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Tottenham’s Daniel Levy deliberates over
sacking Harry Redknapp
Daniel Levy, the Tottenham Hotspur chairman, is considering
whether to sack the manager Harry Redknapp Page 2

Euro 2012: Wayne Rooney itching to play,
says England’s Danny Welbeck
England’s Danny Welbeck says his Manchester United team-mate
Wayne Rooney is itching to take part in Euro 2012 Page 2

London 2012: Aaron Cook eyes fight-off
with rival for Olympic place
Aaron Cook says he would accept a fight-off with his British
taekwondo rival if it meant qualification for London 2012 Page 3

Andy Schleck ruled                         US Open 2012: Andy                          London 2012 Olympics:          Patrick Lambie is only
out of Tour de France                       Zhang hoping to make                         Australian weightlifter         change in South Africa
after fracturing pelvis                      the grade for major                         accused of demanding         team to face England
Page 4                                       debut Page 5                                cash Page 8                     Page 10

South Africa name                            London 2012 legacy:                         London 2012 Olympics:          US Open 2012:
unchanged squad for                        the battle begins on a                       Philip Hindes makes            Defending champion
three-Test series in                         Newham estate Page 6                         Great Britain sprint            Rory McIlroy throws in
England Page 5                                                                           squad Page 9                   cautious pitch Page 10 © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                         
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                                                                       room if he were to enter the new season without an extension.
                                                                          “It’s not a case of me looking for security,” Redknapp said.
Tottenham’s Daniel Levy deliberates                                    “What it’s about is players knowing you’ve only got a year left
over sacking Harry Redknapp                                            on your contract and knowing that it doesn’t work, basically. I
                                                                       think it’s a situation of ‘Well, he might not be here next�year’.
• Redknapp adamant he will not quit                                    You don’t let players run into the last year of their contract if
• David Moyes strong candidate to take                                 you think they’re any good and you don’t let managers run into
                                                                       the last year of their contract if you think they’re any good.”
                                                                          This appeared to fly in the face of Redknapp’s contention
David Hytner                                                          that the talk linking him to the England job had zero effect
                                                                       on Tottenham’s players and was not a cause for uncertainty.
                                                                       His comments went down very badly with Levy and it is clear
                                                                       Redknapp’s position was not strong enough for him to make
                                                                       such suggestions. His timing was also unfortunate, coming in
                                                                       the wake of Levy suffering a bereavement.
                                                                          There is no question, though, of Redknapp quitting. He
                                                                       spoke out after rumours circulated on Twitter that he had
                                                                       tendered his resignation. “I haven’t resigned and I have no
                                                                       idea why it is being suggested that I have resigned,” he told
                                                                       ESPN. “This is an outrage. It’s an absolute liberty for people to
                                                                       be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet. It is not
                                                                       true. There is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a
                                                                       year left on my contract.”

‘I haven’t resigned and I have no idea why it is being suggested
that I have resigned,’ says Tottenham manager, Harry
Redknapp. Photograph: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
                                                                       Euro 2012: Wayne Rooney itching to
Harry Redknapp’s future as Tottenham Hotspur manager is
                                                                       play, says England’s Danny Welbeck
shrouded in uncertainty after it emerged that he is in conflict
with the chairman, Daniel Levy, over a new contract.                   • Welbeck says Rooney’s return will be big
   Redknapp has no intention of resigning but could be sacked          boost for squad
by Levy, who is furious at the manner in which the club missed         • Also discusses Manchester United team-
out on Champions League qualification. Tottenham had a 10-
                                                                       mate’s new haircut
point cushion in�February and the chairman holds his manager
responsible for the failure. The pair are due to hold talks            Press Association
   Levy suspected Redknapp’s protracted link to the then
vacant England manager’s job led him to take his eye off the
ball. The relationship between the pair has been spiky for some
time, with each having the capacity to rub one another up the
wrong way, and Levy is unwilling to meet Redknapp’s demand
for a lengthy new contract to replace his existing deal, which
has 12 months to run.
   Leading figures within the Premier League managerial
fraternity say that it would not surprise them were Redknapp
to part company with Tottenham. David Moyes, the Everton
manager, would be the strong candidate to take over in the
event of a vacancy. Moyes, too, has 12 months remaining on his
contract and, despite holding several meetings with the Bill
                                                                       Wayne Rooney controls the ball during a training session at
Kenwright, the Everton chairman, since the end of the domestic
                                                                       the Hutnik stadium in Krakow. Photograph: Nigel Roddis/
season, he has yet to sign a new deal.Brendan Rodgers, the new
Liverpool manager, had his admirers at White Hart Lane, after
impressing last season at Swansea City but his move to Anfield         The England forward Danny Welbeck says his Manchester
has taken him off the market.                                          United team-mate Wayne Rooney is “itching to get out on the
   Redknapp has had only informal arrangements with a                  pitch” once his suspension has ended.
personal agent in the past but he appointed Paul Stretford,               Rooney is due to return to the side for England’s final group
who represents Wayne Rooney, among others, to conduct the              D game against Ukraine next week, after serving the second of a
negotiations with Levy over fresh terms. Levy was surprised to         two-match ban against Sweden on Friday.
learn that Redknapp, 65, wanted three further years.                      Welbeck said: “We all know the passion Wayne has for
   There has been public manoeuvring from Redknapp. He said            football. He’s itching to get out on the pitch. It will be better for
last Tuesday that Levy ought to hurry up and offer him a new           us once his suspension is done and he can come in and play for
contract because the uncertainty could infiltrate the dressing-        us against Ukraine.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                 
Page  G24 Sport                                                                   Wednesday June 13 2012             14:46 GMT

