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					                                Brazilian Waxing FAQs
There are a plethora of salons that offer Brazilian waxing for both women and men. Not
everyone is bold enough to walk into a salon and ask for this type of procedure. While it
can be slightly intimidating to get a Brazilian wax, the process is relatively quick and
performed by salon professionals. To learn more about Brazilian waxing performed in
salons, review these frequently asked questions.
What is a Brazilian wax?
Brazilian waxing is a form of bikini wax that removes all of
the hair on the genital area and backside. Some women
prefer to leave a strip, or even a design in front. Other
women like to go completely bare. The option is completely
up to you.
Does a Brazilian wax hurt?
Pain involved in waxing is ultimately determined by the
individual’s pain tolerance. While there is pain involved in
Brazilian waxing, it is relatively quick and becomes more
tolerable the more you do it. If you have sensitive skin or are worried about the pain
aspect of Brazilian waxing, many salons suggest that you take an Ibuprofen an hour
before the wax.
How long does the hair have to be?
For a Brazilian wax, the hair should be at least ¼-inch long. The longer and cleaner the
hair, the easier it is to wax. If you normally shave or trim your hair, wait at least three
weeks before you go into a salon for a wax for the best results.
How long does Brazilian waxing take?
In most cases, a Brazilian wax is quick. Of course, it will depend on the salon and the
amount of hair that needs to be removed. On average, the waxing will take 10 to 15
minutes in total.
What should I expect after a Brazilian wax?
After a Brazilian wax, the skin may appear pink and feel tender for up to several days
thereafter. Topical hydrocortisone cream can help relieve tenderness and Ibuprofen can
lessen the pain. Some people tend to “break-out” in a goose-bump looking rash after
waxing, but this side effect typically fades away a day or two.
Is it safe to wax while pregnant?
Getting a Brazilian wax during pregnancy is completely safe and will not in any way, harm
your unborn child. Keep in mind that skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy, as
well as when you’re on your period, making the waxing process a little more painful than
Most modern-day salons offer Brazilian waxing as a regular treatment for both men and
women. The results can be much more efficient than standard shaving, leaving the skin
smooth and bikini-ready.                    Day spa

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