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									       Construction Workers and Engineers – Still In Demand Abroad
In spite of global economic uncertainties, the field for construction jobs overseas remains an
attractive choice for workers. Unlike in some other fields, the prospects of getting a job are
still good.

Is Training Required?

If you have extensive working experience, this won't be needed. You just look for job
openings that you are familiar with. If you have not been working for a while, training may
help. At the very least you get to know how much things have changed in the business since
you worked.

If you are a graduate, consider getting some work experience in your home country first. A
few months or a year will benefit you a lot. This will increase your chance of landing a better
paying job and advancing more quickly. It is hardly a secret that companies prefer workers
with experience.

Using Online Resources

The most practical way to look for overseas construction jobs is to use the Web. There are
dozens if not hundreds of websites that list available work abroad.

These sites divide the contents by jobs, country etc. This allows you to be very specific. You
have to register at these websites first. After registration is complete, more options will be
opened. Several websites allow you to post resumes online. If the company sees your resume,
they can contact you directly.

How to Get Hired Abroad

Make your resume as clear and concise as possible. Include only relevant information. Stick
to the facts and do not embellish it. These job sites have direct links to the company; send an
email if you have a question.

The most popular destination for construction related work is the Middle East. Countries like
Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia are all good prospects. Some countries in Asia like Japan
and Malaysia also offer job opportunities related to this field.

Salary and Privileges

The amount you are paid depends on the job you get. It also depends on the country you are
working in. The foreign exchange rate has an effect on the value too. You also have to
consider the living conditions.

The company may provide housing, school allowances and other perks. But the cost of living
in that country may be high. If the cost of living is low (i.e., basic goods and services are
cheap), you may not need those perks.

The political situation has a direct effect on pay. Countries in political turmoil / war usually
offer high salaries to foreigners. But the risk is greater.

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