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 Nationwide Specialists In
 CVR Appraisal Analytics
               Who We Are

is a real state appraiser firm whose principals
have nearly 50 years of combined lending,
appraisal valuation, and appraisal management
experience. This firm was formed solely to
meet market demand for the CVR report
format. Collateral Valuation Research, Inc.
only staff appraisers that are trained and
certified to conduct CVR format reports in the
local areas in which they reside.
            Mission Statement

    In partnership with Appraisal World and
Bradford Technologies, discover and develop
significant market share usage for the real
estate Collateral Valuation Report utilizing a
nationwide network of CVR trained and
certified real estate appraisers.
     Collateral Valuation Report
    The Collateral Valuation Report (CVR),
developed by Bradford Technologies, is a
desktop application program that is capable
of valuing properties as accurately as a
URAR appraisal report, and can typically be
delivered within 24 to 48 hours. This report
is designed to be completed only by a CVR
certified appraiser who has local area
knowledge of the subject neighborhood.
     Collateral Valuation Report

The CVR appraisal report format is ideal
 Replacing Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s)
 Underwriting Home Equity Lines of
  Credit (HELOC’s)
 Real Estate Portfolio Analysis
 Desk or Field Appraisal Reviews
 Litigation
 Property Assessment Reconsideration
    Collateral Valuation Report
Executive Summary:
The CVR Report was designed so that the first page presents all
salient information in an executive summary format.
Name of Borrower:
The borrowers name is placed at the top for quick report
Neighborhood Demographics:
The typical neighborhood demographics found on a FNMA 1004
appraisal report is found in the CVR.
Market Trends:
Trending of sales and listings for the market area are graphically
shown for easy and better interpretation of the activity in the
market area.
      Collateral Valuation Report
Property Photo:
The subject photo is on the front page with other directional
  photos in the report body. This makes viewing easy and
  ensures that the correct property is being used for
Date / Source Of Photo :
The date and source of subject photos is indicated to ensure
  relevancy and to reduce fraud.
Market Area Graphically Illustrated:
The market area is graphically illustrated on a map showing
  the subject property and it’s surrounding area.
Appraiser Identity Authentication:
The identity of all CVR certified appraisers has been
  authenticated by Appraiser Sentry using out of pocket
       Collateral Valuation Report
Value Reconciliation:
The value ranges in the market area, the indicated value by
   regression and ranges are shown in one place for easy
   reconciliation of the overall values in the market area.
Appraisers Opinion Of Value:
The appraisers opinion of value and the effective date of the value
   are indicated.
12 Month Value Forecast:
Using economic data, the value of the collateral is forecasted for
   90, 180, 270, and 360 days out. A trend chart for better
   understanding of the anticipated values is shown.
Report Fraud Prevention:
Using ‘On Document Verification’ technology, a data matrix
   contains all pertinent data about the appraiser and the report.
   This is used for fraud prevention throughout industry.

  Placing an order for a CVR report is made simple through the
  Collateral Valuation Research , Inc. web page.
  Click the tab labeled ‘Order Report’ and fill out the order form.
  Be sure to fill in all required items, submit the request and your
  CVR report will typically be completed and returned within 24 to
  48 hours after submission. It is fast, easy and accurate.
  Use our safe and convenient check out process to facilitate
  your credit card payment and finalize your order.
  Depending on the type and detail of the CVR report requested,
  costs could be as low as $125.00, but never higher than
    Contact Information

Collateral Valuation Research Inc.
     7150 E Camelback Road
             Suite 444
      Scottsdale, AZ 85251