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					  6A - Savannah Morning News, Tuesday, July 26, 1994 * * * *
                                           Established 1850
                                         FRANK T. ANDERSON
                                        WALLACE M.DAVIS JR.

                                           Executive Editor

  THOMAS S. BARTON                                                             REXANNA K. LESTER
   Editorial Page Editor                                                          Managing Editor

         Airlifts and Readiness
                                                           commercial, wide-body alternative.

             Y ALL accounts, the U.S. mili-
             tary airlift of food and medicine                • TheU.S.Atlantic Command based in
             for the thousands of Rwandans                 Norfolk, Va., should play a central role in
             near death in eastern Zaire is tar-           military planning now that most of the
  dy, but at least it is under way. The re-                forces sent to a conflict will come from the
  sponse of other nations to this "greatest                United States instead of overseas bases.
  humanitarian disaster of the century," as                   • A new funding system must be de-
  it is being called, has been tardy as well.              vised to avoid the current situation in
      We must hope that Americans under-                   which the military raids its daily opera-
  stand how important the nation's armed                   tions accounts to pay for unexpected con-
  forces are in monitoring both military and              tingency operations such as Haiti and
  humanitarian danger spots throughout the                Rwanda.
  world.                                                      • Methods of detecting biological
      In a world not yet rid of war and its               weapons must be improved and the mili-
  tragic consequences for innocent civilians,             tary must concentrate on stopping the
  the United States still projects power —                spread of nuclear weapons to smaller, hos-
  military, diplomatic and humanitarian.                  tile states.
  Cutting back its military power because                     • The military should stage major war
  the Cold War is over, because American
  taxpayers want a well-earned peace divi-
                                                          games this fall to evaluate the adequacy of
                                                          the forces to fight two regional wars nearly
                                                                                                                 Letters to the Editor
  dend, may not be the bargain we hoped                   simultaneously.
  for.                                                        As we applaud the airlift to East Africa,
      A Pentagon task force created last year
  to study U.S. military capabilities has just
  issued its report. Much of its findings urge
                                                          we must remember that military readi-
                                                          ness is everything. That word has greater             Band Director: Michigan's Revelli Was Best
                                                          meaning today thatt during the Cold War               Editor;                                       sity of Michigan. Perhaps no other band     the business sector, in universities, public
  serious rethinking of military cutbacks.                expressly because tyranny and war have
  Among its findings are these;                                                                                    Perhaps the general public is unaware      since John Phillip Sousa's was more re-     schools and in the symphony orchestrasof
                                                          become so easy for so many — Bosnia,                  thai funeral services were held recently      vered than those Dr. Revelli's.             this country.
      • The armed forces are woefully short               Haiti, Somalia, Rwanda.                               for Dr. William D. Revelli. However, all          Those of us who live in the world of
  of airlift capability, the very means now at                                                                                                                                                                Always demanding, and in demand as
                                                                                                                members of the band world, music educa-       sound knew Revelli as a master of that      an artist, Dr. Revelli conducted or adjudi-
  work delivering aid to the Rwandans. The                    A superpower whose clenched fist is               tors and many music listeners are griev-      medium, The rich sonorities of Revelli's
  aging fleet of C441 cargo planes must be                empty cannot hope to protect the peace —                                                                                                        cated countless all-state bands andmusic
                                                                                                                ing over the loss of Dr Revelli, conductor    University of Michigan band were unique     festivals. He loved young musicians and
  replaced either with the C-17 or^ith some               or itself.                                            emeritus of the University %f Michigan        in their beauty arid were aural lessons for could coax from them some searingly ex-
                                                                                                                Bands.                                        the band directors of the world. Although   pressing sounds. He taught young musi-
        City Earns Olympic Stripes                                                                                 Dr. Revelli was a potent force working
                                                                                                                always for the band and its music. As a
                                                                                                                musician who was renown for the tonal
                                                                                                                                                              praised by countless contemporary com-
                                                                                                                                                              posers as an accurate musical interpreter
                                                                                                                                                              of their compositions, Dr. Revelli was, by
                                                                                                                                                                                                          cians to love their art As a band advocate
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Revelli was perplexed by juvenile crime
                                                                                                                                                                                                          in our country. He would ask, "To what
              FTER       THE      just-concluded           teers helped with the regatta, and by all            accuracy of his ear, Dr, Revelli brought to   example, principally a profound and sem-    bands do they belong?"
