Growing Our PLC (. ppt ) by FO7lfT4


GLEN Growing Our
   “ ELLYN, IL         PLC”
     Ben Franklin School

      Glen Ellyn, Illinois
              Where are We?
   We are in our second year of working toward a successful
   Teachers have time collaborate as grade-level teams on a
    weekly basis.
   Collaboration has been beneficial to our classroom teachers
    and students, but has not solved all of our problems.
   We currently lack time for specialists and non-certified staff to
    communicate with teachers.
   We also lack time for cross-grade level articulation.
What can we do to improve?
   As a team we came to the consensus that although
    we have improved in our communication between
    grade-level teams, better staff communication as a
    whole is necessary.

   We decided to survey the staff to see if using a
    social networking tool would be an appropriate
    solution to our problem…
                  Survey Results
   Which social networking tools/sites have you used?

   Which of these do you use regularly?
                     Survey Results
   How comfortable are you with investigating and learning new technologies

   How likely would you be to use a social networking tool as a means of
    extending/improving the Franklin School PLC process?
                        Survey Results
   Please rate the items below in terms of barriers to your using a
    social networking tool to connect with our Franklin PLC.
(This was the only factor that was a major barrier for many people, others included were lack of
                                   training, know-how and interest.)
            Moving Forward…
   Our goal is still to improve professional learning and
    collaboration among the entire staff, and to incorporate

   Continue discussion on whether the staff is ready to
    move forward using a social network, such as a NING.

   Looking at data on comfort level with social networking,
    discuss what type of PD will we need to provide.

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