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					                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Oct. 14                                                               2393

                               For all Americans, these years in our his-                  a safer America, a stronger America, and a
                           tory will always stand apart. You know, there                   better America to put me and Dick Cheney
                           are quiet times in the life of a nation when                    back in office.
                           little is expected of its leaders. This isn’t one                   I’m sorry Laura is not here.
                           of those times. It’s a time that requires firm                      Audience members. Aw-w-w!
                           resolve and clear vision and a deep faith in                        The President. I know it. We were in Las
                           the values that makes us a great nation.                        Vegas earlier, and they had an AARP conven-
                               None of us will ever forget that week when                  tion there. And the head of the AARP said,
                           one era ended and another began. Sep-                           ‘‘Send your family’s best speaker.’’ [Laugh-
                           tember the 14th, 2001, I stood in the ruins                     ter] So Laura went. [Laughter] You know,
                           of the Twin Towers. It’s a day I will never                     when I married her, I said—she said, ‘‘Fine,
                           forget. There were workers in hardhats                          I’ll marry you, just so long as I never have
                           yelling at me at the top of their lungs, ‘‘What-                to give a speech.’’ I said, ‘‘Okay, you’ve got
                           ever it takes.’’ Governor Pataki was with me.                   a deal.’’ [Laughter] Fortunately, she didn’t
                           He knows—he remembers those workers                             hold me to that deal. When she speaks,
                           and those police and firefighters coming out                    America sees a compassionate, warm, great
                           of the rubble, bloodshot eyes. A guy grabbed                    First Lady.
                           me by the arm, and he said, ‘‘Do not let me
                                                                                               I’m proud of my runningmate, Dick Che-
                           down.’’ Ever since that day, I wake up every
                                                                                           ney. He’s a fine man with good judgment
                           morning trying to figure out how best to de-
                                                                                           and great experience. He’s getting the job
                           fend this country. I will never relent in de-
                                                                                           done for the American people. I’m proud to
                           fending America, whatever it takes.
                                                                                           be introduced by a unique and strong and
                               Four years ago, when I traveled your State
                                                                                           great American in John McCain. When he
                           asking for the vote, I made this pledge: If
                           you gave me a chance to serve, I would up-                      says he’s for you, he’s really for you. Las
                           hold the honor and the dignity of the office                    Vegas this morning, Reno right now, and
                           to which I had been elected. With your help,                    then we’re headed to Medford, Oregon. He’s
                           I will do so for 4 more years.                                  by my side. He’s campaigning hard, and I’m
                               God bless. Thanks for coming. Thank you                     proud to have his support.
                           all.                                                                And I’m proud of the job that Senator John
                                                                                           Ensign is doing for the great State of Nevada.
                           NOTE: The President spoke at 10:05 a.m. at the                  He’s a really fine man. I want to thank Jim
                           Thomas & Mack Center. In his remarks, he re-                    Gibbons for his service as well. Old Con-
                           ferred to Gov. Kenny C. Guinn of Nevada; coun-                  gressman Greg Walden from Oregon snuck
                           try music entertainer Lee Greenwood; Senator                    across the State line. He’s with us today.
                           Zell Miller of Georgia, who made the keynote ad-                Thanks for coming, Greg. I appreciate you
                           dress at the Republican National Convention; and                being here.
                           Gov. George E. Pataki of New York.
                                                                                               I’m really proud that Dema Guinn is with
                                                                                           us, the first lady of the great State of Nevada.
                           Remarks in Reno, Nevada                                         Thank for coming, Dema. I’m proud you’re
                           October 14, 2004                                                here. How about your attorney general,
                                                                                           Brian Sandoval? What a class act he is. I want
                              The President. Thank you all for coming                      to thank Brian Krolicki, the State treasurer,
                           out today. It’s great to be back in Nevada.                     for being with us today. I want to thank—
                           It’s such a beautiful day. I’m proud to be                      Dean Heller is with us today. I’m proud he’s
                           here in the Biggest Little City in the World.                   here.
                           I’m really pleased to be in a place where the                       I want to thank all the State and local offi-
                           cowboy hats outnumber the suits.                                cials. But mainly, I want to thank the grass-
                              Thank you all for coming. I’m here to ask                    roots activists, the people who are putting
                           for the vote. And I want your help. Tell your                   up the signs, the people making the phone
                           friends and neighbors to go to the polls on                     calls, the people turning out the vote. With
                           November the 2d. Everybody ought to vote                        your help, we’ll carry Nevada and win a great
                           in this country. And tell them if they want                     victory in November.

