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News from TF Est Watchmaking cufflinks rose gold and rubies by jennyyingdi


									                                              Est. 1968

                         News from TF Est. 1968
        Watchmaking cufflinks: rose gold and rubies for the Holidays
The now-famous 'Tourbillon' style cufflinks are already a big hit and not just with
watchmaking enthusiasts. Released in perfect time for the Christmas and New Year
festivities, these hugely coveted accessories are now available in 18K solid rose gold
(750°), set with rubies or in a plethora of other precious versions.

The 'Tourbillon' cufflinks now in gold
You can see them wherever you go, including in the windows of some of the world’s most prestigious
watchmaking outlets. The 'Tourbillon' cufflinks exclusively from TF Est. 1968, originally produced only
in steel and PVD, now exist in a Rose, Yellow or White Gold! Proudly proclaiming the watchmaking
inspiration behind their phenomenal success, these gentleman’s accessories conceal a device styled
on a watchmaking mechanism that is set in motion with every movement of the wearer’s wrist: a
tourbillion performing pirouettes of workshop precision in obedience to the great tradition of fine
mechanical watchmaking.

A distinctive mark of the new models crafted in solid gold is their wrap-around transparent showcase,
leaving the complex display of the mechanism open to view not only through the front, but also
through the sides.

Symbolizing a certain subtle refinement in modern man’s dress codes, cufflinks emerged at the dawn
of the 17th century. They served as an indication of social rank and allowed gentlemen of that
bygone era to outrival one another in originality. Today, brought up-to-date by the Swiss brand
TF Est. 1968, they continue to brighten up an otherwise plain suit. Appealing to classic tastes, as
well as the watch enthusiasts, they attract admiring glances and celebrate the difference that makes an
individual unique.

Crafted with the Highest Swiss Precision and Quality
Encased in a cage of 18K solid gold (750°) sporting an array of carbon details, a watchmaking
mechanism in perfect working order accompanies every movement of the wearer’s wrist. Through
what appears to be the transparent crystal of a watchcase, the eye is beckoned towards a
voyeuristic display of technical achievement. Design-wise, the non-conventional stem accentuates the
functional aspect of the piece, preventing it from rotating on its own axis. A neat and snappy precision
spring clasp system holds the piece in place, anchoring it firmly to the shirt. All the 'Tourbillon'
cufflinks are air and watertight and resistant to shocks and aggressions of all kinds. They come
with a 2-year Guarantee.

Values (US$ Retail Prices)
      Yellow/Rose/White gold versions:                                                   $6,900
      Yellow/Rose/White gold diamond set versions:                                      $11,900
      Yellow/Rose/White gold set with rubies, emerald or black diamonds:                 $9,500
      Stainless Steel:                                                                     $435
      PVD and Plated models:                                                               $485
      Stainless Steel diamond set:                                                       $1,950

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