INJURED georgia car accident attorneys by jolinmilioncherie


									            CROSSWORD                                        !___ — -- — — - COUPON ———— ———-|
                                                                 Warrior Dinner Special -Seven Days A Week
                                                                   Filet Mignon & Shrimp 19                                                 I
                                                               Each Dinner Feast Includes appetizer, soup, salad, vegetable and rice.       I
                                                                   I TW$ OrttK Not Valid Wtth Any Other Offer, Trad* or Take-Out.
                                                                                  Preterit This Ad BEFORE Ordering.
                                                                              Voted Best Oriental Food in Savabnah
                                                                                    JAPANESE STEAK HOUSE                       10-30-91
                                                                          7312 Hodgson Memorial Dr. (Near Mad) 352-2128

ACROSS                           DOWN
Golf stroke                    1 Hanging picture

"21 Jump Street" Johnny        2'"The Man from—"
Daytime Emmy winner,           3 Bums' "— Mouse"
best actress                   4 Louise monogram
Peruvian Indian                5 Consisting of two
Energy                         6 Gabor monogram
Angered                        7 — Beta Kappa
Sofia's country: abbr. =       8 Rhea of "Cheers"
Gibbs ol "227"
Actor Majors
                               9 Lie
                              to Not together
                                                                                                  •   Head andBrain injuries*
Daytime Emmy winner,          11 Edelman and Shriner                                              •   Wrongful death to Relative
best actor                    12 "To — to be seen"
Deserters                        (Jonson)                                                         •   Blindness
Denoted                       16 Car damages
Alan of "Gilligan's Island-   18 —culpa                                                           •   Burns
Terminates                    19 Prepare lor battle
Charlie Chan actor            22 "~ s Last Case" (Welles)                                         •   Amputation to Legs or Arms
James of "The
                              23 — Davis In "Sara"
                              26 Firemen's needs                                                   • Spinal Cord and Back Injuries
Won daytime Emmy for          27 Nome's state
best writing team
Curved letter
                              28 Robert of "The Equalizer"
                              31 "— Boot"                                                                Free call-
"McHale's Navy" Billy
Actor Homeier
                              32 Light boat
                              33 Warmth
                              34 Not present: abbr.
                                                                                                      Know your rights!
"— Close for Comfort"         36 Use the tub
TV Hazel's occupation
Show with Daytime Emmy
winner, "best younger
                              37 Brings up
                              38 Spry
                              42 "The — Couple"
                              44 Edgar Allan —
Actor Richard
Betty White on "The
                              46 Cow sound
                              48 Randall monogram                ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS at JAMES K. LANGE, P.C.
Golden Girts"                 49 Rogers monogram
                                                                         355A Commercial Dr., Southside Savannah
   nswers to last week's puzzle
                                                                         James K. Lange*                 Howard E. Spiva
                                                                         * Selected 1991 Plaintiff Attorney of the Yew
                                                                             kyttoUl State Boart •!Mrkm'CMpMMUM
         nninn ranun                                             * Past President Savannah Trial Lawyers Assoc.
         nrann nnnn ruin
        'HRnnnnninn ntin                                             * Approved Attorney Georgia Head Injury Foundation
             cionn nnnrin
                                                1                I N I l ' R Y H X P F R I K N C K TRl'STi:!) S I N C 1
        nnn                   vjran nun
        nnm nnnn nnnn1
        O1991 Tribune M«dia           inc.

                                                                                          Savannah Newa-Press, Sunday, October 6,1991 - 11

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