    Welbeck also shed some light on Rooney’s and Ashley Cole’s
new haircuts, which drew attention during the training session
at the Hutnik Stadium in Krakow, Poland.
                                                                    London 2012: Aaron Cook eyes fight-off
    “The barber came in to the hotel and set up his own little      with rival for Olympic place
barber shop,” said Welbeck, failing to suppress a smile. “Quite a
few members of staff and players participated in it.”               • Cook weighing up options in battle with
    Welbeck said the side’s performance against France had          GB Taekwondo
given them plenty of encouragement ahead of the match
                                                                    • Would ‘seriously consider’ fight-off with
against Sweden, who were beaten 2-1 by Ukraine in their
opening match.
                                                                    Lutalo Muhammad
    “I think the France game, as a start for us, set out our        Robert Booth
platform. We really want to build on that from now on. I think
we can improve a lot more. Looking at it from a neutral point of
view it will be a fine game to watch. Once the game is opened
up, there will be a few goalscoring opportunities carved out.”
    Welbeck, who is making his debut in a tournament finals,
is hoping the heat will not be too much of a factor in Kiev on
Friday night. Warm temperatures and high humidity have had
an impact on players so far, but Welbeck is hoping a later kick-
off will work in their favour.
    “The heat is going to take something out of you. The second
half [against France] was a bit cooler, and our second and third
games are at a later time so that will be a bit better for us.
    “We have a great medical team telling us to keep hydrated,
drinking at all times and we’ve had good advice all the way
                                                                    Aaron Cook is preparing legal action after being left out of the
throughout the tournament.”
                                                                    British 2012 Olympics taekwondo team. Photograph: Alastair
                                                                    The taekwondo world No1, Aaron Cook, is preparing to take the
                                                                    British Olympic Association to the high court in London over
                                                                    his non-selection for the London 2012 Olympics.
                                                                        Speaking publically for the first time since GB Taekwando
                                                                    last month ommitted him from its 2012 squad, the 21-year old
                                                                    said on Wednesday he felt “let down, frustrated and angry” at
                                                                    the selection of Lutalo Muhammad ahead of him in the male
                                                                    -80kg category, despite him having a world ranking of only
                                                                    59. Cook announced plans to take legal action after the BOA
                                                                    endorsed his ommission last Friday despite an appeal.
                                                                        Cook’s lawyers, Harbottle and Lewis have taken advice from

                                                                    the leading barrister Michael Belloff QC and will send the BOA
                                                                    a formal pre-action letter in the next 24 hours, Cook’s agent,
                                                                    Jamie Cunningham said. As part of the case they will argue the
                                                                    BOA is acting in restraint of trade. They are also seeking to take
                                                                    the BOA to the court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne.
                                                                        “It has been the hardest couple of weeks of my life,” Cook
                                                                    said. “I have had to try and keep the training up and in my
  From Beirut to Big Brother,                                       mind I am still competing at the Olympics. I feel like I am being
  Murdoch to Millionaire,                                           cheated. I am not very happy. We have got to fight for what is

  discuss the hot topics in the                                     right. I feel I should be at the Olympic Games and we have to
                                                                    fight for that.”
  media on not one, but two blogs                                       Under IOC guidelines, Cook’s camp believe they have until

  Organ Grinder and Greenslade                                      6 July to salvage his dreams of competing for gold at the Excel
                                                                    Centre in London on 10 August.                                                 Cook said he believed his non-selection stemmed from his
  organgrinder/                                                     decision to leave GB Taekwando’s training camp a 12 months
                                                                    ago and prepare on his own.                                                 “They feel let down I left the GB academy,” he said. “They
  greenslade/                                                       are not happy I left their world class performance programme …
                                                                    It is all down to GB Taekwando. They are the ones bringing the
                                                                    sport into disrepute. I feel let down, frustrated and angry.”
                                                                        Asked if his departure was acrimonius, he said: “I wouldn’t
                                                                    say it was friendly, I wouldn’t say it was bitter. It was © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page 4 G24 Sport                                                                  Wednesday June 13 2012              14:46 GMT

somewhere inbetween.”
   He also said he believed the BOA’s reluctance to reverse GB
Taekwando’s decision was “very political” and “they are under
                                                                    Andy Schleck ruled out of Tour de
pressure from other governing bodies”.                              France after fracturing pelvis
   GB Taekwando have insisted its objective has been “to
nominate athletes who will provide the Great Britain team with      • RadioShack-Nissan rider was hurt in
the best chance of medal success at London 2012”.                   Critérium du Dauphine
   Cook dismissed concerns, reportedly raised by GB
                                                                    • Schleck was considered major rival for
Taekwando in a selection panel meeting, that a recent change in
the wording of the rules about kicks to the head could restrict
                                                                    Bradley Wiggins
his ability to score points, saying it was a minor change and       Reuters
there were many other ways to win a fight. He also said it was
wrong to question his ability to perform under pressure in front
of a partisan home crowd, pointing out that he won the Olympic
test event.
   Cook’s camp admit overturning a decision that now has
embroiled the International Olympic Committee, the head of
the World Takwando Federation in Korea and the British sports
minister, Hugh Robertson, will not be easy.
   “But until it is dead we are not going to give up,” said
   Cook is also awaiting the outcome of a review of the
selection process by the sport’s international governing body.
He responded bullishly to claims by Muhammad that he would
have been willing to have had a fight with Cook to eliminate the
                                                                    Andy Schleck is set to miss the Tour de France. Photograph:
controversey around the selection process.
                                                                    Pascal Pavani/AFP/Getty Images
   “I think it is convenient he’s saying this after he was
ratified,” said Cook. “There was no talk of this before. I feel I   Andy Schleck has pulled out of the Tour de France after
am world No1 and I don’t have to prove myself. If it is my last     suffering a fractured pelvis.
chance to get to the Olympic Games I would fight him any time,          The RadioShack-Nissan rider, considered a major rival for
any place, anywhere.”                                               Britain’s Bradley Wiggins, crashed during the fourth stage time
   Cunningham said Cook’s camp have established that it is          trial in the Critérium du Dauphine on 7 June.
theoretically possible to stage a preliminary round at the games        The 2010 Tour champion told a news conference that doctors
which would pit the two men against each other for the right        had said his injury would take four to six weeks to heal – and the
to compete in the competition proper. He predicted it could         Tour starts on 30 June in Liege, Belgium.
be “one of the biggest moments of the Olympic games”, but               Schleck has been the runner-up at the Tour de France three
stressed it required surmounting “a thousand barriers”.             times – in 2009, 2010 and 2011 – and was later promoted to 2010
   “We should be ashamed in this country that we have a world       champion after Alberto Contador was found guilty of doping.
number one that is not going to the Olympics,” Cunningham

