Alligators vs Crocodiles by yurtgc548

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									Alligators Vs Crocodiles

 Do you know how to tell the difference
          between the two?
                Philip Ilardi
            EDU-500 Summer 2008
• Have you ever wanted to explore the difference
  between alligators and crocodiles? Here is your
  chance! Are there any differences? Do they have
  similarities? Do they live in the same kinds of
  places? What do they eat? As you complete this
  project you will become an expert on alligators and

  Turn the page and get ready to explore the
  world of two great reptiles.
              Fun Facts
• All the species of alligators, caimans,
  crocodiles, and gharial together are known as
• Alligators, caimans, crocodiles, and gharial are
  all part of the reptile family.

• Alligators and crocodiles are cold blooded and
  rely on the sun, warm rocks, shade, and cool
  mud to maintain their temperatures.
• Using the internet resources provided in the slide
   show you will research and gather information
   about the attributes of alligators and crocodiles.
      You will use the findings to create a Venn
    Diagram which will help you in your writing
   assignment where you will share your research.
 • If you’re ready to explore the world of reptiles
                 click to turn the page.
   Alligator Work Sheet
   Crocodile Work Sheet
                                 Step 1
• Explore the following webpages to gather information to
  complete your work sheet on alligators and crocodiles. All
  the following websites contain information you can use to
  complete the work sheets. Read carefully to find the true
                                Physical Characteristics
                                        Step 2
Explore the webpages to gather information to complete your
worksheet on alligators and crocidiles.

                    Food                                          • Habitat     
ator3.htm                                          crocodile.html
ators-and-crocodiles.htm                           ators-and-crocodiles.htm
                                     Step 3
• Explore the webpages to gather information
  to complete your worksheet on alligators
  and crocidiles.
                                     Step 4
                    Fun Facts
    Use the following webpages, or any of the
    previous ones to fill in the last box of your
    work sheet. Write down your favorite facts
       you found during your exploration.
        Writing Piece
Using both your alligator and crocodile work sheets and
the knowledge you gained from the webquest, your next
task is to complete the Venn Diagram, which you will use
to complete a writing task.

                    Venn Diagram
                    Writing Rubric

   Use your Venn Diagram and rubric to write
   about what you have learned during your
completed your exploration about alligators
and crocodiles. Share what you have
learned with friends and family so they
know how to tell the difference between an
alligator and a crocodile!     Can you
                             guess what
                               I am??
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