er hunting key-winding Ellglish Icvl:'l'
        the foUowill~ Death and Transfers ha,, \'e ta.k"ll IJht~'e
                                                                                     wa.tch, No. 54:34':!; 1 open-faeed key-winding brass
        in the P olice Force :~~
                                                                                     wa.teh, 2 gentlemen's ISd. ~old rings: ( I ) set with
           Death:                                                                    1 diamond , deepl,\' set ( value £10), (2) ::;et with 4
             First Cla~s CUll~tau le 'V. A. K. " \'stl'ope, No.                      diamonds anLl :3 C)prtls; tbt! propert) Qf .Tohu
               18 1. died 25th Septemher. ] d98.                                     McKellar. -- Al JOJ2:3. 20th September. 1898.
             Second Ulass Constable J. Daly. No. :l3:3.                                 BfJ/dder.-During the Bight of t he IHth inst., from
               \VYlld h<1m to Derby, 9-9-98.                                         the }>t.'rson of Ja mes Brot.-a sih'er {'haill a.hout
                                                                                     12in. long, altt.'nHtte long and short linl.:::;, a.n d ,L gold
             First Class Constable M. Rielv, No.             ~J L   Po.: J'th ill    <'Lnd silver llH:'4 1a.1. engra.vetl "James Brne " on one
               Derby. 9-9-98.             .                                          side an d <,- J.B ." Oll the ut her, also ~L gold qllartz
             First Class COllsh~ble \V. \Valker. No. 1!)7. Cu('                      spe 4~iUlell abont lino IOllg·. -~Al 10 J -5;,) , :2bt Sl;.'pI4'111 -
               to Da," D awn, 9-9-98.                                                her. J898.
             Secontl Class Constable, G. Plin t . No. i62,
               Yulgoo to Cue, 9·9SIS,                                                    P er/h. - On tlle 22 nd in st. , f rom the person of
             Corporal George Pilkill gton, No. 35, V<"I.,), Dawn                     John J(l seph P a,trick DOLlghel'ty, - a gentl eman's
               to Mt. Magnet., 10-9-98.                                              si h-er hunting key-winding Eng lish lever wa. tch, No.
                                                                                     2944-72, and a P.O. Savillgs Bank book, showi ng a
             Coq :,ol"al J. Kingston, No. 30, :Mt. l\[agnf't t.o
                                                                                     deposit of £4.5 in lHl111f' of J oh n Joseph Pa. trick
               P erth . 12-9-98.
                                                                                     DOllghcrty.- Al l016i , ~2nu Septembe r , ] 898.
             Second Class Con~table, E. H a llett. No. 289, Cue
               to Pe,·tb. 12-9-98.                                                      ](alyoodie. - On tllf' 20t h inst., frolll cl tlwelliuJ!; M
             Cur poral "\V. Maxwel l. No. 31, l\l u lld arin~ to                     L ake 8ide,-a. gentlenmu 's rolled-gold hunting- stelll-
               P erth. 14_ ~L~8.                                                     winding watch , No. 7655087 on iuside case, and
             Proba.tioll Constable E. Dawsoll, No. 414, P ert b                      No. 327459 on outside I;ase, also ,I., gold qua.rtz
               to Lawlers. 19-9-98.                                                  specimen heart- shaped scarf pin, about 4dwts.,
                                 GEO. PHILLIPS,                                      pin sl i ghtl~· bent; the property of Mrs. Delia h
                                         Commissioner of P oliCt'.                   Rule. Suspi e-ion a.ttaches to George Ashton, slight
          27th Septembe ... 1898.                                                    bui ld , heig ht .=)f t. 3i n. or 4in., age 2B years, Yery
                                                                                     small fair moustache, dressed in black suit, white
          Corted/on.- C.O. ~~. P olice Gazette 189!::!, page 285,
                                                                                     silk shi rt a.nd gore,\' felt hat.- A l 10171. 23rd S('p-
        John HutchisOll,/OI' No. 466, 1'eC/cl No. 446.
                                                                                     temher, 1898.

