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									Pasadena City College                                          English Division
Spring 2012                                                    English 130– Advanced Reading for
February 21 – June 15, 2012                                    Academic Success
                                                               Section 4221

                                 Course Information (Syllabus)
Instructor:   Vanitha Swaminathan
Tel #:        585-3071
Class Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday
              8:35am – 10:00am
Lecture:      D303
Office Hours: Room: C 252F: M&W: 12:00-2:00 pm; T: 10:30am-12:00 noon
Dates:        Final Exam: TBA
              Dropping the class or withdrawal (refer to the Schedule of Classes for important dates)

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something—a thought, a feeling, a way of
looking at things—which you had thought unique and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by
someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has
come out and taken yours.” Alan Bennett

Description: English 130 is designed to improve students’ development of reading skills, vocabulary and
study techniques.

Prerequisite(s): One of the following: 1. Engl 415; 2. Eligibility for Engl 100 or ESL 33B; or 3.
Satisfactory reading placement assessment.

Required Texts and Course Materials:
    Reading and All That Jazz 4th Ed. Peter Mather and Rita McCarthy
    The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini
    American Heritage Dictionary
    English 130 Reading Record Sheets
    PCC Community College Portfolio Folder
    Pens, colored highlighters
    Ten scantron quiz sheets P882E
    Lots of full-sized lined paper

Course Requirements for Success in English 130:

Basic Ground Rules I Expect To Be Followed
        I   Class etiquette
         Avoid arriving late or leaving early; it is disruptive to the class.
         Leave cell phones or pagers at home or deactivate them before you enter the class. (If you
           have a special need to keep your cell phone on hum or vibrate, please see me about this.)
         Switch off all electronic devices.
         If you have a medical condition that necessitates your departure from class during our
           class sessions, please inform me.
         Enjoy your food or drink before entering the classroom (water is okay).
         Respecting your classmates (and me) means talk and interaction that is appropriate to what we
           are doing in class (both in timing, content, and volume). Please avoid talking when your
           teacher or a classmate has the floor.
         You should look alive and sit at your desks without slouching, putting your feet up on the
           furniture, sleeping, reading a newspaper, listening to music etc.
         Turn in all work on time. Late work will not be accepted.

PCC/English130/Spring Sem/2012                  1
         II   Daily attendance and participation:
              After missing four class sessions or two weeks of classes, you will be dropped from this class.
              Tardiness is rude—to me, as well as everyone else in the class. If you can’t regularly arrive to class on
              time, don’t take this course with me. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, I will mark you tardy.
              If you are more than10 minutes late to class, I will mark you absent for the entire class session,
              whether or not you remain in class. The same applies to leaving early: if you leave class early, you will
              be marked absent for the entire class session. Three tardies is equal to one absence. Exceptions to this
              policy are extremely rare, but MAY be granted in extenuating circumstances. There will be at least
              one major activity per class session, and these activities will be graded.
             If you miss class, you will also miss the points for that day’s activities and discussion
             There will be no opportunity to make up missed points. Please don’t ask to make up work or
              if you can do extra credit. The answer in both cases is already NO.
             If you are absent, please check with me or with one of your classmates to find out what you
              missed. Get a classmate’s phone number or email ID so you can make sure you come to the
              next class prepared.

         III Student Conduct:
              Please review policies in the PCC schedule of classes. The following will not be tolerated in
              our classroom:
               Cheating
               Plagiarism
               Special note about plagiarism: If you plagiarize, you will receive 0 points for that
                assignment (which will probably result in an F grade for the class) and will be reported to
                the Dean of English Division. NEVER DO THIS!
               Sexual harassment
               Classroom disruptions
               Discrimination

         IV Added Notes:
             Students requiring special accommodations should meet with me before or after class so that
             we can discuss how to meet your needs this semester.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

    1.   Employ a variety of vocabulary-building techniques to develop reading comprehension.
    2.   Analyze main ideas and supporting evidence to aid comprehension.
    3.   Interpret a variety of texts using critical reading strategies.
    4.   Apply knowledge and understanding of primary texts in reading-based writing.

Student Performance Objectives

    1.   Increase vocabulary by identifying context clues and utilizing them to define unknown words.
    2.   Locate the main idea and central point, stated or implied, in a reading passage.
    3.   Identify the supporting details in reading passages and distinguish the difference between the main
         idea and supporting details.
    4.   Make inferences in both paragraphs and longer selections.
    5.   Identify the difference between fact and opinion.
    6.   Recognize the author’s purpose and tone in order to analyze texts.
    7.   Compose reading-based writing, using strategies such as summarizing, paraphrasing, short essay
         response, and journal writing.

