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May 05, 2012 Write by Jonathan
The world famous watches series ranking international brand information
The first, of course, Replica Watches Patek Philippe, abbreviation of PP. Is no doubt that is
recognized worldwide as the best brand, known as "blue-blood aristocracy watch. PP is not
known for complex movement or gorgeous appearance, and even rarely in the men's table shell
inlay any diamonds or precious stones, but it is always self movement, limited production, are
born with a restrained elegance of the aristocratic temperament . Therefore, PP is not a money
can be worn by those wearing yellow gold ring and gold necklace, frequented the sauna and
karaoke "landed gentry" does not deserve to have of PP. The wearer should have a certain
temperament and demeanor, conversation elegant, and the success of the "aristocratic" people
can wear. PP on the "immunity", with large rings, bracelets and necklaces and other jewelry stuff
and PP with the always incongruous, so wear PP should avoid wearing these tacky things. The
price of PP are more than 100,000 yuan as an entry-level 3919 110 000.

Second, Vacheron Constantin, VC. It is nice movement and shell craft extremely well, and has
always been limited production, especially in the VC's Malte section of the hollow table, is simply
a work of art!

Omega Replica Watches

Omega Replica Watches Third, Audemars Piguet, AP Consistent with a high profile, the most
classic style is the "Royal Oak" (RoyalOak), is characterized by the rule of the octagonal case, eight
angles, respectively, eight decorative screws, very rough, very masculine . AP's higher price
generally Hendry King's jewelry sale, Royal Oak has a stainless steel men's table priced at 78,000
yuan; 18K gold dial diamond price of up to 45 thousand million. Of course, there are more rules,
who told the AP is the classic of classics, even the world's most famous action movie star Arnold
Schwarzenegger is AP the most loyal fans, In his film, "The Terminator 3 "to wear it is the
AP-tailored new watch.

Fourth, I think that should be LeCoultre JLC. JLC manufacturing purely mechanical movement
known to the world, even other well-known brands are also used its movement. JLC 101
movement is a purely mechanical movement, the world's smallest ladies jewelery watch do with
it even once the wear of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, crowned himself celebration.

Fifth, Breguet, BG Known as "table", mainly because its founder, Louis Mr. Breguet has a lot of the
first invention of the watch, such as Genesis Tourbillon (Tourbillon) and Breguet hands. All models
are manufactured housing more than 18K gold, the precious metals, mainly to alligator strap, and
the dial is usually silver-plated handle, very nice. Just a little bit of regret, is the shape style is a bit
conservative, mostly circular dial, the lack of change. However, in any case the list of world-class!
Sixth, Blancpain (Blancpain), abbreviations, JB This brand so that I respected I am afraid that will
lead to a large number of tables experts "who swearword, because Earl did not list it, and
everyone likes to count it! Hey! In fact, Blancpain has its deficiencies, its appearance is almost no
change has been produced only round case watch, and the majority of the belt table, appears to
be too conservative, tradition seems and fashion simply hang Kamimagari the However,
Blancpain is one of the few never only the production of mechanical watches, quartz digital
watches brand, Blancpain slogan is "only mechanical watches". You know, even the
Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, have not been immune na! Blancpain is the oldest existing history, the
oldest watch brand, was built in 1735. Now watch for the market, the treasure Porter design and
manufacture of style - "1735" when the world price of 6.36 million yuan, standing proudly, this
table is poor wisdom of watchmakers, allegedly when 3-5 master manufacturing similar to the
complex functions of the watch, you want to buy it in addition to the family property of the
super-rich, have at least three years in advance booking only, that is not an ordinary rich can buy .

Seventh, the IWC. This is a bit self-serving ingredients, only because the nations of the slogan is
"only a man's watch, hey! The waitress who do not say that I "macho". IWC was founded by Jones
(Jones), American engineer, but it is one hundred percent pure Swiss descent. The Shafei
Stockhausen small town because of its factory is located in Switzerland. The quality of the nations
of the movement not to say that the exterior design has its own characteristics. First is the
circular case-based, followed by the large dial at first glance is very ordinary, in fact, plain to see
kung fu style is ideal for men's wear, especially the IT industry or other engaged in the
engineering aspects of the men wear. It's classic style, such as Leonardo da Vinci (DaVinci),
Portugal (Portuguese) and waves Feinuo, (Portofino,) are very personalized watch, not play
sounds like a style.