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                           2394                                                    Oct. 14 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                              I enjoyed the debate last night. You know,                      The President. The truth is, we should
                           those debates clarify the differences in our                    never turn America’s national security deci-
                           record, our approach, and our plans for the                     sions over to international bodies or leaders
                           future. I’m proud of my record. My opponent                     of other countries.
                           seemed to want to avoid talking about his.                         The last few years, the American people
                           [Laughter] My record is one of lowering                         have gotten to know me. They know my blunt
                           taxes, reforming education, providing pre-                      way of speaking. I get that from Mom.
                           scription drug coverage to seniors, improving                   [Laughter] They know I sometimes mangle
                           homeland protections, and waging an aggres-                     the English language. I get that from Dad.
                           sive war against the ideologues of hate.                        [Laughter] Americans also know I tell you
                              The Senator’s record is 20 years of out-                     exactly what I’m going to do, and I keep my
                           of-the-mainstream votes without many sig-                       word.
                           nificant reforms or results. Our very different                    When I came to office, the stock market
                           records are a window into what we believe                       had been in serious decline for 6 months.
                           and what we’ll do for the next 4 years. The                     The American economy was sliding into re-
                           Senator believes in a bigger Federal Govern-                    cession. To help families, to get this economy
                           ment. I believe in more freedom and more                        growing again, I pledged to reduce taxes. I
                           choices for individual Americans. The Sen-                      kept my word, and the results are clear. The
                           ator believes Government should dictate. I                      recession was one of the shallowest in Amer-
                           believe you should decide.                                      ican history. And over the last 3 years, Amer-
                              Sometimes it’s a little hard to tell exactly                 ica’s economy has grown at the fastest rate
                           what he believes—[laughter]—as he tries to                      of any major industrialized nation.
                           obscure his approach to Government. Take                           In the past 13 months, we’ve added more
                           health care. Once again, last night, with a                     than 1.9 million new jobs. The unemploy-
                           straight face—[laughter]—the Senator tried                      ment rate in America is at 5.4 percent, below
                           to say his health care plan is not a Govern-                    the average rate of the 1970s, the 1980s, and
                           ment plan. [Laughter] I could barely contain                    the 1990s. The unemployment rate in your
                           myself. [Laughter] Yet 22 million new people                    State is 4 percent. Mining sector is strong.
                           would enroll on a Government program                            Farm and ranch income is up. Homeowner-
                           under his plan, the largest expansion of Gov-                   ship is at an alltime high in America. We’re
                           ernment health care ever. Eighty percent of                     moving forward, and there’s more to do.
                           the newly insured on his plan would be                             To make sure quality jobs are created here
                           placed on a Government program like Med-                        in America, America must be the best place
                           icaid. The Senator claimed his plan would                       in the world to do business. That means less
                           help small business, yet a study conducted                      regulations on the job creators. That means
                           by small-businesses groups concluded Sen-                       we’ve got to do something about these frivo-
                           ator Kerry’s plan is an overpriced albatross                    lous lawsuits that make it hard to expand em-
                           that would saddle small businesses with 225                     ployment.
                           new mandates.                                                      To create jobs, Congress needs to pass my
                              I have a different view. I want health care                  energy plan. It encourages conservation. It
                           to be available and affordable by helping                       encourages the use of renewables like eth-
                           small businesses, not by saddling them with                     anol and biodiesel. It encourages new tech-
                           a bunch of new Government rules.                                nologies. It encourages clean coal technology
                              Once again last night, with a straight face,                 and increased domestic production. To keep
                           the Senator, shall we say, refined his answer                   jobs here, we must become less dependent
                           on the proposed ‘‘global test’’ he would ad-                    on foreign sources of energy.
