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									Heather Dragoo
East Union High School
Portfolio Contents
Name Poem (Cover of portfolio)        Tutorial Ticket
Reading List (LT)                      1 per Quarter
Portfolio Coversheet (RT)             Binder Gradesheet
                                       1 per Quarter
AVID Contract                         Cornell Notes (Writing to Learn)
4 year Plan                            1 example from each of the 4 core
Testing Plan
                                      Spiral Notebook
Grade reflection/ CSU GPA
    calculation/ Transcript            1 per year
 1 per quarter                       Other:
Grade Check                            Road Trip (9), “I” (10), shield
                                          (11), personal statement (12)
 1 per Quarter
                                       Summer Reading project (10-12)
Community Service hours
                                       Trip Journal/College Visitation
 1 per semester                          summaries/Viewbook selections
Mainstream hours                      AVID Writing Curriculum
 1 per semester                       AVID Write Off/Timed Writing
AVID Projects                             samples (Persuasive Writing)
 1st semester (Expository Writing)
 2nd semester (Reflective Writing)
List of courses this year:

1st Quarter GPA:
Semester GPA:
3rd Quarter GPA:
Semester GPA:
CSU overall GPA:

1st Quarter reflection on effort/achievements:

2nd Quarter reflection on effort/achievements:

3rd Quarter reflection on effort/achievements:

4th Quarter reflection on effort/achievements:

Club/Mainstream Activities:

Community Service Activities:


Two goals I have for next year:
Current AVID Contract
                                               East Union High School
                                                 AVID CONTRACT
As a member of the AVID Class at East Union High School, I make a commitment to the following:
1. I will enroll in as many rigorous and challenging courses as I can so that I may complete the a-g college
      requirements at EUHS. I am aware that I need to earn at least a grade of “C” in order to be
      considered by the colleges.
2. I will try my best in these classes by taking notes and/or writing a daily learning log at the end of each
3. I will keep organized a three-ring binder with a daily calendar and/or assignment sheet for each class,
      daily notes long with 2 pencils, 1 pen, 1 highlighter in a plastic pouch.
4. I will try my best by completing all my homework daily, and I will plan for long term assignments so
      that I may turn them in when due.
5. I am aware that I can stay after school for extra help; I may come in before school or at lunch for extra
      tutoring as well. I realize tat I will earn extra credit in AVID for out of class tutoring.
6. I will become involved in at least one extra curricular activity this semester, such as a club, sport, job,
      or other out of class project.
7. I will become involved in at least one community service project this semester so that I may help to
      improve my community. I am aware that colleges are interested in community service.
      I know that college entrance will improve my life and the life of my family. If I complete all of the
      above, I will be eligible to enter a four- year college upon graduation from East Union.
Signature of student
Printed name

Signature of parent
Printed name

Email address
   4 Year Plan
AVID 4 year Plan
Name:________________________ Graduation year:_____________

    9th Grade
Summer school:
10th Grade
Summer school:
11TH Grade
Summer school:
12th Grade
College Attending:
College Testing Plan
  Community Service Log

    AVID Community Service Verification
Name___________________________________ AVID Teacher________________

*Community service is a non-paid service
  provided to someone in the community. A
  minimum of 25 hours is required by the
  end of the semester. Community service is
  5% of your grade.
Mainstream Hours Log
      AVID Mainstream Activities Verification
Name___________________________________ AVID Teacher________________

*Mainstream activities are activities that occur in and
  around East Union High School. (Clubs, sports,
  leadership, etc.) A minimum of 2 activities is
  required throughout the semester. AVID Club
  counts as one of your activities, you need to join
  at least one other activity. Need at least 12
  mainstream activity hours per semester.
  Mainstream activity participation is 5% of your
 AVID Portfolio
Meets Essentials for Certification
 2- contract
 4- transcript
 5- writing samples
 6-inquiry
 7-collaboration
 9-testing/transcript

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