Eighth Rolex. Many upstarts like it very much. In fact, a watch for people from all walks of
cognitive and welcome is not its own fault. However, if reliable, quality and durability of the
movement is undoubtedly the best Rolex, simply as a pass on things to children and
grandchildren. Rolex is almost never the manufacture of complex functions the watch, but it's
durable, and take accurate but is notoriously, and has been the darling of the market of
second-hand table, excellent store of value.

The ninth Earl. The price alone, the count is definitely the former three, but the reason why I do
not see on it is because of its high price the use of diamonds and precious stones inlaid, and
market operation (also better known as speculation better) caused. Earl not a very good
movement, usually the other movement, but in the shell design and selected materials but
special efforts to round the capital.

Tenth, Cartier. 10, the only non-Swiss brand, although the record from France, but the factory is
in Switzerland, but Switzerland's top of the movement. Nothing more can be said to Cartier, the
British Prince of Wales to become "king of jewelers, jewelers King" started in the crown jewels of
Louis Cartier in 1904 to his friend - French-Brazilian giant mountain Santos Dumont's request to
become the most successful watch the world's first "mountain Santos (Santos,), so Cartier laid
today the status of world famous watch brands .. The .... 2004 Cartier "Santos 100" and "Santos -
Dumont (thin) gold / stainless steel wristwatch issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of
the advent of" Santos "table. Inspiration too in the U.S. tanks during World War I tanks (Tank),
another masterpiece Cartier - Pasha, said to be from one of the local leaders of the Kingdom of
Morocco in the 1930s, His official title is "Pasha", in North Africa Berber language meaning
"Governor", because he loved to swim, so he asked Cartier specifically for the manufacture of an
excellent waterproof performance watch, so "Pa summer "come out ... the price difference of
Cartier, the most expensive stainless steel models of the" tank "(the Tank), 3 million; your
hundreds of thousands.

A 10, Chi Perot GP. The traditional Swiss brand, adhere to the tradition of quality, has no shortage
of innovation, the most classic is the "Ferrari", combined with the excellent quality of the car and
watch a perfect combination. The price is not low, usually in more than 50,000 yuan, but in the
secondary market performance in general, a larger spread. I've seen a 18K gold men's watch, may
be old style, sold RMB $ 8,000! Ha ha!

12th, do not hesitate, was undoubtedly the Athens (Ulysse Nardin). To be honest, I think this
translation is really clever, may come from the people of Hong Kong. The founder of this brand
Ulysse Nardin27-year-old had his watchmaking workshop, and it has always been known to
produce nautical table. Watch in Athens, complex style varied known, the most classic of a called
"Genghis Khan asked the table" whenever trouble when when dial similar relief Mongolia Knight
(perhaps Genghis Khan's image) will riding in, vivid, very fine workmanship, reflecting the superb
technology of the Athens table.

13th, Lange (A. Lange, Soehn). The rare non-Swiss brand, it is typical of East German products,
have disappeared due to the autocratic rule of former East Germany, but the reunification of
Germany once again rejuvenated. Lange insist on only the mechanical precious metal watch,
making it the quality and price are according to the high, generally more than 10 million yuan,
and general domestic shopping malls can not buy.

14th, Zenith (Zenith). Swiss brand, when the complex functions is known, the use of precious
metals for housing, belt table are mostly more traditional watch, first-class quality.

15th Chopin (Chopard), the Swiss brand, women's diamond table with that, especially the "Happy
Diamonds" (Happy Diamond), is a favorite of My Fair Lady. I humbly believe that the actual wear
is better than the full jeweled Count ... Ah, they endured a plate child brick!

Sixteenth, Panerai (Panerai). Italian brand, is headquartered in Buddha drop Lunsar, production
plant in Switzerland. Daytona's professional diving table, the water depth of 300 meters, has
been to many countries, including the armed forces in the Italian Navy special diving watch. Just
for the civilian market in recent years to create a momentum through the auction of the old
section of military diving watch, joining the famous Swiss luxury goods group Richemont
(Richmont) is wise. Panerai is relatively conservative in appearance, very little change, but it
emphasizes the characteristics of waterproof and durable, in addition to the head office of its
adjustment handle uses a unique patented technology is designed with a gooseneck with a rod
retaining The circle that covers the head in the handle to prevent the water pressure is too high
to cause the water to penetrate the watch movements from the handle head is indeed very
unique, iconic design of Panerai Omega Replica Watches.

