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					                       Comprehension Strategy Instruction
                               What should instruction look like?
                         Do                                           Don’t
Do tell students the name of the strategy(s)     Don’t start the lesson without stating to
you want them to practice in the lesson (e.g.,   students what you expect them to learn or
context clues, word structure).                  practice in that lesson.

Do write the name of the strategy on the         Don’t just say the name of the strategy
board and have students repeat the strategy      without writing it on the board or pointing to a
name.                                            classroom poster with the strategy name.

Do create a poster in your classroom with the    Don’t expect students to apply use of reading
reading strategies that your students have       strategies without judicious review of prior
learned so far; Refer to the poster often and    learning.
remind students to use these strategies as
they read.

Do model for students the targeted strategy      Don’t ask students to provide the first model.

Do provide additional models as needed           Don’t assume reading strategy use is easy for
throughout the lesson.                           students and jump to the application level of

Do refer to the strategy names often during      Don’t just model or provide guided practice
the lesson and have students repeat them.        without teaching students the name of the

Do provide multiple opportunities for students   Don’t just call on one student at a time to
to Think-Pair-Share with a partner regarding     share their strategy use.
their own strategy use during guided practice

Do provide individual turns to answer and        Don’t call on individual students without first
share strategy use after students have all had   giving them an opportunity to share with a
an opportunity to Think-Pair-Share their         partner.
strategy use.

Do find opportunities to connect strategy use    Don’t just ask for an answer and not prompt
to student learning when they are asked to       students to think about the strategy they used.
answer questions about text.

Do remind students to use the strategies every   Don’t limit your discussion of reading
time you give them a reading assignment          strategies to the reading of the selection on
during the day.                                  Days 2 or 3.

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