                           minister before acting to defend America.                          To protect jobs and communities in the
                           See, after trying to say it really wasn’t a test                West, we need to reduce the risk of dev-
                           at all, last night he once again defended his                   astating wildfire. I was proud to sign the
                           approach by saying, ‘‘I think it makes sense.’’                 Health Forests Restoration Act. I want to
                           Now he says we have to pass some inter-                         thank the three Members of Congress for
                           national truth standard.                                        working on that act. Under this good law,
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   we’re clearing the underbrush that serves as

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                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Oct. 14                                                               2395

                           fuel for fires. Because we acted, our forests                   schools and end the soft bigotry of low expec-
                           are healthier, residents and small businesses                   tations, and I kept my word. We’re now see-
                           are safer, and people across the West are bet-                  ing results. Our children are making sus-
                           ter off.                                                        tained gains in reading and math. We’re clos-
                              To create jobs here in America, we need                      ing the achievement gap for minority stu-
                           to reject economic isolationism and open up                     dents. We’re making progress for America’s
                           markets around the world for U.S. products.                     families. We will leave no child behind.
                           America can compete with anybody, anytime,                         To make sure jobs are here and to build
                           anywhere, so long as the rules are fair.                        a more hopeful America, we must have the
                              To create jobs, we’ve got to be wise about                   best prepared and most highly skilled work-
                           how we spend your money and keep your                           force in the world. Most new jobs are filled
                           taxes low. My opponent has his own history                      by people with at least 2 years of college,
                           on the economy—20 years as a Senator from                       yet only one in four of our students gets
                           Massachusetts, he’s built a record of a Sen-                    there. So we’ll fund early intervention pro-
                           ator from Massachusetts. [Laughter] He                          grams in our high schools to help at-risk stu-
                           voted to raise taxes 98 times.                                  dents. We’ll place a new focus on math and
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   science. Over time, we’ll require a rigorous
                              The President. That’s a vote for a tax in-                   examination before graduation. By raising
                           crease about five times every year.                             performance in our high schools and expand-
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   ing Pell grants for low- and middle-income
                              The President. I think that qualifies as                     families, we’ll help more Americans start
                           a pattern. [Laughter] He can run from his                       their career with a college diploma.
                           record, but he cannot hide.
                                                                                              My opponent has a history on education
                              Now the Senator—he looked in the cam-
                                                                                           issues, a history of doing almost nothing.
                           era last Friday night and promised not to
                           raise taxes for anyone who earns less than                      [Laughter] The Senator has pledged to weak-
                           $200,000 a year. The problem is, to keep that                   en the No Child Left Behind Act. He’s pro-
                           promise he would have to break almost all                       posed diluting the accountability standards
                           of his other ones. [Laughter] His plan to raise                 and looking at measures like teacher attend-
                           taxes on the top two income brackets would                      ance to judge whether students are learning.
                           raise about $600 billion, but his spending                      His proposals would undermine the high
                           promises cost about 4 times that much—                          standards and accountability we worked hard
                           about 2.2 trillion. That’s with a ‘‘T.’’ [Laugh-                to pass. We’ve moved beyond the old days
                           ter] See, you can’t have it both ways. To pay                   of failure and mediocrity and low standards,
                           for all his big spending promises he’s made,                    and we’re not going to go back.
                           he’s going to have to raise your taxes.                            When I came into office, we had a prob-
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   lem in Medicare. Medicine was changing,
                              The President. The choice in this election                   but Medicare wasn’t. Think about this: Medi-
                           is clear when it comes to taxes. My opponent                    care would pay tens of thousands of dollars
                           has a history of voting for higher taxes, and                   for a heart surgery but wouldn’t pay a dime
                           he’s promised to raise them on the campaign                     for the prescription drugs that could prevent
                           trail, and that’s a promise politicians usually                 the heart surgery from being needed in the
                           keep.                                                           first place. That wasn’t fair to seniors. It cer-
                              I believe our families and our economy are                   tainly wasn’t fair to taxpayers. I brought Re-
                           better off when Americans keep more of                          publicans and Democrats together to
                           what they earn. In a new term, I’ll work with                   strengthen and modernize Medicare for our
                           Congress to keep your taxes low.                                seniors. And I kept my word.
                              When I came into office, our public                             We’re moving forward on health care, and
                           schools had been waiting decades for hopeful                    there’s more to do. We need to make health
                           reform. Too many of our children were shuf-                     care more affordable and more available for
                           fled through schools, grade after grade, year                   all our people. We’ll have a safety net for
                           after year, without learning the basics. I                      those with the greatest need. I believe in
                           pledged to restore accountability to the                        community health centers, places where the

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                           2396                                                    Oct. 14 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                           poor and the indigent can get primary pre-                      choice is clear in this election. My opponent
                           ventative care. In a new term, we’ll make                       wants to move in the direction of Govern-
                           sure every poor county in America has a com-                    ment-run health care. I believe the health
                           munity health center. We’ll do more to make                     decisions ought to be made by patients and
                           sure poor children are fully subscribed in our                  doctors, not by officials in Washington, DC.
