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									                                   Maine West Warriors 80s Decade Reunion Registration
                                                          Reunion - Saturday, October 20th 2012

Get ready for one big pow wow! That’s right, this is a decade reunion which means if you graduated from Maine
West High School you (and your significant other if you choose to bring them) are invited to a decade reunion
meaning anyone who graduated in 1980, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, or 89 is invited!

The event will be held at the Avalon Banquet Hall located at 1905 E. Higgens Rd. in Elk Grove Village. We will start
with cocktails from 6-7pm, Dinner will be served at 7:00pm followed by DJ and Dancing all the way to midnight.
There will be a few surprises thrown into the evening as well! The hall has 4 adjoining rooms that hold up to 900
people! however, registrations and payment need to be in by June 30th per the banquet hall. Please reach out to
friends you have kept in touch with from high school to let them know about the reunion so we can spread the
word to as many as possible. If you would like to attend please fill out the registration form below and send it in
ASAP! We will mail you a ticket.

                                                               Tickets are $50 each.
             Warriors 80s Decade Reunion Registration Form – Registration Deadline June 30th
Name of M.W. Grad attending__________________________________________________________________________________ .
.                          Ladies list your first name, Maiden Name – Married Name

Class Of ________ Bringing spouse/guest – Name _________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (For tickets) ____________________________________________________________________________________
.                             Street                                           City          State       Zip

E-Mail Address ____________________________________________________________________

Cell / Contact Number ______________________________________________________________

Dinner Selection :      Chicken Vesuvio                      Gluten Free Chicken Vesuvio                        Vegetarian Pasta Primavera

                                        Dinner will also include Soup, Salad, Potato, Vegetable, and Dessert.

Do you want your contact info. listed in the program? YES                NO       If yes, what 1 or 2 forms of contact do you want listed?

__________________________________________________                 __________________________________________________
      Please print and list contact info. For phone / e-mail / Facebook / Linked In / or any other. Please print clearly

  Please answer back side. We want to see what you did in high school and what the graduates from the 80s
   Cost is $50 per person. Checks can be made payable to Evie Amelio. Please write “80s Reunion” in the
                                           decade are doing now!
                   memo section. Registration forms and payment must be in by June 30th!
        Mail registration forms and payments to Warrior Reunion P.O. Box 904 Antioch Il. 60002

    There are questions on the next page that we would love to get replies to but only answer what you are
                                comfortable with if you choose to do so at all.
Do not feel obligated to answer anything you don’t wish to. This information will not be given out to anyone. It will be
used to figure out general statistics. If we want to make mention of anyone specifically for any recognition, we will
contact you first.

        Name _______________________________________________________________________________
        For the Ladies - list your maiden name first – your married name

        In High School, where you ever named King or Queen for Home Coming / Prom? If so, year? ______________

        What was your favorite song in High School? ______________________________________________________

        What did you Major in at College if you went? _____________________________________________________

        What are you doing now for a profession? ________________________________________________________

        Are you Married / Single             Kids? How Many? _____________

        Anything interesting you have done since High School that you want to tell us about. Something fun or
        interesting (been on TV, know someone famous, went into a profession most people wouldn’t be familiar with,
        earned your Doctorate, lived in a foreign country, played a sport for a major league team, anything…………….



        Did you serve in the military or do you have a son/daughter/spouse in the military? If so, who and what branch?
        __________________________________________________________________________________ Thank You!

        Anything else you think should be mentioned please feel free to e-mail with
        the info. or attach it on another sheet of paper.

        If you want to sit with a specific group of people, please have 1 person from your table be the “head” of the
        table and have that person list all names sitting with you on the Table Seating Request Form. Please make
        sure that only 1 designated person form your group fills out the Table Seating Request Form. Tables fit 10
        people. Groups with less than 10 people may have others seated with them to maximize the use of space. If
        you don’t care who you sit with for dinner you can skip the seating form. If you are listed on someone’s table
        list, please write the name of your head of table. __________________________________________________

        If you don’t care where you sit, check here ( )
Table Seating Request

Name & Phone # for Head of Table that we can contact should we have questions:










Each person at the table must also fill out the registration form!

For Office Use Only
All Table Members Registration forms in:     Yes / No            All Payments in: Yes / No

If no, who is missing ________________________________________________________________________

Table Number ____________________
                        Warrior Reunion Program Ad Order Form

 We are putting together a program for the reunion. We would love to put your contact information in it but
will not do so without your permission. See the first page of the registration form to let us know if you want to
be included in that. We would also love to advertise your business or service to help promote your company
             or service. If you are interested in placing an ad please fill out the information below!

  Please e-mail ads in PDF form to by July 30th 2012.
Ad Sizes and Cost –

( ) Business Card Ad 2” Vertical X 3.5” Horizontal OR 3.5” Vertical or 2” Horizontal - $30

( ) ½ page Ad 3.75” Vertical X 4.75” Horizontal - $50

( ) Full page Ad 7.5” Vertical X 4.75” Horizontal - $90

Name of individual placing ad __________________________________________________

Phone Contact ______________________________________________________________

E-Mail Contact ______________________________________________________________

All Ads will be printed as they are sent to us so they should be 100% camera ready meaning that it is not our
responsibility to proof them so make sure they are just as you want them to print when you send them to us!
Questions, e-mail us at Please title emails with ads for the program you are
sending us as PROGRAM AD.

Checks should be made out to: Evie Amelio. Please write “Reunion Ad” in the memo section. It would be
preferred if you wrote a separate check for the ad and the reunion tickets if possible.

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