Welcome to 6th Grade! by sbhK71y


									Welcome to 6th Grade
     Blue Pod!
    Mrs. Casarino
    Mrs. Johnson
     Mrs. Mapes
    Miss McGuffin
         Math Units
 Mrs. Mapes & Miss McGuffin
• Number Theory      •   Percents
• Statistics, Data   •   Measurement
  & Graphing         •   Geometry
• Fractions          •   Pre-Algebra and
• Decimals               Integers
• Emphasis on mathematical reasoning and
  problem solving
• Oral & written communication about mathematics
• Alternative strategies encouraged & valued
• Actively engaged in working with materials and
  with peers to solve mathematical problems
• Mad Minutes
• Math maintenance sheets
       Social Studies
Mrs. Casarino & Mrs. Johnson
• Map skills        • Ancient Egypt
• Customs/Culture   • Ancient
• Iceman              Mesopotamia
                    • Ancient China
                    • Ancient India
                    • Ancient Greece
                    • Ancient Rome
  Social Studies Unit Goals
• How ancient civilizations
   are different from today.
• How ancient civilizations
• Impact of change on the
   early civilization.
• Factors which caused the
   downfall of each civilization.
 Mrs. Mapes & Miss McGuffin
• Populations and Ecosystems
  – Raising and observing multiple organisms
  – Analyzing types of environments and what is
    needed to sustain life.
• Motion & Design
  – K*nex constructed vehicles test student
    hypotheses and determine the impact force,
    friction, and aerodynamics has on vehicles.
• Planetary Science
  – Exploration of types of stars and the
  – Discussion on NASA and what we have
    done to learn about space
  – Determining the phases of the moon, why
    it has craters, and its importance
  – Exploration of planetary features
• Chemistry (Science Lab Special)
Mrs. Casarino & Mrs. Johnson

 • Skills for reading independently
 • Creating life-long readers
 • Emphasis on application of skills and
            Reading Units
•   Novels
•   Poetry
•   Drama
•   Fiction
•   Non-fiction
•   Self-selected Reading
    – 25 books @ 150+ pages
           Language Arts
    Mrs. Casarino & Mrs. Johnson
•   Understanding & using writing traits
•   Key concepts in written expression
•   Emphasis on progression
•   Writing in the content areas
•   Study skills
•   Grammar
             MAP Testing
        Measures of Academic Progress
•   3 times a year
•   50-60 minutes typically (untimed)
•   Students will set goals for improvement
•   Tool for teachers to differentiate
•   More information at www.nwea.org
            Flex Period

• 30 Minutes at the end of every day
• Differentiated time to meet the needs of
  all students in different areas
• Not a study hall or homework time
• Band, choir, and orchestra rehearsals

• Parents will be meeting with their child’s
  homeroom teacher.
• Prior to the conferences, forms will be
  sent home should you have any
  concerns regarding other subject areas.
• Post conference questions can be
  addressed via e-mail or phone.
• District communication system
• Automatically calls home for important
  information from AGI or the District.
  – Snow Days
  – Reminders
  – Emergencies
     PTA Thursday Folder
• Every Thursday all forms will be sent
  home in a folder with the youngest or
  only child at AGI.
• Please look for these folders and ask
  your child to see it.
          Wellness Policy

• Located online at the Avon Grove
• Please contact your child’s homeroom
  teacher before sending any food into the
• Try to provide healthy alternatives when
  sending in treats.
Keep in mind: We are nut free classrooms
    Check out the 6th Grade Blue
          team webpage!

• Accessible from AGSD homepage at
• Click on one of the 6th grade blue teachers
• Check for AGIS calendar, announcements,
  assignments, due dates…
• Assignment books will be used every
  day for daily assignments.

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