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Photography Interest Project by cmFSb53


									                              Photography Interest Project

Skill Builder #1
Talk to an experienced photographer about the different kinds of cameras on the market. Ask
about point and shoot cameras, 35mm cameras, and cameras for underwater photography. Also,
inquire about different types of lenses, like telephoto, wide angle, and zoom lenses that are used
to create special effects. Take some pictures and experiment with different lenses and angles.

Skill Builder #3
There is a wide range of accessories to use with all kinds of cameras, including tripods, almps
and filters. make a list of what you would need for two of the following: close up photography,
portraits, nature shots. Compare prices on all cameras and equipment on your list at 2 or 3 stores.

Technology #5
Find out how digital cameras record and manipulate images. Speak with one or more of the
following: a photographer, a librarian, someone at a newspaper or advertising firm, or an
employee at a large photography center or photo lab.

Career Exploration #1
Shadow a news photographer for several assignments. Does she “pose” her subjects, take candid
shots, or use artificial lighting? does she interview her subjects or just observe their actions?

Own Goal:
Create a scrapbook page of a favorite activity or outing.

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