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									                                    A Few Words About Will Words

Making a Will is not typically a difficult process, though it can require a little bit of study to make the
process go more smoothly. There are a lot of uncommon words and terminology used in the will
making process that you should be aware of before you begin making your own will. Let's take a look
at some of the more important terms you may encounter.

      Intestate. If you create a Will, you leave behind a document that states how you want your
       property distributed after you die. If you do not create a Will, you leave behind no such
       document and are said to have died intestate. In this situation, a court will have to use your
       state's laws of the intestate succession to determine inheritances. These laws already
       determine who will receive your property if you do not create a Will.
      Probate. A Will must comply with your state's laws in order for it to be legally valid. These laws
       are often referred to as probate laws, or the probate code. A probate court is responsible for
       hearing all probate cases, such as determining if a Will meet state requirements. Probate can
       refer to the specific laws involved, or to the courts that hear probate cases.
      Executor. After you die, someone will have to take your will to the probate court and ensure
       that your wishes are carried out. This person is known as an executor, though some states may
       also use the terms “personal representatives” or “estate administrator.” Regardless of the
       terminology used, this person is responsible for bringing your case to the probate court and for
       managing your property until it can be transferred to new owners.

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