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									                                          Carol Smith

                              Independent Literacy Consultant

About me
For the past 11 years I have worked successfully as the Senior Literacy Consultant for Milton
Keynes schools promoting the key principles and practices of teaching primary literacy. I have
worked in a leading and supportive role as part of the School Improvement Team and as a
Resident Consultant in schools in challenging circumstances. I have consistently enabled
teachers to make significant improvement in literacy teaching. I have been the English lead for
the Local Authority which has meant working closely with Headteachers, English Subject Leaders
and teachers to raise standards in reading and writing.

I have worked with teams of teachers to create innovative and successful schemes of work
based on a wide variety of children’s literature. These teaching sequences have enabled
children to engage and become immersed in challenging texts thus enabling greater progression
in reading and writing. The Doctor Who, Beatrix Potter and Titanic units are now used by
teachers across the U.K.

My aim for the future is to provide the highest quality training and support for Headteachers,
teachers, teaching assistants, parents and children.

How I can help you
I can offer personalised school support across the whole primary age range, including:

       Whole school literacy development to ensure standards of reading and writing continue
        to improve

       Individual subject leader and teacher support on a wide range of literacy themes
        including improving writing, planning from quality texts, and all aspects of reading

       Using drama as a strategy to motivate writing

       Speaking, listening and communication skills including ‘Circle Time’

       Creative approaches to reading and writing, beginning with quality texts

       Working with visual texts including picture books, paintings, film and TV

       Providing a range of workshops and support for subject leaders, teachers and teaching
        assistants on how to lead and manage the subject, including poetry, drama and

Contact me

Please email me at or telephone 07842876348 if you
would like to arrange support based on any of the options above or to discuss tailored
support that reflects your school’s literacy priorities. Thank you.

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