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					3 Inspiring True Story

This is the life story of three successful people the world can be an inspiration to us all. A
continuation of previous posts.

# Steve Jobs, Apple Visionary

Shocked the world when technology expert Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, passed away last
year. It is not difficult to understand why his death was made almost all of us feel lost. Steve can
be said to have made a large contribution to the world of technology. He completely changed
the map of the computer industry, mobile phones and electronic devices. Several public
appearances show how much passion that Steve possessed of its products. Sense of
enthusiasm that is contagious.

Steve is a real inspiring examples that prove that a person's determination to pursue the dreams
that have a major impact. Initially he was fired by Apple in the 80s and then returned to Apple
and the company revolutionized the industry and the PC.

In a famous speech at the graduation ceremony at Stanford, Steve said, "Given that I would die
later became the most important tools that help me make the big decisions in life. Because
almost everything-all the hope, pride, fear of failure and shame- will disappear once death
comes over, leaving only thing that really matters. Given that we will die one day is the best way
I know to avoid the trap of thinking that we have failed. There is no reason not to follow your
heart. "

# Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO and leader, through his childhood in the apartment but made it
out of the situation was through sports. He received an athletic scholarship and became the first
person in her family to taste the college.

In the course of his career, Howard Schultz joined Starbucks in 1982 as head of marketing and
retail operations. He went out and started running his own coffee shop after coffee drinking
culture inspired in Italy. But he soon bought Starbucks from the previous owner in 1987.
Because it never felt serbakekurangan life, Howard became the CEO of little attention to the
welfare of the people. Starbucks provides health insurance to their employees is very large, and
even in part-time employees. In fact, the company was to pay more for health insurance than for
their sales materials, namely coffee.

# Michael Jordan, Basketball Superstar

Known as the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan does not just get the success it
is. He even had to fight hard to achieve it. Although no doubt his ability, his height is not eligible

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to become a member of the college basketball team. Another student at the same level with
him, Leroy Smith, even managed to be accepted in a college team.

Michael felt angry and humiliated, but the emotional energy that he poured and used to make
himself a better player. "Every time practicing and getting tired too nascent intention to give up,
I'll close my eyes and imagine the list of players in the locker room without my name in there,"
said Jordan. "And usually it would make me rise again."

Michael finally managed to become a member of the campus team two years later, obtained a
scholarship to the University of North Carolina, and then recruited the Chicago Bulls. And the
rest of his life is history, so the narrative of Michael.


The third figure above shows us that suffering or rejection in life it is not uncommon. That be
awesome if we had never stopped to step hordes all odds and obstacles, if we continue to go
straight face all the obstacles. Because as depicted on the life story of the characters above,
behind every misfortune and suffering there would be a bright spot, there would be a better
endpoint. It all can be obtained if we never give up.

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