Project EPAS Portfolio Checklist by HC120613053752


									                            Project EPAS Portfolio Checklist Rubric
 School Name:
                                                                    Clearly    Partially   Not
Portfolio Items:
                                                                    Evident    Evident     Evident
Tab 1: EPAS Implementation:
 School Report Data for EPAS
 Interpretation of school data
 Action Plan (What will you do with the school report data?)
Tab 2: Content Area Lesson Plans, Student Work, and Assessment Samples
 Correlation Maps (Comprehensive Curriculum, GLEs, EPAS)
 Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA/Reading Lesson Plans
    (identifying GLEs and EPAS standards for transition)
 Student work samples for each content area
 Assessment items for each content area
 Assessment feedback to students
 Grade sheets showing score range over time
Tab 3: EPAS Professional Development:
 PD day agenda and sign-in form for whole faculty
 September meeting agenda and sign-In form for small group
 October meeting agenda and sign-in form for small group
 November meeting agenda and sign-in form for small group
Tab 4: Site Co-coordinator Visits: (e.g., observation forms or other signed documentation )
 Meeting 1
 Meeting 2
 Meeting 3
Tab 5: Identification of Needs (Identify types of workshop sessions you need)
 First one-day workshop (September 24, 2005)
 Second one-day workshop (October 22, 2005)
 Third one-day workshop (December 3, 2005)
Tab 6: EPAS Written Reflection:
 Benefits, Challenges, Future Goals
 1-2 page, typed, double-spaced
Tab 7: Organization and Presentation of Portfolio:
 Sections are clearly demarcated
 Contents are arranged neatly and orderly
 Portfolio is free of spelling and grammatical errors
 Portfolio demonstrates overall clarity

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