Landmark Case Assignment by FO7lfT4


									                                        Research Paper
                                  Supreme Court Landmark Case
                                        AP Government
                                          Mrs. Thayer

Part I – The Paper

In a six to eight page paper in MLA format, discuss the historical and judicial context of your
assigned case, and it’s ramifications on the social and political fabric of the United States. Your
paper should include the following:
    a. A thesis statement that clearly analyzes the social, political, and/or judicial significance
         of your case on the United States.
    b. The historical context of your case (date, related events, presidential
         administration/political party in office, social movements, previous legislation etc.) What
         was the political culture of the United States prior to and during this case?
    c. A discussion of your case in detail. Be sure to include what amendment was incorporated
         to apply to the states (if this is an incorporation case).
    d. The Supreme Court justices that heard your case (their judicial philosophy, their political
         ideology, which president appointed them, previous relevant cases they ruled on).
    e. The opinion of the court regarding your case (What did they decide? What was the vote
         ratio? Who concurred? Who dissented?)
    f. An analysis of the dissenting opinion (if one existed).
    g. Did this case set a precedent? If so what? Did this case overrule another?
    h. Has this case since been overturned? What related cases followed?
    i. How was this case received by the public? Were the judges in agreement with public
    j. What changed in the United States as a result of this case?

   1. You must have at least five sources:
           a. Two must be non-internet sources
           b. At least two must be primary sources
           c. Your paper must be in MLA format with sources cited within your text and on
              your work cited page.
           d. See my website for Supreme Court Case sources.

Part II The Speech

Each person will give a three to five minute speech discussing their case and its political, social,
and/ or judicial significance.
         a. The speech must be on note cards and partially memorized.
         b. You must be prepared for a five minute question and answer session.
         c. You must stand in front of the class while you are delivering your speech and exhibit
             excellent eye contact, rate, clarity, and accuracy of content.

Point Value
Landmark Case Research Paper – 100 points
Landmark Case Speech – 50 points
Catch  In order to receive points for either assignment, both must be completed.
A rubric will be provided for the speech.

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