Southeast Asian Nations Gain Independence by sbhK71y


									      Southeast Asian Nations Gain
•   What was the Bell Act?              •   Why did the Filipinos object to
     – 1945                                 this act?
                                             –   Feared USA would exploit Philippine’s
     – An agreement to establish free            mineral resources and hurt
       trade between the USA and                 environment
       the Philippines for 8            •   Why did they agree to sign it?
       yrs…gradually increasing              –   Forced to in order to get US $ to rebuild
       tariffs after that.                       after WW II

•   Why did USA demand a long           •   Why does the Philippine
    lease on its military and naval         constitution now restrict the
    bases in the Philippines?               president to a single term in
     – Protect its economic                 office?
       interests                             – Prevent abuse of power that
                                               occurred during the 20 yrs. of
     – Cold War security                       Marco’s rule.
• WW II – The Japanese declare Burma
  independent, but actually controlled it.
• WW II – Burmese Nationalist Army (with
  British help) drive out Japanese
• 1962 – General Ne Win sets up a repressive
  military gov’t
• 1990 – National League for Democracy (led by
  Aung San Suu Kyi) wins a majority of seats in
  legislature, but military gov’t won’t recognize
• Dutch viewed Indonesia as THEIR home,
  they resisted Indonesian attempts to
  become educated or enter gov’t service.
 (Direct management style…all Dutch officials in gov’t jobs.)
• Indonesia formed guerilla army to fight for
  freedom. (1945 -49)
• Sukarno becomes 1st nationalist president
  of Indonesia (1949-1967)
• Suharto – Indonesian dictator 1967-1998

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