              Stealing in Dwellings, from the                                          ](algooJ"he. - On the 16t.h inst., fnH]] the per::;on o[
                         Person, etc.                                                Ma rt in Du ggi:Ln, ~~ a. gentleman's t-tilver hlln t illg stem
               Vide J'o~ice GrtZette, 1898,   page 307,   A.1/1() 11:~ .             winding l~othe r ham"h, No. 678, ,. TUl'u er , BCl'e h.
          P erlh. - C), Ji'. Pulley'::; property has i)f'en found,                   worth," on dia.l. -- A l ]0172, 23rd September, 1898.
        not stolcll.
                                                                                         Perfh.- Oll the 17t h inst., from Mr. GL'o. G r('\"s
           KOJ/UII'fW. -   OU  the 18th iust -a, u'elltleJllll U'S                    l't.:'siden(;e. Subiaco,-<L g-elltlelllan's lSih-er hllllt i"ng
        silver hunting 'I!:llg"lillh le\'er wa.t(;i~. bv Settle Bros.,                :stclll.wi ntl in g GeneYR 14.:'\'4.:'r watch, No. 40 159, <l ull
        Loncloll, No. 8:H2~ ; the property of John H ing--                            he<wy gold cha,in, fetter lin ks; th f' property of J0si..'ph
        land.-A 1 10l R:~, :2-.!-th Septf'miJt>I'. ] 89R.                             B'liley.- Al 1021 .5, 27th Sept elllher, 189B.
    Ji'l'l'Il1alllft'. - Between the 21st ;'lll(l 23rd imlt.. from             DpflJ1/.--0n the 14th or 15th li lt., from tiw Derbv
 a roOlll      a,t Rons Hea.d, North Fl'~malltl(>.-a new                    Hotd,"':'~a Colt's '380 l'P,'olver. hea.d of ('xtradillg rod
 light-brown lea,ther portmautcat~. contaiuing- I bl ue                     newly soldered, two liew ~('l'C\\,S in pl;,th' butt of revol-
 sat· suit. 2 white drill suits. 1 wlutp yest. ~ flowered                   Ver; the property of E. 1\1. A. Andt.'l'son. - A1 101,12,
 silk ha.lHlker(·hiefs. 1 sil k 1lluftiel'. 1 pltil' dmwt:'l's. 1           21st September, 1898.
 white sh irt , 12 assorted neekties. I gola sea.rf pin
 (horse-shoe pa.ttem) with .'. Good Luck" in l':tised                          Palh. - Betweeu t he 14t h an d 19th illSt., fl'Olll R.
 letters, 1 pail' silver sleeve- link s, ] 66ft. tape                       H olmes & Co.'s new building'S. in M 1II'J'a,v Stn·et-
 litw (" CI1 C'sterfield, ma.ker "), ] small spirit ll'vel                  1 ('al'pellter's ni('kp]- pl ated hmec. 1'1lS(\' in sO~le
 about H t. lung, ] miner's ma.gllifyill~ f,{l;]~s. aHd 1                   plaees. stamped 106 Oll the nail].;:; 1 llt,'W G('rman
 Ma so ni c n : tIle propert~' of G. Smith.-                , price ll1 arl~('11 in ink on 111(' iron, and
 Al 10200, 26th September, 1~9 8.                                           1 adjustable expansion bit; th(' property uf vVilIia,lll
                                                                            A. Siyewrigllt.--AII0158. 21st September, 18D8.
   ]i'1'f'm(lllfll'. - Ahout midnight. 2MIi inst.. from
the person of Thomas Smit h, ill Fremantle Park,-                              PPI'th. - On the I 8thjnst, fronl I S P;lI'kel' Street,
a :..{entil'llla,u's hiad.: metal open-faccd stem-winding                  Russdl Square.- 3 pairs of dentist'g new pla.ted
S'~'iss wakh, I golLl (Iou hie {'hain (Ion/.{ links                        forceps, 1 nickel alarm d oek, alarm 011 top, ordina ry
with slllall links between), guinea pt:'mLlIlt in (·putl'e                 Sc rew put in t he back, also I I)air of hrown check
ana gold sm'ereign t:a~e contaiuing I sow'rcign a,t end                    Scoteh wool trousers, aud 1 bhw· serge sac t:oat and
of thain. The ofi'€'nder is dcscri hed as ahout 26 years                   vest, all slop made. size about 6; the property of
of a~€', -Sft. Sin. hi~h, fair moustache and complexion.                   James Illghalll Sutcliffe. Al 10168, 2:2nd Scph>lllber
                                                                           1~8.                                                      •
dressed in Cl hlack su it and black bat; a spidcr, -
Al 10HJi. :2f-ith St'ptemher, 1898.
                                                                               ('lctl'emolll.-Dur in g the nig ht of the 20th inst.,
                                                                           from a building at Cottesloe,- 1 door cramp, about
    Fl'e/J/(wfll'.- Ahout six weeks ago. from tbe person                   4ft. long. the shoe on euel of cramp has b~en
of Franl.:cs Turner, a,t the Lim erick Dining l~ooUls. ­                   ll<llll 1111 'reel; th~ property of N onnan Elli~. f-ill"'p iciol1
a two-bar gold hrooch. a,hout I tin. long' with crest ill                  atta<.:\ 'l 's to Th omas Reyoo1ds. St(IlIt build. age 5,5
C't'ntre, sma,J 1 rllby at top of crest rtnd large opal ill                ,, elark complexiou, whiskers ~~nd mouKtache
('e ntre.    SHspieio n a.ttaches to Mab€'l Brow II , who                  turning grey .-AI . 10169, 231'(1 Septemher. 1898.
was seen w€',tl'ing' the brooch ill High Street
0 11 the 24t h insL     Descriptinll: ahout bft. Gin. higb,                   PreJil(I11t1e.-On the 231'd inst .. fmlli 56 Ord Street, a
dark complexion. dark hail', rosy cheeks, dressed in                       tan leather case with two straps and buckles attached ,
whitl' dresK with red stripes. and a ha,t ,,"itb a red                     containing a set of ebony hail' hrushes, '·S.V. H ."
rihbon. - Al 101 9:;, 26th Septemhl;;'r. I SHS.                            (monogram) f'ngraved Oil bad,;: of brushes; the prop-
                                                                           erty of SelwYll VliH. Hall. - Al 10180. 24th Sep-
    l)f'J'th. - Un the 16th or 17th inst .. frolll the owner's             temher, 1898.
oflief'. St. Georgt:"s Terrae-e,-a black cna.melled cash
box. about 2ft. x 9iu. x 9in., containing ahout 10 ,£1-                       J.',·enwlllle. - Bebwell the 18th anLl ~4th iust.. from
notf'S ou Bank of New South vVa.les aud ahout £7 in                        the beach ahove North Fremantle Bl'idge,- a. clinker-
c<lsh; also :3 l·he(p-les: ( I ) Commercial Union Assmtl.nce               hmlt Llinghy. about lOft. or 12ft. long. }><1.intNI a
Co .. £1 Is.; (2) Canning J arrab Timher Co. (,\V.A,),                     dirty reJ ('olou r outside anel a stolle colour insiue,
Ltd .. .£4 (oot negutiable); (3) Perth City COllIlOil,                     talTcd uuder lining, has.uo scull hole; thl' property
£10 48.: 2 )lost-dated cheques: (I) P. A. GUg'erie,                        of J ohn Gron:-s.-A l 10202,26th SeptcmLer, 1898.
£2; (2) Rev. Clairs, £7 10; 5 pl'olllis~ol'V notes,
pa.ya.hle to H. H. H obnau: ( l ) A. B. 'Yright, .£13                         j'erlh.-On the 17th inst .. from the owner's shop
19,.6d.; (2) E. H. Gleddon. £ 10 19, . lI d.; (3) J.                       III the Arcade,-2 gentlemen 's si lk um brell as, with
McArdell, £ 10 ; (4) A. V. Ta,vIOl', £ 12 10,.; (i) IV.                    t.ubular ha.lldles, one curved, the other straight; the
W. Maynan1, £3 lIs. 6d.; title deeds, transfer, etc.,                      pl·ope}'t." of Fitzsjmmons & SOIl.- Al/10207, 26th
H enry Behrelld; '-1.lso transfer and agreements Kim-                      SeptcDl bel', 1898.
1',erley Hotel H. Fraser; certificate of H . II. Holman
& Co.'s l'eg istmtion of filTn; hond certifie<tt€'s vV.A.
'Viue Co.: J{ 71 , No. 5, ) hhd . wine; Nos. 15, 17,
82,83,3.5, 5 ~-casks wine; F 4.J.~. Nos. 1, ;:l, 2: -ca.sks                                             Apprehensions.
wine; J 811 , Nos. 1. 7. 1~. 13. 9 l-casks wine; No.                                         ride Police Guzette, 1898, pagl;:      :~U!J.
22, I octave wine; K ] 81. Nos. 2. 4 ..S. 7,9 ..S hhds.
winl'; K 181, Nos. 10, 11. 2 t -casks wiut:; the property                        ARTHUR CLEAL,     brought up at York on the 19th
of H. H. Holm,l,ll & Cn. - AI WOH J. 17th Septemhcl',                  iust..          Discharged on payment of amo unt J1Ie.
                                                                                             r ide Po/ire Gazette. 189S, page :iU!l.
    P,·rlll. DUl'in~ the nig-ht of tlw ~,tth inst... from                 (Arrest of '\T. J OhllS(lll. Henr\' li"r\,. and Ka.te
the vCl'allfltLh of 216 Newcastle Stl'('t't. - a g'cnt1cIlHlU'S        Cla r k,, ) currl' cfiotl : For P.C. 'Y. G'. Hn.g'JI'Y 1'1',111 G.
Raleig-h bi~·yde. Brooks' saddle, plate he;lriwr name                  P. G-rt'g'ory.
(If Bwoh hroken in half, rubber p("(la,l~ mu(·h W01'll.
tur!;: gri ps, hOIle rim on right hauole broken; the                                             Vide Police Guzette, Ig!J8, page ail\.
prOpl'rty of \Villiam         Simolls.      AJ lU1 89.     2.5t h                U H A ]~ L ES     EOWARD        O'GRADY,        l!l'ou~ht         Ui'   at.
SC l'tem bel', 1898.                                                   Ouslow, on t he 2Gth ult,.                   Discharged on ))<1.ymont of
                                                                       amount due and costs.
    N?rth Fremantle.-O~ the 23rd in st. , -,~ gent le-
1.~H11l s ~ew Overland bIcycle, No. 21850 on side of                                    V id" Police Gazette, lS9ti, page 2:W, \V . ",,'/.
front pIece a.nd on real' fork, paiuted marone colour,                                         at P erth , on t he 20th inst"
                                                                                 ,.yILLIArtI CAR ROLL,
ont~lge-(;oloured fork, sing le tube tires, stamped                    b." CarpI. C. vVatson. Remanded. Admitted t.o bail.
"~l essenge ,,," very flat plain black leather saudle,
WIth OllC spring, cork grips, with si lv~'r tips, stamped                               I'idll Police Gazette, 189$, pfLge :W2, " r.      1,,~/.
,. ~oIl8eha7;ard;" the property of Craig & Sol in .                              HENRY MASON,at the 47-Mile, Great Southern
Offender IS 'Vm. Brown, vide W arrants I ssued.                        Railway, on the 12th inst., hy P. C. J. L. Wall; £ 1
AI /I 0201, 20th September, 1898.                                      fille or 1 month h.1.
                           J'lde   I~olice   Gazette, 189H, page :W9.                    BEN JAM IN EDWARDS, at Perth, Oll the 19th inst.,
        CH.AUl.ES \VltEFORD,             brought up at Coolgardil'.             vU     by P,U. J. T. BrodiE'; unlawful l'0~SCStSi(lu. 2
     the 20th inst.                Committefl for triaL                                months Id.