Name 17, Baume & Mercier (Baume & Mercier). Swiss brand, Confucian and elegant, Hampton
(Hampton) series and the Riviera (Riviera,) series is a classic style, price is generally in the tens of
thousand dollars to more than a dozen, ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars.

Of: shangdaolin, Date: 2006-2-11 world famous watch series ranked international brand

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The world famous watches series ranking international brand information
Frank Muller (of Franck Mueller - FM). Speculation the most popular brand personality in recent
years, all from the unique personality of the master design, production. Exaggerated, elongated
barrel-shaped shell and a variety of colors crocodile leather strap is the design of its signature,
the unique design of the "crazy (Crazy Hours)" series is to create the first of its kind designed
watch. "Crazy time" on the dial, the continuation of the tradition of several centuries of 1-12
point scale was completely disrupted, and watch the pointer to indicate the time of the jump the
way. This seemingly crazy dial in fact the combination of master superhuman wisdom and
advanced design concepts, and full of superhuman wisdom. Premier League Red Devils of
Manchester United's popular striker Wayne Rooney received in last year's birthday send his
girlfriend a birthday gift - a value of £ 15,000 Franck Muller watch Replica Watches Best.

(2) Parmigiani (the Parmigiani Fleuier - PF). The master of the original is said to Patek Philippe's
famous designer, and later under Patek Philippe began manufacturing their own name brand
watches. Parmigiani use of barrel-shaped shell, but its shape is more partial rectangular dial or
shell edge of the carving style approach, the process is very exquisite. It uses the movement is
impeccable, absolutely first-rate quality, and the use of precious metals production, so expensive,
generally even more expensive than the Patek Philippe, and many are produced in limited
quantities. The world famous watches series ranking international brand information

(3) Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis - RD). Said the watch movement to the growth of precious metal
case, the complex function. Has been scarce, the focus of the auction. Same high prices are
astonishing. Series ranking of world famous watches

Genta (Gerald Genta, - the GG). Bring the brand may be many people not familiar with, and if the
mentioned master of the 1970s for the Audemars Piguet (Audermars Piquet 's) the design of the
"Royal Oak (Royal Oak)" Maybe a lot of people are familiar. The early 1990s, the statue to
establish its own independent brand, after 15 years of efforts, has become an international
super-class personal watch brand. In 2004, Genta 15 anniversary to commemorate the brand
launched the Octo complex functions of the Line Series watch is still using its unique "double
oval" shell design, produced a Tourbillon, Tourbillon perpetual calendar, and 8 days super power
reserve different styles of expensive watches are made of precious metals such as gold, platinum,
rose gold and tantalum metal and other manufacturing, and reflects a vulgarity of aristocratic
temperament and superior taste.

5 Danny Ivanov (Daniel Roth - DR). Is also a top international master watch, luxury watch
production of complex functions, its exterior design and Genta quite similar to the "double oval"
design, the same rare and valuable.

Fei force Dev (Philippe Defour - PD). Needless to say, but also a world-class master of its own
brand, the number of rare and expensive.

7 of the NHC. Its brand and producer Kabbah Royce abbreviation named after its most unique
creation is first used on the design of the dial pointer design, that is, abandon the variety of
pointer, use the disc on the surface of the small pane rotation directions, and jump design, or an
evaluation - the number of rare, expensive.

8 Jiaoda Yu (Kiu Tai, Yuk,). The pride of Chinese people around the world, born to an ordinary
worker's family in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China watchmakers childhood full of talent and
wisdom, gradually moving to Hong Kong in the early 1980s engaged in watch sales and collection
areas, and its own independent production complex function of the watch, produced a
third-generation tourbillon God line instrument flywheel watch a timeless classic, and become
the whole of Asia first and so far only a Swiss official and official U.S. certification watch
independently produced masters. Masters graduated annually cents skill production is only a
complex function watch, which shows the rare indeed! Although the works of masters of the
chase for collectors around the world, but the master himself insisted on works for sale. The
master only a watch to be auctioned actually went for the high price of HK $ 80 Million! Masters
success is a testament to the master himself has always insisted on the belief - watch the Chinese
first invented, like the Chinese are able to make the world's most complex, most advanced and
most expensive timepieces!