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Page  G24 Sport                                                                    Wednesday June 13 2012              14:46 GMT

                                                                         South Africa have confirmed that AB de Villiers will be the
South Africa name unchanged squad for                                 reserve wicketkeeper to Mark Boucher, the veteran who is
three-Test series in England                                          expected to retire at the end of the series.
                                                                         Several senior players will sit out a forthcoming triangular
• Same squad beat New Zealand in three-                               one-day series against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, and they
Test series                                                           have opted for a low-key buildup to the Tests, with only a two-
                                                                      day game against Somerset and a three-day game against Kent
• Graeme Smith declared fit to captain side
                                                                      before the first Test at The Oval on 19 July.
after surgery
                                                                      South Africa Test squad
Andy Wilson                                                             Graeme Smith (captain), Hashim Amla, Mark Boucher,
                                                                      Marchant de Lange, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Imran Tahir,
                                                                      Jacques Kallis, Morne Morkel, Alviro Petersen, Robin Peterson,
                                                                      Vernon Philander, Jacques Rudolph, Dale Steyn, Lonwabo

                                                                      US Open 2012: Andy Zhang hoping to
                                                                      make the grade for major debut

                                                                      The China-born teenager, at 14, will become
                                                                      the youngest player in the history of the US
South Africa’s Graeme Smith will captain his side against            Lawrence Donegan in San Francisco
England after recovering from surgery. Photograph: Manan
Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images
Graeme Smith has been declared fully fit to lead South Africa in
the first Test against England at The Oval in July, which will be
his 100th appearance.
    Smith has had ankle surgery since South Africa’s last series in
New Zealand, forcing him to withdraw from the Indian Premier
League, but he was named in an unchanged 15-man squad with
the convenor of selectors Andrew Hudson confirming that he is
already back in training with the coach Gary Kirsten.
    “Graeme has been outstanding both as our leading run-
scorer and as captain during our last two Test tours of England
and I have every confidence he will continue that form,” said
Hudson, a former Test opener himself.                                 Andy Zhang hits a tee shot during a practice round ahead of
    It could be a momentous series for both openers. Smith is         his US Open debut at The Olympic Club. Photograph: Stuart
also in line to overtake Allan Border’s record of the most Tests      Franklin/Getty Images
as captain, and England’s Andrew Strauss is three Tests short of
                                                                      The surest sign that the youth movement is gathering an
his own century of appearances, leaving him in position to win
                                                                      unstoppable momentum is to be found on the red tag that
his 100th cap in the third Test at Lord’s.
                                                                      hangs on Andy Zhang’s golf bag giving the year of his expected
    England are a single point ahead of South Africa at the top of
                                                                      high school graduation: 2016.
the official world Test rankings, giving the tourists the chance
                                                                         By then the China-born teenager, who moved to Orlando,
to reclaim top spot. Dale Steyn is ranked the leading bowler in
                                                                      Florida to attend to the David Leadbetter golf academy, will
the world and after England showed the strength in depth of
                                                                      hopefully have reached the required standard in the schools
their bowling resources by resting James Anderson and Stuart
                                                                      curriculum. In the meantime he will have to content himself
Broad from the third Test against West Indies, Hudson argued
                                                                      with being a golfing sensation – at 14 years old, the youngest
that South Africa are equally well-placed.
                                                                      player in history of the US Open and the youngest player to play
    “I believe most other countries would be very happy to
                                                                      in a major championship since “Young” Tom Morris teed up at
have the fast bowling resources we have at the moment,” he
                                                                      the 1865 Open Championship.
added. “Marchant de Lange has been most impressive since his
                                                                         “I will just try to enjoy it as much as possible,” said Zhang
outstanding debut against Sri Lanka while Lonwabo Tsotsobe
                                                                      after being told he had been drafted into the 156-man field
gives us a left-arm option.”
                                                                      at Olympic Club following Paul Casey’s withdrawal from the
    They will be competing with Vernon Philander, who had an
                                                                      tournament on Monday with a shoulder injury. “I want to play
early-season stint in county cricket with Somerset, to support
                                                                      well, but just to play on a major championship course is great.”
Steyn and Morne Morkel in the pace attack at The Oval. Imran
                                                                         Zhang was out on the course early on Tuesday morning for a
Tahir, a Pakistani leg-spinner who qualifies for South Africa
                                                                      practice round alongside the Masters champion Bubba Watson.
through residency, will also be available on his first England © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 6 G24 Sport                                                                    Wednesday June 13 2012               14:46 GMT

