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									Rose from Almost Bankrupt
Already done much to boost sales, but it was not yet achieve maximum results? Perhaps, it's
been perceived by most employers. In fact, hardly any entrepreneur who never passed the point
of this kind. Not infrequently, they are already at the top was re-experiencing the Dark Ages, did
not sell goods, products accumulate in the warehouse.

If mishandled (and even some desperate straight) could be just the business will last some time.
Instead, the pressure for the pressure will continue to occur so that innovation can not be done.
Finally, lead to bankruptcy. Of course, we do not want that happening.

The question is, what to do when this happens it less fun? Here are some things to try:

• Think outside of reason
This is often understood as a think out of the box or think outside the box. But, in fact,
sometimes it is not enough. Thinking about the concept or slogan outside of reason is much
more than just creative thinking, but also eccentric, out of norm, but powerful!

• Be patient waiting times
Sometimes, things are less bad behavior does not mean the product or not accepted by the
market. It could be, even that is too advanced product of its time. Or, too much innovation, so
the buyer and the audience not yet familiar, so even counterproductive.

• Change the angle of view
Sometimes, we try to have attempted such a way, but still not the maximum impact as well. Of
course, this is very annoying. In fact it turns out, it takes a bit of "patience and foresight" to
change the "fate".

• Use all promotional channels

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Often times, we are not aware that the products we sell it more salable if promoted through
direct communication or by word of mouth. Feeling a budget, advertising and promotion in the
media become the primary target. Unfortunately, the results are even less than the maximum.

If this happens, try using the old ways. Check the contacts on the phone, see the list of fuel and
Whats App, see the list of friends on facebook, see followers on twitter, or other social networks.
Almost certainly, at least 100 contacts in the set list. Encourage them to try, come, taste, or
provide any activities that allow them to be our freelance marketing. Throughout the good and
quality products, excellent service, often they will willingly promote our business.

• Prepare keyword: discounts, gifts, bonuses, even free
According to a study conducted by Duke University in the field of psychology in the United
States, there are the words "magic" that can move people's emotions. One is the word free. The
development of this word include gift, bonus, discount, sale, and the like. In essence, people
tend to immediately make a purchase because it is affected by these words. So no wonder if the
date was old, mall visitors are always crowded by the buyer if there are such words. Moreover,
reinforced by advertising in mass media are aggressively.

Of the many tips that, perhaps you have a special way in order to sell more goods. To be sure,
always keep the quality, increase service, and never despair. Could be, the goods are less in
demand today, will be the object sought in the future. Hopefully!

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