PCC/English130/Spring Sem/2012                  2
Grading Information:

Contract Work (Reading Center/lab)                              40% ( Midterm 20%+ Final 20%)
The lab component of this course requires each student to work in the Reading Center at least 18 hours per
semester. Your reading will improve with more practice. Details about the various components of the
assignments in the Reading Lab will be discussed in class.
Class work/Homework                                              15%
      Text, Related Readings and Assignments: 10 - 20 points
         It is important that students read the assignments and complete all written work. Expect
         homework every class meeting.
      In-class assignments: 10 - 20 points
         In-class assignments will be assigned on a regular basis. These assignments are part of your class
         participation grade; therefore, cannot be made up outside of class.
      Journal Writing: 100 points
      Home work: 10-50 points
Novel                                                             5%
      Kite Runner Quizzes on novel and oral presentations: 100 points

Tests and Quizzes                                              25%
     Pop Quizzes: 10 to 20 points
        Weekly quizzes will be given to reward students who attend class regularly. These quizzes will
        cover assigned reading. You may use your notes during these quizzes. No make-ups!!
     Vocabulary Quizzes: 10 to 15 points
        Regular weekly vocabulary quizzes will be given based on words from the text.
     Midterm and/or tests: 50 -100 points
        These tests will cover reading textbook, vocabulary, and lectures.
     Discourse Circle Presentations: This group presentation will be based on readings from the text.
        100 points
Attendance and Participation                                    5%
Final Exam                                                     10%
    The final exam is mandatory and will cover reading textbook, vocabulary, and the novel.

TOTAL                                                          100%

Grading Scale:
100 - 90.00                A
 89.99-80.00               B
 79.99-70.00               C Below C is not passing English 130
 69.99-60.00               D
 59.99- 0                  F

The schedules, policies and assignments in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating
circumstances or by mutual agreement between the instructor and the students.

So, welcome to the class. I am here to help you in your college learning experience. Feel free to talk to me
when you need help with your studies. A conference can often help clarify your doubts and help me to
focus on, and provide help for your specific needs.

I hope to enjoy delivering the course and I hope you will enjoy the process of learning with me!

    “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who
                       cannot read them.” Mark Twain

PCC/English130/Spring Sem/2012                  3
                  Pasadena City College; English 130; Section 4221; T-Th 8:35am – 10:00am
                                           Assignment Schedule

  This is a tentative schedule, and is subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances or by
  mutual agreement between the instructor and the students. All reading must be done prior to class
   Week 1        February 21                                             February 23
                 Introductions, Ice breakers, Syllabus Review            Nelson Denny Test; Bring Reading Record
   Week 2        February 28                                             March 1
                 Introduction to Lab; Overview of Reading Lab            Community Builder Activity
                 Assignments; Syllabus Scenarios                         Reading Strategy 1: Annotations: What
                 RFU Test 3 Form A 40 mins                               does it Say and Do ?PP: Learning Styles
                 Bring Reading Record Sheets                             HW: Read pp 9-12;Do Ex on 13-14
                                                                         Chapter 1. ‘How We Learn’: HW: Read
                                                                         pp. 22-29; Do Ex on pp. 27-28
   Week 3        March 6                                                 March 8
                 Chapter 1. Vocabulary in Context ; PP on                Chapter 1.Vocabulary in Context
                 Multiple Intelligences                                  HW: Read pp 39-43
                 HW: Read ‘The Two Most Dangerous Hours of               Read pp 50-52 ; Do Comprehension Check
                 Your Day’ on p. 34. Complete Comprehension              up pp 52-54
                 Checkup exercises on pp.37-39.                          Hw: Complete vocabulary Unit 1 pp
                                                                         70- 75
   Week 4        March 13                                                March 15
                 Chapter 1 and Vocabulary Unit 1 Exam                    Reading Strategy 2: SQ3R
                 Read pp 60-65 Do Ex on pp 66-68                         Chapter 2: Topics, Main Ideas, and details
                 Chapter 2: ‘Topics, Main Ideas, and details’            Implied Main Ideas: In class exercises
                 Journal 1:Write a paragraph to answer the Written HW: Complete Review Test on pp 97-100
                 Assignment question # 2 on p. 54.
   Week 5        March 20                                                March 22
                 Chapter 2: Topics, Main Ideas, and details.             Chapter 3.Determining Author’s
                 Implied Main Ideas                                      Purpose
                 HW: Read ‘Neither Man nor Rat Can Properly              Reading Strategy 3: QAR
                 Fold Laundry’ on p. 116. Complete                       HW: Read ‘A Letter to Olivia’ p.150.
                 Comprehension Checkup exercises on pp.118-120. Complete Comprehension Checkup
                 Journal 2: Read pp 121-123; Answer the Written          exercises on pp.155-157.
                 Assignment question # 2 on p. 126. One page.
   Week 6        March 27                                                March 29
                 Chapter 2 Exam on Topics, Main Ideas and
                 Implied Main Ideas & Details                            Reflect/Review
                 Check HW: Bring text to class                           Introduction: Discourse Circle
                 Chapter 3.Determining Author’s Purpose cont.            Presentations
   Week 7        April 3                                                 April 5
                 Chapter 3.Determining Author’s Purpose cont.            Mid -Term Review
                 Read pp158-167/ Vocab Unit 2 and do all the             Preparation :Discourse Circle
                 exercises                                               Presentations; Figurative language
                 Preparation: Discourse Circle Presentations
   Week 8        April 10 Mid Term                                       April 12
                 Ch.1. Vocabulary in Context                             Chapter 5 Inferences
                 Ch.2: Topics, Main &Implied Main Ideas,and              Introduction & in class activities
                 Details’                                                HW: Read ‘Excerpt from Daisy Fay and
                 Chapter 3.Determining Author’s Purpose                  the Miracle Man’ on p. 228. Complete
                 Vocabulary Units 1&2                                    Comprehension Checkup exercises and
                 Last day for Reading lab assignments: 20%:              Review Test 6 on pp.231-236.
                 Main Ideas and Vocabulary Workshop