He was being out-driven – such is the fate of most people who
play alongside Watson – but he did not look over-awed.
    The youngster arrived in the US four years ago after being
                                                                      London 2012 legacy: the battle begins
“discovered” in China by Andrew Park, an instructor based at          on a Newham estate
the Leadbetter academy in Florida who had travelled to Asia to
scout another prodigy.                                                For some, the aftermath of the Olympic
    “Andy hits it miles and miles. He’s got a very good head on       Games could bring eviction and disruption,
his shoulders. He couldn’t speak any English when he got here,
                                                                      for others, it is a chance to transform their
and now we can’t keep him quiet. He is very outgoing,” Park
told the website CBSSports, adding that the youngster had been
                                                                      lives and businesses
competing in – and had won some – mini-tour events in Florida.        Dave Hill
    Zhang entered US Open sectional qualifying in Lecanto,
Florida, last week, shooting rounds of 70 and 72. That was
good enough to get into a play-off which he subsequently lost,
although he was then placed on a list of alternatives for this
week’s event.
    To put Zhang’s achievement in context, Tiger Woods,
perhaps the greatest teenage prodigy in the history of golf thus
far, pointed out on Tuesday that he had tried to qualify for the
US Open at the age of 15 but came up short.
    “He went out there and went through both sections, both
stages, I’m sorry, and did it. It’s not too young if you can do it.
That’s the great thing about this game, it’s not handed to you.
You have to go out and put up the numbers and he did.
    “He shot the scores he needed to qualify and move on and he
                                                                      Work begins around the Carpenters estate, overlooked by
did and he’s here playing on the biggest stage. Just think about
                                                                      Anish Kapoor’s Orbit tower. Photograph: The Washington
the experience he’s going to gain playing in this event. How well
                                                                      Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images
that’s going to serve him playing junior events and high school
events,” Woods said.                                                  Competing views about East End life after London 2012 are
    Assuming he continues to progress, Zhang is unlikely to turn      sharply crystalised amid the public housing architecture of the
professional for at least another four years when he graduates        Carpenters estate in Stratford, which stands on the fringe of the
from high school. Even then, he might choose to go to a college       Olympic Park, overlooked by the red spirals of the Orbit tower
in the United States, continuing his golfing education in the way .
that most American-based players have opted to do through the             The vision of the planners, led by Newham council’s
years.                                                                ebullient Labour executive mayor, Sir Robin Wales, is for
    Yet in recent years most of the best players, including           the Carpenters to make way for a new campus for University
Woods, have left college before completing their degree, such         College London (UCL), enhancing the life prospects of the
are the financial rewards that are on offer for the very best – and   neighbourhood and enriching hard-up Newham as a whole.
such is the fear of being left behind. Standards are being raised         An estate resident, Mary Finch, takes a bleaker line: “I think
all the time, and the competition is becoming more intense,           that the Olympics has lost me my home.” She has lived on the
according to Woods.                                                   Carpenters for 40 years and is disinclined to depart quietly.
    “The difference is in the technology,” the former world No1       “I think they’re gonna have to come in here and drag me out.
said. “These kids are now bringing out iPads to the range and         Why should somebody be able to force you out of your home?
watching their swing and breaking it down on the V-1 [video           A home that’s got nothing wrong with it, that’s standing solid? I
analysis software]. Like Hogan said, if he had a video camera         do not want to go.”
the changes would happen so much faster. These kids are now               Slow dispersal of the estate’s residents, mostly to alternative
being introduced [to it] when they first start.                       dwellings nearby, has been in progress for some time. This
    “I saw a few of these kids over in Korea who have only been       has been justified for Wales by the need to embrace a host of
playing the game for a year. And six months of it was all indoors     development opportunities created not only by the draw of
hitting golf balls. All they did was put the club in the correct      the Games and the park but also, just as importantly, by the
position to hit balls, hit balls, hit balls, and that’s it.           economic arteries formed by the improved transport hub at
    “They come out and they have perfect golf swings. That’s          Stratford station. Already, the giant Westfield Stratford City
the new generation. The swings are all going to look very    shopping centre has been a hit.”It’s always a
similar, and all these kids are going to have power.”                 balance if you want to do something for an area,” Wales says.
                                                                      “What is the wider community getting at the expense of the
                                                                      inconvenience caused to local residents? People in Carpenters
                                                                      are concerned. I would be too. I completely understand that.
                                                                      But with UCL we would get an amazing, top university coming
                                                                      to the area. Our vision is for science and hi-tech providing jobs
                                                                      and skills. It would be such a good offer from the point of view
                                                                      of our kids.”
                                                                          Finch is not alone in being unenthusiastic. Two younger © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                               
Page  G24 Sport                                                                   Wednesday June 13 2012                14:46 GMT

