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 What is Quartzy?
 The Quartzy structure
 The modules
    Inventory
    Orders
    Facilities
    Protocols
 Security on Quartzy
 How does Quartzy make money?
 Support
                                 Quick Facts:
                                  Launched in 2009
What is
                                  Thousands of
Quartzy?                           scientists worldwide
Quartzy is a free suite of        Created by
online tools that help life
                                      Adam Regelmann, MD,
scientists with the day-to-day         PhD -
administrative tasks
                                      Jayant Kulkarni, PhD -
necessary to run a lab.

                                  Quartzy will always be
How does it
Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Create your Lab Group

Step 3: Invite people to join
your Lab Group.

• Shared Inventory

• Send orders to your PI or lab

• Manage shared lab
Equipment and/or Protocols

What are


Groups?                                      Group

A Quartzy Group is a collection of people,
and can serve different purposes.                     You
For example people in a Group could be:
      • Members of a Lab
      • Scientists who share facilities
      • Collaborators on a project

You can create as many Groups as you
Groups can have one or more “Admin(s)”.
Admins control:
     • Group membership
     • Grant IDs                                     Institutional Core
     • Inventory Types                                 Facility Group
     • Order Approvals
       Your lab, online

Inventory   Orders   Facilities   Protocols
Inventory Module
Inventory: LabMates

  Inventory shared with your
Inventory: Populating

 Quartzy Hosts many vendor catalogs.

 Enter vendor name and catalog number - the rest is auto-populated

 Track lab-made stuff like bacterial stocks, plasmids, and antibodies.
Inventory: Populating

 Copy and paste from Excel to upload thousands of items at once.
Inventory: Customize

    Fully customizable types.

    Add Custom types

    Add custom fields within those types
Inventory: Download

  Download into Excel at any time.

  Automatically get weekly or
  monthly inventory backups via
Inventory: Search / Filter

       Search entire inventory.

       Filter by Owner, Location, or vendor.
Inventory: Review

      Search or browse vendor catalogs.

      Review ratings and comments on items before you buy them
Inventory: Send Order

   Send Orders to your Lab Manager in 2 clicks.
Orders Module
Orders: Search / Act
                                               Quickly see
                                               order status

Accept or Deny orders. Mark items delivered.

Person who ordered is notified
Orders: Search / Act

 Search and filter all your lab orders by PO #, date
 ranges, grant ID, Vendor, or Person.
Orders: Analyze

 Create Excel spend reports on searched /
 filtered orders
Facilities Module
   Facilities: Add

Find Facilities near you and ask for permission to use.
Facilities: Add

 When you add a facility you become the
Facilities: Add

       Grant Access to people in one of your
       current groups or create a new group
       and invite people to join
Facilities: Manage

  Sign-up, print a schedule, or “Favorite” for quick
  access. Admins can download a usage report, or
  edit the facility
Facilities: Sign-up
       Pick a day you want to use the facility
Facilities: Sign-up

       Select a block of time
Facilities: Sign-up

   Leave a note, select repeat options, or
   send yourself a reminder.
Protocols Module
Protocols Module

Click to add a new protocol:

You choose the settings:
1. Private (only you see)
2. Shared (with whomever you want)
3. Public (all can see/benefit)
Protocols Module

      Search your protocols
     Protocols Module

Keep protocols private, share with colleagues, or make public
Protocols Module

    Print and take to your bench
Protocols Module

     Copy into your database to edit.

     Remains linked to parent, so if stops
     working you know why.
Protocols Module

    Integrated with Inventory Module

    Easily reorder materials
Data are backed up daily

Data are moved off site
weekly for geographic

You can download your data
at any time

You can set Quartzy to send
you weekly or monthly
inventory backups via email
How does
Quartzy make
Always free for Scientists!

Revenue comes from
partnerships with forward
thinking vendors.

(Qiagen, Sigma, Bio-Rad to
name a few).
    Who do we
    contact with

?   Adam Regelmann –

       Quartzy co-founder

       MD / PhD from Columbia

       Personally responds to all
Quartzy saves time and money by decreasing
administrative burdens and improving intra-lab

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