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									           MISD Readers workshop Model Lesson Plan (3-5)
Lesson 7: Routines for shared reading
Introduction:          Prior to lesson choose a book or text that can be showed with a
                      smartboard for this lesson. Suggested text (Outside and Inside
                      Bats by Sandra Markle or Come on Rain! By Karen Hesse) Meet
                      with students in the reading workshop area and explain that
                      learn to be better readers by reading together. Tell the students
                      that shared reading has several steps. Write these steps on a
                      chart paper titled “Shared Reading” and leave space under each
                      Finding out about the book
                          Look at the book and decide what the book might be about.
                      Reading the book
                          If the book is new, the teacher will read it to the class with an
                          enlarged text for students to follow along.
                      Discussing the book
                          Talk about the book. Discuss how they figured out hard
                          words, what you did to understand the story better and how
                          you made your reading sound better.
                      Revisiting the book
                          After we discuss the book we may read it again, write about
                          it or talk about it.

Guided Practice:      Read your book as a shared reading. Follow the steps you have
                      written on the chart to support your reading.

Independent           Have students independently read, and continue to enforce
Practice              routines.

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