Application to the USDA GIPSA Process Verified Program by yurtgc548


									    Applying to the
Process Verified Program

 A step-by-step guide to help applicants
 successfully meet the requirements of
 the Process Verified Program
     Review FGIS Directive 9180.79

   Explains how the program operates
   Gives details of the requirements
   Appendix is equivalent to ISO 9001:2000 with
    added requirements for the Process
    Verification Points

Click here to link: Directive 9180.79
Gather Up Some Useful Tools

   The PVP Audit Checklist
       The list used by auditors when reviewing an
       Useful tool for assessing your company’s status
   Books, Internet sites and other resources

Click here to link: PVP Audit Checklist
Click here to link: Helpful URLs…etc.
Create a Quality Manual

   Contains information about your company and the
    Quality Management System

   Establishes Verification Points

Click here to link: “Creating and Implementing a
                            Quality Management System”
Click here to link: Verification Points and Use
Contact the PVP Manager

   Information about specific requirements
   Alert the program that you intend to apply

Click here to link: Program Manager contact
Implement the Quality Management

   Understand how a QMS can work for you
   Develop commitment to the QMS
   Know the underlying Principles
   Complete a Management Review

   Click here for training: “Implementing a QMS”
Send the Application

   Complete Form FGIS 907
   Letter of introduction
   Quality Manual, including Verification Points
   Copy of the most recent Management

Click here for: Form FGIS 907
Click here for: mailing address

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