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									                          Protest Signs or Posters

                           CyberGuide by Nancy Middlemas

                             Adapted by Kimberly Wilder

In contemporary times The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn continues to stir protest and
controversy. Charges against the book today, however, are much different from the
objections raised during Twain's time. Recent news articles from around the country
describe current efforts to censor, limit, or ban Huck Finn in schools. In reaction,
supporters of the book have mounted a counterattack in the press by publishing defenses
of the book.

In this activity you will learn what charges are raised against Huck Finn in our times.
You will also learn why supporters defend the book as an important piece of America's
cultural heritage.

The Task
After you research Mark Twain and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, make notes of
the information you need in order to design two protest posters or signs.

Poster 1 reflects the objections and issues of those who wish to censor, ban, or limit Huck
Finn today.

Poster 2 defends Huck Finn or counters the objections of those who wish to ban the book.

The Process: Exploring the Web, Creating a Product
   1. As you research, take notes on the criticisms and objections to Huck Finn reported
      in newspaper articles from various cities. You will need to critique (1) the logic of
      arguments in text presented, (2) their appeal to audiences both friendly and
      hostile, and (3) the extent to which they anticipate and address reader concerns
      and counterclaims.
    2. The following is a beneficial list of articles to start your journey of “To Ban or
       Not to Ban.”

       "City Middle School Drops 'Huck Finn'" from New Haven, Connecticut
       "Epithet in 'Huck Finn' Stirs Protest" from Seattle, Washington
       "SC City Schools Considers Censorship of Core Readings" from Santa Cruz,

    3. Make sure you try to find articles on the defenses of the book.

       "Boy Hero Huck Finn Deserves Better than This" from the Tennessean
       Some key words or phrases you might want to try in your search…
       Huck Finn Controversies, Racism and Huck Finn, Censorship of Huck Finn, Huck
        Finn American Classic?




How You Will Be Graded
Your analysis notes on the protest posters or signs and the articles must display

       Creativity in the final project… 15 pts
       Address the reader’s concerns of whether or not to read the book…10
       Provide objections to reading the novel…20
       Provide examples defending the novel…20
       ONE page analysis (your personal OPINION) taking a stand on if the book
        should or should NOT be banned. You must SUPPORT your stance…25 (typed)
       Followed all directions… 10
       Due Date ___________________

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