Speak: Anticipation Guide
Directions: Before reading Speak, determine whether            Yes,         I’m         No,
you agree, disagree, or are undecided about each
                                                               I agree   undecided   I disagree

   1. Once someone is “labeled” in high school, it can’t
      change until they graduate.

   2. Students who are depressed are simply afraid to deal
      with their real problems.

   3. There is a difference between being quiet and being

   4. Students should not tell teachers about their personal
      problems, no matter how serious.

   5. How a person acts represents who they really are.

   6. It’s easier to accept people than to judge people.

   7. Whatever happens at a party should stay at the party.

   8. Teachers simply don’t understand the problems
      teenagers go through.

   9. If someone is drunk or high, she or he is not
      responsible for her or his actions.

   10. Friends always protect each other.
                                    Speak: What Would you Do?

1. On the first day of high school, you walk into school and hear upper classmen making rude comments
   such as the following:
   “Stupid little freshman”; “I bet mommy still dresses you”; “I can’t wait to mess with that kid”; “Pathetic
   little mutant”; “Fresh Meat.”

   A. Decide to make a rude remark right back to this person(s)
   B. Laugh it off and walk away, pretending it doesn’t bother you
   C. Get really upset and try not to cry or let anyone know how you feel
   D. Do nothing and just keep going
   E. Are very confident and things like that never bother you

2. Your teacher is really disrespectful and makes a rude comment to you that was not meant to be funny.
   This comment causes your classmates to laugh at you in a derogatory manner.

      A.   Laugh with your classmates and never say anything about what happened
      B.   Choose to be disrespectful to the teacher and accept the consequences of getting in trouble
      C.   You get up and storm out of the room and go straight to a counselor or administrator
      D.   You do nothing and wait until you get home to get your parents involved
      E.   You choose to stay quiet and become withdrawn in the classroom for the rest of the school year

3. Your friends stop talking to you because you called the cops at a summer party where students were
   “busted” for drinking and doing other illegal activities.

      A.   Try to speak up, talk to them, and explain yourself
      B.   You just let it go and decide that they’re not real friends worth having
      C.   You get your parents involved
      D.   You go to a counselor or another adult to seek some kind of advice

4. Students constantly make fun of you in class and your teacher(s) never does/do anything about it.
   Sometimes you even feel like your teacher agrees with the students and may sometimes be the

      A. Choose to keep quiet because you don’t want students to make fun of you even more
      B. You choose to speak up in class and face the consequences of your word versus the teacher’s
      C. You choose to speak up and get your parents and administration involved
      D. You choose not to speak up because you feel the consequences would be worse than dealing
         with the “bullying” in the classroom

5. You are being bullied by one or more of your classmates

      A. Choose not to speak up because you are afraid you might get physically hurt or further
      B. Choose not to speak up because some people might not believe you
      C. Choose to speak up and get your parents and administration involved
      D. Choose to fight back and accept the consequences

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