        TIIO:'lAS          \\'ALKI::R.       at ~outh P erth,     Oil   the 231'<.1      HENRY CARBERR'f, at Perth, Oil t.he :!~lld inst.,                 1Iy
     inst., b\         p.a. \V. l\Iason. on W:.llT<:tut; larcC'ny. -£1                 P.C. P. Lynch; larceny. 6 months h,1.
     fine    ,IIH,I
                 '     ('osts.

        ABOUL lUAHOJlIE'1'              a,ud    JOSEPH ANTONlO LAl\IEY,         at       THOMAS JONES, <J"t Perth. OIl the 231'd inst., by
     \Vhim Cn'l'k,           OH     the 26th nIt .. by P.C. Will. Ha.rris;             P.C. A. \V~Lrne('ke; i,ll(, and ditSOl'fl(>r1,v. 6 months
    bcing- prohihited immigl'a,llt~. 6 months illlpri~on­                              Id.
    m€llt. and to he sent hack to th,· port from wbi('h
    thl'Y \H'l't' ~hipi'('(l.

       FREJ)ERICK HUSH BY. at K,),HnWlla., on thl' i2m]                                                   MiSSing Friends.
    iwst .. I.v P.Cs. O'Brit:'ll and A. Rankin; 1I111awfllJ                                  Vid e Police O(J::ette, IH!)H. page ~;J5. HI .j:!:~!,.
    posses:O;lotl of ,unalgH.ill. 1 month h .1.
                                                                                         CHARI.. l':S :)IcCRA"~   has 11E'~1l found at     B'I't:'tnallt]I'.

       A L~'R~;I) Bk.OWN, at BUllbury, (Ill the iIst iust..
    by P.U:-:;. D. O'Clll1110r and \V. 'J. Wilkin; iflle ,lUU                                  l'l de Po/ire Gazette, L"9l5, page 2!J\i, BJ ,)6U-~.
    dlsonh·rly, 14 days h.1.; l'eSiBtillg poli('t-'. J mouth                             l\IAURICE PABS1' has heen fOllnd at BhH·k Flag,
    h.1. ('·HIJlUhltin').
                                                                                               Vide Police Gazette, UiIlS, page :H I, B11:) l\lH,
       JOHN EDWARDS, exp., late No. 7979, a.t York,oll
                                                                                        'V. H. LA11'Y left FI'\;,'lI1aotle fll!' l\i""lholll'lJe 111"1'
    the 23rd iust., by COl'pL P. Engli::;h; ohsl..'cnit,L                      14     the s.s. Ka.lgoorlie un tlw 2211rl iust.
    aa,vs It.!.

       JAMES K ErMER, <l.t BIJV0rlE'V, Oil the ~:Zml ill::;t., by                       JA~]l!:S SWEl!:'l' (nu tlt.,~t'l'ipti()n ~i"ell), Idt At.lelcJil].'
    P.C, J. S('ott; drunk, 21 da.ys h,1.; disordcl'h', [)                             iD JanUILl'Y. ] 897. sUp}I\'::il't.l to lwvc lll'l'll killt'll l,.v
    weel~::; h,1. (l'ulllula.tive),'                         ,                        an Hociclent ill this Uololl,".     Inquiry hy Alluie
                                                                                      Sweet (wife), ca,re of l\I l'S. Bottom k,y, ,1)1 Kel'lIIl.) (le
       LEUPOLO HILLIER, <Lt Albauv, Oll the 17th i!l~L,
                                                                                      Street, North Adelaidt~ , B.A.      ItJ((ll'lI1a.tiull to the
    by P,C, M, GrLffiu, on WlllT<lnt; being- illdt.,!,ted to                          Criminal In\'t'shgation Brani'll. Perth. HI .r)(i.)().
    Jam!.:s NL'wtt)U ill the sum of £5. Di~.;('hal'g(-'t1.
    Claim satisfied,                                                                     ALBERT KA.llINSKI, <1;,{l' :36 H',U's, h"ight Mt. ;)ill.,
                                                                                      r-cr,r d,trk l'omplexil)ll.:\ 1" ,ot"lIaker, n,Ltl"f" of Ger-
       BAZ       GULL, at Norseman, on the l!:.1th h"                         man\', last heard of 11\' lettt'l' datl'u Perth, 10th
    P.C, p, O'Hallorftu; unlawful pos::;essiou .     £5 tin'p                         Apri'l, 1898. Illyuiry IlY QUI'l'll::;land polH't-'. un be-
    and     t·u::;h.                                                                  half of his wilE' , wholH hl' bas ,1(',sel'h·d af Bri::;llillll'.
                                                                                      I nfonna.tion 10 tbl' Crilllill~d In\'t.'~1ig<lfj!)n Bl'ancll.
      JOH N 11UltNER  oliofl KING (lliw; G-Itl':BN, and                               Perth - HI .5560.
    "~lLLIA)1 INn, at Coolgardie, on lIw 20th inst.. hv
    Sergt. 'Y. C. Sdlenger and Det. p, D, Kavullag-h';
                                                                                          G. H. 'VARRING'l'ON. ~tout build, hE'i~ht abou1 5ft.
    unlawful i'OtS::;•>~!)ion.
                      .                      3 months h.1. \;,'atb.                   7in., light-bmwu hair, ~lf it sot.:ia.hl,> cli~positiIHl,
                                                                                      musi('al, bpard (If in NI'\\' South Wal{'::; in
      ALFRED BROWN, ,Lt North Frema.ntle, on t,he J .sth                              Dec('mher, l W16, ",hell he "as ~'mplo)'ed il:-i C'<LUV(lSSE' t·
    inst., by P.C. W. Ua.nnon; larcen.y, Broul-{ht lip a.t                            hy B. i\1al:ready, iu New South Wales, in the fan('y-
    Perth on the 21st in st. 6 mouths h.1.                                            goods a.nd sta,tiouery liu!'. and is ::;uppos('d to have
                                                                                      a.bsconded with a.hout £100 worth of stod~. Inquiry
                                                                                      11\' H. l\la('J'e,.l(h, 379 King Strc,..t, Snlney.     In for ..
       RUDOLPJ-I DOillBOSKI, at Fremantle. on thc 231'd
    intSt., hy P.t..). T. Short; disol'Jerly. 3 m ontbs h.1.                          1l1atiun tn the CrIminal I n~'t'Rtigation 'Bl'rui ('h, PI:'l'th.
                                                                                      -B I /5649.
      GEOIWE :MART f N ali(t.~ DJ. ONDIN, a.t Fremantle, 011
    the :231'u inst., 1 'V.P.C'. T. l{ogel's, oU Wclrrant·
                       )\'                                                              FREDERI C K KEYOSKl alia.; GERMAN FJ{ED, age 40
    ahductioll. Remanded.                                   '                                                     I
                                                                                      to 45 years. height about . )ft. 6in" grey hair, dark
                                                                                      beard and moustacbe turning /-!'rey, c,Ltaract iu right
      ALFRl':D KING, at Geraldton, Oll tbe 20th inst., by                             eye. spea.ks with foreign accent, a mine!', native of
    P.C, F. Podesta" on warrant; lan:eny. Remaudell.'                                 GermRny, dressed in soft felt hat, pOl:k(>t halldkel'.
                                                                                      ('hiE'f round ne('k, und moleskin t.rollst'I'S, left Mt.
        J OHN MOHR ;L1HJ JAMES Gm SON, at Boulder. 011
                                                                                      Mortimel' diggings on foot in Novt'll1ilel', 1 ~97,
    tl~e 21n.d iust.. by P.C, G. A. Fraser, on warrants;                              taking w it h him a small swa~ ,1Ild a. heavy Colt's

