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									                    Indiana Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Development Conference
                              Wyndham West Hotel, Indianapolis, IN, April 10-11, 2012
                                       ROUND TABLE PRESENTER APPLICATION
                                         APPLICATIONS DUE MARCH 1, 2012
Best Practices Round Table Presentations
         Wednesday, April 11, 2011, 12:30-2:50 p.m. (timeframe is tentative, time may be adjusted slightly to
            accommodate the day's schedule)
         Round Table Presenters must register for the conference and pay the registration fee. See Registration
            Form at
         Round Table topics are any best practices and bright ideas you wish to share. Preference will be given to
            those that focus on A-Assessment, B-Brain-based education, and C-Common Core State Standards.
         Set up of Roundtables will occur at the end of the lunch break, with presenters in place to begin immediately
            after a short introductory general session.
         Roundtable Presentations are 20 minutes in length, with a 2 minute break between sessions. It is
            imperative that you plan your session to last 20 minutes and that you adhere to the planned start and stop
            times. Please plan accordingly.
         You will present your Roundtable 2 or 3 times to 2 or 3 different groups of people, depending on the
            number of Round Tables accepted. Anticipated audience size is 10-15 people each time.
         Your presentation method may be “lecture,” lecture & discussion, demonstration & discussion,
            demonstration only, hands-on participation, other method of your choice, or any combination of your
         The room will be set to accommodate as many people as possible so that attendees have flexibility
            regarding what they attend. Attendees may need to try to cover more than one session at the same time so
            be forewarned that a few may leave early or arrive late. We recommend ignoring them and urge you to
            understand their needs based on teaching multiple subjects in any one semester.
         At a minimum, a one-page handout for each Roundtable will be included in the conference materials. You
            may provide additional handouts for those who attend your Roundtable.

Presenters are responsible for supplies they need for their Round Table and their own presentation equipment and
supplies. Computers, if used, must be able to be operated on battery. Electricity will NOT be available. Internet access
is available at no additional cost but download speeds cannot be guaranteed.
Round Table presenters will furnish, via E-mail to, a single “camera-ready” copy of all handouts to be
included in the conference materials, in electronic format, no later than March 15. Word files are preferred. Other
software formats may be acceptable but please contact Peggy at or 317-232-9169 to check for
compatibility. Your handouts will be duplicated and may be posted on our website and/or provided in a conference
notebook or CD.

  Step 1: Title of Round Table for Program Booklet (enter title here exactly as you want it shown in the program

  ___ A-Assessment         ___ B-Brain-based education ___ C-Common Core State Standards          ___ D-Other
  Step 2: Presentation Description for Program Booklet (25-30 words, please)
Step 3: Presenter Information (please be exact - this information will be used in the Program Booklet)
             Presenter 1
                 First and Last Name,
      including "prefix" & credentials
                             Job Title
                   Company or School
                       E-mail Address
             Presenter 2
                 First and Last Name,
      including "prefix" & credentials
                             Job Title
                   Company or School
                       E-mail Address

Step 4: Additional Contact Information
         Business Phone & Extension
                        Home Phone
                       Home Address
                   Home - City/ST/Zip

                     Principal's Name
      Principal's Full Mailing Address
              Superintendent's Name
        Superintendent's Full Mailing

Step 5: Handouts
Estimated number of pages of your handout (minimum is 1 page):
Briefly DESCRIBE what handouts you plan to submit. (Do NOT submit handouts with this form, please.)

Step 6: Presentation Equipment/Supplies You Plan to Use (Remember, you need to provide your own equipment.
Be sure to specify if you will be using enhanced audio. This information is critical for planning for table layout.)

Step 7: Submit Application Form
Download this form, complete it electronically, save, and send via E-mail no later than March 1, 2012 by E-mail to Notification of acceptance will be sent via E-mail no later than March 10, 2012. Handouts
are due no later than March 15, 2012.
Questions or concerns: Contact Peggy Wild at

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