LESSON PLAN

Subject: English

Class: I LA

Topic: “At the Wildlife Park” – “must/mustn’t” – presentation.

The level of English: beginner

The type of the lesson: the introducing and exercises

The time of the realization of the lesson: one lesson unit

Aids: a board, a manual “ Opportunities”, visual aids

Primary objective: gaining the ability of using modal verbs “must” and “mustn’t”

Methods of work: grammar communicative approach

Techniques: individual work, pair work, group work

Recent work: the revision of names of animals

Secondary objectives:

   -   to develop the understanding skills,

   -   to enhance talking about obligations,

   -   the practice the form and use of modal verbs,

   -   to describe the appearance of creatures,

Emergency plan:

Working on pronunciation of vocabulary.

The next factors are going to be evaluated:

activeness of students
                         STAGES OF THE LESSONS

Warm up:

The teacher writes on the board the topic and asks students about their favourite animals and the
animals they keep at home.


The teacher reminds the construction of sentences with modal verbs and explains the meaning and
the use of “must” and “mustn’t”, giving many examples.


1. Students work in pairs and are asked to read a dialogue and fill blanks with the words which are
   given above the text in exercise two, page 68

                                                                                    (Appendix 1)

2. The teacher asks students to look at the signs in exercise four, page 69 and create sentences
   expressing bans of some behaviours.

                                                                                    (Appendix 2)

3. Students are asked to fill the blanks in exercise six, page 69 with “must” or “mustn’t” to obtain
   sentences with a correct meaning.

                                                                                    (Appendix 2)

Summary of the lesson:

The reminder of the primary goal of the lesson.


Students are asked to write some sentences about the animals the animals they have at home or
animals they would like to have .

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