World famous watches series ranking the international brand information

Omega (OMEGA). Swiss watch is currently the most flourishing in the Chinese mainland. Mainly
by the relatively long history of reliable quality and strong marketing, publicity. Omega early
products are still very good, it is also the first to enter the Chinese mainland's foreign watch
brands. Undoubtedly the most brilliant period of the 1960s and 1970s, as the first one with
astronauts into space watch, Omega one o'clock the fame, established its first space watch
"status on a global scale, and Omi eggplant or the earliest and best chronometer. Results in
Europe and the United States, the table of high prices is high prices to do, selling high-priced,
low-cost table is produced in order to meet the working-class, if the spread is huge but there will
be two thankless task, but in mainland China, regardless of the outbreak of the rich or ordinary
people, shone on the Omega ...

Longines (LONGINES). Soft refined style of the Swiss brand. Objectively speaking, Longines is
more suitable for white-collar workers in general watch, not play, but very gracious, even the late
American film star Audrey Hepburn and Heng Fuli. Bogart are its spokesmen. Longines ultra-thin
watch, very delicate, personal, inexpensive, generally six or seven thousand dollars. Its fleet
(FLEET) "series is also very good, especially the style of pink gold and alligator strap, quite the
style of the luxury watch, the price is only about 30,000 yuan, it is worth buying.

TAG Heuer (the TAG HEUER). Is the pioneer of the Swiss sports watch brand, quality and class,
and the leadership of the movement is the trend. Movement standards or design is very good,
the price is the upper, to the movement is to locate the absolute high.

Tissot (TISSOT). The famous Swiss brand that started from a small family workshop. The the
TISSOT family fathers and sons in order to pass the winter slack time and established a small
workshop has developed into a world-famous watch manufacturer, I really feel the Swiss watch
miracle is really amazing! Tissot Europeans believe that it is very suitable for white-collar workers
to wear the watch, attractive appearance, novel design, and the price is very cheap. Tissot
generally only low material of the watch, just a few years ago out of a 18K gold square watch,
price of more than 20,000 yuan, while also 1,2 thousand dollars to get. There is a called
"T-TOUCH, very unique touch dial reflects the Tissot advanced modern technology, of course, the
watch is quartz movement ...

Plum (of TITONI). Is a family-owned business established in 1919 in Switzerland Gelin Ken town.
Plum has always been known for its plain but precise and reliable quality, performance and low
cost best of Swiss watch. Personal opinion, I humbly believe if the watch-speaking grade, or the
value of the collection, at least the most basic prerequisite is purely and completely mechanical
movement, quartz movement watch is not present grade, wear bad if do not count it can hedge
against inflation or even appreciation. Plum is a very insistent that their own independent watch
manufacturers, although its strength can not be compared with these large manufacturers of
Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Omega, but still adhere to the position of their own independent

Many other brands, such as Enicar (ENICAR) Rome (ROAMER), Raymond Weil (RAYMONDWEIL)
and so on, nothing more can be said, just watch it, neither prominent shortcomings have nothing
to praise the
World famous watches series ranking the international brand information
(1) Glashutte (GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL - GO). Like Lange (A. LANGE & SOEHN,,), are produced in
eastern Germany near the town of Glashütte, Magdeburg. These two brands represent the
highest level of the German watchmaking industry, and also let the world know not when only
the Swiss people would be manufacturing high quality meter. GO watchmaking route and Lange
are basically the same, that is, only mechanical watches, but slightly different, the GO is not the
only precious metal case watch, also made of stainless steel shell products, the price of some
models of relatively cheaper But most of the are also tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Respect Huang (juvenia,). Women's jewelry watches known, the design is relatively new, creative,
good at using a large number of diamonds and precious stones, and basically not suitable for
men ...... Oh! However, I've seen a statue of Huang specially crafted "Tourbillon" (TOURBILLON)
men's watch, 18K gold case, the hollow design, black alligator strap, very beautiful, but expensive,
and the hollow table is only suitable for collection , not suitable for everyday wear.

Jun Huang (the CONCORD). Very unassuming Swiss watch production of precious metal watch
more traditional marketing strategies, but the quality is first class, and the design is very beautiful,
I have seen a rose gold, black alligator strap, Jun Huang, really very of PP! Its price is relatively
high-pitched, GO and other brands, but not the majority of shopping centers appear with.

