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here is a small guide from the ways I use to fix my computer dude

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									Rebooting or Restart:

Restart, also known as reboot is the activity in which computer is forced to restart again.
This can be due to improper activity or done to recover from any error.

General Issue with Computer which result in restart or rebooting of computer
without warning.

Here in this Fix My Computer Dude guide for information on the basic reason for
computer restart. The reason for restart can be one from the following possibilities:

Software Error:

Error generated while running or installing the software can cause the system to restart.
This is very common with the window XP users. Window XP is designed in such a way
that if any software problem arises it automatically restarts the system. If you are not
using window XP you can run your system in safe mode. If the computer not works in the
safe mode, the issue is likely not related with software, but something else. If you are
using Window XP you can disable this feature. Follow these simple steps for this:

      Right click on MY Computer on the desktop.
      Click on the ‘Properties’ option.
      In properties click on ‘Advanced’ tab.
      Here, you will find three setting options. Choose the one which is under ‘Start Up
       and Recovery’.
      Uncheck the automatically restart option there.
      Finally click ok.

Hardware Issues:

Failure in installation of hardware can result in rebooting or auto restart of your
computer. This can be due to new driver installation. For this, check that all the cable and
the expansion card are properly plugging to computer.

Over Heating Issues:

With the rising technologies the computers are made inbuilt with new features. Now a
days computer are designed in such a way that they automatically get restart or turn off,
when the device like processor etc in your computer gets to hot.

Virus or Malware:

If the advance technology have shown wonder than there are some curse also. Virus
attack is very commonly known among the computer users. There are some virus which
are designed to reboot or restart system. Keep your antivirus up to date to save your
system from any type of virus affect.
Operating system:

If after all these recommendation still your system restarts then, it can be possible that the
issue is with the Operating System. To check this, restart your computer and enter into
CMOS setup. If the computer does not stay their, you need to reinstall Windows.

Here, in the fix my computer guide we have discussed and have tried to sort out some
issues and the way to find solution for that.

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