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					                             Grade 3 Math TEKS - Week 20

1. Big Bend National Park in West Texas       2. While visiting the penguin area at the
covers about eight hundred one thousand,      zoo, Lee saw 31 penguins. There were 9
one hundred sixty-three acres. How is this    penguins walking on the ice and 7 sliding
number written as a numeral?                  on the ice. The remaining penguins were
                                              swimming. Which number sentence shows
A   810,163                                   one way to find the number of penguins
B   801,163                                   that were swimming?
C   800,163
D   800,063                                   A   31 - 9 - 7 = ___
                                              B   9 x 7 ÷ 31 = ___
                                              C   31 + 9 ÷ 7 = ___
                                              D   9 x 7 - 31 = ___

3. Carole and her family take a trip to       4. Tracy reads 14 pages of a book each
Washington, D.C. They buy two tour            day. How many pages will she read in 6
books to find historic places to visit. The   days?
first tour book lists 336 historic places.
The second book lists 424 places. How
many more places does the second book
list than the first book lists?

A   112
B   88
C   198
D   760

5. Willis drew a yield sign and a stop sign   6. Nancy is making necklaces with an
like the ones shown below.                    equal number of beads on each necklace.
                                              The table below shows the number of
                                              beads that she needs for different numbers
                                              of necklaces.

Which statement is true about the 2 figures
Willis drew?                                  How many beads does Nancy need for 6
A They are both octagons.
B They are both polygons.                     A   62
C They each have more sides than              B   56
vertices.                                     C   54
D They each have an odd number of sides.      D   48
7. A zookeeper feeds bananas to the           8. What number should go in the blank to
monkeys at the zoo. She counts the            fit the pattern?
bananas in groups of 7.
                                                   6,   11,   16,   21,   __,   31,...

                                              A   25
                                              B   26
                                              C   27
                                              D   28
Which list shows only numbers the
zookeeper counts?

A 14, 21, 26, 36, 42
B 14, 21, 28, 35, 42
C 7, 12, 17, 22, 27
D 7, 17, 27, 37, 47
9. Miller's Tree Farm had 220 oak trees,      10. Which number could NOT be shown
175 pecan trees, and 315 pine trees. Which    on the number line below.
is the best estimate of the total number of
trees at the tree farm?

A   600
B   700                                       A 66
C   800                                       B 75
D   900                                       C 72
                                              D 79
11. The temperature on New Year's Day         12. Mrs. Maldonado needs enough ribbon
was 37ºF. Which thermometer shows a           to go across the top of her bulletin board.
temperature of 37ºF?                          She has five pieces of ribbon. Their
                                              lengths are shown in the table below.

                                              The top of the bulletin board is 30 inches
                                              long. Which pieces of ribbon measure 30
                                              inches together?

                                              A   P and Q
                                              B   P, R, and S
                                              C   P, Q and T
                                              D   P, Q, R, and S
                                           Answer Key
 Question         TEKS                                     Answer
1           3.1(A) use place        B 801,163
            value to read,
            write (in symbols
            and words), and
            describe the value
            of whole numbers
            through 999,999
2           3.3(A) model            A 31 - 9 - 7 = ___
            addition and
            subtraction using
            pictures, words,
            and numbers
3           3.3(B) select           B 88
            addition or
            subtraction and
            use the operation
            to solve problems
            involving whole
            numbers through
4           3.4(B) solve and        84
            problems (up to
            two digits times
            one digit)
5           3.8(A) Identify,        B They are both polygons.
            classify, and
            describe two-and
            geometric figures
            by their attributes.
            The student
            compares two-
            figures, three-
            figures, or both by
            their attributes
            using formal
6           3.7(A) generate a       C 54
            table of paired
            numbers based on
            a real-life situation
            such as insects
            and legs
7    3.6(B) identify       B 14, 21, 28, 35, 42
     patterns in
     facts using
     concrete objects,
     pictorial models,
     or technology
8    3.6(A) identify       B 26
     and extend whole-
     number and
     geometric patterns
     to make
     predictions and
     solve problems
9    3.5(A) round          B 700
     whole numbers to
     the nearest ten or
     hundred to
     reasonable results
     in problem
10   3.10(A)The            A 66
     student is
     expected to locate
     and name points
     on a number line
     using whole
     numbers and
     including halves
     and fourths
11   3.12(A) use a         C
     thermometer to
12   3.14(C) select or     B P, R, and S
     develop an
     plan or strategy,
     including drawing
     a picture, looking
     for a pattern,
     guessing and
     checking, acting it
     out, making a
     table, working a
     simpler problem,
     or working
     backwards to
     solve a problem

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