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					                                            The Wire
                        Volume 2, Issue 5                                                             May Issue 2012

                                                            Editor’s Note

                          Pamper your mother on Mother’s Day with a special treat from our fabulous collection of
                          jewellery. Mothers deserve pampering and a gift of jewellery is a fabulous way to express
                          the gratitude we have and love we share with that special someone. We’ve made gift
                          giving that much easier. Take a look at our suggestions on page 3. From funky to
                          contemporary elegance - we have all bases covered. Don’t forget our jewellery comes gift
                          boxed. If you can’t decide which piece would best suit your mum simply purchase a gift

                          Dan Cox has extended his menswear range. We talk to Dan in this month’s video series.
Inside this Issue         Take a look at ‘Artists at Work’ as Dan shows us the castings he has used to form the
                          foundation of his ‘animal’ cut out cufflinks. He has also used cement fondue in a few of
We Love...          1     his designs including a men’s ring, and unisex bangle and cufflinks. Cement fondue, you
                          may ask? We explain its properties on page 2.
Cement Fondue?      2
                          You’ll notice we have quite a number of new additions to the site this month. We’ve been
                          busier than ever, ensuring you get the latest in artisan jewellery first here at eMVee. All
Mum’s the Word      3     the work you see on our pages is handcrafted. It amazes us every day the ingenuity used
                          by our artisans and the techniques they employ from frame making, wax casting,
                          sandblasting, oxidising, hand cutting and polishing to give each purchaser something
                          truly unique. The process is labour intensive and time consuming. We will in the coming
                          months provide our readers with more information about the processes used by our
                          jewellers and what inspires them.

                          Find It, Own It, Love It....

                          The Team at eMVee

                        We Love....

                         For Her...                      For Him...                       For Gift...
 Page 2                                                                                                   The Wire

                    Cement Fondue ?                                            Dan Cox’s Menswear Range
                    Dan introduces his new menswear range to           Charm pieces of animals have been used to
                    eMVee this month. He is unapologetic about         create the templates for Dan’s dome shaped
                    its masculine aesthetic - sterling silver and      cufflinks. These charms are soldered
                    cement fondue create a unique range of             onto a sterling silver domed plate. They are
                    cufflinks, rings and bangles.                      then hand cut, with the silhouette of the
                    The process is labour intensive. A frame is        animal remaining. The underside is then
                    made, the cement fondue poured and a               oxidised to give a shot of subtle colour and
                    ‘scratched’ finish is applied to give the pieces   to give depth to the cufflinks. The cufflink is
                    a unique texture. Dan has had fun with this        sandblasted, ‘scratched’ and polished to
                    range.                                             give it a textured finish.
                    Cement Fondue’s composition is different to        Featured are stag heads, rabbits, fish and
                    that of cement used in                 everyday    birds.
                    construction. It has a higher aluminium            Take a look at what Dan has to say about his
                    content, cures to full strength in 24 hours        range in our video series ‘Artists at Work’.
                    without shrinkage or cracking and is heat          Two other novel cufflinks featured, include
                    proof. Widely used by sculptors, cement            sterling silver aeroplanes and a 1940’s
                    fondue is durable and lightweight. It is also      radio - just for something a little different.
                    known as calcium aluminate cement.                 We are happy to             showcase     Dan’s
                    In addition to the cement fondue range we          menswear line this month. The range is as
                    are happy to showcase Dan’s ‘animal’ series.       unique and individual as you are.
                    A range of sterling silver hand cut cufflinks      Make a bold statement.
 Contemporary       take centre stage.                                                     *****

Jewellery at your
Volume 2, Issue 5                                 Page 3


                                            Find It,
                                            Own It,
                                            Love It ...

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