-   disobey lUg- summuns to answer a. ~ ha.l'O'e of ille'~al                          r evnhTel', aud leaying hE'bind two hllrs('s and st'Yt:ntl
    11 awkiil~. 2,;. Ijd. fine each .        ::.        '"                            riding' and pad:: sfl,(ldles, which He now iu cha l'g'I' of
                                                                                      t h e l\It. l\111rtimel' police. Inquiry by Juhll Caml)-
         VVIl~ "IA l\l L'ROZH:Jt. at Al han .... , on the 17th inst"                  hell, min~r, 1\'ft. l\1ortimcr.      Information to the
    by P.C. W. J. Bt-'gle,Y; idle and disorderly. 14                                  Criminal Tlwt:'stiga.tion BI"t.I1Ch, Perth. - Bl 564ti,
    d(1)'s h.1.
         CHRISTIAN TAGUER, a,t NOl'tham, 011 the 21st inst.,                            DANIEL      JOSEPH O'DONOr.HUE               (no    Ile~H'riIJti()ll
    b.... P.C:-i. P. QUUill and R. J. Fl.lrlon~; lan:t'uy from                        given) ; last heard 1)£ in New South \Vales ill O('lohe1',
    tIlt! I"'r!'oll. 14 day::; h.l. Propert." re(;()\'l'l'ed.                         1897. Inquiry by Mar," Anll O'Dolln~huc (wife),
                                                                                      445 Rile" Stl't'et. SUITe,' Hills, Syd lle\'. Information
     JOHN BUCK, ,tt Perth, on the 14th inst., b\' Pru.                                to thp 'Criminal Ill\'~'t-itig<Lti()J; RI:auch, Perth. -
    Dd. A. Dllllll; la,r(·ell,\'. Committed fol' trial.'                              Bl /5663.

                     Miscellaneous.                                                                 Inquests.
                                                                             J(alflMI'Iie.-On the :3oth lilt. a nd 20th inst .. at
LOCKET. a.nd J AMES R. GEERE, charged at JCWOWII<l,
                                                                          the COllrt H Ollse. hefore J:!""1. Hare. R.M. on t he
ou the :Wth iust .. by Clarence Jalllt's B. L,-uc; COI1-                  bod\' of Francis Edwal'd Coffe\' . who was found dead
spiracy to defntud . . Committed fo]' trial.         "Admitted            a.t tile hottom of a. shaft on tIle Alpha L t'as€' on the
                                                                          30th lilt. Verc1i et-" F Ollllll df'acl." B l ·,5606.
to hail.

  KE:-;EASSAN, tbarged at Mt. l\Ialeohn. on thtJ 19th                         Perfh. On the l; t h and 2:2nd inst.. at Jacoby's
insL bv P.C. \V. Feelv; ha.wkin~. -£5 line a.nc1                          H a,ll . hefore T. }'. Quinh n, J .P .. Acting Coroner, on
costs Ol~ 3 months h.1. .          .                                      t he hoclv of May l\1vNamam, who was fonn d drowned
                                                                          in the ·Swn.n Rivf'r on the 17liI inst. Verc1ict -
             and KANSEIN, charo'ed at Mt. Mako]m,
       LgNAS I GN                                                         "Su ieide whilst tC'mpora.n1y insane."· Bl j.5n4-3.
   the 19th inst., by P.C. J. DOllonlll; ha.wkiug.
0 11
                                                                              J3,·idgeiowll.-On the 17th iust.. ,Lt the Court
£5 fine and costs or B months h.1. l'IH.:h.
                                                                          Hou:-;e, before     "T. A. G. \Valtel's, J .P .. A cting
                                                                          Coroner. on the hod.\· of Eva. E llie Vil1cent , who
               H . HODGE. ' Veskyan miuister. l'uarged
       \ VILLIA)[
at York, ou the 14th jllSt.. In' \V. (-:. Jpl'vis, Dish-jet               died suddenly on t he 1'0al1 to Bridgetown. Verdict-
Regi st rar; hreach of the Mari'iagf' Act. by cele hrating                .; D from na,tural e[tuses." B l j.J6.51.
it marriage without first obta,iuillg a certificate.  £ 10
tine and co!sts.                                                            K ofyoorlie. On the 15th ,llld 22ntl iust .. at the
                                                                          Court H Ollse, before P: \Vhelan. J.P., A(·ting
  ROBERT T1\YLOR, ut Broad AlTow. on the 17t h                            Corom'r, on the body of .Marquis F. 1\I (~Namara, who
inst., on the appli cat ion of P.C ..T. :Jloorchous€'". was               shot himself on the I.5th in~t. Vertlic·t -" Suicide
plated on the Prohibited Li st for 6 mouths.                              whilst tpmporaril~- in s,ult'."- BI 56.57.