Bowery (BOVET). Old Swiss brand, was once the darling of the late Qing Wang Gonggui people,
was known for its pocket watch with. For many years, probably nearly half a century in mainland
China, Poway disappeared, another comeback in the Chinese market until last year. Poway has a
very unique design and it adjust the handle head unlike all other watch as set on both sides of the
dial, but on the location of the Founder on the dial 12 points, that is, on the position of the lugs
so at first glance is a watch, but the design of its handle head taken from a pocket watch design.
The Bowery surface often use a more classical design, such as the use of a very precious enamel
surface, mother of pearl face or mica surface, the time scale using retro design, such as the use of
12-hour Chinese characters of ancient Chinese marked, and so on, reflecting the a retro elegance.
The price of the Bowery is very expensive, even more than most high-end watch, usually in more
than ten million, and the hundreds of million of normal.

Empress (DELNEAU). A very, very unknown brand in the country, I understand not many. However,
it is said that this brand is never mass production, never any sale of commercial organizations,
but only accept customized orders, and its customers rich is expensive, mostly members of the
royal family in Europe, Asia or the super-rich . Empress, according to the requirements of
individual customers, specifically designed for customers style, and in accordance with customer
preferences and demand in the shell mosaic of different diamonds and various gemstones, the
annual output of few hundred to thousand blocks, we can see right and wrong with the general
brand .

Po Ke Korea, (BULGARI). In fact, is a famous jewelry brand, and later changed into a watch,
jewelry inlaid good stuff into the set of housing production up, not high-end also have high-grade,
huh, huh!

Bucherer (BUCHERER). And BULGARI the much the same, in short, instead of the original watch,
belonging to mid-life switch. Watch counter in a large mall I've seen it several rose gold belt table,
really very beautiful and attractive, the price of 7,8 million yuan.

Tiffany (TIFFANY). Brand of world-renowned jeweler, and later entered the watch market, its
price is not too far off the mark, tens of thousands of dollars above, but the world's first watches
Patek Philippe is specially produced limited form "one hundred Dafei Korea - Tiffany "(PATEK
PHILIPPE.TIFFANY), valuable, and rose gold to get a few million 20.

Mont Blanc (MONTBLANC). The original is the world's famous pen maker, the most classic is the
"large class" pen and the Royal Bohemian series of diamond gem pen. About 7-8 years ago, began
to get involved in watch manufacturing, and joined the luxury goods giant Richemont Group.
Itself this brand in Germany, but the watch factory in Switzerland, the watch is SWISS (MADE).
Montblanc Time Walker "(the TIME WALKER) series is very good, the price of 1,2 million,
compare to white-collar sectors of the community for a successful career.

Dunhill, (DUNHILL). The famous British men's clothing brand, but also cater to leather goods,
lighters, and tobacco, and other men's goods, and later also joined the ranks of the watch
manufacturer. All thanks to its outstanding British designer of TOM the BOLT, a native of London,
had a habit of racing and watch his car fanaticism into the watch design for Dunhill designed a
number of very innovative The unique watch.

World famous watches series ranking the international brand information
Howley (the Oris). Old Swiss watch factory, to the growth of the movement is known, the recent
one of the masterpieces of the famous F1 Schumacher Michael Schumacher's brother Ralf
Schumacher's F1 commemorate the table. In addition, Howley has also produced a number of
high-grade precious metal materials complex function watch.

(2) Amy (Maurice Lacroix - ML). An emerging brand in recent years in the watch industry shine,
had been a professional journal in Switzerland in 2002 ranked as the world's first brand watches,
and even before the famous Patek Philippe. It does not have a long history and tradition, no
illustrious family reputation, but with advanced technology and stylish design. The most lethal is
its price, the cheapest six, seven thousand yuan to get, your point is just tens of thousands of
dollars. However, the quality and the materials used are by no means be taken lightly, but the
style is very innovative and beautiful. The famous "Prince of Love Songs" Jeff Chang - aci (he was
one of my favorite singer) Amy spokesman for the image.

3 .. He Du - Xiao Deng (Dubbey & Schaldenbrand). The old watch factory in Switzerland,
handmade, thanks to its "savior

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