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									Español 1                Realidades – El examen final – El bosquejo y las rúbricas        Nombre:

The final exam covers all the material (grammar, vocabulary, and culture) from Para empezar through Capítulo
8B, although the focus will be from 5A-8B. Here are the various sections with a breakdown of the weights:

A. Grammar/vocabulary/reading                                      88 points; 88 multiple choice ques.           47.6%
B. Culture   (Fondo cultural)                                      13 points; 13 true/false questions             7%
C. Writing                                                         30 points; choose from 5 topics               16.2%
D. Verbs     (Tú___un libro [correr/leer])                         30 points; 30 fill-ins                        16.2%
E. Listening                                                       24 points; 2 listening comprehension sections 13%
                                                                  185 points                                    100%

Here are the rubrics or standards that will be used to evaluate the writing portion of the exam. Read and study
them so that you can prepare your writing according to these rubrics.
                                     Midterm Writing Rubric- Realidades
                                              Escritura A y B

   30 pts. total               10-9 pts                   8 pts                    7pts                    6 pts

Content                  Assignment includes       Assignment includes     Assignment includes      Assignment is
                         all required              all required            all required             missing some
                         information. The          information. The        information. The         required information.
                         paragraph is well         paragraph is            paragraph lacks          The paragraph lacks
                         organized; transition     organized, but there    elements of              elements of
                         words are used            are fewer transitions   organization. Writing    organization. Writing
                         effectively. Writing is   words. Writing is       is varied. There are     is varied. There are
                         varied and includes       varied. Vocabulary is   minor errors in          minor errors in
                         rich expressions.         appropriate.            vocabulary.              vocabulary.
                         Vocabulary is also
                         varied, appropriate,
                         and rich.

Accuracy                 Few significant errors    Some errors in Focus    Many errors in Focus     Many significant
                         in Focus Correction       Correction Areas;       Correction Areas;        errors in Focus
Focus Correction         Areas.                    mistakes do not         mistakes do not          Correction Areas;
Areas:                                             prevent reader from     prevent reader from      mistakes do not
                                                   understanding main      understanding main       prevent reader from
1. agreement                                       ideas.                  ideas.                   understanding main
2. Forms of verbs

3. Forms of adjectives

General                  Writing is                Writing is              Writing is               Writing is
Accuracy                 understandable but        understandable but      understandable but       understandable but
                         may have a few            may be missing a        may be missing a few     may be missing
                         missed prepositions or    few prepositions,       prepositions, articles   several prepositions,
                         mistakes with articles.   articles and/or minor   and/or have              articles and/or have
                                                   grammatical errors;     substantial spelling     substantial spelling
                                                   spelling and/or         and/or grammatical       and/or grammatical
                                                   mistakes in non-key     errors (verb             errors (verb
                                                   words.                  conjugation).            conjugation).

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