residents, Joe Alexander and Osita Madu, are driving forces in       Corporation (LLDC) this month, having led it and its
the campaign group Carp – Carpenters Against Regeneration            predecessor, the Olympic Park Legacy Company, since May
Plan – which has been quarrelling with           2009. She says the park should be an example of how you
Wales’s pledges to treat residents properly, bombarding him          “change the psychology” about an area. “You’re hoping that the
with questions at public meetings. They reason that the              whole view of investing in east London changes by persuading
Carpenters works well as a community, so why dismantle it?           people that it is a fabulous place to come to and do business and
“We’re not some kind of social ill or blight on the landscape that   invest.”
needs help,” says Maduu. “Somehow Newham council thinks                  She accepts that a great fear with large regeneration projects
we’re a social problem that needs to be addressed.”                  is that the wealth they attract fails to benefit existing residents,
    “We voted for a mayor and got a dictator,” adds Alexander.       many of whom are in pressing need. Canary Wharf, whose
    It is, in many ways, an archetypal urban regeneration conflict   glass towers pierce the skyline a short distance away, is often
between local authorities on a mission to improve, and those on      condemned as the ultimate example. “The concern is that
their patch who fear they only stand to lose. Strife also marked     the park will become a sort of golden city on a hill surrounded
the clearance of the Olympic Park site, when a twilit labyrinth of   by a sea of poverty,” says John Biggs, a former City analyst
small industrial concerns was removed from the land on which         and senior Labour member of the London Assembly, who
the array of sports venues now awaits the world’s athletic elite.    represents three of the six Olympic boroughs – Tower Hamlets,
    Among them was H Forman and Son ,            Newham and Barking and Dagenham.
a family salmon-smoking business founded in east London by               Ford, a Labour peer held in high regard across the political
a Jewish migrant from Odessa in 1905. The proprietor, Harry          spectrum, says she and her board have been “utterly
Forman’s great-grandson Lance, had his premises where the            preoccupied from day one” with ensuring that local people
Olympic stadium now is. He fought a long compensation battle         derive the maximum value from the post-Games plans, and
and celebrated victory with an email to the Games organiser          with facilitating the Olympic boroughs’ goal of economic
Lord Coe, a former Olympic champion whom he’d been due to            convergence with the richer west and centre of London. She
cross-examine at a public inquiry. The email said: “You can run,     is proud of creating training and schemes and close links with
but you can’t hide.”                                                 local schools. “The big game-changers will be jobs and changes
    The upshot is a handsome, salmon-pink building on a              in educational attainment and aspiration for a lot of families in
bank of the river Lea, containing not only a smokery, but also       east London,” she says.
a restaurant and an art gallery in a location long called, with          Ford will depart with most of the arrangements made for
glorious suitability, Fish Island . Olympic      putting the permanent sporting venues and other attractions to
dignitaries and others now congregate there. The stadium             post-Games community use, and with decisions in the pipeline
looms across the water. Forman will soon erect a pop-up              for the three big jigsaw pieces not yet in place:
corporate hospitality venue on a piece of adjoining land he          • The commercial occupants, either a fashion hub or digital
owns, complete with recreational beach volleyball court.             “innovation city”, for the two buildings the media will use
Speedo was the first big name to take space in this Fish Island      during the Games.
Riviera, and Forman is finalising discussions with others.           • The long-running search for tenants for the main stadium,
    “We’re going to have some luxury yachts along the                very likely to include a football club.
riverfront,” he enthuses. “Sixty palm trees are being shipped in.    • The determination of planning applications for the future
We’re going to have this beach club that turns into a nightclub.”    development of the park as a residential area and visitor
    Forman hopes to emerge a winner from the Games, but              destination.
says business is still recovering from the disruption caused             Five neighbourhoods will form within the boundaries
by compulsory purchase. He hopes to be part of long-term             of the park over the next 20 years, with the first, Chobham
rejuvenation by developing the land his Riviera will briefly         Manor , due to be completed at the end of
occupy, perhaps with a mixture of homes and boutiques, and           2014. Ford emphasised the importance of including sufficient
facilities for the arts community that has flourished in recent      genuinely affordable housing. “I think we need to remember
years in former warehouses along the towpath in Hackney              there was quite a big promise made to the communities in east
Wick. Forging links, he invited a graffiti artist to enhance his     London about the houses being affordable – either affordable
restaurant’s toilets. In the gents, fine silver fish leap skywards   to rent or affordable to buy. I think it’s one they are not going to
above the urinals.                                                   forget.”
    “I think the area was regenerating anyway,” Forman says,             While pointing out that the LLDC remains committed to 35%
looking across at the stadium. “But the existence of the park        of the up to 8,000 homes it plans to see built on the park being
ought to help. I think when people come here they’re amazed at       affordable – in addition to 3,000 that the Athletes’ Village will
how impressive it already is and how easy to get to.”                be converted into – she felt it was a matter for regret for London
    London’s outgoing Olympic legacy chief, Margaret Ford, also      as a whole that the government’s new funding approach means
gives an upbeat assessment of the post-Games future of the           “affordable” rent can now be up to 80% of local market rates,
200-hectare park and its immediate surroundings, although she        which even in poorer parts of London are high compared with
warns that expecting it to be “the catalyst for the regeneration     the rest of the country.
of the whole of east London”, has “never been entirely                   “I think Londoners are desperately short of affordable
realistic”. Citing prior experience with renewing England’s          housing. It’s definitely short of good-quality social housing
coalfield communities, she stressed the need for “continued          [which has far lower rents]. If we mean what we say about
investment and belief over a long period”.                           needing to house all of our key workers, we need to house lots
    Ford steps down as chair of the London Legacy Development        of people in lower-paid jobs who make this city work then, yes, © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page  G24 Sport                                                                     Wednesday June 13 2012                14:46 GMT