     CHARLES SI]\l lHS. licensee of tht~ Oddfcl1ows' Hotf'l,                 J IIII"bfe BUI". - On the 1Mh, J9th. allfl 14th lilt .. <Lt
cbarged at Fre mantle. on the 21 st in:;t., by Sergt. 'f.                 tht' Cnllt H ouse, hefore A. Ostb lld . J.P .. Acting
 Houlahall; permitting di:.orderly conduct Oll hi s                       Coroner, on the bodr of H erb('rt WilliiLIl1 Nix. who
l it"(:,ll~etl preruises. £5 fine <l!ld costs.                            was found dead in hjs hOllse Oll the 16th nit. with a
                                                                          bullet wound III his lwad. Verc1ict- " S nicide."-
   GEoar.E CARSON, at Guilclford, Oil tht.· 20l.h inst.,                  El 5.\81.
                                  wa~ pla.ced on the
on f he application of Mrs. Carson.
Prohihited Li st for ] 2 mouths.                                             FI'€IlWllfle. - Oll the 20th and 281'tl inst ... at. the
                                                                          Court H ous€'". before Dr. fr. .H . Lovegrovt', J.P.,
   J .-\)lES A. TOHD. charg-ed at Perth, on the 20th                      Coroner, on the body uf Danid Shanllon, who was
in st .. hy E. Re."nolds; disposing- of nwa.t unfit for                   found dead on the l:{ot:kingham Road. ha\ring lwen
human cllllslImption. 40s. fiDt' and C(l~ts..                             run over b\' ,L loaded dra\'. Verdi(·t --" Aceidental
                                                                          dea1 h." - Bi ,5661.          .
  AT.. BERT '\ \'nLlAM BRAY. charged at Perth. on t he
20th inst.. hy the Registrar General; hreaeh of the                         Ka(yof/1·lie.-On the 191h and :28n1 inst., a.t the
Marriage Act. Iw celebratinv a nlill'l'ia (~e without the                 Court H onse. befort> P. \Vhelan, J.P., Acting
prouuction of ce;·tificates. £10 fhw a~d costs.                           Coroner. on the hody of George Spa mOll, who was
                                                                          killed 1)\, il. fall l)f earth at the North Boulde!' G.:M.
   ,"V~1. .A. GRENIKE, licensee of the Goldfields Clllh                   on the 'Hhh in st. Verclic·t ,. A('('identa1 cleatb."-
Hotel. charged at Perth, on t ht.· ~:2nd in st .. b\' P.C8.               El ·\660.
G. Rlln tin and \V. Guest; selling aftpr hours. 40::;.
fine and costs.
                                                                                  Burglary, House breaking, etc.
                                                                             Fremantle.-Stolell, on t he 20th inst., from                 CL
                                                                          dwelling iu Adelaide Street, entrance heing effected
                     Property Lost.                                       by unlock ing' the door from the outside by an
   Perfh.-On the :lIst inst..   ..t tlwqllc for £5. on t lw               instru mcllt,-1 gentleman's rolled gold American
" '.A.  Bank. P er th, drawn In" E. A. Allpike. the                       stem-wi ndin g wa.tch, ] gentleman's ~ct. gold c1 ol1 ble
propert.y of Miss Evan". - P.L. 'IJ\~' O n tll(' 22nd                     curb chaill. and a squa re-shnped gold loc ket. engraved
IU st.,-a telescope WIth level' action, the property of
Dr Saw.--:-P.L: ~ll. On the 14th inst .. - a gol ~l
                                                                          ., Preseut(:'cl tu    H. Booth"; also two sove rei gns and
                                                                          a,bout :20s. in :.ilver ; the property of \Villi a m Henry
curh cham WIth padlo<.:k. the propert.y of Mr~                            Booth. --Al/10l64. 2:lnd 8('ptf'mbl~ r . 1898.
l\.Ie:Keowll.- P . L. "9~'/'                    .
                                                                              F,·emcrllne. -- Stolen. on t he :lOth inst., fmOl a
   Fn'III'lIItff!. - On the 2:2n<.l. inst., - a    hoy's ret'fer          dwelling in Adelaide Street. as ahovl'. - 1 lady's
jacket with plaid lining, thl' propert.\' of Theo. Ulrick.                silvf'1' huntin g key-winding wat("h. Nl). 52884 ... H .
      P.l..). Ip\,'. 011 th~ ] 9th inst.,- ,L t ..uH:ololl1'eu            Smith" engnlYt.'d nil rlume: }lnt! ] lady's silyer
1!Ul'st' conhLining £ 1 16s.. a sih'er fa rth il)lr ,md                   (;ha.ill, alternah: loug aud sbnrt links. with s ilver
l"t.'<.:e ipt s, tlw property of FI"u,n<.:is Ashton. _ P.£. \ 1           tassel a.t end; ali'3o tlll't'e S()\'c]"C'il!lls: the propert.y of
                                                                          H er bert Smith. A l ] 0 168. 22nd f:;::l.l-,tt'llIhE'l'. 18HB .
 . Lll f,bul·Y·-O u. the 21st inst.,-a gold pt.·ntlant
like a, 20-fl"al1e piece, t he property ~)f E. H,trvey.--                   Ji'remcudle.-Stlllc n , Oll the 20th inst., frOIl! a
PL W                                .                      .              dwelling in Adela ide Street, <1.S above, ] square-
                                                                          shaped gold locket, with rOHlld corners. ol'namclltecl
   )!:xperclllce.-On th e 9th inst" - 'L black lea,ther                   on both sides, .. Lily" en,rraved on one side' t he
poc k ~ t-bookcontaining £ 1 , the property of J. R.                      property of John McKa,Y. "':A l ]01 6.5. 21·nd SeJ~tem­
Ha.J"nson. - P.L. 4.,l. ..                                                bel'. 1898.
                          - --
  . J(alyoorlif!.-On t~e 11 t h illst .. - 1.go\(] wedd in g-               K{lZqrwrlil!.·-Sto](>l1. on the 24th illSt.. fl'o m the:
l"In g, I gold keeper l'lllg, ven sma ll SIze, "Lilv" in                  owner's shop, entra ll(;e being e ftcded by fOl'<.:ing the
r:t.i!o;ed letters 011 it ; 1 gold ol;long-~haped brooch, :::et           front door,-'l. gentlellla.n's larg<..' 1.S d. gold l'i ug, set
With hl ~~e1St~nf's. and I gold brooch,aIToW -sha IJed, with              wit h a large dull p~a.rl, su nk :;;etting; the property
.. JOE on It. the property of J. 'Valker.-P.L .•u"l1J" .                  of Bernard Stein & Co.- A I 1021:2, 2ith Sept.., ] 898.

                               Warrants Issued.                                           b adly pod;:.marked in face j both seamen, l\'fala),s;
                                                                                          deserting the schooner "Agues ThJcDonalll" at
                   ,ride Police G,u::etle, 1898. page 2RS, \V.     '~"~~.                 Whistler':; Creek, Oll the 2nd inst. -Dated Broolllc,
            NIJUMI KUMAKICHI,     not to he              'llTf'st ..,(l.     War-         7th Spph·mber. 1898. - W. 7IJlil!l 7J~"'.
         rant cancelled on the 20th lilt.
                                                                                              "\V ILL IAlH BROWN, agl' ah(IUt. 25 yl;',u s. heig-bt a hout
                   ri(le Police Oozdte.lS!)S, page 2R2. W.         '~/2 .                 5ft. 9in., small dark moustache. long and sharp
                                                                                          yisage. hrown complex ion. d r('ssed in blue Sf'l'ge sac
             Ar,FRED ECCLES Bot to be arrest€'d.                      \VarrauL
                                                                                          s uit ; htn·eny of a hicydl', the prop(>]·t .... of 'ViIJiam
         ('<lucellec1 Oll the 27th inst.
                                                                                          J a mes Craig. Dated Fremantle, 26th SeIJteml>l:I',
                                                                                          1898. \V . 7/,,'.
                   "ide J~olice U((zdle, U'I98, page :HV, \\", ',, ~'.
            A. B.      HA)IIL'I'ON     not to be <In'este.l.          \VarmnL
         calH.'elled   Oll   the 22nl1 inst.
                                                                                                           Horses, Cattle, etc.
                          stout build, age 26 year~. heig-ht Sft.
     ~in . or 3in., black hair ,:smooth face, bla<:k en.' s, fbt Dose,
      round and fa.t visage. aa,rk complex.iOli. ;1.. sea man.
                                                                                                   Vide Police Gazette, 1808, page 2!)6, A1/98!1B.
                                                                                             NOl".'lemllll .- J ohn Garrett's camel ha,s becn           1'\""-

      has been a soldie r. Ha.t i n! of Tokio, JapiLll ; hreach of                        co ver ed by P .C, P. O'Hallol",Lll in t he po s:,;e~sio n     or
      thE' Inuuigratioll Restridioll Act, by n.:maining- on                               Baz Gllll·(m·df Apprehensiolls).
      shore without IJerm issioll. Dated BroomI.'. 31st
      August. 1898. - \\7 . 1-d"I>~'                                                               Vide Po/ice Gazette, ums, page 21-6, Al 922f(.

