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How Long Does It Take To Become A Successful Actor


									       How Long Does It Take To Become A Successful Actor

I want to start off by saying that becoming an actor is more like running a marathon than
a sprint! There are a lot of actors out there but a small percentage of them can call
themselves working actors (an actor that only acts to support themselves).
Hypothetically, A large majority of them may introduce themselves more like "I am an
actor who pays the bills by (fill in the blank) ".

There are a lot of factors that determine your success as an actor. It takes a lot more than
talent to become a successful actor. You have to be ready to put in some work. I have
seen some excellent actors who have tons of potential but don't get any work. Not
because of the industry but because they don't put in the effort to find an agent or even
get headshots. There is a business side to acting that is important to learn. Your acting
coach and/or agent can help you along with that. You should also learn how to promote
yourself as an actor.

There are a couple of excellent books like "An Agent Tells All" by Tony Martinez. 'An
Agent Tells All' is an uncensored look at the business of acting from the perspective of a
working Hollywood agent. There is no other book on the market written by someone who
is currently employed as an agent. Another great read is "Audition: Everything an Actor
Needs to Know to Get the Part" by Michael Shurtleff.

Take care of all the basics you need to get started in acting, which is only a good
headshot with you resume attached to the back and an agent. If you get these two things
then you have everything you need to get your break. Know that talent, resources, timing
have to all be alined when you get any role large or small.

There was an actor that was just getting started and had no training. All he had was an
agent and a headshot. For his first role ever he landed a strong supporting role in a Pilot
shot in Nashville TN. He had all aspects covered. He had natural talent, he had the
required resources (Headshot, resume and an agent) and the timing was perfect, where he
was exactly what the production was looking for in an actor.

Your rise to fame could start this quickly or it could take a little or a lot longer. Just take
all the necessary steps and stay prepared because your big break could be tomorrow, you
just don't know it yet!

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