Journal student edition CONT by Addison


									                                        Lay a line of glue ABOVE this dotted line. 
  Fold the top tab BACK, along the dotted line. Paste the tab to the TOP of the list of old prompts on page 8 of your journal.

10. The person you love most in the world is in an accident that leaves her/him
    paralyzed from the waist down. Consider what you will say to this person.
    Explain how your life and your relationship with this person will change.
11. Describe how you would change your physical appearance if you could. Then
    write about your best physical features; consider all the things that are good
    about your body.
12. In this writing assignment, you will write about beauty—things, places, actions,
    feelings, moods (not people).
    a. Write a definition of "beauty." What does the term mean to you?
    b. Describe something (NOT someone) that that you think is beautiful? Why?
    c. It has been said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." What does this
        phrase mean to you?
13. You are going to change places with someone in the world for a day. Choose one
    living person, explain your choice, and describe what kinds of things you would
    do during the course of the day.
14. Describe in detail the perfect place for you to spend time in secret, away from
    the world. Explain why this space is important to you. If you were to show this
    secret place to only one person, choose whom it would be and explain your

                          You may cut along this dotted line and discard this blank portion of the sheet.

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