REPAIR Jewelry Cleaning Repair by jennyyingdi


                                                                    Do-It-                                                                                        ReUse
                                                                    Yourself!                                                                                     is Going
Repair!                                                             Quite often, the reason we feel we must dispose
                                                                    of a working tool or appliance is merely the need
                                                                                                                                                                  Strong in
                                                                    for a replacement part. Parts for grinders, graters,

                                                                    food processors and more can easily be found
                                                                    with a quick web search or phone call to the
                                                                    dealer—take the time to save money and
                                                                    prevent waste.
                                                                    Here is a short list of websites for repair how-tos
                                                                    and parts dealers that may assist the potential
                                                                    do-it-your-selfer or even the small repair business.
                                                                                                                                for Lane County                   County…
                                                                                                                                     Every corner of Lane County has well-used and
                                                                    offering re-stringing kits and replacement parts                                              well-loved thrift stores, and we all know that
                                                                    for window blinds                                                                             shopping first at second hand shops or garage
                                                                    all parts related to window blinds and drapery                   Share Your                   sales always saves money and always helps the
                                                                                                                                                                  environment. Exception: buying a new appliance
Over the years, while reuse options have                            and shades                                                     Repair Tips and                (refrigerators, washers, etc) is ususally better
                                                                                                                                                                  than reused because of the better energy and
expanded, it seems repair shops have been                 
quietly fading into the background. Even the                        offering parts listings and repair advise for                Recommendations!                 water conservation new technology achieves.
repair shops will tell you that it usually costs                    most major appliance brands                                                                   In fact, reuse is so popular that local reuse
more to repair than buying new.                                                                Join the discussion at:         centers are overflowing with quality goods. Lane
This guide is for those who believe spending a                      replacement parts for power tools, repair forum,                                              County Waste Management gets frequent calls
bit more with local repair businesses is far better                 articles etc.                                                       about what to do with perfectly good items that
than spending money on more distant and more                                                                                  the reuse centers have turned down.
wasteful manufacture of more products.                              parts to repair your treadmill or bowflex
                                                                                                                                   If your offer to donate or drop off is refused,
                                                                                                                                          try these ideas:
Master Recyclers have compiled this list of
who is available to provide repair services. By                     free repair manual that you can edit                                                          •	List it for free on internet bulletin boards
promoting this form of                                                                                         (,, Yahoo group—
reuse, we hope the whole                                            appliances                                                                                      Eugene FreeRecycle, etc.)
community will join us in                                                                                                                                         •	Place a note on community bulletin boards
creating a healthy local                                            This guide to repair and reuse in Lane County is a
                                                                    work in progress.                                                                               such as the one maintained by Sundance
economy that can begin
to repair our wasteful ways.                                        Suggestions and corrections should be sent to the                                             •	Announce to friends, meetings, and other
                                                                    contact info on front panel or to the the Waste Reduction                                       community groups you are involved in
                                                                    Specialist, Lane County Public Works, Waste Management
                                                                    Division, 541-682-4339.                                                  brought to you by:
                                                                                                                                                                  •	In fair weather, of course, setting items in the
Please keep in mind: The people listed inside have been             And, to keep fully up-to-date, check out the Repair2reuse                                       driveway with a free sign often works
contacted to confirm they want to be listed. However no             website periodically. Read and post comments on the
effort was made to confirm or guarantee certifications,                                                                              Lane County Public Works
                                                                    discussion board and see new repair services that have           Waste Management Division    And don’t forget… Shop first at second hand
licenses, insurances etc. It is your responsibility to protect      been discovered.
yourself in transactions with private entities. Lane                                                                                                              shops—It’s good for your wallet, the earth, and
County makes no guarantee or confirmation of quality                This printed guide will be updated only once per year to                                      the local economy.
or dependability.                                          8/2011
                                                                    reduce paper waste.
