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									Урок английского языка «Sweet smell of success» по
   учебнику О.Л.Гроза, Щ.Б.Дворецкая «New
         Millennium English». 10 класс
Ss will
• think critically about the issue of success in life and qualities necessary for it
• become aware of the meaning and linguistic features of reporting speech

Skills development
Ss will
• listen for the gist and for detail
• practise intensive reading
• write a report based on an interview

Active vocabulary
admit (to) doing sth / (that); complain (that); deny doing sth / (that); insist (that); persuade sb to do
sth;promise to do sth; remind sb to do sth; reply (that)

reporting speech

Оборудование: компьютерная презентация, аудиозапись текста, ЦОР «Your successes»
L4.01, L4.02 (использование интерактивной доски «Promethean»)

     Stage                                     Purpose                                   Classroom management

   Warm-up         to introduce the issue; to brainstorm ideas                         whole class

   Listening       to practise predicting;                                             individually pair work whole
                   to practise listening for detail;                                   class
                   to check comprehension

   Language        to train Ss in noticing grammar phenomena; to revise                pair work whole class
     work          grammatical features of reporting speech; to raise Ss'
                   awareness of the function of reporting speech in oral and
                   written texts

  Vocabulary       to revise and build up vocabulary (reporting verbs)                 individually whole class

    Writing        to practise writing a report

1) I begin the lesson with text-books closed.
Look at the active-board. (слайд №1)
   What do you think is the most important for achieving success in
Comment on the question, produce your ideas. (учащиеся высказывают свои мысли и
формулируют тему урока).

2) Make up your own mind map. Let’s revise the topic vocabulary: business, career/job, arts,
sports, fame,triumph, science; to make money, to gain, to achieve; some personal qualities. Look at the
active-board. (слайд №2)

ЦОР «Your successes» L4.02.
Before asking Ss to listen, I pre-teach some unknown words and give some cultural information.
 Listen to the text «The Guinness World Records Book»
- What is the international day for breaking world records? (Answer: November 9)
- Is a person successful if he sets the world record? Why? Why not?

Working with active board
ЦОР «Your successes» L4.01, 4.03, 4.04.
Exercises: «Awards for special achievements»
- Make up possible expressions
- Do you know the words?

Language work
Open your text books (p. 33, № 3A). In pairs read this brief report and answer the questions alongside the
- What were the reporter's original words?
- There is no reporting verb here. Why?
- Why is the past for "feel" used here?
- What were Emily's original words?
- Why not simply "explained"?
- Why are past perfect forms used here?
Look at the active-board. (слайд №3)

Exercise 4B. Look at these cartoons and report the following remarks (A-H) using the verbs
from the table. (p. 35)

Do you agree?
Look at the active-board. (слайд №4)
 “If money is your hope for independence, you’ll never have it.”
Henry Ford
 “In the modern world of business it is useless to be a creative thinker unless you can sell what
you create.”
David M.Ogilvy

                          Look at the active-board. (слайд №5)
How materialistic are you? Look at the active-board. (слайд №6)
Imagine you had 1 000 000$. What would you spend it on?

Comment on this quotation Look at the active-board. (слайд №7)
There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.
What is sometimes compared with the top of the mountains?

Let’s sum up our work. I hope your life will be successful.
Your marks are…
Your home work will be to write a brief report of the interview like the one in ex. 3. Remember
to use reporting verbs in it.

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