           :MARK SOLOMON.            stiff build. er how. legged,                     K all0ll'lI(f.- J ohll G. Mehin 's tauwl h as been re-
         age <.l.bout 35 ~'eil.l's, heil-{ht about 5ft. oill .. dax];;: hair
                                                                                          covered by P.C. George S. Bayley. ill the possession
                                                                                          of Ji.l.l1 Mahomet.
         cut short. d'1.rl.; hea.n· mOllstathe. dark e\'e~, J ew ish
         nose, rather sallow L't;mplex ion, ~L carrier: heing in·
         dehted to t lH-' Cla remont Ljvery Stables Com pimy in                              Th oll/CI ... R ivel·.- Stolcu, 011 or 'l.bou t the 20th April,
         the S1.Ull of £18 o~. 6t1.; to he a rrested at <Lil y sea.port                   1897. from the Lnms River, Gascoyne Di stl'i ct,- a
         of the Colony, but not elsewhere. Da.ted PI;.·rth, 21st                          chestnut mare. 9 YE'tHIS old, branded 98 on near
         September. 1898. -,v. 7/'0'.                                                     ~houldE'r, 16 hands high, one white hind foot. broken
                                                                                          to saddle on l.,-, tbe property of Alfred E. Oakley.-
     f  PETER MCPHEHSON (lb"as l\1CGJNTY. stout build,
      age 46 years , height 5it. 6in .. dark hair, lUoustru.:h e
                                                                                          A1 /10150. 20th Sept., 1898.

      and side·whiskers going grey, dark brown and small                                     Ko/goodie.- Stolen Oll t he 17th il1st., - ;.t bright
      eyes, Roman ll ose. round \·isage. dark (;ornplexioll, yery                         h ay light cart horse, hlind ill rig ht eye, bntn ded TE
      square jaws, has a cut all top of head. very l'Cplllsive                            near s boulcler ; also, a. gentleman'S s;'lddl€" old an u
      appearance, S l ollchin~, dressed in ;L <.Ia.rk coat                          greasy, ,wd a singl~ rei n bridle with new ch eck straps;
      and ,'est, grey striped trouser s and black felt hat. ;.t                           the property of Messrs. Fox and Holmes.- AI 10153,
      lahourer. formeIy a sai lor, native of England. much                                21st Sel)t .. 1898.
      addicted to d rink. says he can speak FrelH:h and
      Sp;.mish; obtaining g'oods to the yalue of £ 14 1 is. 9d.,
      by false pretences, fr om Arnold EduHlIlU Plesse.                                       DOlIganc-Suld . hwin House, on the 19th inlSt.,
      D,Ltell Katanllillg. 19th September. 1898.-            'f)"Ij~'  "T.                by order of S. F. 1\loo1'e. J.P. , - <I, brown mare, aged,
                                                                                          black points, with white on near hind foot, ahout 14
                                                                                          1li.Luds. PH (conj oined) and N anneal' shoulder.
     --JOHN       MAL ONE, middling stout, age :3:3,
      lH..:ight 5ft. 9in .. li ght. brown hair, blne eyes. rOllud
      fu ll visage, fr(,sh complexion, a miner; larceny of                                  Preman fle. --Stolen, on the 17th inst .. from t he
      about two dozelJ bottles of English pale ,tie, the                                  Sand Swamp,--a hri ght ba.y filly, 2 year s old, white
      pro}Jerty of J ohn l\feAlwey. Date(l GeralJton. 20th                                star on forehead. no 1nLuds; the property of John
       September. 1 898. ~"\V. 7ibl .                                                     Marsh . A 1 10)95, 26th Septem bel'. 1898.

                                                                                            llbMdm'ing.--Stolen, on t he 2211d inst., from the
     'J..!AlllE~       BUkKE.    height 5f~. ?in ... light hair, fair                     ,Veil' a bi.ty marC', lmwded X near shoulder,
         cO l1ljllexlOn (uo further llescnpboll gl\'en); breach of                                              .                     W
         ('outract b.v uescrtiug serv ice. auclleaving w<l.gon ewd                        white saddle mark, one shoe on off h ind foot, lutd
         Le<'LIll nnprote0tf'd. Dotted. Dougan.1, 20th Spp1ellILer ,                      bell on, .. W " cut all inside with a ('old chisf" l ; the
         ] 898.·- "\V . 7-l""f).                                                          property of ,"Villialll Saggers. I'hi~ mare was seen
                                                                                          on th e sa me date at P,ukl"rville, with winke rs on .
                                                                                          and ,1. swag thrown across it. in t he poss(-'ssion of a
     X       'f H O;\I AS REED. medi um huild, <.Ive :2·5 Vf'ar~. hei .. ht               man descrihl'd as s lout huild, hei~bt Sft. 7il1. , red
         about Mt. 11 in., nu·I.\' hair, very llla('k, ·hl;.1(:k hea~·d.                  lllOllStul" ht, and side whi skers, dn-sst:'d in blue lhlll·
         dark e.w"s. broad 1101:W. long visage. blal.'k l'ollll'iex ion ;                 ga.ree trou~(' rs. light 1weed (;O<.tt <Lod vest. and black
         \\'f'a r ing <1, soft brown felt hat, a se,tm<ln. native of                      hat, t Ul"l)ed up a ll ronnd; was going" towards New·
         ~tlrbadoes; desel'tin~ the s.s. "Beagh.," a.t Depucb
                                                          ·                               (;astle. - A l 10:209, 27th September. 1898.
         Island. Oll the 1st ins1 ; believed to have stowed ,twar
         (lU the s.:;. ,. Tangit'r~ " hound for Frem,wtie.        Date(}
         Cl1ssack, 5th SI'IJtl'ml)f'l" , 1 898.~ W. 7~,7 ...'\.                              K(f!y()odie. - Stolell. du ring t he night of the 24th
                                                                                          in st .. -a medium draught hay horse. low set. hrand s
                                                                                          unknowu. and it black gig, with bn)\nl shafts. cushion
      X    LAY]',[AN B I N H .AHURAN, medium huild. a:;e 23                               mark ed " J l\I" in white paint; light spring cart
         yeal'S, heighf abllut Sft. 3in., bhtC'k hair aud eyes,                           h<ll'Ucss. fall leather satldle with onc ring for rei ns;
         rouud visa~~. sallow complexion.            AHMAT BIN                   h." ttlw]' hreeching" with sih'el' buckles; the
         HUSSIN, medium Imild, age 29 veal'S, heighl .Sft. 7in.,                          property of John Bnrrows,-Al / 1021 :3, 27th Septem-
         hlat'k hair anll f'yes. round visage, sallow ('O lll plexion,                    ber. 1898.
                               Extract                                                                 bottom of first left finger (cut ), two moles left of
                                                                                                       neck. moles right upper a.rlll, left shoulde r blade,
           Fl'om Yictoria.. Police Gtu:ette,            l~Ht:l,   p. 2 . . . 7.                        and outer side left buttock. I s a native of Shore-
                                                                                                       ditch, England. This man OH the 6th J une, 1890,
                              MURDER.                                                                  shipped as a, ("oaltrimlllcr on thl' s.s. "Omtava," <lnd,
                                                                                                       deserted t ha.t vessel at vVilli<l,.U1StOWIl, Victoria , on
   J OSEPH       TH ObfBLl!ll"         (Ilia!;    BJ,;N.JAiHfN                    OTWAY,               the 17th July, 1890, when he we ut to Creswick , Vic-
FRA NC I S VINCENT, TO.1lI.PKINS,    a,ud UNC L E BEN.~                                                toria., at whldl pla<:e he relllaiucd until April, 1896,
 Th e apprehen~ion of this ma,n is songht for murder                                                   when he returned to Loudon. He was last heard of
 a.t Peckham, on t he 19th August. 1 8~7. D escription :                                               on the Dth April, 1898, at Leytonstone, L ondon,
49 .rears of (looks olde l '), .)ft. tiin. high                                                   His wife is at pr,_'sent residing at Creswick, Victoria,
 without shoes, florid (;omplexioll, light sandy hair,                                                 and he ma.\' ha\'e come ba<:k to either Victoria or on€'
 'fer," bald, eyes grey and sunkf>u, In a." uow he dea.n                                               of the oth~r ('olonie" in Au:strali<l.
shaNen, but usually grows a, close clipped giuger                                                      As otfendcl' has :se n "ed a sentence of 10 veal'S for
moustache, bri:stl.v eyebrows, top lip short and t h ick,                                              burgJary and shooting at p ol i('c , a nd is knowu as au
 large nose with en la.rged hridge, ca,ITie:s head forwl1l'cl                                          eXPIJ l't anu d;~llg-E'l'OllS shooting hurglar, the greatest
and stoops s lightly, bridge of nose, hoth eye-                                                 ca re will ha\'e to he exercised to effect his apprelwu-
)Jro\\s, back of head, right kUI'e. sill!"' of left lmee, ,Lud                                         Rion.~O. 78~:3, 9th September, 1 828.~A ] ]020.5.