PCC/English130/Spring Sem/2012                  4
   Week 9     April 17                                           April 19
              Spring Break                                       Spring Break

   Week 10    April 24                                           April 26
              Discourse Circle Presentations                     Discourse Circle Presentations

   Week 11    May 1                                              May 3
              Chapter 5 Inferences cont… HW: Read ‘Inside the     Chapter 5 Inferences
              Vicious Heart’ on p.242 Complete Comprehension     HW: Complete Vocabulary Unit 3 pp 255 -
              Checkup exercises on pp.244-247.Complete           261.
              Review Test 7 pp 248 - 255.                        Journal 3: In Your Own Words: One page
              Reading Strategy 4: Inferential Reading            Kite Runner: Chapters 1-5
              Introduction to the Kite Runner.                   Discussion & Quiz
   Week 12    May 8                                              May 10
              Chapter 5 Exam on Inference and Vocab Unit 3       Chapter 10 Fact and Opinion
              Check HW: Bring text to class                      Reading Strategy 5: RAFT
              Kite Runner: Chapters 6-8                          Kite Runner: Chapters 9-12
              Discussion & Quiz                                  Discussion & Quiz
   Week 13    May 15                                             May 17
              Chapter 10 Fact and Opinion                        Chapter 11 Bias
              HW: Read ‘Ties That Bind’ on p. 423. Complete      Introduction and in class activities
              Comprehension Checkup exercises on pp.426-428.     HW: Read ‘The Defendant’s
              Complete Vocabulary Unit 6 pp 439-445              Characteristics’ on p. 449. Complete
              Kite Runner: Chapters 13-15                        Comprehension Checkup exercises on
              Discussion & Quiz                                  pp.450-451.
                                                                 Kite Runner: Chapters 16-20
                                                                 Discussion & Quiz
   Week 14    May 22                                             May 24
              Chapter 11 Bias contd…                             Exam on Chapters 10 & 11: Reading
              Complete Review Test 8 pp 480- 483                 Critically and Vocabulary Unit 6
                                                                 Check HW: Bring text to class
              Kite Runner: Chapters 21-25                        Kite Runner: Final Essay Question
              Discussion & Quiz                                  Discussion and Brain Storming
   Week 15    May 29                                             May 31
              Kite Runner: Final Essay Question Discussion and   Nelson -Denny Test
              Brain Storming                                     Last day for the Reading Lab
                                                                 Assignments: 20%: Jamestown, Heroes,&
                                                                 Movie: Kite Runner
   Week 16    June 5                                             June 7
               Movie: Kite Runner                                Finals: Reading Text Ch: 1,2,3,5,10,11+
                                                                 Vocabulary Units 1,2,3,6
                                                                 Finals: Kite Runner Essay Due
   Week 17    June 12                                            June 14
              Final Exam Week (Conference Hours)                  Final Exam Week (Conference Hours)

PCC/English130/Spring Sem/2012                  5

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