COOK AND EAT PROGRAMME
What is the Cook and Eat Programme?

The Cook and Eat Programme is a 6-week programme in which participants
develop practical skills in:

   Adapting their favourite recipes to make it healthier by reducing fat,
    salt and sugar

   Reading food labels

   Cooking new recipes

   General healthy eating knowledge

What to expect at a Cook and Eat Session?

   The sessions are once a week for two hours.

   Each session will comprise of practical cooking sessions with interactive
    discussions around various topics such as a balance diet, reading food
    labels etc.

   The group will consist of a maximum of 10 people at any one time.

What will I benefit from the Cook and Eat Programme?

   Increase confidence in preparing new recipes

   Increased confidence in reading food labels

   Skills in adapting favourite recipes

   Meet new people

   Share experiences
What do I need to participate?

   The course is free

   Participants do not need to bring anything to the course all the
    ingredients, cooking utensils will be provided.

   We hope that participants can commit to attending for 6 weeks and
    arrive on time.

  If you have any further questions about the Cook & Eat Programme
       please contact a member of the Healthy Eating Team on
                  0208 442 6639 or 0208 442 5684
                    Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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