RETURN OF LICENSES issued unde r "The \V"iues, Beer, and Spirit Sale Act, 1880,"
                          for the year 1898.

                                                                                  T RA N SFE RS.
                                                             PUBLICANS' GENERaL LrCENSES.

           From.                                 To.                                     Sig-n.                     Towu or Uistrict.                               Date.             Police Gazette
                                                                                                                                                                                     I  refereuce.

Pearn, Alfred Isaac                 L uke, J. H.                             G()lden Crvll"u H,\tel            Boog'arllie, 1\[t. Ma/nlet                  31-« AlIl.:"lIst.         I PagE' 205
Kearney, J os. Viucent              Krokoller, RaJ,hucl                      LellUolL\"jlle Hotel              Lemlt~m\'illt!, :Mt. M:I~uet                llth July
801a, H enry
P otter, Frederick             I    Brewer. Fruucis Gillett
                                    Darhyshire, Waiter
                                                                             Swan H otel
                                                                             J:o'l"eemal:j()n~' H (,tei
                                                                                                           I   N01·th Fremnntle
                                                                                                               Midl:lwl JUlletiou
                                                                                                                                            .              501 Au:,..'"ust
                                                                                                                                                           20th AU;""llst
Haydon, John Charles                Forij:ll, BaJlti.<;te                    Royal Unil Hotd                   Leuuonl'il\c, Mt. lHu!..'"1let              20th Au:.:u>;t                        5

                                                                      WAYSIDE HOUSE                       T.JICE~ISE.

           FroUl.                                To.                                                                                                                                  Police Gazette
                                                                                         S ib'"1l·
                                                                                                           I        1'1''''ll 01" I)il;tl·ict.
                                                                                                                                                       I             D,~te.

Gibbiugs, SolJhie Mary              ByrOll, ,VilliuUl
                                             ~-        ~~
                                                                         I   J?reemasous' Hotel           .r:)]"      B,)],.     Ro'~m.", I        .              1808.
                                                                                                                                                           19th August               1 Page 7

                                                                     WINE AND BBBR LrCENSES.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Police Gazette
           From.                                 To.                                     Sit,"ll.                   '1'OWll or Diatrict.                             Date.
                                                                                                                                                                                     I  refer euce.

",Vilson, Benjawin                  1Ilorria, El"lIest                                                         Bulou~                                      8th Alu;ust                   PlIge 237
Nilalld, Thoa.                      Sherid.nll, Philip                       Hailway H otel                    Mi(lInnd Junction                           16th Au~m;:t                          6
Mose~, Arthur ...                   H.ny, DOll                               !I¥ners' Cluu                     Mt. U~gllct                                 30th Jnly                             6
Brice, John Charles                 Edw,~rd8, Da\'iI1                        Stanley Arllli; Hotel             Fn,mantle                                   19th AII~"llst
                                                                                                                                                                                     I           6

                                                                       COLON[AL WINE LICENSE.

             From.                                To.                                    Sign.                      '1'()wu or Disb·ict.          --I-~              I)a te.          Police Gazette


                                                                                                                                 - - - - 'I -
Vi<llllllud H olmes                                                                                                                                        19th   Aw~u",t


                                                                                   GALLON L[CENSE.

                          From.                                      '1'0.                                                                       Date.                 Police G"zette
                                                                                                     Town or   Di~trict.                                                 refcrence.

              bIeiklc, Ed. 'l'hos                !   'Valkey, Waiter Fred.                   I NQrth Frerllautle                      12th August
                                                                                                                                                 I b'9S.
                                                                                                                                                                     I Puge    I!.

                                                     PRISON                               J;;!-{,,,;             DI:-';CHARGED.
     l""" ht",,,,
                      ",.,. ' '.
                       or h.\('
                      Ito:;: ..\n.
                                                                                                     Off~nC8.                                      \lenIence.                       WI"'r~

    ---             I- - - -             From FrplnrUltlf' P,·i';fl/l. dl/tiny th~ week eltdill!l ,SaIl/frill!!, 'l1th 8epfembel", lS!JS.

                       1<' 21
                                         Cal'twright, S US3n
                                         Gonion, l\larthl'L
                                                                                                                                     i'l3. or i days h.I.
                                                                                                                                     2(1'1';.01" J.I, da,ys h.1.
                                                                                                                                          months h.1.
                                                                                                                                                                                Fremantle            'l
                                         B;", G.
                                         Nicholson, G.
                                                                          Unlawful possession
                                                                                                                                     10,,_ or 7 days h.1.
                                                                                                                                                                                P erth
                                                                                                                                                                                Ji'l'elnantle          !
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ,19th         Sep!
                       :2024·            Coleman.F.                       Rc,.;i "ting" police                                       1 Ulonth h.1..                             NOl'th:Ull
    Do.                JUt-:             Milh.. l·, J.                    hIli: aud ~1i;;urdl,)rlr                                   n "-l'l'k::; ILl.                          .1<'n:luantle
                                                                          ]Il('iting- to l·c,.;ist police                            ] ulOnth h.I.                              Northam
                       :H,76            Ling-m'd, R.
                                        Md30vel'll. D.
                                        CI':uuey, F. P.
                                                                          ('ont\'mpt of Court
                                                                                                        ..                           i da:'!" imp ..
                                                                                                                                     7 days imp.
                       l$i l:{
                                        Robertson, w.
                                                                          .h;;alllting police
                                                                                                                                     !i m()nt hs h.1.
                                                                                                                                     :tOs. or 7 days h.l.
    Do.               :H6i              DlUUl, D. " •.                    LltreC'llv ..                                              H JJl0nths h.1.                            Cool~ardie             ,
    Do.               :323!:i           " rillialllson, C.                   L:U'('\'ll:" (two charges)                              ti Illonth" h.l.;                6         Perth                  I
                                                                                                                                         months h.1.                                                  J
                                        H rtzelby, Edith        Itlk and disorderly                                                  ~i lllonths h.l.                           Fremantle
    Female            Fati
                                                                                                                                     2{)s. or 14 (\a,ys h.1.
    «""' ree          lSil              l\filne,   .1..  ali«s Oh,.;t'(·ll(' language                                                                                           PC1·th
                                           Alfred Lyle
                                                              I Drllnk                                                              i da .... s h.1.                              Do.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       I 1st
                                                                                                                                                                                                       (2            do.
    EXI)'             7S4;~             Shiels, J.
    Free.             32iH              Ke nned,\', B.          /,lll't'ell \'                                                      n lIIonths h.1.                             Btmhury                I
    Do.               3394              McCra.y, C,             Di ,,;ordel'ly                                                      .I!-' iued £:) Ol :~ months                 Bonlde r