                           programs for low-income families.                                   I’ve set out policies that move our country
                              We’ll do more to make sure health care                       toward an optimistic and positive vision. I be-
                           is affordable. Most of the uninsured are em-                    lieve our country can become an ownership
                           ployees of small businesses. Small businesses                   society. You know, there’s an old saying that
                           are having trouble affording health care. To                    no one ever washes a rental car. [Laughter]
                           help workers get the health care, we should                     There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement.
                           allow small businesses to join together so                      When you own something, you care about
                           they can buy insurance at the same discounts                    it; you have a vital stake in the future of our
                           big companies can do. We’ve got to expand                       great country.
                           health savings accounts so workers and small                        So we’re encouraging entrepreneurship,
                           businesses are able to pay lower premiums,                      because every time a small business is start-
                           and people can save tax-free in a health care                   ed, someone is achieving the American
                           account that they call their own.                               Dream. We’re encouraging health savings ac-
                              And to make sure health care is available                    counts so people have the security of owning
                           and affordable, we must do something about
                                                                                           and managing their own health care. We’re
                           the junk lawsuits that are running up the cost
                                                                                           promoting homeownership. I love the fact
                           of health care. By forcing doctors to practice
                                                                                           that more citizens than ever are able to open
                           defensive medicine, medical lawsuits cost the
                                                                                           up the door where they live and say, ‘‘Wel-
                           Government about $28 billion a year. They
                                                                                           come to my home. Welcome to my piece of
                           cost our Nation’s economy anywhere from
                           60 to 100 billion dollars a year. They drive
                           up insurance premiums, which drive good                             In a new term, I’ll take the next great step
                           doctors out of practice.                                        to build an ownership society by strength-
                              Today in Las Vegas, I met Dr. James Bar-                     ening Social Security. Now, listen, our Social
                           ber. Three years ago, Dr. Barber paid                           Security system needs fixing. I want the sen-
                           $27,000 in insurance premiums as an ob-gyn                      iors out here to hear me loud and clear: You’ll
                           in Henderson, Nevada. Last year’s premiums                      get your check. I remember when I was run-
                           would have been more than $100,000. So he                       ning in 2000, they said, ‘‘If George W. gets
                           had to stop delivering babies here, and he                      elected, you won’t get your Social Security
                           moved his practice to California. Because the                   check.’’ You got your checks. You’ll continue
                           medical liability laws in California have rea-                  to get your check. When you hear them talk
                           sonable caps, that good doctor’s premiums                       about reform, don’t let them fool you and
                           cost him about $33,000 a year. I also met                       say you’re not going to get your check. Baby
                           one of his former patients, Nicole Byrne. Ni-                   boomers are in pretty good shape when it
                           cole Byrne said that Dr. Barber saved her                       comes to the Social Security trust.
                           life during a previous pregnancy. Now she’s                         But we need to worry about our children
                           pregnant again, and she’s devastated that Dr.                   and our grandchildren. They are understand-
                           Barber will not be around to deliver her                        ably worried about whether Social Security
                           baby. Nicole and Dr. Barber understand you                      will be around when they need it. And for
                           can’t be pro-patient, pro-doctor, and pro-                      their sake, we must strengthen Social Secu-
                           plaintiff-attorney at the same time. You have                   rity by allowing younger workers to save
                           to choose. My opponent made his choice,                         some of their own payroll taxes in a personal
                           and he put a personal injury lawyer on the                      savings account that will earn compounded
                           ticket.                                                         rate of interest, an account that Washington
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   cannot take away.
                              The President. I made my choice. I’m                             My opponent wants to maintain the status
                           standing with the docs and the patients. I’m                    quo when it comes to Social Security.
                           for medical liability reform—now. The                               Audience members. Boo-o-o!