I would say moving to 80% of market rents will cause some of           getting more like Paris – that doughnut effect, with the poorer
those people not to be able to afford properties.”                     people having to move out of the centre.”
    Another Olympic borough mayor, Tower Hamlets’                         That is not the outcome legacy idealists say they have in
independent Lutfur Rahman, who, like Wales, is a member                mind. Time will tell if they manage to avoid it.
of the LLDC board, has called for more homes for social rent
among the 800 housing units proposed for the Olympic Park
neighbourhood to be called Sweetwater, which will fall within          London 2012 Olympics: Australian
his boundaries.                                                        weightlifter accused of demanding cash
    Ford, who has 33 years’ experience of delivering
regeneration programmes under both Labour and Conservative
governments, is to be replaced by the Conservative politician
                                                                       • Daniel Koum ‘demanded £3,205 as
Daniel Moylan , the appointee of London’s          incentive to compete’
mayor, Boris Johnson, to whom the LLDC is accountable.                 • Cameroon-born weightlifter
The selection of Moylan, an experienced councillor in Royal            ‘disappointed’ at allegations
Kensington and Chelsea whom Johnson made his deputy as
chair of Transport for London two years ago, has caused some
disquiet among political opponents.
    Biggs says that although he likes the urbane Moylan
– “he’s fun to talk to” – he worries that he is not equipped
to follow someone with Ford’s track record. “The truth is,
he doesn’t know anything about regeneration.” There’s an
ideological issue too. “The point of bodies like the development
corporation is to do the things the market can’t or won’t, and
Daniel is the sort of politician who thinks red-in-tooth-and-claw
market forces will take care of everything.”
    Ford, though, says she’s confident Johnson has made a good
choice and praises him for allowing her and her chief executive,
Andrew Altman, to produce a new masterplan for the park.
The one she’d inherited, she says, “pretty much had the place
populated by high rise buildings. Why would you stuff it full of       Australia claims it had to offer one of its weightlifters a cash
flats when it’s an obvious family housing neighbourhood, given         incentive to compete at an event that would secure the
the green space and the venues? We didn’t want to create some          country a berth at the London Olympics 2012. Photograph:
pastiche of the Old Curiosity Shop, but a place that had squares       Tom Jenkins
and crescents and little pocket parks – the kinds of things that
                                                                       The Australian Weightlifting Federation chief, Michael Keelan,
make London quite higgledy piggledy but recognisably London.
                                                                       has accused Daniel Koum of demanding A$5,000 (£3,205) to
Boris was hugely encouraging.”
                                                                       compete at an event where his participation was essential for
    She gathered intelligence for the masterplan on “mystery
                                                                       Australia to win a berth at the London Olympics.
shopping” excursions – chatting to people in cafes and the old
                                                                           Keelan said he and other team members had been forced
Stratford shopping centre. “They wanted front gardens, back
                                                                       to dig into their pockets before the Cameroon-born Koum
gardens for their kids to play in, really good lighting, lots of
                                                                       would compete. Koum said he was “very disappointed” at the
storage space, nice green spaces, somewhere they can afford
and a decent school – it’s not bloody rocket science.”
                                                                           “I’m very shocked,” he told Australian Associated Press.
    When the park begins to reopen for the public next July, its
                                                                       “I’ve always been competing. I’ve put all my financial money to
name will change to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Ford
                                                                       represent this country and they’re accusing me of [asking for]
believes the royal touch will enhance local attachment: “It’s
about creating a different feel about the place. It’s about people
                                                                           “With past competitions, I just went to represent Australia in
having a pride in it.”
                                                                       the world championships and it cost me more than $10,000.”
    Even so, while Olympic borough schools gear up for the
                                                                           Keelan claimed the incident occurred at the Oceania
excitement of the summer, renaming their classes Helsinki,
                                                                       championships in Samoa last week, which doubled as an
Tokyo and Beijing, parents express a mix of views about the
                                                                       Olympic qualifier and where the Australia men’s team needed a
value of the changes underway. Martin Sadler, a resident of
                                                                       good finish to win a place in London.
Hackney who works in education and lives with his wife and
                                                                           Concerned that Koum was not sufficiently motivated to
two daughters not far from the park, foresees a good and a bad
                                                                       reach his potential in his competition, Keelan offered him a
                                                                       $1,000 incentive, the official told ABC radio.
    “I think this part of Hackney will start feeling a bit more like
                                                                           “You think that everyone who’s representing Australia does
central London and less like east London,” he says. “I’ve lived
                                                                       so with pride and with commitment and, unfortunately, we
here for over 20 years, and it’s always been a traditional East
                                                                       heard that wasn’t the case with Daniel Koum,” Keelan said.
End sort of place – a real mixture of people, plenty of cheap
                                                                           “So I personally thought, well, the best way to negate any
accommodation. It’s already becoming more affluent, partly
                                                                       negatives out of all this would be to, by offering, sort of, some
because the schools have improved. That brings good things
                                                                       money, whereby he could actually compete and have some
with it, but there are worries too. I think London could be
                                                                       incentive to do the total that we asked of him . . . © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                
Page  G24 Sport                                                                     Wednesday June 13 2012              14:46 GMT