    Do.               :H,9H             Fcrrara, ilL                      Drllnk
                                                                                                                                    Finel1 .£5           (lI'   :H da.ys        Coolg'ardie
                                                                                                                                                                                                      J22nd do.
                                                                                                                                      h .t                           .
    Do.               1142              Denny, VI' ...                    Oh.-;C('IH' language; assfl.ult                            Fil1('\l .£.) or 3 months                     Do.                1
                                                                                                                                        h.1. ; li months Id.                                           I
    Do.               3392              Balls, A.                         1 11](':lIl1j       llisorderlv                            :1 months h.I.                             Yel'iUl'L                            do.
    Do.               3:{!)7            BllI'ke. "M.                          1)0.                          -                        :1 months h.1.                             Kanowna.                 I
    Do.               3424              Filmingham, W.                        \)0.                                                   2 Illonth!'. h.1.                          P(>l'th                  I
    Do.               3491              Domhraski, R.                     Drllnk                                                     lOs. 1)1" 7 day,;; h.1.                    FL'cmantle
    Female            F 79              Harford, l<'lorence               OI.'s(' l'ting chillI.                                     :~mnnths h.1.                              Perth
    Free               839              Coopel', J.                       LaJ'ce n\'                                                 :~mouths h.I.                              Guildford
                                        Butler, J.
                                        Watts, A.
                                                                            Do. •
                                                                                                                                     3 months h.1.
                                                                                                                                     7 dll)"S h.l.
                                                                                                                                                                                Perth                    [24th do.
    Do.               :HHI              \Vitzke, F.                       Unl a.wful possession                       (three                     h.l. on each
                                                                                                                                     :j Ill(lllth:;;                            lCalgoorlie
                                                                            ch:ll'g'es)                                                   char~e                                                     J
                                                 Froln New('(l.<;fll' (trlOl, dll?'ing the wuk en(lill(J 171h St'ptf'mb('l', 18.98.
                                        McKinnin. "Wm.
                                        Hill. Frederick
                                                                       I B',e)'O,e.'h ot.·.R"'.' y B.Y-.'
                                                                                           ..      ..       .'.I.W!\               I 20f>. 01' J14 (la.ys h.1.
                                                                                                                                                       ~ 'la~'s
                                                                                                                                                                                                     11) 12th Sept.

                                                   From BUll/wry fia o/. ell/ring the week elldiilfl 2(Jlh 8pl'felJlbel'. 1898.
    Ab. nat,j                         I Ned                            \ Bn>ach of contract                                          7 days h.1.                                BlInhul'Y

                                                 FtOlI1 YOI'k r';'aul, dl/ring the wee/,' I;mc7i,IY 24th 8/,jlfl'ndjf'l'. 1898.
    Frce                                 Hendel'son, Frank     ()h ~l·(· n it.y                      H days h.1.                York                                                                         19th Sept.

        Return of Prisoners tried at Quarter Se,sions. Gcraldton. cOIIIIIlCnci n;( W esday, itll September,
                                                                                    edn                                                                                                                             18~~.
                   He". No.                    Kallw.                                                                 n;~II''''1
                                                                                                                                             1",I;"c i :a/dl,'
     ,linou.                                                                       lilT.·" .... ".                                                                          \'l'1'tllel               How      ili~l,,'~rd   "f.
               I               \
                                     Ko! lU l', Rall,h,
                                        Mole>;wort lo
                                     Smith. Artbul',
                                                          I"i,,~   J.':lh"e I'l'clt'u('C,",                      Get111(ltOIl                          :!2:~          Guilty                   I   "won th' bJ
                                                          a'i(l~      D o.                                            Do.                              !.;G           Not Guilty                   Discbarged.
    E.p.            Hll-kj           J ohus. TbOlllas,    t1'iu~   Rn"lo('l'Y frollL the l,el"!lOll                   Dv.                              :!...;        nuilb'                        12 months h.l.
    F_                               Gmy. Henry                    A~ Sll.ult   with iutent to roll                   Do.                              :!'~::             Do,                      3 yetu·s p.lI.
    Do.                              :Dlal"ch, J o lou                   VI).                 do                      Do.                              :;0:;           Do.                            Do.


                                          E~OAPED                                                  PHlSON ERS.

Onulte            ... ,,"w                I{e~ .
                                                   :>00. ditlOn.         Illt!e or o.Cttpe.         Dist~let   rrom.                              Desorlptlon /Uld remllrka.


         Hnrd~,   },'r:wk
         1t[Ol"ftIUl, David
         Burke, 'Vw .
                        J:l.ii .
                                                                     15th AII!:'IISi, 18% ..
                                                                     12th Sept., 18%
                                                                     Itth Sept.., lSIlS
                                                                     1st. January, 18llG
                                                                                                   Victoria Piu ius
                                                                                                                   '"   Y;d~ Poli~f
                                                                                                                                                  1895, pllgc \ (;0
                                                                                                                                                          do. lti9
                                                                                                                                                        do. 169
                                                                                                                                                   1896 do. 13
         Evo,ns, Rob~.
         lUcAl'thlll', F ..
         Slack, John
                                                                     Srd l'lIal'ch, li:l!l6
                                                                     17th Al)\'i!, 1896
                                                                     13th Juue, 1896
         Brosmm, Timothy
         HOl'kins, John                                I    do.
                                                                     20th A m,'1tst, 1896
                                                                     9th Sept., 1891)
                                                                                                                                                   d o.
         Jenkillll, 'Vm.
         Watson, Thomas
                                                                     9th Sept" 1896
                                                                     17th Sept., 1896          I N,...""I,
                                                                                                                                                          (io. 2{J;
                                                                                                                                                        do.      212
  561    Elcombe, Thos.                                    T.L.      23rd No,.., 1896              Fremalltle             Do.          do.,        do.  do.      286
                                            103" 1 F~

         'Vatson, Charles                                            2-lth June, 1897              Perth                  Do.          do.,        1897 do.      189
         nlolyneul', Matthew
         Reid, Jobn, alia.
            Price, Cba.s.
                                             6145  T.L.
                                                                     25th Dec ., 189G
                                                                     21st A\l~"\lst, 1897      I
                                                                                                                                                   do. do.
                                                                                                                                                   do. do.
                                                                                                                                                                 3~.~          --
 576     O'Srien, Nicholas                  1~70          do.    30th Oct., 1897                   F'"Cllloutle           Do.          do.,        <loo do.      J~
         McPhersou, Donald
                                                       Ilb. nat. U-th Dec., 1897
                                                           "'eo  31st Dec., 1897
                                                                                                                                                   do.  do.
                                                                                                                                                   1898 do.
 SS3     Morr.1D Umlenvood            1                   do.    25th 1\l:or., t898                Sridgetown             Do.          do.,        do. do.       114
 SS<     Pellow, Fre<lerck                                do.    17th May, IS98                    :!lU. Magnet           Do.          do.,        do. (10.      187
 SS3     C08g-rO\'e, \\'iIliaD'                           do.    4 th July, l!i98                  Ka\.l:"oortie          Do.                      do. do.       Z25
         Hoc"" D"id,
                                                          do.       l12th S'pt.,1898               Coolgardie             Do.          do.,        do. do.       :.Ii~!

 587     McDOl\~aU,   Jas., ulias                         do.    12th Scpt., l SOO                 CQ01~.rdio              Do.         do.,        do.    (10. 3VL
            Cronill, Corllclills

                                                    By Authority: A. CI;R,'I'lS, Actin~ GO"ernment Printer . Perth.

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