                                                                              Scott’s Bikes & Boards                 Best Buy                             Tom Brewer Contracting                   Tree of Life Woodwork LLC              Heinke Wholesalers (supplies only)
Appliances, Large                       Appliances, Small:                    541-461-7233           45 Silver Ln    541-736-1127 3300 Gateway St         541-914-4737                             541-579-0187                           541-687-8130        645 Adams St     Tools: power tools, air
AAA Quality Appliance Care, Inc.        mixers/toasters/                      Eugene, OR                             Springfield OR                                    Eugene, OR                           tools, small motor
541-434-0454 243 Grimes ste D           toaster Ovens                                                                                                     Eugene, OR                                                                                                           Air Tool Maintenance & Repair
Eugene, OR                                                                    Wheelworks                             Cityview TV & Computer Inc                                                    Uncle Bart’s Interiors                 Laird Lighting (commercial)
                                        Dr. Fixall, Larry Engels              541-431-7300           407 W 11th      541-683-8887         2352 W 11th     Vouchell’s Carpet Cleaning               541-895-2086 355 N Mill St Ste A       541-686-2166 2510 W 5th Ave #1       541-461-1714         420 River Rd
Aayres Appliance Repairs                541-689-1630        Eugene, OR                             Eugene, OR                           (cleaning only, no repair)               Creswell, OR                           Eugene, OR                           Eugene, OR
541-746-5771           Eugene, OR                                                                                                        541-521-2600          1250 Sunny Dr                                                                                  Busheler’s Saw & Mowers
Springfield, OR                                                                                                      Jim’s Electronics                                                             Vince’s Upholstery                     Source Electric Inc
                                        Ruby Larson (creative repair)         Camping Gear:                          541-343-7683      1457 W 6th Ave     Eugene, OR                               541-689-4565        4651 Leona Ct      541-520-6466                         541-747-2248        4395 Main St
Appliance Tech Services                 541-554-1493                          sleeping bags, tents,                  Eugene,OR                            Willamette Valley Restoration            Eugene, OR                             Eugene, OR                           Springfield, OR
541-683-5477                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Eugene Power Tool Repair
Eugene, OR                                                                    backpacks, zippers!                        541-485-0575         4260 W 5th Ave      Woodturnings, Mary Monette
                                                                              Marina’s Stitch in Time                Mac Tonic                            Eugene, OR                               541 683-6836 2095 Garden Ave           Luggage                           541-232-5081        101 N Seneca
At-Your-Service                         Appliances, Small:                    541-343-3050 1220 W 24th Ave           541-684-8388        98 E 13th Ave                        Eugene, OR                             Jim The Shoe Doctor               Eugene, OR
541-726-5831 3629 Franklin Blvd         sewing machines                       Eugene                                 Eugene, OR                                                                                                           541-689-2288           458 E 11th Florence Saw Shop
Glenwood, OR                            Paramount Sewing & Vacuum                                                               Furniture                                Garden Tools &                         Eugene, OR                        541-997-2653          1550 6th St
Don’s Appliance Center                  541-345-2100 1056 Green Acres         Clocks                                                                      Apollo Furniture Repair &                                                                                         Florence, OR
                                                                                                                     NextStep                                                                      Equipment
541-688-4817        818 Hwy 99 N        Eugene, OR                            Antique Clock Shop                     541-686-2366 2010 W 10th Ave         Restoration
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Busheler’s Saw & Mowers                Office Equipment:                 Jim’s Tool Service
Eugene, OR                                                                    541-683-1349            888 Pearl St   Eugene, OR                           541-741-2070                416 T St                                            calculators, cash                 541-344-1243        515 Wilson St
                                        River Road Sewing & Vacuum                                                                                                                                 541-747-2248       4395 Main St
                                                                                                                                                          Springfield, OR
Glenwood Appliance                      541-463-9788       875 River Road     Eugene, OR                             Parks PC Repair                                                               Springfield, OR                        registers, copiers, fax Eugene, OR
541-726-7696 3629 Franklin Blvd         Eugene, OR                            Clockmaker’s Gallery                   541-606-9469 1430 Willamette St      Avery Art Woods, Dennis A Avery                                                 Northwest Business Machines       Ruby Larson (creative repair)
                                                                                                                                                          541-520-8528                             Carson Saw Shop
Glenwood, OR                            Springfield Vacuum & Sewing           541-687-0192         987 Garfield St   Eugene, OR                                                                    541-345-7701 650 Blair Blvd            541-342-7666      1474 W 6th Ave 541-554-1493
                                                                              Eugene, OR                                                                  Eugene, OR                                                                      Eugene, OR              
Fergason’s                              541-726-9963          129 14th St                                            TechMedic Computers                                                           Eugene, OR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Eugene, OR
541-942-2443 215 Pacific Hwy S          Springfield, OR                       Creative Clock                         541-484-3603 2125 West 7th Ave                                                                                       The Typewriter Shop
                                                                                                                                                          Coles Furniture (repair supplies only)   Florence Saw Shop
Cottage Grove, OR                       Richs Sewing & Vacuum                 541-344-6359          730 Conger St    Eugene, OR                                                                    541-997-2653      1550 6th St          541-998-3985 Woody’s Small Engine Repair
                                                                              Eugene, OR                                                                  541-344-5166 2760 W 11th Ave                                                    Junction City, OR                 541-653-1401