              NationsBank Olympic Classes                  accounts they did masterful jobs. While              a peak of excellence bands at Hobart High     inal teacher of musicians. Many of his for-
                                                                                                                School in Hobart, Ind., and at the Univer-    mer students hold prominent positions in        In the common community of musical
              Regatta/the question isn't wheth-            about three times that number will be nec-                                                                                                     ideas and ideals that we musicians live in,
            I er Savannah is capable of hosting            essary for the Olympics, last week's per-                                                                                                      Dr. Revelli's absence creates a void. But
    the Olympic yachting competition.
       Instead, it's why it has taken so long for
                                                          formance should relieve any anxiety about
                                                          the dedication and desire of local Olympic
                                                                                                                            Man Risks Life, Saves Girl                                                    we are thankful for his humanity as exem-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          plified in his teaching, his artistic integri-
    an international sailing event of this cali-          supporters and sailing enthusiasts.                   Editor:                                       to appear from nowhere stopped thecar.      ty as exemplified in countless perform-
   ber to be held here.                                      Of course, for any event of this size, you             Born and raised in Savannah, I have           I ran to the car and the first thing he ances, and his passionate work with the
       The regatta, which featured 233 com-               aren't going to please everyone. What or-             seen and been a victim of crime and vio- said was, "I'm sorry, I think I hit her." band and its music.
   petitors from 30 countries, proved that in-            ganizers should do is to identify the legiti-         lence. After 23 years of living in these sur- Not only did he risk his life going after a                         WALLACE CLARK
   ternational Olympic officials were right               mate complaints, then address them. For-              roundings I began to wonder if there was moving car on a busy street and then                                           Band Director
   when they awarded Atlanta the 1996 Sum-                tunately, there should be plenty of time to           anyone out there who was concerned — jumping into the window to save my                                         Savannah High School
   mer Olympic Games. Savannah lived up to                                                                      concerned about the property or the life of daughter's life, but here he was apol-
                                                          iron out most of the wrinkles long before             another person.                               ogizing because he thought he might have
   its expectations — even with the distrac-              the main event in 1996.
   tion of not having the local Olympic village              Savannah's local favorites, John Porter
                                                                                                                    Recently I found that person, when he hit her in the process.
                                                                                                                risked his life to save my 2-year-old             I just hugged him, crying, shaking, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Racial Justice Act
   site nailed out until last week.                       III and Eric Oetgen, finished seventh and             daughter.                                     repeatedly saying, "Thank you, thank Commits Injustice
; What brought the sailors to the regatta                 12th respectively in their sailing classifica-            Because of back problems, I left my you." Never has one person, one complete
* was healthy competition and to learn what               tions. Those are respectable places, con-             daughter in the car to run inside a conve- stranger, made such an impact in my life.
   they might expect in the summer of '96.                sidering that they were up against in the             nience store to purchase a soda. Since it         If it wasn't for Shane Pass my daugh- Editor:
   They weren't disappointed, as there was                                                                      was so hot, I left the car running as well. ter would not be alive today. I will always       Regarding the Racial Justice Act, if
                                                          best in the world and that both competitors
; more than enough wind to fill sails.                    were looking past the regatta for next                The minute it took me to get a soda she be indebted to him. I owe so much to him this bill passes we can add it to the ever-
       "Sailing has been absolutely beautiful,"           month's world championships in Estonia.               had climbed out of her car seat and put — every opportunity, challenge, success growing list of things Americans have
• said top-ranked British sailor Shirley Rob-                                                                    the car in reverse. As I headed to the reg- and disappointment my daughter will get done to render their own judicial system
                                                             But for Savannah's Olympic hopes, the               ister someone inside cried out, "Oh my to experience.                                     ineffective.