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                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Oct. 14                                                               2397

                               The President. He’s against these Social                    tion of marriage, but he voted against the
                           Security reforms. As a matter of fact, he’s                     Defense of Marriage Act, which a bipartisan
                           just about against about every other reform                     Congress overwhelmingly passed and which
                           that gives more authority and control to indi-                  President Clinton signed. He voted against
                           viduals. On issue after issue, from Medicare                    the ban on the brutal practice of partial-birth
                           without choices to schools with less account-                   abortion.
                           ability to higher taxes, he takes the side of                      Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                           more centralized control and bigger Govern-                        The President. He calls himself the can-
                           ment. There’s a word for that attitude. It’s                    didate of conservative values, but he de-
                           called liberalism. [Laughter] My opponent                       scribed the Reagan years as a time of moral
                           dismisses that as a label. He must have seen                    darkness.
                           it differently when he said to a newspaper,                        Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                           ‘‘I’m a liberal and proud of it.’’ [Laughter]                      The President. There is a mainstream in
                               Others have noticed. The nonpartisan Na-                    American politics, and my opponent sits on
                           tional Journal magazine did a study and                         the left bank. He can run, but he cannot hide.
                           named him the most liberal Member of the
                                                                                              This election will also determine how
                           United States Senate. That’s hard work.
                                                                                           America responds to the continuing danger
                           [Laughter] A group known as the Americans
                                                                                           of terrorism. The most solemn duty of the
                           for Democratic Action have given Senator
                                                                                           American President is to protect the Amer-
                           Kerry a higher lifetime liberal rating than
                                                                                           ican people. If America shows uncertainty or
                           Ted Kennedy. That’s an accomplishment.
                                                                                           weakness in this decade, the world will drift
                                                                                           toward tragedy. This will not happen on my
                               I have a different record and a different
                           philosophy. I don’t believe in big Govern-                      watch.
                           ment, and I don’t believe in indifferent Gov-                      Since that terrible morning, September
                           ernment. I’m a compassionate conservative.                      the 11th, 2001, we have fought the terrorists
                           I believe in policies that empower people to                    across the Earth, not for pride, not for power,
                           improve their lives, not try to run their lives.                but because the lives of our citizens are at
                           We’re helping men and women find the skills                     stake. Our strategy is clear. We’ll defend the
                           and tools necessary to prosper in a time of                     homeland. We’ll strengthen our intelligence
                           change. We’re helping all Americans to have                     services. We’ll transform the All-Volunteer
                           a future of dignity and independence, and                       Army—we’ll keep the All-Volunteer Army an
                           that is how I will lead our country for 4 more                  all-volunteer army. We’re staying on the of-
                           years.                                                          fensive. We’ll strike the terrorists abroad so
                               Audience members. Four more years!                          we do not have to face them here at home.
                           Four more years! Four more years!                               We’ll spread freedom and liberty. And we’ll
                               The President. In this time of change,                      prevail.
                           some things do not change. These are the                           Our strategy is succeeding. Think about
                           values we try to live by, courage and compas-                   the world as it was 31⁄2 years ago. Afghanistan
                           sion, reverence and integrity. In the times                     was the home base of Al Qaida. Pakistan was
                           of change, we’ll support the institutions that                  a transit point for terrorist groups. Saudi Ara-
                           give our lives direction and purpose, our fam-                  bia was fertile ground for terrorist fund-
                           ilies, our schools, our religious congregations.                raising. Libya was secretly pursuing nuclear
                           We stand for a culture of life in which every                   weapons. Iraq was a dangerous place and a
                           person counts and every being matters. We                       gathering threat. And Al Qaida was largely
                           stand for marriage and family, which are the                    unchallenged as it planned attacks.
                           foundations of our society. We stand for the                       Because we led, Afghanistan is a free soci-
                           appointment of Federal judges who know the                      ety and is an ally in fighting the war against
                           difference between personal opinion and the                     terror; Pakistan is capturing terrorist leaders;
                           strict interpretation of the law.                               Saudi Arabia is making raids and arrests;
                               My opponent’s words on these issues are                     Libya is dismantling its weapons programs;
                           a little muddy, but his record is clear.                        the army of a free Iraq is fighting for free-
                           [Laughter] He says he supports the institu-                     dom; and more than three-quarters of Al

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                           2398                                                    Oct. 14 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2004

                           Qaida’s key leaders and associates have been                        Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                           brought to justice.                                                 The President. ——only 4 of 100, 2 of
                              Free societies in the Middle East will be                    whom are my opponent and his runningmate.