    “But then later on, it changed from an agreement to actual         was born in Germany, could emulate the squad’s discovery of
demand and he said that he would not lift unless he got $5,000,        2008, his other team-mate Jason Kenny.
before he started the warm-up for his own event.                          “Philip is the find of the century as far as I’m concerned and
    “And then it was pretty frantic . . . we had to find that money.   he could follow the same course as Jason,” said Sutton. Like
And say, within about 30 minutes we handed over the $5,000.”           Kenny, Hindes has risen rapidly at the right time, coming from
    Koum came to Australia to compete at the 2006                      left field to claim a place in the squad: like the Lancastrian
Commonwealth Games for Cameroon before becoming a                      in 2008, he is expected to improve right up to the very last
citizen and competing for his adopted country at the 2010              moment.
Commonwealths in Delhi.                                                   Hindes, who is still officially part of the academy, put
    The Australian Olympic Committee said it had spoken to the         himself into contention after being selected for the world
AWF and was launching an investigation into the incident.              championships in Melbourne in April. He shaved a fifth of a
    “The AOC is working with the AWF to investigate the                second off his personal best for the opening lap there in spite
matter,” read a statement. “The AOC investigation will be              of a problem with the start gate, posting the fourth fastest time
ongoing.”                                                              in qualifying, although the team was disqualified for changing
    Koum could conceivably yet represent Australia at London           outside the designated zone. That was clearly a setback, but
2012 after the AWF nominates its single male entry to the AOC          his sheer speed appears to have convinced the Great Britain
this weekend.                                                          coaches, and Sutton has waxed lyrical about his application
    Keelan said he had no regrets about offering the incentive.        since then.
“(I felt) sick in the guts,” Keelan recalled. “I was under duress.        “Philip has really moved on since the worlds. He’s very
We had to make a call very, very quickly. And, you know, the call      dialled, very focused. He’s got leaner, he’s been living like a
was that we would submit to his demand.”                               podium athlete for the last few months and when he tapers he
                                                                       will go faster than in Melbourne for sure. It’s incredible the way
                                                                       he has applied himself, above and beyond the call of duty.
London 2012 Olympics: Philip Hindes                                       “He’s always been strong over the first half lap, his strength
makes Great Britain sprint squad                                       has been what he produces between a quarter and a half. His
                                                                       delivery [the ability to release the man following him in the
                                                                       three-man team sprint line-up] hasn’t been great but he’s young
• German-born teenager joins Sir Chris Hoy                             and he’s moving on at a rapid pace.”
in team sprint                                                            Hindes was born in Krefeld, Germany, and represented
• Scotland’s David Millar makes men’s road                             Germany at the junior world championships in 2010, where, en
race squad                                                             route to the bronze medal, he became the youngest rider ever to
                                                                       go below 18sec for the first lap in the team sprint. He joined the
William Fotheringham
                                                                       Great Britain sprint academy – he qualifies through his British
                                                                       father – at the end of that year having made initial contact
                                                                       through the British sprint squad’s German coach Jan van Eijden.
                                                                          “He gives us something we were looking for, which we
                                                                       weren’t finding with Ross [Edgar – the previous option at man
                                                                       one],” said Sutton. “He gives us that extra kick. Keeping Jason
                                                                       at man two and Sir Chris at man three means Chris in particular
                                                                       can concentrate on keeping his length [the capacity to sustain
                                                                       an effort over more than one lap] for the keirin.”
                                                                          Since 2010 and the retirement of Jamie Staff, whose electric
                                                                       start contributed hugely to the team’s gold medal in Beijing,
                                                                       Great Britain have been continually experimenting with the
                                                                       team sprint lineup.
                                                                          Other riders who have come into the frame and drifted
David Millar is one of eight riders in the Great Britain men’s       out include Edgar – named as a reserve – the BMX rider Liam
road squad for the London 2012 Olympics. Photograph: Pete           Phillips and the 2000 Olympic kilometre champion Jason
Goding/Action Images                                                  Queally as a possible man three behind Kenny and Hoy.
                                                                          Edgar did not go fast enough from man one at the London
Philip Hindes is the surprise inclusion in the Great Britain track
                                                                       World Cup and was not selected for the world championships,
cycling team for the London Olympic Games after being named
                                                                       but remained in contention for a place and will train as part of
on Wednesday – at the tender age of 19 – as starter in the team
                                                                       the squad until London, in essence as back-up in case one of
sprint squad alongside Sir Chris Hoy.
                                                                       the squad falls ill or is injured. He is a versatile athlete, who
    Less surprising was the inclusion of David Millar in the men’s
                                                                       was close to being selected at man two in Beijing until Kenny’s
road squad. The 35-year-old Scot was banned for two years in
                                                                       meteoric rise that spring, and who took silver in the keirin in
2004 after admitting use of the banned blood booster EPO. He
                                                                       China behind Hoy.
is now a fervent anti-doping campaigner and was last month
officially cleared to compete at the London Games after the            GB cycling teams for London 2012
British Olympic Association’s bylaw banning drug cheats for life          Track men’s sprint Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, one from
was revoked.                                                           Philip Hindes, Ross Edgar, Matt Crampton
    According to the GB head coach, Shane Sutton, Hindes, who             Women’s sprint Jess Varnish, Victoria Pendleton © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                 Wednesday June 13 2012                14:46 GMT

  Track men’s endurance Peter Kennaugh, Ed Clancy, Andy            (Sharks), J Du Plessis (Sharks), Etzebeth (Stormers), Kruger
Tennant, Steven Burke, Geraint Thomas                               (Blue Bulls), Coetzee (Sharks), Alberts (Sharks), Spies (Blue
  Women’s endurance Wendy Houvenaghel, Laura Trott, Jo             Bulls).
Rowsell, Dani King                                                     Replacements Strauss (Cheetahs), Kruger (Blue Bulls), F
  BMX Liam Phillips, Shanaze Reade                                  Van der Merwe (Bulls), Daniel (Sharks), Pienaar (Ulster), Basson
  Mountain bike Liam Killeen, Annie Last                            (Blue Bulls), Olivier (Blue Bulls).
  Women’s road Nicole Cooke, Emma Pooley, Lizzie
Armitstead, Sharon Laws, Lucy Martin, Katie Colclough
  Men’s road Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins, David Millar,        US Open 2012: Defending champion
Chris Froome, Steve Cummings, Jeremy Hunt, Ian Stannard,            Rory McIlroy throws in cautious pitch
Ben Swift

                                                                    The Northern Irishman will want to put
Patrick Lambie is only change in South                              up a good show as Phil Mickelson relishes
Africa team to face England                                         showdown with Tiger Woods at Olympic
• Lambie drafted in to replace injured Zane                         Lawrence Donegan in San Francisco
• England face South Africa in second Test
on Saturday
Robert Kitson in Kimberley