   ertson on the last day of competition. "If it          regatta was a proving ground for '96. The              God, a child is driving a car."                  I have always heard others say there        The very idea that Congress may actu-
   stays like this every day, they'll have no             event showed that the community can                      I turned in disbelief to see that it was   are no words to express thanks. Now I        ally pass a bill that would allow criminal
   problems during the Olympics."                         marshal its resources and do something in             my car going reverse out onto Tibet Ave-      know what they mean.                         appeals to drag on for years on end, cost-
       Just as important, the races were a                a big way — not counting St. Patrick's                nue and heading toward Abercorn Exten-                                                     ing taxpayers millions of dollars, is abso-
•, learning experience for the many volun-                Day. So break out those welcome mats and              sion. I dropped everything and ran. Be-                                 LINDA BUNTON lutely ludicrous. It is laws like these that
   teers who will be needed when the Olym-                bring on the Olympics. We're ready, will-             fore I got to the road a man who seemed       Garden City                                  essentially tie the court's hands.
    pics come in two years. About 400 volun-                                                                                                                                                                 - With a judicial system that lets con-
                                                          ing and demonstratively able.                                                                                                                    fessed criminals go free, it is time for
                                                                                                                 Sign Makes Bad Intersection Worse                                                         Americans to stop complaining and start

 Racial Justice Act a Fallacy                                                                                   Editor:
                                                                                                                   I am a south side resident of Savannah.
                                                                                                                                                                 The TV ads are of the same genre as
                                                                                                                                                                                                           pulling together to stop the plague of
                                                                                                                                                                                                           crime that is taking over our country.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MICHAEL S. VIZCARRANDO
-                                           Washington                                                          Everyday on my way to work I pass             the insurance-bilking "whiplash" chiro-
                                                                                                                through the intersection of Abercorn and      practic clinics. The billboard always
!f Opponents of the death penalty once argued
% that execution was unconstitutional because                                                                   White Bluff Road heading north.               amused me until now. I usually thought        Colin Powell:
*:; blacks were more likely to be hanged than                                                                      This is the notorious intersection which   something like "this guy doesn't miss a           6
£ whites for the same crimes.                                                                                   has been consistently named "the worst        trick" whenever I passed it.                  A Man Among Men'
*" That turned out not to be true. The data                                                                     intersection in Savannah" in terms of the         It seemed more than a coincidence to
^showed the reverse in fact. Whites were some-
f r what more likely to be put to death than blacks
                                                                             Mona                               annual number of traffic accidents. I have
                                                                                                                had just one accident in 25 years of driv-
                                                                                                                                                              have placed this advertisement right at Editor:
                                                                                                                                                              the city's worst intersection, but I am          In a recent edition of "Reader's Di-
      for the same crimes.                                                                                      ing and it was at this intersection.          really concerned now, because a large gest," I read a very interesting article
          The anti-death penalty crowd then changed                                                                Recently, on my way to work, I discov-     bright illuminated sign has been installed about Colin Powell, who retired from the
   itactics. Well, they said, it isn't the race of the                                                          ered something very disconcerting which       just under the billboard proper. It alterna- Joint Chiefs of Staff. His family was cele-
      criminal that betrays the system's institutional                                                          should be brought to the attention of all     tively flashes the time and current tem- brating his birthday at his home, and sud-
      racism, it is the race of the victim.               done. But Rothman and Powers have found               Savannah area residents. Some time in         perature.                                    denly, there was a knock at the front door.
          As is so often the case with data provided by   many other variables at work — so many, in            the past there was erected at this inter-        To call it a distraction would be an un-      One of the guests opened the door to
      leftist groups, the mainstream press swallowed      fact, that it's impossible to say that racism ac-     section a large yellow billboard advertis-    derstatement. This intersection is pure find two young men in uniform who would
      these claims uncritically. The New York Times,      counts for disparate sentencing.                      ing a local accident attorney. I recognized   terror without distractions. It is very con- like to speak to the honored chief, because
      for example, in a story on the Racial Justice           Juries are more likely to put murderers to        the name immediately from TV ads and          fusing under normal circumstances.           they admired him so much. They were
      Act, pronounced, "That some bias occurs is not      death for killing policemen. Eighty-five percent      phone directory back-cover advertise-            Am I just being paranoid or does the told to come another time, as they were
      much at issue. Many studies show that juries        of policemen killed in the line of duty have been                                                   placing of this new blinking sign reek of a having a party.