                           hopeful societies which no longer feed                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                           resentments and breed violence for export.                          The President. So they asked him how
                           Free governments in the Middle East will                        he could have made that vote. You might re-
                           fight terrorists instead of harboring them.                     member perhaps the most famous quote of
                           And that’s why I think it’s so significant that                 the 2004 campaign, ‘‘I actually did vote for
                           because we defended ourselves, we liberated                     the $87 billion, right before I voted against
                           50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq.                      it.’’
                              Freedom helps us keep the peace. That’s                          Audience members. Boo-o-o!
                           why it was so uplifting to see what took place                      The President. I suspect a lot of people
                           in Afghanistan. Remember what that society                      in Reno don’t talk that way. [Laughter] He’s
                           was like. These people lived under the brutal                   given several explanations since then. One of
                           darkness of the Taliban regime. Young girls                     my favorites is, he said, ‘‘The whole thing
                           weren’t allowed to go to school. Their moth-                    is a complicated matter.’’ [Laughter] There’s
                           ers were whipped in the public squares if                       nothing complicated about supporting our
                           they didn’t toe the ideology of hate.                           troops in harm’s way.
                              But because we acted, there’s light in Af-                       I believe in the transformational power of
                           ghanistan. Thousands and thousands of peo-                      liberty. I want you to explain this to your
                           ple voted in the Presidential elections. The                    friends and neighbors this way. One of my
                           first voter was a 19-year-old woman in Af-                      friends in the world is Prime Minister
                           ghanistan. Iraq will have elections in January.                 Koizumi of Japan. What’s interesting about
                           Our mission is clear. We will help these                        that, it wasn’t all that long ago that Japan
                           countries train armies and police so they can                   was a sworn enemy of the United States of
                           do the hard work of defending freedom and                       America. My dad fought against the Japa-
                           democracy. We’ll help them get on the path                      nese. John’s dad—I’m sure your dads and
                           to stability as quickly as possible, and then                   granddads did as well. They were our sworn
                           our troops will come home with the honor                        enemy. But because Harry S. Truman, Presi-
                           they have earned.                                               dent of the United States then, believed in
                              We’ve got a great United States military.                    the power of liberty to transform an enemy
                           I want to thank the veterans who are here                       into an ally, we worked to help Japan become
                           for having set such a great example for those                   a democracy. There were a lot of people in
                           who wear the uniform. I want to thank the                       our country that didn’t agree with that. ‘‘Why
                           military families who are here for the sac-                     bother? They’re the enemy. Why help them?
                           rifices they have made. And I want to assure                    They hurt my family.’’ There was a lot of
                           you, we’ll keep our commitments to our                          reasons, a lot of pessimism that Japan
                           troops. We will make sure they have the re-                     couldn’t conceivably become a self-governing
                           sources they need to complete their missions.                   democracy. But she did.
                              And that’s why I went to the Congress in                         And as a result of that, I sit down at the
                           September of 2003 and asked for $87 billion,                    table today with Prime Minister Koizumi
                           supplemental request to help our troops in                      talking about the peace we all want. He’s an
                           combat both in Afghanistan and Iraq. We re-                     ally.
                           ceived great bipartisan support. As a matter                        And someday, an American President will
                           of fact, only 12 United States Senators voted                   be sitting down with a duly elected leader
                           against the funding request, 2 of whom are                      of Iraq, talking about keeping the peace in
                           my opponent and his runningmate.                                the Middle East, and our children and our
                              Audience members. Boo-o-o!                                   grandchildren will be better off for it.
                              The President. When you’re out rounding                          I believe that millions in the Middle East
                           up the vote, remind people there’s only 4                       plead in silence for their freedom. I believe
                           United States Senators who voted to author-                     women in the Middle East want to grow up
                           ize the use of force and then voted against                     in a free society. I believe if given a chance,
                           the support of our troops——                                     the people in that region will embrace the

VerDate Aug 04 2004   22:41 Oct 18, 2004   Jkt 205250   PO 00000   Frm 00110   Fmt 1244   Sfmt 1244   E:\PRESDOCS\P42OCT4.015   P42OCT4
                           Administration of George W. Bush, 2004 / Oct. 14                                                               2399

                           most honorable form of government ever de-                      [Laughter] I’m not going to. We’re thrilled
                           vised by man. I believe all these things be-                    to be here.
