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									             Stories from Room 2
The Fox
                                                                                                                      Wednesday, 13 June 2012
“Rustle, rustle,” went the leaves on the forest floor as a fox swipes at its prey.      Greetings, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Malo lelei, Kia orana, Nehou, Namaste and Hoi
The fox is an orange animal with a long fluffy tail. The fox has sharp teeth and
eyes, as blue as crystals. It has four springy legs. It has a huge fluffy orange        American educator, Lee Shulman, compared the work of medical practitioners and
while tail. It moves as swiftly as the best thief in the world. I think foxes are       teachers. He noted that a teacher is confronted not with a single patient, but with
frightening. I would not like it to swipe at me with its deadly claws.                  a room filled with youngsters.
                                                                                        Shulman noted in a primary school reading lesson "the teacher must simultaneously
Caleb (Y3)                                                                              be concerned with the learning of decoding skills, with motivation and love of
                                                                                        reading as well as word-attack, and must both monitor the performance of the six
Creepy Freaky Shadows                                                                   or eight students in front of her while not losing touch with the other two dozen in
                                                                                        the room.” The teacher is also focusing on comprehension, inference, authors
“Bang,” went the windows. There was once a haunted house. It was dark. You              voice, intention & what this all means to each individual. A complex intellectual &
can hear blood dripping down as the windows bang and clatter into tiny pieces           social interaction in a very tight time frame.
of glass. The wood creaks as you walk on it. There is a sound like a scream of          "Moreover, individual differences among pupils are a fact of life, exacerbated even
a poor girl getting murdered by a ghost to have another ghost in their army of          further by the worthwhile policy of mainstreaming... The only time a physician
ghosts. Spooky ha? This house has a guard car and a zombie master (I don’t              could possibly encounter a situation of comparable complexity would be in the
like him lol.) The guard car can kill you and it has killed 199 people.! Make that      emergency room of a hospital during or after a natural disaster"
200! Oh you thought it had run me over? Oh no I am way too fast for it. It              This is not to denigrate medical practitioners in any way, but points out the
could never run me over. In the house lives a bad man. He is as ugly as a               complexities of teaching which takes place in a very public forum. Teaching is set
monster. I don't like that house. I would not want to live there at all.                to get more challenging with increased class sizes & the Government expectation
                                                                                        that teachers will get better at the job.
Paige (Y3)                                                                              Mainstreaming is set to get harder in NZ with the disestablishment of specialist
                                                                                        schools for kids with very high behavior & intellectual needs. These kids will be
                                                                                        coming back to main stream schools. Masterton has already suffered the loss of
                                                                                        Ohorere. As Mother Theresa once said, “I don’t mind the challenges God gives me,
Mr Riley                                                                                I just wish he wouldn’t give me so many”
                                                                                        ROAD SAFETY
Mr Riley is as hairy as a monkey. Mr Riley teaches in room 2 at DPS and he is in        Hopefully the medical & teaching professions will not need to work together in Cole
his 40’s.Mr Riley looks like a lion. Mr Riley is as funny as a clown. Mr Riley walks    Street one tragic day! With parent/driver cooperation & care we will continue to
lots and sings lots and talks lots. Mr Riley likes to read Roald Dahl and loves         see 450+ people home safely everyday. Please show peaceful & respectful driving
finding out interesting stuff. I think Mr Riley is a great teacher. I think he is the   on the streets around DPS. If need be we will note registration numbers & pass
best.                                                                                   these on to the police.
                                                                                        As always, my email is principal@douglaspark.school.nz Be safe, keep others safe
Nikia (Y4)
PRIDE Expectation:                                                            Fun Ferns... begins this Saturday 9th June at 11am. This is an 8 week netball
Week 7: Dare to Dream in Sport                                                program for 5-7 year olds. It is held at 11am every Saturday at the Colombo
PRIDE Day Out Term 2 has been announced! Kowhai will be joining Mr            Road netball courts and costs $40 for the season. For more information or to
Brown for a movie with personal butlers! Rata and Kahikatea will be           register, contact Tanya Dednam-McLeigh on 3773734, 021773394 or
joining Mr Brown at the swimming pools! Sounds like fun! Ask your child:
"Can you still be up for nomination in your class?"                           Dance Explorer…All Kahikatea students will be required to pay a small fee of
                                                                              $6.00 to cover the costs of the workshop. A note will be coming home closer
PRIDE Honours Board for week ended 11th May 2012                              to the time to inform parents about how they can pay for this.
GREEN 10 point draw -                                                         Save TVNZ 7…Public meeting in the Frank Cody Lounge, Monday 18th June at
Amethyst Rm 11     Tui Rm 5     Angel Rm 14                                   7.30pm
Mana Rm 15          Ryan Rm 12  Josh Rm 7     Xhan Tui Rm
GOLD 25 point draw –
Skye Rm 10          Bella Rm 15         Freddie Rm 4

         SchoolGen Solar Panels: Power Generated last 7 days:
         24 kWh       Tonnes of CO2 saved: .005

PTA News…Come along to our next meeting 7:00 pm Tuesday 12th June

It was a fierce house competition last Friday and results will be
announced at Celebration Time tomorrow. The first 10 boys and girls
from the Year 4, 5 and 6 races have been invited to compete at the Inter      We are part way through our first Reading Together programme. This
                                                                              helps parents with constructive ways to work with their children with
schools on Wednesday 13th June at Rathkeale, please ensure all
                                                                              reading at home.
permission slips and bus fee is returned to Mr Lennox by Monday 11th          Last week the children came along and we worked together. Watch
June. Pupils who won their races are:                                         this space later in the year for times when we will be doing this
                       Boy                          Girl                      programme again.
Year 1          Sam Jonas                    Jaida Wallis
Year 2          Zach Henson                  Edith Dickson                    Check here for extra news: http://www.facebook.com/DouglasParkSchool
Year 3          Max Pedersen                 Oriane Davidson
Year 4          George Eschenbach            Bella Milne                      Diary
Year 5          Braden Kassim                Tui Dugan                                12th June      PTA meeting
Year 6          Owen Bright                  Kate Wilton                              29th June      Last day of Term 2
                                                                                      16th July      First day of Term 3
                                                                                      Uniform shop is open Wednesdays in term time
Is tonight! Come along dressed as your favourite superhero and you                    8:30 am – 9:30 am and 2:15 pm-3:00 pm
may win a spot prize. Kowhai 6pm - 6.45pm and Rata/Kahikatea 7pm -
8pm. Gold coin entry and DPS pupils only to attend. Children need to be
                                                                                 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of
picked up by an adult at the end of their disco at the DPS hall. All profit
made will be going towards purchasing ramps for our wheels area so               comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”
please support the DPS School Council!                                           Naku noa na                                            Martin Luther King
                                                                                 Dick Brown

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