                                                                    Rory McIlroy throws out the ceremonial first pitch at San
                                                                    Francisco’s baseball stadium before the Giants met the
                                                                    Houston Astros on Tuesday. Photograph: Jeff Chiu/AP
                                                                    Rory McIlroy’s preparations for his defence of the US Open took
                                                                    a detour on Tuesday night, away from San Francisco’s Olympic
South Africa have drafted Patrick Lambie into their side to      Club and into the city’s spectacular baseball stadium where he
face England. Photograph: Gallo Images/Getty Images                threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between
South Africa have made a solitary change to their starting XV for   the host team, the Giants, and the Houston Astros.
the second Test against England in Johannesburg on Saturday.            Unlike many baseball ingénues, the Northern Irishman
Patrick Lambie has been drafted in at full-back in place of Zane    didn’t embarrass himself, lobbing up a softball effort that found
Kirchner, who injured a knee in the first Test in Durban.           the catcher’s mitt. A cautiously successful approach, in other
   The only other alterations are on the bench where the Blue       words – one that might serve him well when the real business of
Bulls pair of Werner Kruger and Bjorn Basson fill the gaps left     the week begins on Thursday.
by the injured Coenie Oosthuizen and Lambie. The head coach             For reasons of history and reputation, the cognoscenti of
Heyneke Meyer has otherwise kept faith with the squad who           world golf did not arrive in the city by the bay at the start of this
beat England 22-17 at King’s Park to take a 1-0 lead in the best-   week with great hope in their heart. The Olympic Club has held
of-three series.                                                    this championship four times previously and on each occasion
   England, meanwhile, have been forced into a late switch for      it has what could be described as a “surprise” winner. In 1955,
their midweek game against the Southern Barbarians. David           a club pro from Iowa called Jack Fleck defeated the mighty
Strettle has been removed from the starting lineup “to offer        Ben Hogan in a play-off. Eleven years later, Arnold Palmer was
selection options” for Saturday’s Test and has been replaced on     edged out by Billy Casper. A steady PGA Tour player called Scott
the right wing by the Harlequins player George Lowe.                Simpson birdied three of the last four holes to beat Tom Watson
   Northampton’s Phil Dowson has been added to the bench,           in 1987 and finally, in 1998, Lee Janzen won a final round
which now features five forwards and two backs. England’s           contest over Payne Stewart that lived long in the memory for
head coach Stuart Lancaster is due to name his second Test XV       the wrong reasons, most notably a golf course set-up – wrist-
on Thursday.                                                        breaking rough, brick-hard fairways and “goofy” greens – that
South Africa team to play England                                  reduced this great championship to a laughing stock.
   Lambie (Sharks); Pietersen (Sharks), De Villiers (Stormers,          “The worst course on the US Open rota – by far,” one of
capt), F Steyn (Sharks), Habana (Stormers); M Steyn (Blue           Europe’s best-known golfers confided a few years ago in the
Bulls), Hougaard (Blue Bulls); Mtawarira (Sharks), B Du Plessis     privacy of a locker room chat. That view was widely held © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                              
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                                  Wednesday June 13 2012              14:46 GMT

though it is firmly rooted in that checkered past and not the        necessarily suit long hitters.
reality of the present day.                                              The world No1 Luke Donald, who surely deserves to win a
    The Olympic Club of 1998 may have been a travesty. The           major, is another who could do well this week, as might Martin
Olympic Club of 2012 is something of a gem, recognisable as the      Kaymer. The German prefers to shape the ball from left to right
same layout that produced that largely undistinguished list of       and this course has a preponderance of holes that fit such a
past winners – Billy Casper, a very fine and successful player       shape. He will contend, surely, but will he have enough in his
over the years, deserves an exemption from all scepticism – but      armoury to defeat the man for whom the Olympic Club, and the
also a course that is transformed. Trees have been removed,          2012 US Open, might have been set up to accommodate?
fairways widened and the severity of the sloped greens has               Lee Westwood has the perfect ball flight for this course. He
been toned down. Make no mistake, it is still a brutally difficult   is as accurate as anyone when it comes to approach greens – a
test but – crucially – it is also a reasonable one.                  huge asset when the greens are as small as they are here – and
    “It is a different course to the one we played back in 1998,”    he is as strong willed as they came. He has flaws, particularly
said Phil Mickelson on Tuesday. “It is a wonderful test of golf      when it comes to chipping. But when the rough around the
now.”                                                                greens is this thick, the premium on a short game is reduced.
    The American left-hander has many skills, the most               It becomes less a test of skill and more a test of endurance.
endearing of which is his great ability to strike a diplomatic       Westwood is not short of that underrated quality.
pose while saying exactly what is on his mind. In praising the           In other words the Englishman, who has been standing on
tournament organisers, the US Golf Association, for its efforts      the cusp of major championship success for far too long, will
this time round he was also reminding the world of the botch         never have a better chance to break his duck. All he needs is a
job it made in 1998. There was another subliminal message in         modicum of luck, a putting stroke that will last him through the
what Lefty said and it was that he really fancies his chances this   long week and a bucketload of self-belief. Two out of three and
week.                                                                he will be in there at the end. Three out of three and the 2012 US
    In its wisdom the USGA has paired Mickelson alongside his        Open is his.
great rival Tiger Woods (and Masters champion Bubba Watson)
for the opening two rounds. How did he feel about that?
“Fabulous,” he replied, instantaneously.
    “I get excited to play with Tiger. He gets the best out of
me. The one player I’m most concerned about if I play my
best golf that may have a chance to beat me is Tiger. And
the fact that we are on the same wavelength, I’m always in
favour of. Sometimes we’ll get a huge advantage in tee times,
based on weather conditions or whatnot, if we’re on the same
wavelength, neither of us will have a distinct advantage.”
    Put like that, it makes you wonder why the other 154 players
have taken the trouble to come all the way to the Pacific west
coast when the narrative of the year’s second major has already
been set. Forget the Stone Roses reunion tour and get ready for
the Tiger and Phil Show (Redux).
    Of course, American television and the Californian galleries
would love that. And maybe it will come to pass. Woods has
won twice on the PGA Tour this year, most impressively at the
Memorial Tournament a couple of weeks ago, and will surely
contend this week on a course that will suit the “baby cut”
shot that has become the staple of his game. Mickelson is less
reliable than he once was although he usually raises his game
for what is his national championship.
    However, the difference between the past and the present is
that the best of Tiger and Phil might no longer be good enough
to prevail over a generation of golfers who are no longer cowed
in their presence, McIlroy being the most obvious.
    The Northern Irishman came close to winning in Memphis
on Sunday before duck-hooking his drive on the final hole into
the water – a horrible shot that cost him the tournament and
hinted the flaws that have crept into his swing in recent weeks
have not been entirely obliterated by a more intense work
    Still, pride is a formidable asset and as the reigning
champion McIlroy will want to put up a good show. So too will
the likes of Ian Poulter, Geoff Ogilvy and Matt Kuchar, all solid
performers whose strengths – reliable ball-striking allied with a
great short game – will serve them well on a layout that does not © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             

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