                           cause freedom is not America’s gift to the                         I want to thank not only you all coming
                           world; freedom is the almighty God’s gift to                    from Jackson County, I want to thank the
                           each man and woman in this world.                               folks from the Klamath Basin who are here
                              For all Americans, these years in our his-                   as well. It’s great to be in a part of the world
                           tory will always stand apart. There are quiet                   where the boots outnumber the suits.
                           times in the life of a nation when little is                       I’ve come to ask for your vote, and I’m
                           expected of its leaders. This is not one of                     here to ask for your help. Tell your friends
                           those times. This is a time that requires firm                  and neighbors we have a duty in our country
                           resolve, clear vision, and the deep faith in                    to vote. Head them to the polls, Republicans
                           the values that makes us a great nation.                        and independents and discerning Democrats
                              None of us will ever forget that week when                   like Zell Miller. And when you get them
                           one era ended and another began. Sep-                           heading to the polls, tell them if they want
                           tember the 14th, 2001, I stood in the ruins                     a safer America, a stronger America, and a
                           of the Twin Towers. It’s a day I will never                     better America to put me and Dick Cheney
                           forget. There were workers in hardhats there                    back into office.
                           yelling at me at the top of their lungs, ‘‘What-                   I am keeping great company with the First
                           ever it takes.’’ I remember trying to console                   Lady. She is—we were in Las Vegas earlier
                           the folks coming out of the rubble. A guy                       today, and they had the AARP convention,
                           grabbed me by the arm, and he said, ‘‘Do                        and so they said, ‘‘Why don’t you send your
                           not let me down.’’ Ever since that day, I wake                  best speaker to that convention.’’ So Laura
                           up trying to figure out how best to protect                     spoke there, and I went to the rally. [Laugh-
                           our country. I will never relent in defending                   ter] She was a public school librarian when
                           America, whatever it takes.                                     I met her again. We went to the 7th grade
                              Four years ago, when I traveled your great                   together at San Jacinto Junior High in Mid-
                           State, I made a pledge that if you gave me                      land, Texas.
                           a chance to serve, I would uphold the honor
                                                                                              Audience members. Aw-w-w!
                           and the dignity of the office to which I had
                           been elected. With your hard work, I will                          The President. Yes, how about that?
                           do so for 4 more years.                                         [Laughter] And she said, ‘‘Fine, I’ll marry
                              God bless. Thank you for coming. On to                       you. I just never want to have to give a
                           victory. I appreciate you all.                                  speech.’’ I said, ‘‘Okay, you’ve got a deal.’’
                                                                                           Fortunately, she didn’t hold me to the deal,
                                                                                           and the people of America see a compas-
                           NOTE: The President spoke at 1:41 p.m. at Ran-                  sionate, decent, strong woman when she gets
                           cho San Rafael Park. In his remarks, he referred                up and gives a speech.
                           to Dema Guinn, wife of Gov. Kenny C. Guinn
                           of Nevada; State Attorney General Brian
                                                                                              I’m proud of my runningmate, Dick Che-
                           Sandoval, State Treasurer Brian K. Krolicki, and                ney. He’s a good, strong man. I’m proud to
                           Secretary of State Dean Heller of Nevada; and                   be up here with a fine American, a great
                           Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi of Japan.                      friend, John McCain. I thank you, John, for
                                                                                           coming. We have a lot of fun traveling to-
                                                                                           gether. It makes a big difference that he’s
                           Remarks in Central Point, Oregon                                campaigning for me. I can’t thank him
                           October 14, 2004                                                enough for doing so.
                                                                                              I’m also proud to be up on the stage with
                              The President. Thank you all very much.                      a fine United States Senator in Gordon
                           It’s great to be back in Oregon. It’s great                     Smith. We’re real fond of Greg Walden and
                           to be back in Jackson County, Oregon. Laura                     Mylene, his wife. You’re well represented in
                           and I are staying at the Jacksonville Inn to-                   the Halls of Congress by Greg. He’s a good,
                           night. Last President to stay there was Ruth-                   solid man. All he does is talk about water—
                           erford B. Hayes. [Laughter] I understand                        [laughter]—and forests and the people of
                           Rutherford complained about the tab.                            this district.

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