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									What is Heroin and the Single Best Way to
Treat Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction has been a common problem in the US and in some parts of the
world. There are surveys that say there were around 150,000 heroin users since 1998
and it has been affecting over 80% of the populace under 30 years old. Heroin
withdrawal is said to be very painful especially because hallucination is involved in
the process. It is essential for the family of the heroin addict to understand what
heroin is and how it can be addictive. They should also understand the effects of this
drug to their family member so they can help him/her better.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is used as a pain killer; it is an alternative to patients who are suffering from
severe pain if morphine is not available. Heroin is usually injected to the patient
though it is only given to hospitals because it is highly addictive. Heroin is also an
opiate and its nature is what makes it so addictive. In the human body, there are
substances known as endorphins that are also classified as opioids. Endorphins are
known to numb pains in the course of an injury. It’s when the body experiences
muscle pains during an exercise or a strenuous activity that the body releases
endorphins. The boost of these substances makes the activity very enjoyable though
there are pains. Heroin works in a way that it stimulates and causes endorphin rush in
the body which makes it so addictive. It gives the pleasure that the human body seek.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Withdrawal is one of the hardest processes in any type of addiction. In the case of
heroin, the withdrawal process is one of the hardest because there are symptoms that
the person needs to deal with that include muscle cramps, insomnia, appetite loss,
tremors, stomach and muscle cramps, diarrhea, irritability, mood swings, panic attach
and many others. The body will start to become dependent to heroin once it senses
that the unnatural amount of this drug is starting to become natural with daily use.
The body will start to think that it is just normal to feel the rush of the amount of drug
so when the person suddenly stops taking the usual amount of heroin, the body may
feel very painful.

Effective Treatment

Because heroin is a very somber narcotic, an effective treatment is needed to be able
to make the person survive the withdrawal process. First thing that must be done is
the AA program which involved programs that helps addicted individuals to fight
addiction and to live a new life. Next is the detoxification process which is one of the
most important because it will help in getting rid of toxins inside the body that makes
him/her sick during the withdrawal process. Therapy is also a part of the treatment

Though the treatment varies from one person to another and there is no any particular
treatment that works best for everyone who needs them. It’s still essential to seek help
when needed because authorities know what is best for heroin addiction.

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