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									               Ashbury with Compton Beauchamp Church of England (Aided) Primary School
                                                              Ashbury, Swindon, Wiltshire
Headteacher: Marcia Northeast                                 SN6 8LN
                                                              Tel:(01793) 710259
Chair of Governors: Amanda Saunders                           e-mail:
                   10th February 2012

Events of the week:                                                            School Menu Week3
Mon 20/02        Guitar Lessons

Tues 21/02         Choir
                   Woodwind Lessons
Wed 22/02          Science Club
                   No Challenge Club

Thurs 23/02        Active Ashbury
                   Cycling proficiency – Year 5

Fri    24/02       Piano Lessons

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many thanks to the parents who have given their time so generously throughout this term. Mrs
Goggins and Mrs Sadler have worked tirelessly to keep the book boxes tidy and they are currently
helping to reorganise other resources in school. Mrs Jenkins has been a regular helper for guided
reading sessions in Wayland. Mr Watts has helped us tidy the willow dome so that it is ready for
use in the summer months and Mrs Guntert has helped year 6 with their responsibilities each
Friday. With this extra help, the children benefit in many ways and we are all grateful for the
support given.
If you would like to help in any way please let me know as many hands make light work!
I hope you all have a restful break, whatever the weather!

Marcia Northeast

Golden Awards
Golden awards were given to Holly, Elliott, Chad, Eleanor, Edward and Lily M for outstanding
progress in reading. Congratulations to you all.

School Lunches
If you wish to pay for meals for the whole of term 4 the payment will be £67.50 (30 x £2.25).

Challenge Club
Please note there will be no challenge club on Wednesday 22nd February.
PGL Residential
Just a reminder that the penultimate residential payment is due on 29th February. Thank you to
those of you who have already paid.

Yr 5 Cycling Proficiency
The first cycling proficiency session is on Thursday 23rd February. Please ensure your child has
their bike and helmet in school on that day.

Parents Evening
Your child should have brought home your slip detailing the time of your parents evening
appointment. Please check their bookbags if you have not received yours.

Safety Alert – Jequirty Bean Bracelet

An alert has been received regarding the sale of bracelets. These may have been on sale at
various retail outlets across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall. Information has been
issued from those retailers urging customers to return the red and black bracelets made from
Jequirity bean. The Jequirity bean bracelet is made from the deadly seed of the plant Abrus
Precatorious. It contains the toxin Abrin which if swallowed, has the potential to kill in doses of just
3 micrograms. Abrin is chemically similar to ricin, a chemical warfare agent

                             End of term 3 3.00pm 10th February 2012
                             Start of term 4 8.45am 20th February 2012

Diary dates for Term 4
Monday 20th February            Parents evening
Thursday 15th March             Mother’s day assembly 9.00am
Thursday 29th March             Easter service, time to be confirmed
                                      'Friends' Newsletter

Thank you to 'Dolphins' team for their yummy cakes last week. We managed to raise £30.70p.
More cake sales are planned. Please see dates below for your team's turn.
The disco last night was a great success. The children certainly seemed to be having a good time!
We managed to raise £106.
We are working hard to move the playground appeal forward. We hope to begin some works
before the end of the school year, so that all current children will see a benefit but although we
have a healthy balance in the bank, we still need a substantial amount of money to complete the
project. Our next meeting on 6th March will focus on funding applications. If anyone has
experience of applying for funding, or feels they could help by spending an evening completing
forms, please let me know.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 6th March 7.30pm 'Friends' meeting to discuss funding applications at 'Padhall'
(opposite school).
Thursday 8th March - Ragtex collection . More information to follow.
Friday 2nd March 3pm Cake sale 'Polar Bears' team
Friday 9th March 3 - 5 pm 'Popcorn Club'
Sunday 25th March 'Ashbury Amble' - family amble around the village with stamps to collect on a
card, with tea and cakes available afterwards.
Friday 27th April 'Spring Fayre'
Friday 4th May Cake sale 'Foxes' team
Sunday 13th May Adult only sponsored walk 10k
Friday 18th May Family Bingo/Beetle Drive
Friday 25th May 'Popcorn club'
Friday 1st June Cake sale 'Frogs' team
Date TBC - Summer Olympics
                                         'Ashbury Amble'
  A family amble around the village while collecting stamps and a small prize for the children.
                                    Sunday 25th March 2pm.
           Tea and cakes will be available for purchase at the Village Hall afterwards.
                             Tickets will be priced at £5 per family
                                     (2 adults and 3 children)
                               Extra people, big or small, £1 each.
                  Available from the school or on the day from the Village Hall.

'Friends' are hoping to run a Country Dancing club next term, with a hope that the children may
open our Spring Fayre on Friday 27th April. The club will run on Wednesdays 3 - 3.45 pm and will
be open to pupils from Year 1 upwards who do not already attend a club on that day. If your child
feels they would like to learn country dancing, please complete the form below.


My Chilld___________________________________ Class________________________

would be interested in joining Country Dancing Club on Wednesdays 3 - 3.45pm

                                    Governor Blog February 2012

Whilst being part of a small school has many benefits, a concern that parents sometimes raise is that
of how two or three year groups can be taught effectively in one classroom. Do they all do the
same work, but at a different level? How does the teacher manage? Does sharing a classroom have
a negative effect on the older year group?

This term, we have had the opportunity to observe full lessons taking place in each of the
classrooms and we saw first hand how our children learn in a shared class environment.

At the beginning of the lessons, the children discussed the task with the teacher before going on to
identify the “steps for learning” - how they are going to achieve the task (ask your child about steps
for learning – they all know and can talk about it!). The children then settled in groups, some
working independently, some supported by a TA or teacher. The groups were based on different
levels of understanding for that particular task.

Throughout the lesson, the teachers and TA’s moved around to the different groups, guiding them
with the task but also questioning them on their learning. We quickly learned that these groups
were very flexible. Throughout the task, children would move from one group to another,
depending on how their understanding of the task was progressing. The younger children were
prompted by the teacher, but the older children often moved totally independently, having made
their own decision about their level of understanding. It takes an enormous amount of maturity and
self-confidence for a child to decide move to a different table because they need more help with a
task or need more of a challenge – the fact that we saw this happen without a murmur from any
other child or the teacher illustrated the extent to which this is a common occurrence.

Following the lesson observations, the message we have taken away with us is that of each child
having control over their own learning. The teaching of the children within the mixed age
classroom is based not on the child’s year group or even a set ability group, but on the individual
child’s understanding of a particular task at that particular moment and it is constantly flexible.

The newly adopted approach to specialist teaching is also working fantastically well to support
learning in a shared class environment. The children are now learning different subjects with
specific teachers, sometimes in classrooms other than their own, which helps to further provide
variety to the school day. The teachers are able to focus on their specialist subject and really
explore it with the children. It is a system that is working so well that staff from other local schools
are visiting to witness “best practice” with a view to implementing it in their own classrooms.

Helen Sadler and Trina Jenkins,
Parent Governors

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