Want To Make A Career Out Of Acting by tri.marwaningsih


									                  Want To Make A Career Out Of Acting?

So, you love to act. And you want to make a career out of it. Is is possible? And where do
you start? Read on for steps to build your career out of your love for acting.

1. Believe it's possible! Look at how many actors and actresses have made it. They aren't
all skinny and good looking, either. If you have great talent and you're dedicated, you can
turn your acting into a real career. If you don't believe it's possible, you'll never give it
100% of your effort. So, believe it's possible!

2. Dedicate yourself to studying and learning all you can on how to make a career out of
acting. There's plenty of books to read. Don't like reading? Get some audiotapes and
listen to them in your car while you drive. If you are serious about 'making it' you will
take whatever steps necessary to building your acting career. Studying how others have
done it is one of those steps. Do it.

3. Pick 1-4 of your favorite actors/actresses and follow them through the press and news.
You don't need to read every story or rumor about them, but find any reading you can
that shows them in a good light (metaphorically). If you can find any reading material
that shows you how they 'made it', read it!

4. Get support. Trying to make it as an actor or actress is one of the biggest careers that a
person would need support for. Sometimes people don't take you seriously or you get
discouraged or disappointed. You need at least a few people in your life that believe in
you and want to see you succeed. There are always obstacles. When you trip on one, it's a
good idea to have some people on the sidelines cheering you on so that you have the
encouragement and motivation to get back up and keep trying.

5. Write a clear goal for yourself. Include details in your goal, and write it where you can
see it often.

Step 6: Use affirmations. Write them out in present tense. Use conviction or emphasis
when you say them. Pick one affirmation and repeat it often--daily. Here's an example of
a few good affirmations: I give thanks that I am now a top actor/actress in the
entertainment industry. I am getting paid handsomely for my acting talents. I am enjoying
my fun and rewarding acting career now!

Much success to you!!

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