Leon’s Appliance                        541-686-1510       987 Garfield St                                           The Mac Store - Eugene                                                        Florence, OR
                                                                                                                                                          Eugene, OR                                                                                              
541-997-7417             2 Village St   Eugene, OR                            Texley’s Springfield Jewelry           541-343-1434 Valley River Center
Florence, OR                            Viking Sewing Center & Soft Tub       541-746-7359 1430 Mohawk Blvd          Eugene, OR                           Decor Interiors                          General Repair: focus                  Photographic                      Eugene, OR
                                                                                                                                                          541-484-0550        1140 Ocean St                                               Equipment:
Nielsen Appliance                       541-484-6006      1963 W 6th Ave      Springfield, OR
                                                                                                                                                          Eugene, OR                               on education and                                                            Watches
541-998-6876            360 W 2nd       Eugene, OR                                                                   Electrical: stereo,TV,                         senior assistance                      McRill’s Cameras
Junction City, OR                                                             Clothing/Alterations                   phone etc.                                                                    Checkrite Electronics                  541-688-7739       Eugene, OR Anderson Watchmaking
Scott’s Trading Post & Appliances       Bicycles:                             Alteration and Tailoring By Maria      Best Buy
                                                                                                                                                          Foss Furniture Clinic
                                                                                                                                                                                                   (senior asst.)                         Dot Dotson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        541-342-1610            888 Pearl St
                                        Arriving by Bike                      541-687-5944        14 Oakway Cntr                                          541-689-0262       2210 Hwy 99 N                                                                              Eugene, OR
541-746-1517          4056 Main St                                                                                   541-736-1127 3300 Gateway St         Eugene, OR                               541-485-4062                           541-485-1771 1668 Willamette St
Springfield, OR                         541-302-8049 2705 Willamette St       Eugene, OR                             Springfield OR                                                                Eugene, OR                    Art’s Watch Repair (in Fred Meyer)
                                        Eugene, OR                            Alterations by Ethel Cleveland                                              Freshwaters Furniture Restoration                                                                             541-689-2481         70 Division Ave
Sears                800-834-3805                                                                                    Cityview TV & Computer Inc           541-554-6898            104 S Mill St    Ruby Larson (creative repair)                                        Eugene, OR
Williams Appliance
                                        Blue Heron Bicycles                   541-988-1609         507 West M St     541-683-8887         2352 W 11th                                              541-554-1493
                                        541-343-2488        877 E 13th Ave    Springfield, OR                                                             Creswell, OR                                                                    Footwise                      Skeie’s Jewelers
541-997-2247 or 541-268-2080                                                                                         Eugene, OR                        
                                        Eugene, OR                            Hines Handiwork                                                                                                                                             541-342-6107 541-345-0354 10 Oakway Center
375 Laurel St                                                                                                        Jim’s Electronics                    The Furniture Clinic                                                                                          Eugene, OR
                                                                              541-461-0210                                                                                                                                                Eugene, OR
Florence, OR                            Collins Cycle Shop                                                           541-343-7683      1457 W 6th Ave     541-521-6505        5554 Cardiff St      Leather Repair
                                        541-342-4878         60 E 11th Ave                 Eugene,OR                                                                     Twilight Skyz Leather                  Jim The Shoe Doctor           Texley’s Springfield Jewelery
                                        Eugene, OR                            Eugene OR                                                                   Eugene, OR                                                                                          458 E11th 541-746-7359 1430 Mohawk Blvd
Appliances, Small:                                                                                                                                                541-746-4158           875 57th St     541-689-2288
                                                                              Marina’s Stitch in Time                                                     Hampton’s Custom Design                                                         Eugene,OR                     Springfield, OR
vacuums & steam                         Eugene Bicycle Works                                                         Ken’s Electronics                    Upholstery
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Springfield, OR
                                        541-683-3397        455 W 1st Ave     541-343-3050        1224 West 24th
cleaners:                               Eugene, OR                            Eugene, OR
                                                                                                                     541-485-8676         3503 Stark St   541-484-5480 865 Conger St #3            Custom Leathers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Spa/Hot Tub Repair                   Window Screens:
Electrolux                                                                                                           Eugene, OR                           Eugene, OR                               541-747-5265        Springfield, OR
                                                                              Master Cleaners (minor alterations)                                                                                                                         Cedar Works Spas                     Dr. Fixall, Larry Engels
541-345-0159 2160 W. 11th # C           Free Wheeling Bicycle Repair &                                               Stereo Workshop                      Mark’s Furniture Refinishing Inc.                                               541-485-6800 4065 W 11th Ave         541-689-1630
Eugene, OR                              Wheel Truing                          541-689-1597 1126 Highway 99 N         541-344-3212 985 Conger St #9        541-485-0628 1389 Cal Young Rd           Lighting fixtures,                     Eugene, OR                           Eugene, OR