      mete out the death penalty to black and other       white.                                                                                              dastardly ulterior motive? It requires sev-      When the chief was told who had been
      minority defendants in a disproportionate num-           Moreover, the studies that have been cited             Letters to the Editor                   eral seconds to scan this sign for the tem- knocking at the front door, he immediate-
                                                                                                                                                              perature and time readings, and these ly jumped up, opened the door and noticed
      ber of murder cases, particularly when the vic-     for the proposition that blacks are more likely to          The editors welcome your let-
   ! Urns are white . ."                                  be sentenced to death if they kill whites did not        ters. Please sign them and include         precious seconds of inattention will proba- the men a half-block away. He ran to
          Those assertions may well be false Profes-      control for factors like previous criminal re-           your full mailing address and day-         bly cause more than a few accidents, and catch them and invited them to the party
   '. sor Stanley Rothman and Stephen Powers, writ-       cord, degree of criminal intent and heinousness          time telephone number.                     possibly deaths.                                 He is indeed a "man among men " I
   ' ing in the summer issue of The Public Interest,      of the crime                                                Write to Letters to the Editor,             I guess the victims won't have to look believe he was endowed with an excellent
      analyze the available data and come to the con-          Some of the data, far from supporting the           Savannah News-Press, P.O. Box              very far for an accident attorney to "solve education, good environment and inheri-
      clusion that racial bias is probably not 9 factor   proposition that blacks suffer from discrimina-          1088. Savannah, GA 31402                   their dilemma."                              tance
   'in sentencing                                         tion in the criminal justice system, point to the                                                                             WILLIAM LEWIS                              BERTHA FOSTER
          Between 92 percent and 97 percent of homi-      reverse According to the Bureau of Justice Sta-
      cides are intra-racial. blacks killing other         tistics, a division of the Justice Department, the
      blacks and whites killing other whites in cases     percentage of inmates on death row who are            Doonesbury                                                                                            BY GARRY TRUDEAU
      of inter-racial murder (usually black-on-white,     black (42 percent! is lower than the percentage
  *<rarely the reverse), the crimes tend to have a        of black criminals who are charged with mur-                                              UIHATS                            1'U. NBV&Z FORGET WFff&T
                                                          der (48 percent)                                                  y, CMON.
   ^different character Black-on-black murders,                                                                           JH&ISANO-&RA1N&Z
  »like white-on-white murders, tend to occur be-              The Racial Justice Act. part of the omnibus                                          REASONABLE POU&T'                 1V& CONVeWlOW A
  ;tween people who know each other and often fol-        crime bill that also contains midnight basket-                              70 CON-       A PRJNOPIB TMWIUJN6               FROM OREGON IN&5WPH&P
  How a quarrel (73 percent in one study). whereas         ball, therapy for youthful offenders and early                 VICT. WHAT'S              TOOOTOTHZ
  ^black-on-white crimes more often involve other         childhood education funds, would make it virtu-
  felonies, like kidnapping, rape, armed robbery           ally impossible to impose the death penalty on
            mutilation. The Supreme Court has held         anyone Republicans have threatened a filibus-
           such "aggravating" factors may be taken         ter in the Senate if it isn't removed or altered
  »into account in sentencing                                  In 1992, there was general rejoicing in Demo-
  * You can took at data showing that black mur            cratic circles that the era of gridlock had ended
  Iderers more often hang for killing whites than          and that government was finally unleashed to
  3or killing blacks and conclude that racism must         do good for the American people Their idea of
  J>e at work'. That's what the NAACP. the Con-            "good" is written into legislation like this —
  gressional Black Caucus < which has been push-           founded on fallacy and thwarting the will of the
     ing the Racial .Ttn***" A r t - -mrf ^                mpioritv                                         *