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									Receive deficiency

In this world nothing is perfect. That's for sure. Nobody is perfect, says the proverb. But there
are some people who feel they have an inherent weakness that can not be overcome. Born
from a poor family could not feel wealthy. Though many people who can prove otherwise: Born
poor and with hard work can finally be rich.

There are also those with disabilities. Because there is a flaw and then felt his life was fortunate,
so people feel marginalized, can not be successful, feeling helpless, feeling his life just waiting
for charity. And we know, many examples of people with disabilities are a tremendous success
in life.

As long as the performance in a European Cup, I take the example of an outstanding football
player, that is Lionel Messi. Although he did not play in this championship because people of
Argentina, what happened is quite inspiring. Messi as a child undergoing a process of abnormal
growth. Body that inhibits growth hormone deficiency bone so that Messi was small compared
to children her age. Because of illness, he rejected the famous football clubs of Argentina.

Her doctor also asked not to be Messi soccer practice. But instead of stopping Messi played the
ball instead continue to practice in secret. His talent is extraordinary talents became known
guides of Spanish football club, Barcelona. The club then sign him and finance the treatment
Messi in order to grow normally.
Lionel Messi (right, dribble)

We now know who Messi. In Barcelona he was transformed into a great player. Even today he
is the best soccer player in the world. Messi showed that the deficiency is not inhibiting him.

There are many other examples from the world of sports, business or other fields. They do not
complain about its shortcomings. They would optimize the benefits for life success. And the
hard work they finally tremendous success. For example, Stephen Hawking and his life that he

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was paralyzed in a wheelchair only. Under such circumstances he was able to successfully
become the world's leading physicists today.

Remarkable Netter,

This morning on Radio Sonora I discuss this theme: Receive a deficiency. Indeed, in this world
nothing is perfect. But the imperfections were not the source of failure. Most people fail not
because they do not have the talent, capital, or opportunity. They failed because they never
made plans to fill their lives with success.

Because of that, let's realize that our shortcomings are not barriers to success. We definitely
have an edge. We have to do is find our strengths, optimize it, work hard, never give up easily,
and develop more positive attitudes. Success definitely ours!

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