                                        541-689-2448          611 Ruskin St   Eugene, OR
Paramount Sewing & Vacuum               Eugene, OR
                                                                                                                     Eugene, OR                           Eugene, OR                               lamps, switches, etc.                           Ruby Larson (creative repair)
541-345-2100 1056 Green Acres                                                 Natalia’s Alterations and Tailoring    TV Doctor                                                                     Beacon Electric & Lighting
                                                                              541-505-7418                                                                O’Ryan Furniture Repair &                                                       Emerald Pool and Patio               541-554-1493
Eugene, OR                              Hutch’s Bicycle Store                                                        541-746-4323 101 S. 35th St #A                                                541-461-0291 2585 Roosevelt Blvd
                                                                              296 E 5th Ave Ste 224                                                       Refinishing                                                                     541-688-1090      1885 Hwy 99N
                                        541-345-7521 960 Charnelton St                                               Springfield, OR                                                               Eugene, OR
Springfield Vacuum & Sewing                                                   Eugene, OR                                                                  541-984-0047 3914 W 1st Ave #B                                                  Eugene, OR                           Eugene, OR
                                        Eugene, OR
541-726-9963          129 14th St.                                                                                   TV Specialty Shop                    Eugene, OR                               LR Brabham Inc               
Springfield, OR                         Hutch’s Bicycle Store                 R&L Sewing & Alterations               541-688-5061        1445 River Rd                                             541-747-6638           68 West Q St
                                        541-741-2453          2100 Main St    541-683-4038       10 East 40th Ave                                         Professional Seat Reweaving                                                     Viking Sewing Center &               Please keep in mind: The people
Richs Sewing & Vacuum                                                                                                Eugene, OR                           541-746-7785 85772 Parkway Rd            Springfield, OR                        Soft Tub Spas
                                        Springfield, OR                       Eugene, OR                                                                                                                                                                                       listed here have been contacted
541-686-1510       987 Garfield St                                                                                   Sears                                Pleasant Hill, OR                        Brighter Homes Lighting (lamps)        541-484-6006     1963 W 6th Ave      to confirm they want to be listed.
Eugene, OR                              Life Cycle Bike Shop                  Ruth E Couture                         541-854-7313                                                                  541-343-2556        1968 W 6th Ave     Eugene, OR
                                                                              541-484-5107 132 East Broadway                                              Robert Havas Wordworking                                                                                             However no effort was made to
                                        541-686-2994          1733 Pearl St                                                                                                                        Eugene, OR                   
                                                                              Eugene, OR                                                                                                                                                   confirm or guarantee certifications,
Appliances, Small:                      Eugene, OR                                                                   Flooring: Carpets &                  Stan’s Auto Upholstery Inc               Brighter Homes Shade Shop (lamps)      Eugene Spa & Hot Tub                 licenses, insurances etc. It is your
microwaves                              Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life            Tailoring Express                      Rugs,Vinyl,Tile                                                               541-485-5062             1488 W 7th    541-485-2737     2096 W 6th Ave      responsibility to protect yourself in
                                        541-342-6155         2480 Alder St    541-342-6483                                                                541-342-5866          540 Wilson St
Aayres Appliance Repairs                                                                                             Atiyeh Bros.                                                                  Eugene, OR                             Eugene, OR                           transactions with private entities.
                                        541-344-4105        152 W 5th Ave     1144 Willigellespie Rd #6                                                   Eugene, OR
541-746-5771                                                                                        541-342-3678 564 East 13th Ave                                                                                                     Lane County makes no guarantee
                                        541-344-4150        234 W 6th Ave     Eugene, OR                                                                  Sew Many Things—Upholstery               Builder’s Electric Inc (commercial)                                         or confirmation of quality or
Springfield, OR                                                                                                      Eugene, OR                                                                    541-485-0922         195 Madison St
                                        541-343-2250 3870 W 11th Ave                                                                                      541-998-6112                                                                                                         dependability.
At Your Service Appliance Repair        Eugene, OR                                                                   Complete Carpet Care                              Eugene, OR
541-726-5831 3629 Franklin Blvd                                               Computer Equipment                     541-954-1297       P.O. Box 586
                                        REI - Eugene                          Adept Computer Services Inc                                                 Junction City, OR                        Century Lighting (commercial)
Glenwood, OR                                                                                                         Springfield, OR                                                               541-726-5994        550-G Shelley St
                                        541-465-1800      306 Lawrence St     541-343-9393 1325 West 7th Ave                                              Top Shop (vinyl recovering)
                                        Eugene, OR                            Eugene, OR 97402                                                            541-686-2115 66 Centennial Lp            Springfield, OR
                                                                                                                                                          Eugene, OR                     

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